Samsung S95B vs. LG G3: Which High-End OLED Is Best?

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Samsung S95B vs. LG G3: Which High-End OLED Is Best?

CES saw many exciting announcements. For those media mavens out there, the announcement of the Samsung S95B and LG G3 are well worth the excitement. These premium OLED televisions are truly a next-level experience, offering stunning color and brightness. How do they stack against one another?

Both of these televisions offer 55-inch screens and are expected to retail for similar amounts. Let’s take a look at the finer details between both televisions. While they use the same technologies to convey their images, perhaps there are some differences to better influence and inform your next purchase.

Samsung S95B vs. LG G3: Side-By-Side Comparison

FeatureSamsung S95BLG G3
Screen Size55 inches and 65 inches55 inches
Maximum Thickness1.61 inchesN/A
Contrast RatioInfinity:1Infinity:1
Refresh Rate144Hz120Hz
Low Latency ModeYesN/A
HDR CompatibilityHDR10 and HDR10+HDR10 Pro
Incredible Brightness
  • 4K upscaling and Quantum HDR OLED
  • Contains 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels
  • Built-in Dolby Atmos object tracking sound
  • Smart TV hub to help find movies, shows, and games you want to play
  • Xbox Game Pass built-in, no console necessary
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Samsung S95B vs. LG G3: What’s the Difference?

Both of these OLED televisions are a step forward for Samsung and LG respectively. The televisions have gotten thinner, the bezels are much smaller, and the screens are far brighter. There are slight differences between both televisions, however. Despite using the same sort of display, they are implemented in different ways.

Samsung-TV-S95B-Lifestyle-Image ATTRIBUTION NOT FOUND
The Samsung S95B is one of the thinnest televisions on the market at less than two inches thick.


The first thing to note about the Samsung S95B is just how thin the television is. A 55-inch or 65-inch screen that’s barely two inches thick, while accounting for the frame, is astounding. The LG G3 has absurdly thin bezels. The proprietary wall mount from LG resembles a large painting more than a television. The colors are vivid, the brightness is clear, and the contrast ratio provides excellent color reproduction.

One detriment to the LG G3 is that it doesn’t ship with its own stand. It is designed to mount to the wall using LG’s proprietary Zero Gap mount. Fortunately, prospective customers can fit a stand to the G3. However, it isn’t included in the base cost of the television itself.

The S95B doesn’t have the specialized gapless mount but does also offer a stellar picture. Colors are equally vivid, and testing with reproduction found them to be accurate enough for blacks, whites, and grays to truly stand out. The build quality of the S95B is equally stellar, being constructed from premium materials and having an exceptional fit and finish.


Details on how the LG G3 performs with actual media rather than demonstration media are scant. As such, it is mere speculation to provide how it performs when actually watching streaming video or playing games. One can infer that it should be fairly responsive, given that it is a 120Hz 4K display. Whether that translates to less latency when gaming remains to be seen, however.

The Samsung S95B does support low latency modes and has compatibility with both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It also performs quite admirably with 1080p and 4K media. Streaming goes without a hitch with HD material, and it certainly looks great while doing so. Where the S95B falters is when watching older media at lower resolutions. Lower resolutions and erratic framerates play havoc with the S95B and result in stutters and jitters during playback.

If you’re not looking to experience the entirety of your DVD or VHS collection on the S95B, this likely isn’t an issue. Potential customers should certainly be aware of any shortcomings or performance issues for a prospective purchase, however.

User Experience

Both the Samsung S95B and LG G3 both operate as smart televisions. They both have similar interfaces, partly inspired by the user experience of smartphones and tablets.

Not much is known about the new features for WebOS that LG G3 is presenting. Going off previous models, it should be a well-featured smart television. LG’s previous G2 is a robust offering, complete with apps from major streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video. The LG G3 promises to bring new features to the fore, with WebOS 23 being the latest firmware installed on the television.

Samsung’s S95B utilizes its Tizen operating system, which is an equally easy-to-navigate system. There is a good variety of apps to choose from for streaming. This current revision takes up the whole screen rather than just being the bar visible on previous versions.

One notable thing for both operating systems is that LG and Samsung have elected to include advertisements you cannot opt out of. This can be a dealbreaker for some, especially given the price point for a television of this caliber. The ads aren’t super intrusive, but they are still present.

New LG OLED TV at CES 2023
The LG G3 OLED TV is currently LG’s most premium 4K OLED TV.

Samsung S95B vs. LG G3: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Samsung S95B uses universal wall mounts
  • The LG G3 uses LG Brightness Booster Max to up brightness up to 70% more compared to G2
  • The Samsung S95B supports 7.1 surround and Dolby Atmos sound codecs, while the LG G3 has support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • LG G3 has a special non-reflective screen to reduce the chances of suboptimal viewing angles
  • The S95B has no USB 3.0 support

Samsung S95B vs. LG G3: Which One is Better? Which Should You Use?

The LG G3 looks to be a game changer in some aspects, but with so few details before a tentative launch, it is hard to fully recommend it. LG has been a vanguard of sorts for advancing OLED displays, and the G3 looks to be a significant improvement upon the G2 that precedes it. Without retail models in hand, it is difficult to gather how closely it stacks up to the Samsung S95B.

LG G3’s Gen6 features an anti-reflective screen.

The Samsung S95B has the advantage of being on the market, but it lacks the specialized brightness features and anti-reflective screen of the LG G3. It is a wonderfully thought-out and designed television, so if you’re in the market for one today it might be well worth picking it up.

  1. SAMSUNG S95B 65-Inch OLED
    • 4K upscaling and Quantum HDR OLED
    • Contains 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels
    • Built-in Dolby Atmos object tracking sound
    • Smart TV hub to help find movies, shows, and games you want to play
    • Xbox Game Pass built-in, no console necessary
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Recent Technology Updates for the Samsung S95B and LG G3

In recent months, both manufacturers have introduced technological advances for the Samsung S95 and LG G3, including:

  • AI Processors: Both manufacturers introduced AI processors to improve image quality and upscaling.
  • Dolby Vision IQ Support: More support to improve picture settings to match a room’s lighting conditions.
  • Improved display technologies: Upgraded support to offer better contrast and color accuracy.

Possible Technology Advances for the Samsung S95B and LG G3

While planned technology advancements have not been announced for the Samsung S95B and LG G3, it is likely that you may see some or all of the following in the next six to 18 months:

  • MicroLED displays: MicroLED displays offer stronger contrast and better color accuracy than OLED displays and will be the next generation of display technology.
  • 8K resolution: While 8K resolution is not widely adopted yet, the cost of 8K TVs is anticipated to come down which means that we can see more 8K TVs on the market.
  • HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ: These HDR formats can adjust the picture settings to match the room’s lighting. As HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ become more popular, we can expect to see these formats in more TVs.
  • AI upscaling: AI upscaling uses artificial intelligence to improve picture quality and is becoming more common in TVs. We can expect to see improved AI upscaling.
  • HDMI 2.1: HDMI 2.1 offers support for higher resolutions and fast refresh rates as HDMI 2.1 is becoming common in TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Samsung S95B optimized for gaming?

The S95B has a fairly low response time as it sits, but is fully compatible with the PS5 and the latest Xbox for providing gaming modes. This helps to reduce the latency, even more, to get the response while maintaining a crystal clear picture. During testing, it functioned quite well with the PS5 after adjusting the settings on the television and the console itself. It doesn’t have support for NVIDIA’s Gsync, so home theater PC users might be disappointed.

The LG OLED televisions have incorporated similar measures for gaming. There aren’t any concrete details as to what the G3 will have in terms of gaming modes, but there should be some form of support present.

Does the LG G3 have support for external soundbars?

It does have external audio outputs, so if you’re wishing to run a soundbar or surround system that is perfectly doable. To get the best sound it would even be advisable since the G3 has support for 7.1 surround and Dolby Atmos sound.

The S95B also supports external audio outputs and be configured in the same manner.

Does the LG G3 come with a stand?

The LG G3 doesn’t ship with a stand by default. If you’re wanting to forego the Zero Gap wall mount and have it standing up on an entertainment center it will cost extra. The G3 was designed with LG’s proprietary mount in mind, and as such you get the mount and the television when purchasing it.

Samsung’s S95B supports universal wall mounts and comes with a stand.

What is the maximum resolution of the S95B?

The Samsung S95B supports a maximum resolution of 2160p or 4K at 144Hz. It does have support for 1080p and 720p, but no support for 8K resolutions.

The LG G3’s maximum resolution is also 2160p, but the refresh rate caps out at 120Hz.

Is the LG G3 available at retailers yet?

There is only speculation as to when the LG G3 will arrive in stores currently. Evidence from LG’s previous releases would point to a spring release, but without concrete evidence or information from LG, it is hard to say.

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