See 100 Famous People, But LEGO

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See 100 Famous People, But LEGO

Key Points

  • YouTuber Republic Studs has created 100 famous people in Lego, showcasing his creativity and attention to detail.
  • The Lego figures include notable figures like Gordon Ramsay, Kim Kardashian, and Bill Nye, each crafted with unique features.
  • The video also features iconic characters and actors, such as Vin Diesel as Groot and Heath Ledger as The Joker.
  • Iconic celebrities like Michael Keaton as Batman and Judy Garland from The Wizard of Oz are also represented in Lego form.
  • Even popular YouTubers like Dream and James Charles have been Lego-fied in the video.

YouTuber Republic Studs is back at it again, and this time he has done something truly amazing by creating 100 famous people in LEGO.

This isn’t the first time Logan, the creator of Republic Studs, has taken his creativity to the next level with some custom LEGOs. In fact, he has made all kinds of custom Lego sets and unique creations in the past, from buildings and cars, all the way up to entire movie reproductions.

The creator of this video put in some serious effort and creativity. Each LEGO figure is crafted with unique features that make them instantly recognizable.

For instance, the LEGO Gordon Ramsay sports an angry face and a chef’s torso, while LEGO Kim Kardashian flaunts a brick-built butt and a cell phone in hand. Talk about attention to detail!

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100 Famous People in LEGO: Notable Figures

The video features a star-studded LEGO lineup. We’ve got culinary hotshots like Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri, legendary painter Bob Ross, and even the science whiz Bill Nye. And let’s not forget the drama-filled LEGO versions of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Pete Davidson!

Actors and Characters

The video doesn’t stop at real-life personalities. It also pays tribute to iconic characters and the actors who played them. We’re talking Vin Diesel as Groot, Heath Ledger’s unforgettable Joker, Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky, and even Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian. Star Wars fans, you’re in for a treat!

famous people in Lego
LEGO gives you limitless options for customizing your own characters.


Iconic Celebrities

The LEGO transformation extends to some of the most iconic celebrities too. Remember Michael Keaton’s “I am Batman” or Jeff Goldblum’s role in Jurassic Park? They’re all there, in LEGO form. And let’s not forget the legendary Judy Garland from The Wizard of Oz, complete with her dog Toto.


The creator didn’t leave out the digital celebrities either. Popular YouTubers like Dream, Technoblade, and Ryan Trahan have been LEGO-fied. Even beauty guru James Charles makes an appearance, ready to give LEGO Ryan Trahan a new hairdo!

Watch the full video below to have your mind blown by Republic Stud’s awesome attention to detail and hilarious creations.

Summary Table

CategoryFamous People
Notable FiguresGordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri, Bob Ross, Bill Nye, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Pete Davidson
Actors and CharactersVin Diesel as Groot, Heath Ledger as Joker, Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian
Iconic CelebritiesMichael Keaton as Batman, Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz
YouTubersDream, Technoblade, Ryan Trahan, James Charles

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Lego

Legos have been around since 1932 when Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded the Lego Group.

What does LEGO stand for?

LEGO does not stand for anything particular, but the name LEGO comes from two Danish words, Leg Godt, meaning Play Well.

Is LEGO good for brain?

Many people say that LEGO is good for stress and anxiety due to its calming play style. You can easily take your mind off of something by sitting down and building some LEGO creations for a while. So, yes! LEGO is good for the brain.

Is it OK for adults to play with Legos?

You don’t need to be embarrassed about playing with Legos, no matter how old you are. They are not just for kids. In fact, many Lego sets can get extremely intricate and complex, requiring a lot of skill and dexterity to assemble.

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