Sanyo Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

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Sanyo Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

Key Points

  • Universal remotes need to be programmed properly with the right codes and process.
  • There are different codes for different remote and TV models.
  • Some remotes have an automatic search function that can make programming easier.

Chances are, if you’ve purchased a universal remote recently, you’re wondering how to set it up with your TV. While these remotes can help streamline your streaming experience and organize your living space, they have to be programmed properly first. To do this, you’re going to need the right codes and the correct process. And that’s what we’re going to show you! Scroll down to get the method and universal remote codes for programming your Sanyo TV.

Sanyo TV Programming: Universal Remote Codes

The sheer number of codes listed below might intimidate you. But don’t worry. Once you know the model of your remote and what type of code it uses (see the method in the following section to test this), the process becomes a lot simpler. There are a lot of codes displayed simply because every one is unique to the combination of the remote and TV model. When you’ve determined your remote brand and code length, check out the appropriate table to see the potential codes.

3-Digit Codes

Remote3-Digit Codes
One For All154, 159, 146, 107, 232, 208, 147, 252, 042, 157, 036, 072, 011
GE110, 097, 049, 004, 268, 081, 012, 048, 080, 050, 107, 108, 169, 180, 162
Philips181, 038, 184, 173, 063, 099
RCA049, 048, 004, 107, 073, 080, 017, 057, 039, 021, 052, 056, 089, 077
Spectrum108, 268, 007, 073, 387, 031, 166, 057, 053, 020, 187, 511, 239, 266, 750, 657, 353, 104, 355, 356, 376, 356

4-Digit Codes

Remote4-Digit Codes
One For All0208, 1585, 1142, 1208, 2461, 1362, 2676, 4168, 1647, 3096, 0054, 4667, 1667, 0292, 0151, 0037, 0557, 0170, 0036, 0370, 0412, 0508, 1037, 0009, 0163, 0486, 1649, 0339, 0108, 1149, 1163, 2279, 0373, 2434, 0264, 1756, 0885, 3715, 0157, 3866, 2049, 0706, 4740, 0088, 0799, 0011, 0893, 1480, 0735, 3488, 4024, 1588, 1564, 1365, 1652, 0217, 4398, 3183, 3864, 3861, 1645, 1196, 0217, 3697
Comcast0154, 0054, 1756
GE0110, 0097, 0049, 0004, 0081, 5261, 1161, 2981, 2891, 1741, 5251, 3051, 2991, 0001, 2871, 1051, 0801, 1261, 1531, 5241, 1911, 2881, 1581, 5001, 3481, 0268, 6171, 5018, 5014, 5022, 5038, 5029, 5031, 5052, 5430, 5139
Philips1161, 5261, 0036, 2891, 2981, 1741, 2991, 5251, 0001, 0801, 3051, 1051, 2871, 5241, 1261, 1581, 1531, 2881, 1911, 3481, 5001, 0397, 6171, 0135, 0319, 0027, 0243, 0244, 0038, 0074, 0244, 0311, 0506, 0709, 1718, 0002, 0612
RCA1362, 0054, 1142, 1756, 2432, 2049, 0885, 0088, 0706, 0893, 0799, 3488, 1480, 4398, 3183, 3697, 4398, 1047, 3861, 1004, 1095, 1049, 1048, 1080, 1073, 1089, 1107, 1078, 1204, 1121
Spectrum1362, 0054, 0154, 1142, 1756, 2434, 2049, 0885, 0088, 0706, 1564, 1480, 1109, 1142, 1041, 1785, 1454, 1004, 1276, 1089, 2360, 1008, 1014, 1052, 1228, 1097, 1098, 1068, 1062, 0341, 2511, 3921, 2121, 1391, 0031, 0091, 0051, 0121, 1621, 1371
Magnavox0107, 0129

5-Digit Codes

Remote5-Digit Codes
One For All10054, 10885, 12434, 12049, 11756, 11142
Comcast11362, 11756, 10885, 11142, 12049, 12434, 10735, 10706, 10154, 10088, 10146, 10799, 11785, 10232, 10159, 10484, 10036, 11907, 10798, 10037, 10054, 11276, 11564,11480, 10815, 10250, 11454, 10107, 12284, 12264, 12253, 10650, 11780
DirecTV11756, 10885, 12049, 11564, 12434, 10706, 11362, 11142, 10154, 10054, 10799, 10893, 11480
RCA11362, 14398, 11756, 11142, 10885, 13488, 12434, 11785, 13183, 10054, 11480, 11564
Spectrum11756, 11480, 10885, 12434, 11142, 10088, 12049, 12360, 14398, 11454, 11564, 10154

Sanyo TV Programming Guide: The Process

After you have your code table, it’s time to start programming. Follow the steps below to set up your remote.

Step 1: Power On Your TV

For the first step, you’ll need to turn on your TV set manually.

Step 2: Hold the Setup Button

The correct button will depend on your remote.

  • One For All remotes have the “Magic” button.
  • Magnavox and RCA remotes have the “Code Search” button.
  • Most Philips and GE remotes have the “Setup” button.

Press this button and hold until the LED light comes on. You may need to press the “TV” button afterwards if your remote has this. If your remote doesn’t have any of these buttons, don’t panic. You probably have a “Mode” or “Device” button instead. For the last two, simply press the button until “TV” is illuminated by the LED.

Philips universal remote
The setup or TV key is usually located at the top of the remote.

Step 3: Get Testing

At this stage, all you have to do is enter your code. Try the different codes or code lengths. If a code works, then the LED should blink and then turn off. However, for some remotes, the light just turns off without flashing at all. After that, your TV screen may turn off as well. This is a good sign.

If your LED light flashes more times (typically four or five times) and then remains on, this means that the code you entered wasn’t the right one. Therefore, you should try out a different code.

Can I Program My TV Without Entering a Code?

The answer to this is yes, depending on your remote model. Some remotes have an automatic search function, i.e., GE remotes. Others have a mobile app that you can download (i.e., One For All remotes), which can make the process easier.

To find out if you have automatic search, see the steps listed next.

Step 1: Press the Setup Key

This step is similar to the first method. Either press the “setup” key or the “device” key until the LED is lit up.

Step 2: Send Codes

By pressing and releasing the power button, you can send a set of 10 codes automatically to your TV. This will be indicated by the remote’s LED flashing as each code is sent. If a valid code is found on the first try, then the TV will turn off. Otherwise, you may need to repeat this step.

Step 3: Save Your Code

Now that your TV has found a code, you need to save it. First, turn your TV back on at the button. Then, press the volume-up button on your remote. This will resend the first code from the series. It’s possible that this will be the correct one, at which point your TV will turn off again. If not, then you’ll need to press the volume button again. But make sure you wait a few seconds between each press. After finding the code, simply press the setup key or TV button to store it.

Step 4: Check Everything Works

It’s a smart idea to confirm that the code works as it should. Test out all the appropriate buttons on your remote to see if your TV is responding. If some inputs aren’t working properly, you may need to repeat the process to find a more suitable code.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While this process shouldn’t be too complicated, as with anything technical, you can run into an unexpected hitch. If this is the case, check out the tips below for solutions.

  • Remote won’t light up: This could be for a few different reasons. The most common is that the batteries are dead or missing entirely (remotes don’t always arrive with batteries included). Start by replacing the batteries in the remote, as this may fix the issue. If this doesn’t work, make sure you’re pressing the correct setup button and holding it down until the light turns on. Otherwise, it’s possible that either your remote or TV is malfunctioning in some way. Check to see if you can operate your TV manually.
  • TV won’t respond: Most remotes work by using infrared signals. While these are great for communicating with your TV, they do require a direct line of sight to work correctly. Added to this, most universal remotes have a built-in delay to accommodate most brands of TV. It’s best to keep your remote pointing directly at your TV and to wait a few seconds to see if the command works.
  • Unexpected interference: You can run into some pretty strange effects. Maybe you’re trying to turn on one device, and it switches on another. Or, you turn on your TTV, and a gaming console turns on. This usually happens because you have all of these components connected via HDMI cables. While this type of setup is great in theory, HDMI components can conflict with each other. If this is the case, go into the settings on your TV and disable “HDMI CEC” to resolve the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a universal remote work?

A universal remote can be used with a wide range of devices. This is because it operates with a larger range of infrared signals than a typical remote. Many people use universal remotes so they don’t have to keep track of lots of different ones and to make controlling several devices easier.

How do I find the right remote codes?

Firstly, it’s a smart idea to determine the model and brand of your universal remote, as this will determine what code type (i.e., the number of digits) it uses. Each remote only operates with a specific length of code. After that, you can look up the corresponding codes for your remote in the tables in this article. Other than this, you may be able to find a list of codes on the manufacturer’s website, but these aren’t always available.

The code I tried didn't work, what should I do next?

Don’t worry if the first code you try doesn’t work. You may have to try several codes before you find the right one for your remote and TV. If you’re still not having any luck, consider the troubleshooting section to see if any of these issues are popping up. Otherwise, you can try to see if your remote has an automatic search function or even an associated app.

How do I use automatic code search?

Not all remotes have this function, but to see if yours does, press the setup key, and then press and release the power button on your remote. If your remote can search for codes, then the LED should blink 10 times. Repeat this process until your TV turns off, and then use the volume-up button to find the specific code.

Can I use an app to program my remote?

This depends on the brand of your remote. Some brands, such as One For All, have an app that you can use. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s website to see if there’s an app for this.

What is HDMI interference?

When multiple devices are connected via HDMI, the instructions they’re giving out can interfere with each other and your remote. If this is occurring, you can disable “HDMI CEC” in your TV settings to stop this from happening.

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