Samsung QN95C QLED vs. LG G2


Samsung QN95C QLED vs. LG G2

Both LG and Samsung are industry giants in the electronics world or manufacture of display devices, software, digital/android/smart TVs, and home appliances. Today, we’ll focus on two rival products, the Samsung QN95C QLED and LG OLED G2, outstanding TV sets with unique designs, enhanced picture quality, and performance. Overall, this comparison will help TV shoppers settle on the best model to buy.

Samsung has been specializing in QLED TVs for a while, while its close competitor LG has been leading in the OLED market. The G2 is LG’s most highly rated OLED screen with brightness levels, HDR performance, and slim design enhancements. On the other hand, the Samsung’s Quantum Dot QN95C model is the successor of the QN95B model and is a premium 4K model with super-impressive features for TV enthusiasts.

But which TV should you buy? Choosing between the duo isn’t straightforward, mainly because the new QN95C may defy the norm where OLED always beats QLED display. So, if you’re in a dilemma, worry not; this guide will help you to choose the best screen for your needs

Samsung QN95C QLED vs. LG G2: Side-by-side Comparison

Samsung QN95C QLEDLG G2
Release DateFebruary 2023April 2022
Display technologyQLEDOLED
Refresh rate144 HZ120 HZ
Panel typeLEDWOLED-style
Resolution4K (3,840 x 2,160)4K (3,840 x 2,160)
Processor14-bit processor and AIA9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K
Screen sizes55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inches55-, 65-, 77-, 83-, 97-inches
BrightnessHDR Brightness (1371.69 nits)HDR Brightness (1000 nits)
HDMI4 HDMI 2.1 ports4 HDMI 2.1 ports
eARC supportYesYes
Dolby Vision HDRNoYes
Smart PlatformTizenwebOS 22
Extra featuresVRR, HLG, Airplay 2, Samsung Bixby, and Alexa voice assistantsGoogle Stadia, Game optimizer, Alexa, ALLM, VRR, Google Assistant, ASTC 3.0, G-Sync compatibility

Samsung QN95C QLED vs. LG G2: What’s the Difference?

Both the Samsung QN95C and LG G2 are nothing short of impressive in terms of picture quality, brightness, and modern features. However, there are certain differentiating factors. This part will compare these two TVs to help you choose an excellent screen and enjoy the best viewing experience.

Infographic Samsung QN95C QLED vs LG G2

Picture Quality and Viewing Experience

Both LG G2 and Samsung QN95C have a 4K (3840 x 2160) pixels resolution – only second to the 8K resolution. Hence they are both great for sharp horizontal image quality.

The Samsung QN95C QLED model is the latest premium television. Overall, the Samsung QN95C QLEDs Quantum Dot technology provides an unparalleled viewing experience with realistic colors, accentuated deep black highlights, and admirable detail. Samsung’s QN95C remote features an ambient mode, allowing the TV to seamlessly blend into your home décor by displaying attractive images, helpful information, and news updates.

The LG G2’s picture quality is impeccable, with outstanding clarity and detail offered by LG’s advanced OLED Display technology. Besides, the self-lighting pixels (OLED) help provide excellent contrast and incredible black levels.

LG G2’s HDR capabilities are also outstanding, with an almost infinite contrast ratio that brings out vividly bright highlights in dark scenes. It also has various compatible formats, such as Dolby Vision, wide color gamut, HDR10, and HLG. Also, the Samsung’s QN95C has an anti-glaring screen to reduce the reflection of light. However, the LG G2 model is super reflective and may not be ideal for rooms with large windows or too much light.

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The LG G2 provides immaculate clarity and detail with OLED technology.

Built-in Processor

Samsung QN95C’s 14-bit processor AI provides a top-of-the-line processor that swiftly enhances shading gradient and detail of motion pictures to deliver an optimal viewing experience. On the other hand, the G2 uses an a9 Gen 5 AI processor that detects objects or bodies to enhance the clarity and form of the objects or people in a frame. This helps you experience realistic image quality.

Virtual Assistants

Samsung QN95C model supports multiple voice assistant technology, including Amazon Alexa and Bixby Assistants, for a hands-free viewing experience. However, it doesn’t feature a Google assistant; thus, the LG G2 gains the upper hand here. Additionally, the QN95C is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and can be easily connected to Apple devices for easy streaming of content from mobile devices.

Screen Sizes

The LG G2 TV comes in various sizes from 55-, 65-, 77-, 83-, and 97 inches. Another key point is that the screen features an ultra-slim profile that allows easy wall mounting and an excellent design for minimalists. Additionally, the QN95C is manufactured in sizes ranging from 55-, 65-, 75-, and 85 inches. Also, the screen offers multi-angle viewing without changes in quality or contrast.

Smart Capabilities 

The LG G2 and Samsung QN95C feature a webOS and Tizen-based smart TV functionality, respectively. These allow you to access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Samsung QN95C QLED TV
The Samsung QN95C QLED TV features Samsung’s unique Tizen OS.

Gaming Experience

Samsung QN95C QLED boasts fast game selection and access via a Gaming Hub compatible with your cloud, console, or standalone gaming applications. However, the supported features on the screen may differ by state or model.

Samsung has a higher refresh rate of 144Hz, meaning that the screen updates itself 144 times in a second which is higher than LG’s 120Hz. A higher refresh rate means smoother images and is especially important for fast-paced games where every second counts.

The LG G2 offers a superb HDR gaming experience with fast response, low drag, peak contrast, and brightness. The TV is compatible with all the latest console features, including HDMI ports, 4K at 120Hz, and HDMI 2.1. however, the screen has some uniformity issues, especially while viewing at an angle.


The LG G2 and Samsung QN95C offer 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an audio output port, cable/antenna, Ethernet (LAN), RS-232C, and Airplay 2 connectivity options. Moreover, both feature the VRR spec for fast, smooth transitions between different media types.

Besides, these specs assure a quality viewing experience with seamless transitions and no input lag. However, LG G2 packs more connectivity options, such as WiSA 5.1 and Wireless Atmos, while QN95C chose a more traditional approach to the ports available. The LG has 3 USB 2.0 ports, while QN95C has 2 USB 2.0 ports. The HDMI 2.1 is a revolutionary spec that supports HDR, 4K, and 8K resolutions while offering backward compatibility.

Sound Quality

Samsung QN95C QLED’s in-built speakers offer Dolby Atmos sound technology, offering a multi-dimensional (3D) realistic audio experience. Besides, the QN95C also offers the amazing Object Tracking Sound+ feature for improved sound effects and Q-Symphony accuracy. This feature works best with external Samsung soundbars or a home theater.

Basically, the LG G2 packs an immersive 7.1.2 channel virtual surround sound that makes you feel all the action-packed around you as if you are in a game or movie. However, the G2’s audio performance is average; a soundbar or home theater would greatly enhance your watching experience.

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The Samsung QN95C QLED features Dolby Atmos sound technology.

Samsung QN95C QLED vs. LG G2: 5 Need to Know Facts

  1. The QN95C QLED uses a 14-bit processor to enhance detail, especially in dark scenes, while LG G2 uses the a9 Gen 5 AI processor to enhance the form of objects and people, making them more realistic.
  2. The QN95C QLED has a lag rate of 2 ms (milliseconds), whereas LG G2 has a lag rate of 2-3 ms (milliseconds), with no visible change in picture quality.
  3. The Samsung QN95C model has an anti-glaring screen to prevent reflection, which is ideal even for bright rooms, while LG G2 is more visible in darker rooms.
  4. QN95C is very bright with punchy colors at 1371.69 nits whereas the LG G2 offers a brightness of up to 1000 nits.
  5. QN95C offers a multi-dimensional 3D audio output while LG G2 offers a surround sound output.

Samsung QN95C QLED or LG G2: Which Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

The Samsung QN95C QLED and the LG G2 are both commendable TV models with excellent performance and crystal-clear pictures. Ultimately, it trickles down to your preferences regarding which TV would be better for you. The LG G2 features an advanced LED display of up to 4K for excellent gaming and immersive watching experiences. It also offers color accuracy for precise color reproduction. The a9 Gen 5 AI processor also helps create a more life-like picture.

The LG G2, however, might be more suitable for watching movies or gaming in a dark room, as it reflects light from windows or brighter rooms. Overall, we’ll have to give it to the Samsung QN95C QLED. It’s generally brighter than the LG G2 and has an anti-glaring effect on its sleek screen to prevent light reflection. Moreover, the 4K display combined with Quantum Dot technology provides a crisp and clear image while ensuring a wide array of color options appear more vibrant and lifelike.

Recent Updates to the Samsung QN95C QLED and LG G2

Samsung and LG are constantly innovating their products to bring the most recent technology to consumers. Since February 2023, we have seen updates to the firmware for both the Samsung QN95C QLED and LG G2. This update improves the overall picture quality and performance of the TVs. We have also seen updates to gaming compatibility. The Samsung QN95C QLED is now compatible with the Samsung Gaming Hub, which concentrates all gaming features into one place. The LG G2 received an update making it compatible with PlayStation VR2 technology.

Samsung QN95C QLED and LG G2: Looking Forward

As technology continues to advance for these TVs, we can expect to see even more improvements from Samsung and LG. In the following six to 18 months, we may see even more improved image quality, potentially with the support for 8k resolution. We may also see updates to gaming features to further reduce screen tearing or stuttering. Both brands may also continue to update their smart TV features to support new streaming services and improve user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LG TV better than Samsung?

Generally, Samsung prefers brighter viewing experiences, whereas LG is better at enhanced image contrast. Additionally, LG supports Dolby Vision, while Samsung prefers HDR10+. However, there’s little to choose between as both are very close competitors with top-of-the-line products.

Which TV brand lasts the longest?

The TV brands renowned for durable models include Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic. These models may be pricey but certainly, offer value for your money. There are also more affordable brands with some years of service if maintained properly. However, Panasonic withdrew from the US market in 2016.

Is LG OLED better than Samsung QLED?

LG OLED is generally more responsive and offers infinity contrast than Samsung QLED. Also, Samsung’s QLED delivers higher screen brightness, durability, low risk of burn-in, and more affordable price tags. Besides, LG’s OLED offers better viewing angles, enhanced contrast, less power consumption, and incredible black levels.

What’s the difference between QNED and QLED?

LG’s QNED utilizes both NanoCell technologies and Quantum Dot with mini-LED backlights, while QLED only uses the quantum dot layer with an LED backlight for image production. Both QNED and QLED TVs are less pricey than LG OLED models.

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