See the Jaw-Dropping Mercedes Vision EQXX Up Close

mercedes vision eqxx

See the Jaw-Dropping Mercedes Vision EQXX Up Close

Luxury electric vehicles were always going to go hand in hand with the more urbane and typical machines that you would expect on the market. While the hypercars of Ferrari and Lamborghini aren’t likely to join the likes of Tesla and Rivian just yet, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes have developed their own offerings for the market.

Mercedes, in particular, have been refining their high-tech EV, the Vision EQXX, since its introduction in June 2020. The EQXX’s recent showing at CES 2023 has shown even more promise for this hyper-efficient luxury EV. Let’s take a look at the tech, specs, and promises Mercedes are making for their next steps forward with the EV platform.

4 Facts About the Mercedes Vision EQXX

  1. Rumored to be the most efficient EV on the market.
  2. It’s solar-capable.
  3. Could enter production in 2024.
  4. Has less drag than an American football.

Mercedes Vision EQXX Specs

Range626 miles
Battery Capacity100 kWh
Wheelbase size110 inches
Horsepower241 horsepower
Drag coefficient0.17
Upholstery MaterialsCactus fibers, mycelium, vegan silk

Mercedes Vision EQXX: Where to Buy?

The Vision EQXX isn’t a production vehicle, but rather a test bed for Mercedes’s electric vehicle platform. Technical advancements made by Mercedes will likely be found in their future EVs. This is a given considering the massive leap forward their battery tech seems to have over their closest competitors.

The History of the Mercedes Vision EQXX: What to Know

mercedes vision eqxx
The Vision EQXX will travel more than 620 miles between charges.

Mercedes developed the EQXX with minimal turnaround. The Vision EQXX comes as a blank sheet exercise meant to demonstrate the dedication and drive to stay committed to pivoting Mercedes-Benz to a fully electric automotive manufacturer.

With other EVs introduced by established manufacturers, there have been some design cues taken from their previous gasoline-powered vehicles. Mercedes, on the other hand, has started with a fresh canvas.

The initial design for the EQXX had its start in 2020. The first driveable prototype made its debut in 2022. Mercedes-Benz leaned on not only its traditional automotive department but also its F1 design team. The result is a highly efficient EV. It is capable of extreme operational ranges that exceed even the highest capacity battery options from Tesla.

Designed For Range

Mercedes have festooned the vehicle with solar panels, aiding in efficiency along with the highly aerodynamic automobile frame. With a drag coefficient of 0.17, it is one of the most aerodynamic electric vehicles designed. The solar panels atop the vehicle don’t necessarily charge the entirety of the battery but do take the pressure off other systems so more efficient usage of the battery can occur.

The Vision EQXX is an elegant vehicle. It has an unusual design for a production car but is perfect for a concept car. Its scalloped exterior is the result of months of research and development to find an efficient aerodynamic design to minimize drag.

This has the added benefit of reducing power consumption. Which, in turn, leads to greater range on the battery when driving at optimal speeds.

Mercedes’ mission statement was to produce a vehicle that was lightweight, aerodynamic, easy to use, and could travel over 500 miles on a single charge. To say they’ve succeeded would be an understatement. The Vision EQXX made a voyage from Germany to the United Kingdom in under 12 hours. The journey ended up totaling 747 miles traveled on a single charge.

Public Reception to the Vision EQXX

mercedes vision eqxx
The Vision EQXX features aero tires, enhanced aero mirrors, a smooth A-pillar, and more.

Mercedes’s concept testbed has been met with near-universal praise. While it isn’t a production vehicle just yet, Mercedes is taking steps to implement the technology into actual production vehicles. Mercedes-Benz will be launching a vehicle using the technology from the EQXX with a direct competitor to the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3.

The electric sedan isn’t going to take every aspect of the EQXX and reproduce them. However, the aerodynamics, performance, and range should impact the production model meant to debut in 2024.

The Vision EQXX serves as a modular platform and testbed. Mercedes-Benz has developed a truly breathtaking platform that they can use as the basis for all future electric vehicles, further refining it.

What this means for Mercedes-Benz and their future electric vehicles is brimming with potential, and one can only hope to see other manufacturers take some inspiration from them.

CES 2023

mercedes vision eqxx
The Vision EQXX features a double-active diffusor.

Mercedes and their Vision EQXX made an appearance at CES 2023, with their exhibition being titled, “Tech to Desire.” The manufacturer showed the Vision EQXX prototype to the public and showed many of the new features and technology making their way to future Mercedes EVs.

Mercedes will roll out their North American charging network, accounting for 400 hubs and 2,500 chargers covering the continent by 2027. Further networks will be established in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere after the successful initial deployment of the North American one.

Vision EQXX’s appearance was in a lifesize model, giving attendees a chance to get a close-up look at the concept car. Mercedes also detailed their autonomous driving platform, capable of SAE level 3 in specific conditions in the states of Nevada and California.

Hopefully, further locations arrive after its successful development. Mercedes-Benz is the first manufacturer with an internationally recognized certification for the deployment of an autonomous platform. The United States hasn’t ratified nationally recognized provisions for autonomous EVs, so California and Nevada make for good testing areas.

Updates on Mercedes Vison EQXX

On June 20, 2023, Mercedes-Benz announced that its Vision EQXX can beat Tesla EVs by 200 miles. The Vision EQXX has already proved that it has a massive range, with tests showing that it can manage more than 620 miles on a single charge. However, now Mercedes have revealed that its superior performance is due to its lightweight and aerodynamic design. This allows it to use less energy while still putting up a great performance. Furthermore, its unique tyres are designed to cut down on resistance, further aiding its performance.

Looking Ahead

Although the Mercedes Vision EQXX looks and sounds great, it is unlikely to every be available to purchase. This is because the main purpose of the vehicle is to be an inspiration for further electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz in the future. Therefore, it’s likely that you may see some of the innovative features from the Vision EQXX on upcoming electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vision EQXX?

The Vision EQXX is an electric vehicle developed by Mercedes-Benz to serve as the testbed for the technology they are pioneering for their electric vehicles. Mercedes is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in all of Europe, and the EQXX marks a shift for the company to fully commit to the development and sale of electric vehicles going forward.

As a concept car, it isn’t meant for overall production but serves to show what Mercedes is capable of producing. The technology present on the EV might not see its way in full to every production vehicle from this point forward, but it is assured that Mercedes is applying the lessons learned to all future vehicles in their lineup.

Who invented the Vision EQXX?

The Vision EQXX is a blank-sheet exercise developed as a joint collaboration between the Mercedes-Benz automotive development team and their Formula 1 design team. It is a fully electric chassis, not taking any certain design cues from their former petroleum-powered vehicles.

It’s difficult to assign credit to just one person in the whole of Mercedes-Benz who is responsible for brainstorming the Vision EQXX. It is a collaborative effort and bears the mark of many different researchers, engineers, and developers.

Is the Vision EQXX a production car?

It is not a production vehicle, rather the EQXX is meant as a concept car. Concept cars aren’t uncommon for automotive manufacturers and serve as exercises to develop ideas that will further make their way to production vehicles.

The EQXX isn’t the first Mercedes EV but will influence all future EVs from the company going forward. With its massive jumps in battery performance and aerodynamics, it is exciting to see where EVs will end up with Mercedes-Benz spearheading development in such a strong manner.

Are there any other EVs with a longer range than the EQXX?

At the time of this writing, there is nothing in development or on the market which comes close to touching on the operational range of the Vision EQXX. Tesla or Northstar vehicles with their extended-range batteries are still hundreds of miles away from touching the performance exhibited by the Mercedes EV.

There are certainly production vehicles with comparable battery capacity to the Vision EQXX, but they aren’t designed for range in the same manner as the exercises undertaken by Mercedes-Benz. The Vision EQXX is designed from the ground up to be built for range and ease of use, and nothing else compares currently.

Is the Vision EQXX currently for sale?

It is not, sadly.

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