See the 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Philadelphia Today

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Philadelphia

See the 7 Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Philadelphia Today

Key Points

  • Philadelphia is a thriving hub for technology and innovation with a vibrant tech scene teeming with opportunity.
  • Technical Project Managers in Philadelphia earn between $120,000 and $192,000 per year, reflecting the scale and complexity of the projects managed.
  • Data Scientists in Philadelphia earn between $111,000 and $172,000 annually with high demand expected to continue.
  • Software Engineers in Philadelphia earn between $104,000 and $165,000 per year with the continual advancement of the tech industry making it a lucrative career path.
  • Java Developer Architects in Philadelphia can expect to earn between $103,000 and $157,000 annually with a promising job outlook due to the popularity of Java as a programming language.

Looking for a new tech job but not sure which city is right for you? Nestled in the heart of the Northeastern United States, Philadelphia is a city steeped in history and brimming with innovation.

Known for its significant role in the formation of the United States, the City of Brotherly Love is now carving out a fresh legacy as a thriving hub for technology and innovation. 

Offering a dynamic blend of traditional industries and cutting-edge tech companies, Philadelphia boasts a vibrant tech scene teeming with opportunity. Whether you’re an established professional or a fresh graduate, the city’s tech sector offers a wealth of rewarding careers.

Tech Scene in Philadelphia: Overview

Philadelphia, affectionately known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” has blossomed into a vibrant tech hub where creativity, innovation, and opportunity converge. In fact, the city is a tapestry of established tech behemoths, emerging startups, and academic institutions that foster research and development.

Take Comcast, for example, a global titan in telecommunications that has chosen Philadelphia as its operational epicenter. This tech giant’s towering presence has not only generated job opportunities but also provided a stimulus for smaller tech enterprises to spring up in its wake.

Additionally, startups such as Guru, a knowledge management platform, and Gopuff, an on-demand delivery service, exemplify the dynamic spirit of innovation that’s thriving in Philadelphia’s tech scene.

The city also harbors premier educational institutions like the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, acting as hothouses for innovation and incubating the next generation of tech visionaries.

The Penn Center for Innovation stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial minds, and pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

From the pulsating heart of software development to the intricate web of cybersecurity, Philadelphia’s tech industry is a thriving ecosystem. With a calendar bursting with tech events, hackathons, and networking opportunities, it’s a vibrant terrain for any tech enthusiast looking to carve out their path.

#1: Technical Project Manager — $120,000 – $192,000

kanban project management system approach
Because it requires both technical and management skills, technical project management is considered a hybrid role.

Standing at the helm of Philadelphia’s thriving tech scene, Technical Project Managers orchestrate the seamless execution of technical projects. They are the maestros conducting an orchestra of diverse talents, aligning them towards a singular objective. 

Their role is multifaceted: from coordinating teams and setting timelines to assigning tasks and ensuring budgets are adhered to. Their strategic vision and ability to steer the project ship often require a solid grounding in a technology-related field and an intimate understanding of project management.

With a salary bracket ranging from $120,000 to $192,000, Technical Project Managers are among the city’s top tech earners. The variance in pay often reflects the scale and complexity of the projects managed.

As Philadelphia’s tech horizon continues to expand, the role of the Technical Project Manager becomes even more pivotal, promising a career trajectory that’s both rewarding and challenging.

#2: Data Scientist: $111,000 — $172,000 per year

Data Scientists are critical players in the tech scene of Philadelphia. They are tasked with the job of analyzing and interpreting complex data, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions.

A strong background in statistics, a degree in Data Science or Computer Science, or a related field is usually required. The salary range for Data Scientists in Philadelphia is between $111,000 and $172,000 annually.

Factors that can influence this range include the industry, level of expertise, and the complexity of the data handled. With the rising importance of data in business decision-making, the demand for Data Scientists is expected to remain high.

#3: Software Engineer — $104,000 – $165,000 per year

Third on our list of best-paying tech jobs in Philadelphia is Software Engineer. These are the builders and problem-solvers in the realm of technology.

They design, develop, and manage software systems and solutions. A degree in Computer Science or a similar field is a standard requirement for this role, as is proficiency in several coding languages.

In Philadelphia, the average salary range for a Software Engineer is between $104,000 and $165,000 per year, which can fluctuate based on the engineer’s experience, the complexity of projects handled, and the specific industry. The continual advancement and expansion of the tech industry make Software Engineering a lucrative career path.

#4: Java Developer Architect — $103,000 – $157,000 per year

For-Each Loop
Java architects provide technical guidance and leadership to development teams


Java Developer Architects are responsible for designing and managing Java-based software applications. Besides proficiency in Java, this role often requires a comprehensive understanding of other programming languages and software development methodologies.

A degree in Computer Science or a similar field is usually required. In Philadelphia, Java Developer Architects can expect to earn between $103,000 and $157,000 annually.

The exact salary often depends on factors like the industry, the level of experience, and the complexity of the software architecture handled. With Java remaining a popular programming language, the job outlook for this role is promising.

#5: Security Engineer — $101,000 – $163,000 per year

Security Engineers play an essential role in protecting an organization’s digital infrastructure from cyber threats. They design and implement security systems and protocols to defend against cyber-attacks.

A degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field, along with knowledge of cybersecurity practices, is often required for this tech job.

In Philadelphia, Security Engineers earn between $101,000 and $163,000 per year. Factors such as experience, industry, and the level of cyber threat that a company faces will influence the exact salary. The growing concern over cyber threats ensures a bright future for this role.

#6: Computer Network Architect — $97,000 – $154,000 per year

Computer Network Architects design and build data communication networks. These can range from small connections to expansive cloud infrastructures. A degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a similar field, along with experience in network administration, is usually necessary.

The salary for a Computer Network Architect in Philadelphia typically falls between $97,000 and $154,000 per year. Factors such as the size and complexity of the networks designed and the individual’s experience can influence this range.

Given the critical role of networking in today’s digital world, the demand for this profession is expected to grow.

#7: Data Engineer — $91,000 – $138,000 per year

Computer Science vs. Software Engineering
Data engineers are in charge of creating pipelines that convert raw data into usable formats for others to utilize.

Coming in at number 7 on our list of the best-paying tech jobs in Philadelphia are Data Engineers. They are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the systems used to store and process data.

They play a vital role in making data accessible for Data Scientists and Analysts. You’ll likely need a degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field for this role.

In Philadelphia, Data Engineers can expect to earn between $91,000 and $138,000 per year. However, the exact salary depends on their experience, the complexity of the data systems managed, and the industry in which they work.

Overall, given the increasing reliance on data across industries, the job prospects for Data Engineers are highly favorable.

How to Land These High-Paying Tech Jobs

Getting your foot in the door for one of these high-paying tech jobs in Philadelphia is about more than just technical know-how. It’s about honing your craft, engaging with the right people, and having a pulse on what’s happening in the industry. Here’s how to position yourself favorably:

  • Upskill: This goes without saying but keeping your technical skills sharp is crucial. Invest time in gaining relevant educational qualifications, or take advantage of online learning platforms to stay updated. If you’re eyeing a Data Scientist role, you’d want to be proficient in Python, SQL, and machine learning.
  • Create an Impactful Portfolio: This is your visual resume. Fill it with the projects you’ve successfully handled. These could be an app you built, data you analyzed, or a system you designed. This paints a clear picture of what you can do and your dedication to your work.
  • Connect with People: Philadelphia has an array of tech meetups, hackathons, and industry events. Attend them to network with like-minded individuals. This could eventually lead to job referrals and give you a firsthand idea of which tech companies are hiring and the skills they seek.
  • Stay in the Loop: The tech world is ever-evolving. Keeping abreast of new technologies and tools within your field of interest can set you apart. It will also help prospective employers see that you’re self-motivated and ready to adapt.
  • Personalize Your Applications: One-size-fits-all doesn’t work here. Tailor your resume and cover letter to fit each individual job application. Additionally, highlight the alignment between your capabilities, your past accomplishments, and the specific needs of the job.

Wrapping Up

Philadelphia, with its booming tech sector, presents a landscape of opportunities. From the iconic Liberty Bell to the advanced research facilities at UPenn, the city seamlessly marries its rich past with an ambitious vision for the future.

For experienced professionals seeking tech career growth or newcomers ready to make a mark in the tech world, Philadelphia provides the right platform to flourish. The city’s thriving tech scene, coupled with its vibrant cultural heritage, makes it an enticing choice.

So, brush up your skills, polish your resume, and prepare to delve into Philadelphia’s tech sector. The city is eagerly waiting to embrace those ready to contribute to its tech-powered future. So, why wait? The City of Brotherly Love beckons!

Summary Table

RankJob TitleSalary Range
#1Technical Project Manager$120,000 – $192,000
#2Data Scientist$111,000 — $172,000 per year
#3Software Engineer$104,000 – $165,000 per year
#4Java Developer Architect$103,000 – $157,000 per year
#5Security Engineer$101,000 – $163,000 per year
#6Computer Network Architect$97,000 – $154,000 per year
#7Data Engineer$91,000 – $138,000 per year

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the highest-paying tech job in Philadelphia today?

As of the current market trends, the role of the Technical Project Manager stands out as one of the highest-paying tech jobs in Philadelphia, with an annual salary range of $120,000 – $192,000.

However, it’s essential to remember that salary can vary greatly depending on the individual’s experience, skills, and the company they work for.

What kind of qualifications do I need to become a Technical Project Manager?

Most Technical Project Manager roles require a bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field. They also generally require several years of experience in project management or a related field, and often a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

I'm interested in data science. What is the salary range for a Data Scientist in Philadelphia?

The salary for Data Scientists in Philadelphia typically falls between $111,000 and $172,000 per year. However, salaries can vary depending on factors such as level of experience, education, and the industry in which the Data Scientist is working.

What does a Security Engineer do, and how much do they earn?

Security Engineers are responsible for designing and implementing security protocols and systems to protect an organization’s digital infrastructure from cyber threats.

The average salary for Security Engineers in Philadelphia ranges from $101,000 to $163,000 per year, depending on their experience and the size of the company they work for.

Is there a demand for Java Developer Architects in Philadelphia?

Absolutely! With Java being one of the most popular programming languages globally, the demand for skilled Java Developer Architects remains high in Philadelphia. These professionals can expect to earn between $103,000 and $157,000 annually.

How does the salary of a Data Engineer compare to that of a Data Scientist in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, the average salary for Data Engineers typically falls between $91,000 and $138,000, while Data Scientists can earn anywhere between $111,000 to $172,000 annually. Keep in mind that these figures can fluctuate based on experience, education, and industry.

I've heard that Philadelphia has a thriving tech scene. What sort of tech companies can I find there?

Philadelphia is home to both established tech giants and emerging startups. Comcast, one of the largest telecommunications companies worldwide, is headquartered here. Moreover, local startups like Guru and goPuff have made a splash nationally, underscoring the city’s vibrant tech ecosystem.

Is it easy to find networking opportunities in Philadelphia's tech industry?

Absolutely! Philadelphia has a robust tech community that regularly hosts various events, including tech meetups, hackathons, and seminars. This vibrant scene provides plenty of opportunities for professionals to network and learn from each other.

Are there many opportunities for career growth in Philadelphia's tech industry?

Indeed, there are. With a thriving tech scene encompassing established companies and dynamic startups, Philadelphia offers tech professionals ample opportunities for career growth and advancement. The city’s commitment to tech innovation and its support for entrepreneurial initiatives further bolster these opportunities.

What roles do Philadelphia's universities play in the local tech scene?

Philadelphia’s universities, such as the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, significantly contribute to the city’s tech industry. These institutions not only provide high-quality tech education but also conduct cutting-edge research. They also foster innovation through initiatives like the Penn Center for Innovation, which promotes tech entrepreneurship.

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