Samsung M80B vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B: Which Monitor Wins?

Samsung M80B vs. LG Ultrafine

Samsung M80B vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B: Which Monitor Wins?

Key Points

  • The Samsung M80B and LG Ultrafine 32UN880-B are both 32-inch 4K monitors with HDR10 support.
  • The Samsung M80B has smart features and is ideal for media consumption, while the LG Ultrafine is well-suited for design work with vibrant colors.
  • Both monitors have built-in speakers, but the audio support is not as robust as a smart TV.
  • The Samsung M80B has better image quality with sharp contrast and brightness control, while the LG Ultrafine has excellent color reproduction but lacks contrast.

Which monitor wins between the Samsung M80 vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B? It is quite a contentious market for shopping for monitors currently. However, there are some very compelling choices.

Samsung and LG have long been associated with excellence when it comes to TVs. This same reputation follows with their current line of monitors. However, most users are only going to purchase one monitor, which is the point of today’s guide.

If you’ve been on the fence about which monitor to purchase, you’re in the right place. This guide will cover the important features, how they work, and which of these is best for setup. Pull up a chair and tuck right in for a deep dive.

Samsung M80B vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B: Side-by-Side Comparison

Samsung M80BLG UltraFine 32UN880-B
Display Size32 inches32 inches
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz
Display TypeLEDIPS
HDR SupportYes, HDR10 and others are supportedHDR10
Display OutputsMini HDMI, USB Type-CUSB Type-C, HDMI, DisplayPort
Built-in AudioYesYes
Smart FeaturesRuns Samsung’s Tizen OSNone

These monitors both occupy a very similar niche. However, the Samsung M80B has some additional functionality not seen with the LG UltraFine series of monitors.

Samsung M80B vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B: What’s the Difference?

Now that you have a broader overview of the specifications of these monitors, it is time to pit them head to head. Do keep in mind these aren’t the best monitors for the likes of gaming, as they lack higher refresh rates and can suffer from some degree of input latency.


Dual Purpose Monitor
Samsung M80B 4K PC Monitor
  • 32-inch screen
  • AirPlay integration
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Response time: 4.0 milliseconds
  • 178-degree viewing angle
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01/17/2024 12:50 pm GMT

Both the Samsung M80B and LG UltraFine are 32-inch displays with a supported 4K resolution. You’ll find both have HDR10 support.

The Samsung M80B comes with smart features out of the box, being more akin to a mid-range television than a proper monitor for productivity work. You get access to smart features that are more at home with a home theater setup than at your desk.

However, this lends itself to the M80B being ideal for media consumption. It can work just fine for productivity in a pinch, as well. The lower refresh does hamper it, unfortunately.

The LG UltraFine monitor isn’t built expressly with media consumption in mind. This is thanks in part to LG using an IPS panel instead of a more vibrant LED backlight for the monitor. As with the Samsung, gaming isn’t the LG UltraFine’s forte.

The maximum refresh rate is only 60Hz, regardless of whether you’re looking to run games at the native 4K resolution or downscaling to something like 1080p.

Image Quality

samsung m80b vs. lg ultrafine
The LG UltraFine has an extremely thin bezel, making for a lot of screen real estate.

The Samsung M80B has great overall image quality. You get sharp contrast with a high contrast ratio. The monitor doesn’t feature local dimming zones like the ones you’d see on a more featured TV, but it does have great brightness control in spite of that.

HDR content doesn’t really shine on the M80B, which is a shame. It does have decent color reproduction, with grays and blacks both being notable. It will likely take some adjusting to get accurate color profiling out of the monitor, however.

The LG UltraFine monitor doesn’t offer great contrast since it has a contrast ratio totaling a third of the Samsung M80B’s. This puts it in the upper tier of IPS panels, but not something you should consider for watching HDR content.

Color reproduction is excellent, however. Once you dial in things correctly, this will be a great monitor for any sort of design work. The colors are superbly vibrant and accurate, the only thing holding it back is the less-than-stellar grays and blacks.

Still, you can’t win them all when it comes to IPS panels.

Additional Features

The Samsung M80B effectively functions as a smart TV, featuring Samsung’s own Tizen operating system for navigation. You can effectively use it as a television when not working on your PC, since the operating system has support for a number of streaming apps.

This a nice inclusion, but it does seem kind of unwieldy when taking into consideration you could very easily just load the streaming website up on your computer without having to contend with an additional operating system.

Both the LG UltraFine and Samsung M80B both feature built-in speakers. These are nothing to write home about, but they do sound decent when paired with system sounds or just streaming audio on the likes of Spotify or Apple Music.

HDR Support

Great for Designers
LG 32UN880-B 4K Monitor
  • 32” UltraFine UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Display
  • Viewing angle: 178º (R/L), 178º (U/D)
  • Brightness: 350 nits
  • DCI-P3 95% Color Gamut with HDR 10
  • USB Type-C with 60W PD
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01/17/2024 12:29 pm GMT

On paper, both monitors have HDR support. The Samsung M80B makes a stronger case for it, at least when used with supported media. As mentioned in the image quality section, it doesn’t have local dimming zones on the display.

As such, HDR content is supported, but it is more at the mercy of whatever metadata is embedded in the media.

The LG UltraFine does come with HDR support, but it isn’t really intended for use with media. If you’re planning on using HDR for design work, as you’ll often see support on the likes of Windows, then it should do fine.

It does come with HDR10 support, which does work quite well on supported media if you’re streaming from your PC.

Audio Support

Both of these monitors feature speakers, but you’re not going to see the same level of robust audio support you’d see on the likes of a smart TV.

Instead, both monitors feature support for standard stereo audio. Chances are you’ll be investing in alternative sound sources for your PC as it sits, at least if you’re using it as the centerpiece of your media experience.

The speakers included on both are alright, which is rather generous. They’re both prone to the same deficiencies you’d expect in speakers attached to a display. The frequency response isn’t great, with a noted lack of bass.

You’ll also experience some distortion when pushing system volume to a higher value.

Samsung M80B vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Samsung M80B has a built-in smart TV OS equivalent.
  2. The Samsung M80B is not an IPS or TN panel but uses an LED backlight instead.
  3. The Samsung M80B has better support for HDR content when watching media.
  4. The LG UltraFine has better color reproduction when properly calibrated.
  5. The LG UltraFine has built-in speakers but only supports stereo audio.
  6. The LG UltraFine excels when using HDR for design purposes.

Samsung M80B vs. LG UltraFine 32UN880-B: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

So, of these monitors which is the absolute best on the market? That’s tough to answer, in all honesty. Both of these monitors have strong suits. The Samsung M80B is a great choice if you’re looking to use your PC as both a media station and a place for productivity.

However, if you’ve already got a smart TV, it can be a bit much just for a 4K PC monitor to carry the same systems. The LG UltraFine is well suited for design work and other productivity thanks to its vibrant color. It happens to be one of the best IPS panels on the market, so you’ll get quite a bit of use out of it.

That said, the LG UltraFine does falter when using it to view media. If you’re looking to watch movies, the M80B is a great choice. Designers and other professionals looking for good color reproduction would do well with the LG UltraFine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the M80B good for gaming?

It’ll do alright at gaming. It isn’t responsive enough to be a proper gaming monitor, at least if input latency is important to you.

Is the LG UltraFine a good media monitor?

It doesn’t have the best support for HDR content when watching films and the like. It’ll do just fine, but you would be better off using a proper television if HDR10 is what you’re after.

Is the Samsung M80B true 4K?

Yes, its native resolution is 2160p or 4K.

Is 32 inches enough for a 4K display?

Provided you set the scaling to your preference, it should do just fine.

Is the Samsung M80B good as a TV?

It fits an odd niche. It doesn’t really excel at being a TV or a monitor. That said, if you want a compact setup for watching your favorite streaming apps, it works just fine in that regard.

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