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Some years back, cordless mowers could barely cut grass in a small lawn without a recharge. The Ryobi 80V and Greenworks 80V mowers have revolutionized the lawn mowers market. The 80V mower is the first walk-behind model from Ryobi. This 30-inch mower features double-stacked blades, easy cut-height adjustment, and an 80V supercharger. The Greenworks 80V mower, on the other hand, offers excellent battery life, a highly maneuverable design, and a smart adjust mechanism for effective grass cutting.

The brushless motor and lightweight design of the Greenworks 80V cordless mower set it apart from other traditional mowers. This model is quiet, simple, and has a long runtime and manageable battery power. It can cut through even very tall grass and is made to handle all types of lawns. In our comparison of Ryobi 80V mower vs Greenworks 80V mower, we look at the difference between both models, their features and notable design advances. 

Ryobi 80V Mower vs Greenworks 80V Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

SpecificationsRyobi 80V MowerGreenworks 80V Mower
Clipping bagYesYes
Running time90 minutes45 minutes
Total cut width30 inches21 inches
Warranty3–5 years on parts, three years battery3–4 years on parts, two years battery
Best for Large Lawns
Greenworks Pro 80V 21" Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Longer runtime and quiet operation
  • Exceptional performance, like gas-powered 
  • Single lever with 5-position height adjustment
  • Mulch, rear bag and side discharge
  • Maintenance free mower
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Ryobi 80V vs Greenworks 80V: What’s the Difference?

Let’s get into the main differences between these two models.


The innovation of brushless motors on the Ryobi 80V mower enables it to perform efficiently. Additionally, the Ryobi 80V mower includes a single-point adjustment system that simplifies the selection of your preferred cutting position. 

The several cross-cut blades on the Ryobi 80V mower were a deliberate design choice by Ryobi to provide aggressive cutting. It has four blades, divided into two groups of slightly overlapping stacked blades. You receive two small CrossCut stacked blades. You can achieve better-cut quality with the side-by-side stacking configuration than with a single, heavier blade.

Deck size is typically a trade-off between speed and maneuverability, with larger deck sizes providing a larger cutting area and speeding up the mowing process. The Ryobi 80V has a total cut width of 30 inches, which is quite significant. For an electric mower, this is a substantial cut capacity.

Greenworks 80V mower has smart cut technology that auto-detects grass density and adjusts its cutting power appropriately. This mower has a much larger deck than the typical 21 inches. Because each pass will cover a few more inches of the ground, you can mow your lawn in fewer passes.

The Greenworks 80V mower avoids some drawbacks of a big deck by employing smaller front and larger back wheels. Both sets are larger than those of many other mowers. This results in improved back control and leverage, simpler turns, and fine-tuning maneuverability. The mower also has a foldable handle, which makes storage easier.


Ryobi’s single-lever system for adjusting cutting height makes it easy to raise or lower the blades. You can adjust the mower to achieve the ideal cutting height quickly.

Ryobi 80V features a push-button start, making it easy to get on with your mowing activity. Greenworks 80V also uses the exact mechanism. The handle of the Ryobi 80V mower folds down completely for compact and easy storage. After you’re done mowing, pull the handle release and push the handle towards the mower.

The Greenworks 80V mower has a USB port to charge your iPad or iPhone. It’s a cool feature that makes your mower a portable charger. With the Greenworks 80V, you can side discharge, bag, or mulch your clippings, which is convenient. It’s always convenient to have choices. But most importantly, switching between these options is incredibly easy and quick. This mower can collect clippings and mulch and then spread them on your lawn.

The Greenworks mower adjusts the speed of the blade automatically. It’s a feature that helps you get the most out of the battery performance, though it might not be a deal-breaker for many individuals. 

In essence, the Greenworks 80V mower checks the amount of blade resistance, and if it finds little resistance, it reduces the mower’s speed. This implies that you don’t waste energy when it’s unnecessary and always have it available. The advantage of this feature is that the battery has a longer runtime.

Battery Performance

On a full charge, the Greenworks 80V mower can run for 45 minutes non-stop. It takes 60 minutes to charge the mower fully.The 80V batteries in the Ryobi mower churn out an equivalent of 28 horsepower in a gas engine. With the assistance of 4 brushless motors, two 40V 10Ah batteries, and a Hyper Charger that fully recharges in 1.5 hours, the mower can cut up to 1 acre each charge. A full charge can provide 90 minutes of runtime.


The Roborock 80V lineup consists of 3 products. These include:

  • 80V HP 30-inch lithium electric zero turn mower – $5,999
  • 80V HP 42-inch lithium electric zero turn mower – $6,999
  • 80V HP 54-inch lithium electric zero turn mower – $7,999

The Greenworks 80V mower goes for $799.99. So, it’s cheaper than Ryobi 80V mowers.

Ryobi 80V Mower vs Greenworks 80V Mower: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Ryobi 80V mower allows you to bag or mulch the grass with an integrated mulch plug. 
  • Ryobi 80V’s single-lever system for adjusting cutting height provides a simple way to raise or lower the blades. This setting is solid and offers a good level cut.
  • Greenworks 80V mower has sufficient power to cut through thick grass. 
  • Greenworks 80V mower has a push button that starts immediately without the typical hesitation you might experience with other types of ignition.
Best for Large Lawns
Greenworks Pro 80V 21" Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Longer runtime and quiet operation
  • Exceptional performance, like gas-powered 
  • Single lever with 5-position height adjustment
  • Mulch, rear bag and side discharge
  • Maintenance free mower
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/03/2023 02:27 pm GMT

Ryobi 80V Mower vs Greenworks 80V Mower: Which One is Better?

If you’re looking for a great quality lawn mower deal, Greenworks 80V is the best option since there is a higher chance that you’ll find a deal that saves you money. 

But the Ryobi 80V mower is equally wonderful if you’re shopping for a gardening investment and don’t mind increasing your budget. It’s similar to the Greenworks 80V, particularly in aesthetics and features. 

After considering all factors, the Greenworks 80V mower emerges tops because it’s very easy to use, charges quickly, and works on a significant portion of your lawn in one charge. Many customers who have purchased and used this mower note that it can mulch well, which is a major plus. It turns trimmings into extremely fine mulch.

Ryobi 80V Mower vs Greenworks 80V Mower: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What makes the Greenworks 80V mower stand out?

The Greenworks 80V mower has a commendable build and battery quality compared to other mowers on the market today. It also has high-performance features that you will not find on many mowers. 

How long does the Ryobi 80V battery last?

The battery’s maximum run time is 90 minutes. However, it’s worth noting that the run time of these batteries reduces by 6% every year.

What’s the noise level of the Ryobi 80V mower?

Battery-driven mowers have the advantage of being much quieter to operate. Ryobi 80V produces around 80 dB, which is acceptable for an electric mower.

Are the lithium-ion batteries on Ryobi 80V and Greenworks 80V lawnmowers better than lead-acid batteries?

Although rechargeable lead-acid batteries are more corrosion-resistant, lithium-ion batteries often store more energy and maintain a charge for longer. 

Can I cut wet grass with the Ryobi or Greenworks battery-driven mowers?

Although cutting wet grass with a battery-driven mower is possible, doing so is not recommended. Avoid exposing your battery-operated lawn mower to water because, over time, water infiltration could cause damage. Mowing wet grass occasionally won’t be a problem, but mowing in drizzle puts the mower and the 80V lithium-ion batteries at risk. Using damaged equipment also puts the operator at risk.

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