See a Perfect Police Super Car, Built From LEGO

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See a Perfect Police Super Car, Built From LEGO

Key Points

  • ToysMyToys is a popular YouTube channel that creates stop animation videos featuring LEGO cars.
  • One of their videos features a LEGO police supercar with monster truck-style wheels and a crane.
  • The LEGO policeman in the video efficiently clears a roadblock and apprehends the bad guy.
  • The video also includes a LEGO motorbike race and other car-building experiments.

When it comes to LEGO vehicles, there are almost endless possibilities for creating the car of your dreams. Whether you’re starting with a themed LEGO set or from scratch, as long as the bricks stick together, the sky’s the limit. But what do you get when you mix LEGO cars with stop animation? Some pretty amazing and amusing videos, that’s what. You also get an extremely time-consuming project, but that’s not enough to sway these passionate and proficient builders. In the case of ToysMyToys, their expertise and interest have created an immensely popular (and probably immensely lucrative) YouTube channel. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their coolest videos, with some very experimental builds going on, including a LEGO police supercar. Stay tuned!

We’ve Never

Seen a LEGO Police Supercar Like This 

Things kick off fairly soon in this video, with some suspicious criminal activity at an ATM at 0:09. We must say, though, that the 100-dollar LEGO bills do look super cute.

Shortly after, around 0:47, our friendly neighborhood LEGO policeman is taking the slot machine for a spin to create his perfect four-wheeled partner in crime. Although the machine isn’t made completely of LEGO, it’s a truly inspired idea, as is the vehicle.

Monster truck-style wheels? Check. A huge crane? Double check. And, of course, these are followed by a massive crate chucked on the back for holding pesky lawbreakers.

Not to be outdone by the offender, the policeman speeds past the roadblock at 1:44, pushing all the bricks out of the way with ease. If only every cleanup job was that efficient.

Luckily, the policeman is a tad more civilized at 2:14, opting to maneuver the boxed-up vehicles out of his way deftly using his crane. Rather than, you know, just plowing through them aggressively like before.

We’re treated to a high-speed chase at 2:30, but not for long. The bad guy is quickly apprehended after having the roof of his vehicle ripped off. Shame, it was such a great-looking sports car.

Once the streets of LEGO City are safe and secure, this segment is wrapped up. The antics don’t end there, though. Keep watching for a LEGO motorbike race at 3:00 and some more car-building experiments at the 7:16 mark. We’re not even sure what to call some of these creations. Have a watch and let us know your thoughts.

Summary Table

0:09Suspicious criminal activity at an ATM
0:47LEGO policeman creates his vehicle using a slot machine
1:44Policeman speeds past the roadblock
2:14Policeman maneuvers the boxed-up vehicles out of his way using his crane
2:30High-speed chase and apprehension of the bad guy
3:00LEGO motorbike race
7:16More car-building experiments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LEGO supercars?

Generally, LEGO supercars are detailed and sophisticated vehicles made entirely out of LEGO bricks. Supercars also tend to be larger than typical LEGO cars. Often, they’re heavily inspired by real-life sports and muscle cars, and realism is a common goal during the planning and execution. However, this video takes a more experimental angle with the concept, creating some unique and intriguing vehicles that you won’t see on the street.

Who came up with the idea?

It’s hard to say who invented LEGO supercars, as enthusiasts were keen to experiment with LEGO bricks pretty much as soon as they hit the market. As time goes on, experts share tips, and LEGO releases more brick styles and sets. Custom designs are also likely to become more elaborate and thoughtful.

Who is ToysMyToys?

ToysMyToys is a YouTube channel that predominantly creates LEGO-themed videos, many of which involve stop animation. LEGO vehicles are heavily featured in these videos, which usually center around some sort of storyline, and are intended for light and humorous entertainment.

Does LEGO use stop animation itself?

LEGO has released a variety of stop animation videos showcasing their pieces, but these tend to be promotional videos for their own products or in collaboration with creators. For the most part, LEGO fans produce the lion’s share of LEGO stop animation content.

Are LEGO supercars safe for kids?

LEGO itself is non-toxic, but when it comes to building custom supercars, the situation is a little more complicated. This is because LEGO sets are designated with a suitable age range to ensure safety, but when customizing your own designs, you may use bricks from a lot of different sets. As such, it’s hard to determine if the finished products are age-appropriate. It’s best to supervise any young children when playing with LEGO, prevent them from putting any pieces in their noses, ears, or mouths, and use pieces from age-appropriate sets.

Are there any LEGO supercar sets out there?

Yes, there are many lifelike LEGO sets out there based on high-performance sports cars. Some popular sets are the Lamborghini Sián set, the Technic Bugatti Chiron set, and the Creator Expert Ford Mustang set. If you’re a sports car fanatic, LEGO has got you covered.

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