See The VinFast VF7 Up Close

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See The VinFast VF7 Up Close

As a new kid on the block, VinFast explodes onto the scene with their new electric vehicle, the VF7. Set to be released for sale in the US as a 2024 vehicle, the VF7 has been making headlines as a fantastic affordable alternative luxury vehicle.

The VinFast VF7 at the time of its release was praised for its innovative, streamlined design and impressive specifications. The VF7 is a compact SUV with multiple trim options. Making it a highly personalizable car to each consumer’s needs/wants. 

Quick Facts

Original price
$37,000 USD (est.)

Shortly after VinFast’s monumental announcement of an entire vehicle lineup, many began to ask questions about this new company and its cars. Today we’ll answer each of those questions and more. Let’s dive in!

6 Facts About the VinFast VF7

  • The VF7 is a luxury compact crossover SUV that was first announced in January 2022. The vehicle sports 5 doors and comes in two variants: Eco and Plus.
  • VinFast of Vingroup is a Vietnamese automobile manufacturing company based out of Vietnam. VinFast has switched from producing only internal combustion engines to now only manufacturing all eclectic vehicles. They hope to release their first set of cars to the general public as 2024 models.
  • The VinFast VF7 was designed by Lee Jae Hoon, a senior exterior designer for General Motors, and Torino Design, a famous, well-known Italian design house.
  • VinFast has become one of the first electric vehicle companies to use blockchain technology for receiving orders and confirming ownership of the vehicles by consumers.
  • At the announcement of the VinFast VF7, VinFast also announced a whole range of electric motor vehicles set to be released soon.
  • The founder of VinFast, Phạm Nhật Vượng, is Vietnam’s first billionaire. Vượng first began his career with his business based in Ukraine selling instant noodles.
VinFast VF7
Vinfast VF7 electric compact crossover SUV car showcased at the Paris Motor Show, France – October 17, 2022.

The VinFast VF7 Specs

Max Battery Capacity75.3kWh75.3kWh
Maximum Power (hp)201hp348hp
Maximum Torque (lb-ft)228lb-ft368lb-ft
WLTP Range (Estimated)280mi268mi
Driving AssitanceHighway Assist Level 2Highway Assist Level 2
Wireless Updates?YesYes

The Vinfast VF7: Where to buy

Unfortunately, as of now, the VinFast VF7 can’t be purchased until 2024. However, it is possible to reserve your vehicle as a pre-order through the VinFast website, which you will receive when it is released. 

The History of the Vinfast VF7: What to Know


VinFast is a relatively new company based out of Vietnam, and they have already been making waves. The founder of VinFast, Phạm Nhật Vượng, is Vietnam’s first billionaire. Vượng first began his career with his business based in Ukraine focused on making instant noodles, which he later then sold to Nestle for $150 million USD. But it didn’t just stop there. Over time due to his smart financial moves and in business, in 2015 Vượng become the richest person in Vietnam. With his assets totaling about ~$1.1 Billion USD, Vượng was four times richer than the second richest person in Vietnam. Then he began VinFast.

The VinFast company is the creator of the VF all-electric motor vehicle lineup. Originally starting as a combustion engine car manufacturer, VinFast made the decision to change to an all-electric motor vehicle lineup. This decision, as you can imagine, is quite a risky move since the all-electric motor industry is relatively still new. However, this hasn’t stopped VinFast from creating its lineup of all-electric motor vehicles along with the VF7. Other models include the VF5, VF6, VF e35 (later renamed as the VF 8), and the VF e36 (later renamed as the VF 9). Each of these models is set to be released at different times with the 2023 VinFast VF8 released in late 2022.

Vinfast signage at a test drive show
While VinFast originally made combustion-engine cars, they now boast an all-electric lineup.


Upon further inspection, one will be able to see the design of the VinFast VF7 created by Lee Jay Hoon, who is a senior executive exterior designer for General Motors, and Torino Design. By adding this level of expertise from those as experienced as Lee and Torino Design, VinFast hopes to establish itself at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry. The VinFast VF7 comes in two models, the Eco and the Plus.  Although both are similarly built in terms of exterior design, the Plus and Eco differ from each other primarily in their torque and maximum horsepower.

The VF7 is a luxury compact crossover SUV that was first announced in January 2022. The biggest difference between the two is that the Eco hopes to market to those who would like to prioritize maximum range and efficiency. While on the other hand, the VinFast VF7 Plus was designed with the intention of those who like to prioritize speed and power. With each vehicle, there is a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive option.

evs from ces
The VinFast VF7 is a luxury compact crossover SUV that prioritizes speed and power.

Torque and Speed

The VF7 Plus has a max horsepower of 348hp whereas the Eco version only performs a max horsepower of 201hp. The torque of the VF7 Plus edition also has a greater rating than the vf7 Eco. The VF7 has a max torque of 368 pounds per foot. The VF7 Eco however only boasts a max torque of 228 lb per foot. But this difference in power and torque comes at a cost for the  VF7 Plus in terms of maximum distance in driving range and battery capacity. The VF7 Eco outperforms the VF7 Plus with a WLTP range of about 280 miles compared to the VF7 Plus WLTP’s estimated range of 268 miles. 

VinFast VF7
VinFast is a fairly new company based in Vietnam. They already impress with the quality of EVs produced.

The Public Response

The public praise for the VIN Fast Company has been great for becoming a more eco-friendly car company. But, it has not been without some of its fair share of controversies.


According to a VinFast report, Tran Van Hoang, a Vietnamese YouTuber, had been handed over to police due to his comments on the review of the VinFast electric vehicle lineup. According to Tran, the vehicle had problems with the tire pressure, sensor windshield wiper, quality of the doors, and overall electric issues with phone charging. Tran also reported having difficulties with the dealer of the VinFast car. VinFast has since stated that Tran had allegedly said these comments in his Youtube video car review as a way to defame the company. The actions of VinFast, and to a greater extent the Vingroup conglomerate as a whole, caused quite a controversy and sparked debates about the freedom of speech and unbiased, independent thought.


Unfortunately in late 2022, VinFast found itself in another controversial predicament. Almost 1/3 of the VFe34 total models produced, about 730 vehicles at the time, needed to be recalled. According to the report, the side impact sensors needed to be replaced as they would potentially put the driver at risk of a crash. Thankfully, the problem was discovered before there were any serious accidents (according to the company report). But this problem with the recall begs the question, can VinFast step up to the plate and deliver on their promises for VinFast VF9? We certainly hope so!

VinFast VF7 in the News

As VinFast continues to innovate to be on the cutting-edge of EV technology, we have seen updates to the VF7. Since February 2023, VinFast has rolled out a new driver assistance system called ADAS 2.0 which features automatic emergency breaking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and more. There’s also a new battery option for the VinFast VF7 with a capacity of 90kWh, boosting the range of the EV to 300 miles with just one charge. In addition, VinFast has also debuted a sport trim option with new details such as red accents, black wheel rims, a sportier body kit, and more.

The Future of the VinFast VF7

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, we can expect to see even more updates for the VinFast VF7. In the following six to 18 months, VinFast will likely continue to improve their advanced driver assistance systems to incorporate features like pedestrian detection, automatic lane-change assist, traffic sign recognition, and more. The car may also include a feature for over-the-air updates, a time-saver for consumers who don’t want to take their car to the dealership for each new software update. Beyond that, we can also watch out for even better batteries, and a wider array of trim levels to appeal to more consumers. Lastly, we could see the VinFast VF7 launch in international markets, making the EV available to more consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VinFast VF7?

The VF7 is an all-electric compact luxury SUV that comes in two options: Eco and Plus. Of these two options, one can also decide to get the vehicle in front wheels or all-wheel drive. The VF7 is produced by VinFast which is part of the Vingroup conglomerate. The VinFast company had begun and was headquartered in Vietnam but now has since moved to Singapore.

Who invented VinFast VF7?

The VinFast VF7 was invented by the VinFast company. The VinFast company makes up part of the larger Vingroup conglomerate. The Vingroup conglomerate is the largest private conglomerative organization in Vietnam.

Why should I buy the Vinfast VF7?

The VinFast Vf7 has a great price for those who are considering purchasing an all-electric motor vehicle. In combination with its price point, we think the VinFast VF7 makes a fantastic option due to its great luxury features. The VinFast Vf7 has an impressive maximum range, updated technologies, and great horsepower. For those who are wanting an electric vehicle but don’t have the budget for a top-of-the-line vehicle, the VinFast is the choice for you.

How much does it cost to maintain/repair the Vinfast VF7?

Unfortunately, at the current time, we do not know how much VinFast dealers would charge for repairs for the VinFast VF7 as it is set to be released in 2024.

Is the VinFast VF7 good?

The VinFast VF7 is a great overall entry-level electric vehicle in the fully electric motor world. This is because of its relatively inexpensive MSRP that would fit most prospective buyers’ budgets. Unfortunately, because of how new the electric vehicle industry is present, it is common for most electric vehicles to be expensive. But with the VF7 we believe that this vehicle offers an amazing level of quality in this emerging industry with a great price point.

When will the VinFast VF7 be released?

Currently, the VinFast VF7 will set to be released as a 2024 vehicle for the US market. But as of late, there have been reports of individuals receiving the VF7 preemptively in hopes that the extra attention and positive attention for the product will increase sales.

What is the maximum range of the VInFast VF7?

According to the official VinFast website, the VinFast VF7 Eco will have a maximum range of 280 mi.  Whereas the VinFast VF7 Plus edition will have a maximum range of 268. The reason being, the VF7 Plus has a smaller range is due to the increase in horsepower and torque compared to the VF7 Eco.  That said, we will have to wait until the official release in order to receive accurate measurements as not many are able to do real-world tests on how long the actual range of the VinFast VF7 is.

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