Samsung Galaxy S23 Release Date – What we know so far

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Release Date – What we know so far

Key Points

  • Since its launch in 2009, the Samsung Galaxy has been the closest competitor to Apple’s iPhone.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S (Super Smart) series is the most high-end Galaxy phone.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S23 is expected to release in February of 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S23 is as highly anticipated as the next new iPhone. We’re a long way off from the time iPhone reigned supreme in the cell phone marketplace. From its introduction in 2007 until the competition caught up in 2009, there was simply nothing else like the iPhone on this earth. That didn’t last forever, though. With the release of their very first Samsung Galaxy in 2009, Samsung quickly proved to be Apple’s biggest and badest competitor in the game.

More than a decade later, Samsung and its Galaxy brand have blossomed and grown faster than iPhone. Today, they’re onto the Samsung Galaxy S23. But when will it be out? And what’s known about this highly anticipated phone so far? Let’s get into it.

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History of Samsung Galaxy

Black Samsung-I7500 on a brown table
Samsung i7500 had 128 MB RAM and 8GB storage capacity.

©By Sertion – CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons – License

Since its launch in 2009, the Samsung Galaxy has been the closest competitor to Apple’s iPhone. The Galaxy name is synonymous with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops — not unlike the way Apple and its iOS stretch across the same sort of products. It all began with their very first product, simply titled the Samsung Galaxy, released June 29th, 2009.

This first phone came equipped with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera, and a distinct digital compass below the touchscreen. It also featured a headphone jack and a Directional Pad. The Galaxy’s software boasted many Google services, including YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. The phone also supported MP3 files, AAC codecs (including music downloaded from iTunes), and H.264 video. It all sounds quite archaic now, but the Samsung Galaxy was a fierce competitor to Apple and their iPhone.

The Different Types of Galaxy Series

Over time, dozens of different series of Galaxies came and went. Some, like the Galaxy Note, fell by the wayside — either due to poor sales or destructive controversies, while others thrived tremendously. Today, these are the remaining series: 

  • Samsung Galaxy S (Super Smart) series: The most high-end Galaxy phone
  • Samsung Galaxy A (Alpha) series: The mid-range answer to the high-end S series, equipped with lesser features and specs
  • Samsung Galaxy Z (Zero) series: A foldable version of the Galaxy
  • Samsung Galaxy M (Millennial) series: The lowest-range of all the Galaxy phones, exclusive to online retailers and situated firmly on the low end of the Galaxy spectrum
  • Samsung Galaxy F (Fun) series: Similar to the M series, the F series is a low-end version of the Galaxy.
  • Samsung Galaxy XCover series: A stripped-down version of the Galaxy designed for businesses to use as work phones

Of all these different series, the Galaxy S is considered the best. The hype surrounding the latest Galaxy S- the S23 – has excited many loyal customers. What kind of specs is the phone expected to have? Is there anything potential buyers should know? Are there legitimate rumors about the S23 yet? And what are people hoping to see with this latest entry in the Samsung Galaxy S series? Let’s continue to break things down below.

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S23 Specs

ModelGalaxy S23
VersionsS23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra
Launch DateSpring 2023 (rumored)
Operating SystemAndroid (v12)
Display Size6.5 inches (Dynamic AMOLED 2X); Ratio 20:9 (or 1440 x 3200 px)
Pixel Density516 ppi
ColorsBlack, Silver
Physical SpecsGlass front, glass back, aluminum frame
SIM SizeDual SIM (GSM+GSM; Nano)
Network5G (or 4G or lower where 5G is unavailable)
Fingerprint SensorYes
Rear Camera(s)Four (200 MP, 48 MP, 12 MP, 0.3 MP)
Front Camera(s)One (40 MP)
Camera(s) Quality8K, 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p
FeaturesHDR10+, Always On display, Samsung Pay, water resistant up to 30 minutes at 1.5 meters, support for stylus, fast charging, wireless charging
Price$799, $999, $1,199

What to Know: Samsung Galaxy S23

A part of Samsung’s flagship line of smartphones, the upcoming S23 is the 14th in a long line of S series entries. Dating back to June 4th, 2010, with the release of the first Galaxy S, there has been a new entry in the S series every year since. Typically, a new tablet — known as the Galaxy Tab — coincides with a new S series release. This has been the case since 2014, meaning a Galaxy Tab S9 can be expected alongside the eventual release of the S23.

There has been no indication that Samsung plans to discontinue the S series, and the S22 was just released this past spring, 2022. With this in mind, a new entry in the S series is practically guaranteed in the spring of 2023. Given the recency of the S22’s release, it’s hard to say that anything is known for certain about the S23 except that it will make improvements over the previous Series S entry and will almost certainly come in the spring. 

Samsung Galaxy S23: Assumed Facts

Beyond these basics, there are other assumptions we can treat as facts. Because the past few S series entries were announced in January or February, it’s safe to say the S23 will be announced in early 2023. Additionally, the standard model will likely come with a Plus and an Ultra version. This is what Samsung has been doing for years now, and this is what Samsung is more than likely to continue doing going forward.

Pricing isn’t a certainty, but we can assume that — based on how the past few S series entries have been priced — it will range from $799 to $1,199, depending on the version. Other specs such as chips, cameras, battery, and software updates will likely be unknown until the spring 2023 release date gets closer. Of course, there are plenty of rumors to look to for ideas.

Rumors About the Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 will likely borrow on the rear-facing camera of its predecessor the S22.

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It’s worth repeating that everything that follows is merely a rumor. With the Samsung Galaxy S22 and its Plus and Ultra variants still relatively new to the marketplace, the rumors surrounding the upcoming S23 are largely based on hypothesized upgrades to the current version. With that being said, let’s take a look at the rumors and leaks surrounding the S23. 

Upgrades to the Cameras

Before the release of the S22, there was a rumor that Samsung was prepping to debut a massive 200 MP camera. When it didn’t show up on the S22, all eyes turned to the S23. Time will tell if the upcoming phone utilizes this large camera, but the odds seem good. Similar upgrades can be expected for the front camera, which came in at 10 MP for the S22 and could go up to 12 MP for the S23.

Changes to the Design

Purely a cosmetic change with little bearing on the actual performance of the phone, some leaks and rumors have suggested the S23 will feature a curved glass screen that covers all four edges of the phone. This differs from the current iteration of the S series, which only features a curved screen on two sides. 

Uncertainties Surrounding the Chip

One of the most prevalent rumors surrounding the S23 is the chipset. Some say that Samsung may switch to a MediaTek chipset, parting ways with the Snapdragon and Exynos chips it has depended on for years. Others suggest that the S23 will stick with the Snapdragon, specifically, the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

Major Upgrades to Flash Storage

In May 2022, Samsung announced a remarkable new development: the industry’s latest and greatest storage solution, Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0. Because it wasn’t included in the S22, it seems fair and safe to presume Samsung will stick this UFS 4.0 in the S23.

What People Hope to See with the Samsung Galaxy S23

It’s one thing to put your faith in a rumor, and it’s something else entirely to try and manifest your wishlist into reality. Alas, it’s still fun to put some hopes out into the world on the off-chance that they might come true. These are the things people hope to see with the Samsung Galaxy S23: 

  • A new and improved battery with better battery life
  • Upgrades speakers with clearer quality
  • Greater variety of features between the S23, the S23 Plus, and the S23 Ultra to make the three more distinct
  • Faster, sleeker software with far fewer bugs at the outset
  • Better cameras (and more cameras) with improved zoom capabilities
  • Improvements to cooling hardware to keep the phone from getting so hot
  • A wider variety of storage options (and a return to the MicroSD slot)


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Samsung Galaxy S23 come out?

While no release date is confirmed yet, previous models like the S22, the S21, and the S20 were all released between January and March of each year. As such, the S23 is likely to come in Q1 of 2023.

What’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S23?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is likely to come with a new camera, improvements to flash storage, a better battery, and an upgraded Android operating system. More new and exciting features should be revealed closer to the new year.

What kind of camera will the Samsung Galaxy S23 have?

It’s rumored that the S23 will have an astoundingly large 200 MP camera, which could bring with it 8K-quality photos and videos.


How much will the Samsung Galaxy S23 cost?

The true price of the S23 remains unknown as of now, but based on past entries in the S series, it’s likely to combine around $799-$1,199.


What’s the difference between the S22 and the S23?

The S22 is the Series S model released in 2022. The S23, on the other hand, is the one set to be released in Q1 2023. The differences between the two will likely come down to screen and camera quality, battery life, and a new-and-improved chipset.

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