See The Mercedes EQXX Up Close at CES

mercedes vision eqxx

See The Mercedes EQXX Up Close at CES

As the Consumer Electronics Show draws to a close there are many exciting new projects and concepts to take in. Electric vehicles had a fabulous showing this year. The tech that drives these vehicles has grown more robust, and more established automotive manufacturers are making some big moves. One such vehicle is the Mercedes Vision EQXX, a concept car that is envisioning the future of luxury electric cars.

The Mercedes EQXX is an utter marvel of engineering. Bold claims have been made regarding its performance, with Mercedes boasting of crossing Europe on a single battery charge. The EQXX is taking special aim at the Tesla product line. They’re taking some clever measures to lay claim to some of that market share from the upstart auto manufacturer.

Mercedes Vision EQXX: The Details

Concept cars can be murky when it comes to getting details together for the final production model. They generally operate under the assumption of possible changes or cost-cutting measures making their way to the final product. What is present for the Mercedes EQXX is exciting.

Mercedes Vision EQXX
Range620 miles or 1,000 kilometers
Charging Rate350 kW
Battery Capacity100 kWh
Dash Display47.5 inch 8K screen
Interior MaterialsCactus fibers, vegan leather, vegan silk

Mercedes EQXX: What Makes It Great?

mercedes vision eqxx
The Vision EQXX features aero tires, enhanced aero mirrors, a smooth A-pillar, and more.

Mercedes already has some electric vehicle options on the market. The EQXX brings their output to a new level, however. The 621-mile range is a claim which has been backed up with some rather intense long-distance drives from Stuttgart, Germany, to Silverstone, United Kingdom, on a single battery charge.

As a concept car, the EQXX is less about performance and more about efficiency. To this end, Mercedes have made some stellar advances in battery tech.

Any auto manufacturer can get out there and claim some pretty stellar range while charging more for an expensive upgraded battery. Mercedes is seeking to do away with the higher-capacity battery. And in optimal conditions, the range is eye-opening.

mercedes vision eqxx
The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX has a defined 3D-separation line all around the rear.

While most EV manufacturers are struggling to coax 400 miles of range out of their batteries, Mercedes has thrown down the gauntlet, so to speak.

621 miles is far beyond the offerings coming out from Tesla, Lucid, and Ford. Its status as a concept car isn’t reflective of the current Mercedes line-up of electric vehicles, but one can only imagine the improvements being integrated into their product line.

Time will tell what the Mercedes EQXX brings to the Mercedes EV line. If it does make it to production with its efficiency intact, it could be the electric luxury car to beat.

Mercedes EQXX: How Does It Stack Up?

mercedes vision eqxx
The Vision EQXX features a double-active diffusor.

Let’s take a look at a couple of luxury electric vehicles and see how they stack against the performance, fit, and finish of the Mercedes EQXX. The cars being looked at are as follows:

Lucid Air

Lucid’s Air is an electric vehicle aimed at a premium experience. Boasting 516 miles of traveling range on a full battery, the Air is one of the few that comes close to the EQXX. No compromises were made in the design and implementation of the Lucid Air.

Sustainable materials adorn the furnishings of the vehicle, and a slick glass canopy comprises the windshield. Lucid has one of the fastest-charging vehicles on the market. It gets up to 200 miles of range off of a 12-minute charge. The price can be a bit eye-watering. However, if you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, the Lucid Air makes an attractive alternative to the Mercedes EQXX.

BMW i7

The BMW i7 is a plush luxury electric vehicle. All stops were pulled out for the design and implementation of the BMW i7. Its fit and finish are comparable to their luxury conventional cars. The operational range of the BMW i7 pales in comparison to the Mercedes EQXX, with a paltry 318 miles of driving off of a single charge.

The vehicle perhaps suffers from being one of the early arrivals to the electric luxury vehicle market. For the price point, it is a bit hard to recommend the BMW i7 next to its competition. Prospective customers would be better served with something that serves up more operational range for the same cost. It remains to be seen if revisions or improvements to the battery life will come to the BMW electric line.

Tesla Model S

Tesla has been one of the pioneers in the electric vehicle space. Their luxury Model S is representative of their commitment to constant innovation. High performance equivalent to 1,020 horsepower gives the Tesla Model S more than enough power for your Sunday drives.

A 22-speaker array enables surround sound capabilities as well as noise reduction, so your drive is both relaxing and quiet. A modest operational range of 396 miles is what users can expect from a full battery.

Tesla’s market dominance in the electric vehicle space might finally be slipping, at least for the luxury market. There are a lot of things to love about the Tesla Model S, but the Mercedes EQXX thoroughly outclasses it in terms of efficiency.

Porsche Taycan

Classic style and high-tech innovation come together in Porsche’s Taycan. This luxury vehicle charges at an effective rate of 270 kW and has a driving range of 242 miles on a full charge. Fit and finish are very much comparable to the other luxury electric vehicles on the market, using sustainable materials to provide the furnishings.

The luxurious interior allows users to stream from Apple Music and Spotify. The Taycan is an oddity of an electric luxury vehicle, however, with limited range hampering its appeal. Luxury cars have never been synonymous with efficiency, but an electric one should afford better battery life.

If you’re fond of the stylings of the renowned German automaker, it is certainly worth a look. However, if you’re after getting the absolute best in performance and efficiency, wait for the Mercedes EQXX.

Audi e-tron GT

Audi makes high-quality conventional cars, so it only stands to reason that their entry into electric vehicles follows that same level of fit and finish. The e-tron GT charges relatively quickly, offering a 270 kW charging rate.

An effective driving range of 236 miles leaves this as the least efficient luxury vehicle on the list. Sustainable materials adorn the plush interior, very much in line with the standard Audi has set for itself.

The gauges and meters are more in line with a conventional vehicle, utilizing a much smaller high-definition display to alert users to their vehicle’s performance. Some stellar vehicles are available, but it is hard to suggest or recommend a vehicle with such a limited driving range, despite the other amenities available.

What Is Next for the Mercedes EQXX?

Mercedes remains poised to take the luxury electric vehicle market by storm with the EQXX. The extensive driving range, innovative and luxurious interior design, and high performance make this one to watch.

If you’re in the market for a luxury electric vehicle, it might be worth waiting and seeing what comes next out of the Mercedes line. Their usage of high-capacity batteries while maintaining the weight and performance of a base package only points to signs of great things to come.

Looking Forward

This stylish, sleek, and luxurious vehicle has been making waves and headlines in recent news. As anticipation for the Mercedes EQXX rises, it’s been confirmed that the production version of the EQXX will arrive as soon as 2024. The EQXX also set the world record in 2022 for an EV battery range, with a whopping 747 miles on a single charge. This is all thanks to a battery that is 35% lighter than batteries used in earlier versions of Mercedes electronic vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EQXX the first Mercedes electric vehicle?

It is not. Mercedes has a full line of luxury electric vehicles which are among some of the top performers on the market. The automaker is still moving forward and upwards with the EQXX, however.

Are electric luxury vehicles worth it?

If you’re ecologically minded and in the market for an electric vehicle, then absolutely. Luxury electric vehicles are where the apex of the technology is present currently, as their higher price points allow for more efficient and higher-capacity batteries.

Fit and finish among luxury vehicles is somewhat uniform in that you can expect high-grade materials and audio/video equipment. They are simply more efficient than their standard model counterparts.

Why is the range of so many electric cars so low?

One of the biggest sectors in technology right now is batteries. There is an untold amount of money being poured into the research and development of batteries, to make them higher performance and more efficient.

Conventional auto manufacturers are forced to either use off-the-shelf components or develop their own technology for powering their electric vehicles.

Is the EQXX intended for production?

Nothing is known about whether Mercedes intends to make the EQXX part of their production line or not. Given its superlative performance, it would make a great entry to their lineup.

Who has the most efficient electric vehicle on the market right now?

Currently, the Lucid Air has the greatest range of any production luxury electric car. It has a great operational range on a full charge, and charges quickly.

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