Samsung Tablets vs. Lenovo Tablets: Key Differences and Full Comparison

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Samsung Tablets vs. Lenovo Tablets: Key Differences and Full Comparison

The first publicly revealed tablet, which used handwriting recognition software instead of a keyboard, was released in 1956. Since then, companies have competed against each other to release the most advanced tablet in the market. An example of such companies includes Samsung and Lenovo. These two tech giants are known for manufacturing high-tech devices. For instance, Samsung televisions are some of the best TVs in the market. As for Lenovo, they are known for releasing high-end laptops, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 and the Lenovo ThinkBook.

However, this hasn’t stopped them from regularly releasing new tablets with mind-boggling specifications. If you are a tech fanatic, you may have seen or used the tablets released by these companies over the years.

Luckily, for those unfamiliar with Samsung or Lenovo tablets, we have prepared a complete comparison of both gadgets to help you choose. Here’s a detailed review of the Samsung vs Lenovo tablets.

Samsung vs. Lenovo Tablets: Side-by-Side Comparison

Samsung TabletsLenovo Tablets
DisplayAMOLED DisplayOLED Display
ProcessorQualcomm SnapdragonQualcomm Snapdragon
RAM and Storage4GB, 6GB, 8GB, and 16GB RAM128GB, 256GB, 512GB Storage4GB, 6GB, 8GB RAM128GB and 256GB Storage
Operating SystemFrom Android 2.2 to Android 12 and upgradable to Android 13From Android 3.1 to Android 12 and upgradable to Android 13
BatteryThe average battery capacity is between 4,200 mAh to 11,200mAhThe average battery capacity is between 4,200 mAh to 10,200mAh
CameraMany have 13MP back cameras and 8MP front cameraMany have 13MP back cameras and 8MP front camera
Stylus PenPresent in some tabletsPresent in some tablets
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8+ Android Tablet, 12.4” Large AMOLED Screen, 256GB Storage, Wi-Fi 6E, Ultra Wide Camera, S Pen Included, Long Lasting Battery, Silver
  • CNET BEST PICK: CNET (12/22) picked Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ as "Best Android Tablet” for 2023, highlighting its “great size for entertainment and gaming, while big enough for light productivity...
  • FASTEST WI-FI: Work and play with the blazing fast speed of Wi-Fi 6E* -- 3x faster than the previous generation of Wi-Fi
  • LARGE DISPLAY, INCREDIBLE VISUALS: Get more enjoyment out of every moment with a big 12.4 inch sAMOLED screen and high resolution that dazzles with unbelievable brilliance, crispness, and color
  • ULTRA WIDE CAMERA: Record super clear video in 4K and great photos with an ultra-wide front camera with auto framing; With Galaxy S8+, your photography skills will shine regardless of your experience...
  • S PEN: Inspire your imagination with our fastest S Pen yet, an S Pen that is more responsive than ever, feels even more like a real pen, and it’s included with tablet purchase
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Samsung vs. Lenovo Tablets: What’s the Difference?

Samsung and Lenovo are close competitors as both aims to be the best tablet manufacturing company. These tech giants have invested millions of dollars into manufacturing the most advanced and creative tablets.

With this in mind, what separates Samsung and Lenovo tablets? Let’s discuss this in detail.


It is human nature to be attracted to a product’s aesthetics before considering its core features. That said, it is only logical that we start out Samsung vs. Lenovo tablets comparison by reviewing their unique designs. Samsung and Lenovo have invested heavily in their tablets’ design. These companies know the benefit of creating an excellent first impression on their target customers.

Both Samsung and Lenovo tablets have an all-metal construction, giving them a high-end appearance. Some Samsung tablets are thinner than Lenovo tablets, but the difference is negligible.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is 5.5mm thin, while the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is 5.6mm thin. However, the thickness comparison between the two tablets depends on the specific tablets you are comparing as some Samsung tablets may be thicker than other Lenovo tablets.

Both Samsung and Lenovo tablets have a USB port on the side, allowing external displays. They also have SD card slots, allowing users to boost their tablets’ memory.

The most recent Samsung and Lenovo tablets have a fingerprint scanner, a new feature you may not find on older models.

Samsung tablets are better when comparing the tablet’s displays. For example, many Samsung gadgets, including tablets, have an AMOLED display

In contrast, many Lenovo tablets have an OLED display whose quality is lower than the AMOLED display. However, Lenovo is now switching to the AMOLED display, which is evident in their Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.

For the touchscreen display and resolution, it depends on the tablets you are comparing. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a larger touchscreen display size and a better resolution than the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. However, you can still find Lenovo tablets with better display sizes and resolutions, so it depends on your preferences.

Ultimately, both tablets have a similar design, but Samsung tablets have a better display overall.


Whereas some people buy tablets on account of their unique designs, it is always advisable to consider their technical aspects. Thus, the next step in our review of Samsung vs Lenovo tablets is to compare how the devices match up against each other regarding their performance. Always check the tablet’s performance before settling for your preferred device. One thing to note is that you should look for Samsung and Lenovo tablets from the same generation when comparing their performance.

Samsung and Lenovo tablets use different chipsets, but it depends on the tablet’s generation. For example, the most recent Samsung and Lenovo tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the Lenovo Tab P12, use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

For the RAM and storage, it depends on the tablet as you can get a Samsung or a Lenovo tablet with more than 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

However, go for a Samsung tablet if you want a higher RAM than 6GB. For example, you can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a staggering 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. Samsung tablets also have the upper hand when comparing their CPU and GPU performance with Lenovo tablets.

However, other areas, such as multitasking, user control, video conferencing, and desktop modes, are similar when comparing both tablets.

Ultimately, Samsung tablets slightly edge Lenovo tablets when looking at performance. However, Lenovo tablets are a good option for a cheap high-performing tablet.


Always check the tablet’s camera if you like taking pictures, especially selfies.

Samsung and Lenovo tablets have relatively similar camera features. For instance, on average, these tablets have a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera or less; it depends on the specific tablet model you want. However, the Lenovo tablet selfies are slightly better than Samsung. For example, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro has an internal IR camera that you can use to scan your face. It allows you to set your face as your primary password, thus boosting your tablet’s security.

Ultimately, choose Lenovo tablets when comparing camera features as their premium models take better pictures than Samsung tablets.


A tablet’s software is its operating system, which determines its overall performance and compatibility with applications. The best way to know the tablet’s software is to check its Android version. Currently, the latest software version is Android 13, so you should look for a Lenovo or Samsung tablet with this software version.

Lenovo and Samsung tablets use Android 12, which can be upgraded to Android 13. Examples include the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Generation) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. However, the tablets differ regarding the expected software support. For example, Samsung guarantees more software updates than Lenovo.

Another difference is in software customization. The general appearance of Lenovo tablets is similar to other Android devices, including the applications and layout. On the other hand, many Samsung devices, including tablets, have the One UI software, which allows users to change their tablet’s appearance. For instance, you can change your tablet’s home screen design and widgets. Users can also access custom themes and modes.

Additionally, Lenovo and Samsung tablets have a desktop mode. However, their customization is different. Samsung tablets have a better desktop mode than Lenovo tablets because they have many options, allowing one to personalize their tablet.

The final verdict is that Samsung tablets have better software than Lenovo tablets because Samsung frequently releases software updates to improve user experience.

Stylus Pen

Most tablet manufacturing companies are looking for ways to enhance their technology. One route many companies are taking is the incorporation of a stylus pen. One can use a stylus pen to perform various functions on the tablet instead of using your finger. It’s highly beneficial to those who prefer taking handwritten notes on their tablets rather than typing the information.

However, not all Samsung and Lenovo tablets have a stylus pen. Examples of tablets with a stylus pen include the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro and the Samsung Tab S7. Lenovo’s stylus pen is better than Samsung’s when looking at the exterior design as it gives one a luxurious feeling when using it.

However, the Samsung stylus pen is more advanced than the Lenovo pen. For instance, you can handwrite notes using the Samsung styles pen on your tablet and convert the notes into PDFs. The Samsung stylus pen can also be a remote controller when making a presentation.

In contrast, the Lenovo stylus pen has limited options. You will mainly use it to navigate various applications on your tablet.

When looking for a tablet with a stylus pen, go for a Samsung tablet over a Lenovo tablet.


Allows compare different tablets’ battery capacities before making your final purchase decision. The average battery capacity of Samsung tablets is between 4,200mAh to 11,200mAh. In contrast, Lenovo tablets are between 4,200mAh to 10,200mAh. Both tablets can last for 8 to 15 hours, depending on one’s use.

However, Samsung tablets have a slight edge. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a battery capacity of 11200mAh, which is higher than its rival, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, with a battery capacity of 10200mAh.


Our detailed review of Samsung vs Lenovo tablets also compares their prices to guide prospective buyers as they make their final purchase decision. Samsung tablets are more expensive than Lenovo tablets. However, the prices depend on the specific model. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra costs $1,099, while the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro costs $496.

Great Battery Life
Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Tablet
  • 12.6″ 2K display
  • The 1.25 lb light weight saves you from the physical strain of carrying this tablet
  • 12.6" screen allows a great view of movies and TV shows and yet is small enough to easily carry
  • The lavish 3.20 GHz processing speed and 6 GB memory lets you easily juggle between social, professional and gaming apps
  • Retrieve global maps and navigate with the help of GLONASS
  • Octa-core (Kryo 585 Single-core (1 Core) 3.20 GHz + Kryo 585 Triple-core (3 Core) 2.42 GHz + Kryo 585 Quad-core (4 Core) 1.80 GHz)
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History of Samsung Tablets

Samsung’s first tablet was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, which was released in 2010. The tablet had a 7-inch touchscreen display and used Android 2.2 software. The tablet had other features, such as Bluetooth, telephone functionality, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It was also a reliable gadget for video conferencing.

Over the years, Samsung has released various tablet versions, notably the tab series, note series, and S series. Their current generation tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ultra. This tablet is more advanced compared to their first tablet. For example, the tablet uses a stylus pen, operates on Android 12, has more RAM and storage, and has a better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Samsung has come a long way since they released their first tablet because their current generation tablets are better and more reliable.

Evolution of Lenovo Tablets

Lenovo released its first tablet in 2011. The ThinkPad Tablet was designed to attract business people. The tablet had various specifications, such as a 10-inch touchscreen display, Android 3.1 software, 64GB storage space, and other connectors like an SD card and SIM card slot.

Lenovo later released other advanced tablets and updated their older versions. Fast forward to 2022, their Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is an outstanding device. Besides being aesthetically pleasing compared to the ThinkPad Tablet, it has more advanced features.

For example, the tablet has a higher touchscreen display, is faster due to its superior software version, and has higher battery life. Lenovo tablets have evolved from the 1st generation tablets to the 2nd generation tablets with superior specifications and advanced features.   


The Lenovo ThinkPad was designed to attract business people.

Samsung Tablets vs Lenovo Tablets: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Some Samsung tablets have similar specifications to Lenovo tablets but are more expensive due to the Samsung brand.
  • Samsung released the S series tablets consecutively in 2022, with different specifications.
  • The Lenovo Tab M10 is a third-generation tablet and one of the best among the Lenovo tablet brands.
  • There are several tablets for seniors if you want one. For Lenovo tablets, the Lenovo Tab M10 is the best, but if you prefer Samsung, go for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.
  • Samsung offers more frequent software updates than Lenova even though the tablets operate on similar Android OS.

Samsung Tablets vs Lenovo Tablets: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

In truth, every person has a different opinion on which tablet is the best. Our review of Samsung vs Lenovo tablets is only intended to equip you with reliable information to base your decision. This is because each person has different tastes and preferences, so they would pick a tablet that meets their needs. 

However, based on the above comparison, Samsung tablets are superior to Lenovo devices. For example, whereas both tablets have an excellent external design, Samsung’s overall display is superior to Lenovo’s. For performance, you can get a Samsung tablet with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage space. Such a tablet is super-fast and can efficiently multitask without hanging.

Samsung tablets are also better when looking at the software. You get an opportunity to use the latest Android version and expect more software updates in the future. Let’s not forget the Samsung stylus pen and its unique features. Ultimately, always go for Samsung tablets even though they are pricey. However, Lenovo tablets are also excellent and reliable for their price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tablet is better between Lenovo and Samsung?

Samsung tablets are better than Lenovo. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus released in 2020 is better in most aspects than Lenovo tablets. Even though both tablets may match each other in terms of performance, Samsung tablets have the upper hand when comparing CPU and GPU performance.

Is it worth buying a Lenovo tablet over a Samsung tablet?

The tablet you acquire depends on your preferences. Most people prefer buying a Samsung tablet because the company is widely known. However, Lenovo tablets are worth buying because they offer relatively similar features to Samsung or Apple tablets, at lower prices. So, consider purchasing a Lenovo tablet when you are on a tight budget.

Which tablet has a higher lifespan between Samsung and Lenovo?

Tablet models from both companies may last for approximately two to three years given they operate on Android OS. It doesn’t mean that the tablets become obsolete after the period; they remain operational even after three years. However, they will likely become slow, especially if you haven’t updated the software and mobile applications. The tablets may also be incompatible with newly-released applications, prompting you to consider newer models.

Which is the most recent Samsung tablet?

The most recent Samsung tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, released in April 2022. The tablet has several outstanding features, such as a 14-inch touchscreen display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512GB storage space, and supports Android 12.

Which is the most recent Lenovo tablet?

The most recent Lenovo tablet is the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro (2022), which was released in June 2022. It has multiple specifications, such as a 12-inch touchscreen display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 256GB storage space, and supports Android 12.

Can you install iOS on your Samsung or Lenovo tablets?

No, you cannot download iOS to your Samsung or Lenovo tablets. Both tablets use Android, which has a different operating system and hardware from iOS. It makes it difficult to install the iOS operating system on these tablets. The best solution is to buy an iPad should you want to use the iOS.

Which tablet is better for working between Samsung and Lenovo?

There isn’t a specific answer on the best work tablet as it depends on your work. However, settle for a Samsung tablet if your work demands higher performance as the devices offer slightly superior performance and features to Lenovo tablets. In contrast, Lenovo tablets would be the better alternative when handling light work. It negates the need to buy the costlier Samsung tablets.

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