Ryobi 40V Mower vs. Greenworks 80V Mower: Which One Wins?

Ryobi 40V Mower vs Greenworks 80V Mower

Ryobi 40V Mower vs. Greenworks 80V Mower: Which One Wins?

Electric-powered lawnmowers are growing in popularity, which is leading many consumers to wonder which one they should buy. The Ryobi 40V and GreenWorks 80V are just too popular models that are available today.

Both are battery-powered but with different amounts of power, which will make some difference depending on the types of grass you cut. Similarly, both GreenWorks and Ryobi are reputable brands that people know and trust for both yard equipment as well as other power tools.

While the use of battery-powered lawnmowers is growing, especially with robotic models, there are still some shortcomings with the technology that you should keep in mind. We will break down what we like about each model and where they fall short, so let’s get started.

Ryobi 40V Mower vs. Greenworks 80V Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

Width21″21″ (Also Available in 25″)
Cutting ModesMulch, Bag, Side DischargeMulch, Bag, Side Discharge
Voltage40 volts80 volts
Comes with BatteriesYesYes
Hart 40V vs Ryobi 40V
Ryobi 40V battery life lasts 30-60 minutes depending on the accessories being used.

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Ryobi 40V Mower vs. Greenworks 80V Mower: What’s the Difference?

Because there are a few different models of both Ryobi and Greenworks mowers, we need to establish our comparisons. We’ll look at the Greenworks Pro 80-volt 21-inch self-propelled brushless lawnmower. On the Ryobi side, we’ll be looking at the 40-volt 21-inch self-propelled brushless model. The reason for this is that both have comparable features despite the difference in batteries.


Best for Large Yards
RYOBI 40V HP Brushless 21 in. Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Power Source: Corded Electric, Battery Powered
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colors: Gray, Black, Green
  • Style: Cordless
  • Cutting Width: 21 inches
  • 7 Positions
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11/28/2023 06:08 pm GMT

The new 3-in-1 battery-operated mower from Ryobi is a powerful, self-propelled, 21-inch lawnmower. This is different from the higher-end cross-cut model that uses two blades to get a perfect cut. With that said, it still does an excellent job at a fair price.

The mower itself is $549, which does not include the required 40V battery. It actually holds two, but you will have to manually switch between them when one dies. You can purchase the lawnmower as part of a bundle that does come with two 6.0 ah batteries as well as a charger for $799.

If you don’t already have Ryobi 40V batteries, then the bundle will be the best value. The lawnmower works just like you’d expect from a gas-powered machine. You “start” it, then engage the handle, and it starts to cut.

As soon as the handle is pulled, the blade starts spinning, and the rear wheels will start to turn. One nice feature is that the self-propelled wheel speed is adjustable.

The 21-inch deck is sufficient for most average yards and is comparable to other electric and gas-powered mowers. It also features adjustable height wheels that you can raise and lower all at one time with a lever.

If you’re a little confused about the three-in-one in the name, it simply means that you can bag your clippings in the included mesh bag. Otherwise, you can use the included discharge chute, which will throw the clippings across the yard.

The last option is a mulch kit which will cut the clippings smaller, putting them back on the ground where they were cut. The mower’s handle is also collapsible for storage.


Moving on to the Greenworks Pro 80 volt, you will notice many of the same features we saw in the Ryobi. It has a 21″ cutting deck and it, too, is self-propelled. Just like the Ryobi, there are different versions of the Greenworks, but this is currently one of their highest-tier models. However, they also have a comparable model that is slightly larger at 25 inches.

We’ve already touched on the batteries included in these two mowers, and we will go over the differences in depth in just a moment. The Greenworks lawnmower has room for two batteries, but it only requires one to cut. If you keep two inside of it, once the first one gets depleted, the second will begin use automatically.

Best for Budgets
Greenworks Pro 21-Inch 80V Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Tool only (does not come with a battery)
  • Cordless
  • Brushless
  • Self-Propelled
  • 21-inch deck
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11/28/2023 11:07 am GMT

The controls are a little confusing but are pretty similar to the Ryobi. You pull back a lever, press the start button, and begin cutting. It also comes with a bag for your yard clippings, as well as a chute and mulcher attachment. Lastly, it, too, has a single lever to raise and lower all of the wheels with ease.

However, the biggest difference between the Ryobi and the Greenworks is the price. The Greenworks Pro lawnmower is only $399 without any batteries.

But the savings really add up when you look at the bundle with a battery and charger, which costs $549. If you aren’t familiar with Greenworks, they have a similar lineup of tools to Ryobi, and you can use the 80-volt battery to power over 50 different tools.

Hart 40V Ryobi 80V
Ryobi was founded in 1943 and its products are sold in over 100 countries.


Batteries Explained

One point of confusion for many people is batteries. There are a lot of numbers that get thrown around, and many are just made up for marketing. For instance, the 40 and 80 volt is actually peak voltage, and not what the batteries will average when they’re being used. This doesn’t really make a difference here because the 40-volt will be about half of what the 80-volt can produce.

However, for smaller power tools, many manufacturers began advertising 20V models, despite using the same sized batteries as their 18V models. 18V represents nominal voltage, whereas 20V is the peak.

Furthermore, the voltage is not a direct indicator of how long a battery will last. Some people confuse voltage with amp hours, and while a higher voltage can play a role, it doesn’t indicate longer runtimes.

Instead, you should look at the amp hours of the batteries. This is the number that indicates how much capacity a battery has rather than how much electricity it can output.

For example, the Greenworks mower comes with a 4-ah battery while the Ryobi comes with a 6-ah one. The Ryobi motor shouldn’t need to work as hard and will likely last longer than a comparable 4-ah Greenworks one.

A More Precise Comparison

The Ryobi 40V and Greenworks 80V mowers are not an apples-to-apples comparison. The Greenworks battery will be significantly more powerful than the Ryobi.

If you would like to compare them side by side, there’s also a Greenworks 40V model. This one is much closer in power and performance to the Ryobi 40V. In contrast, Ryobi only has 80V riding mowers at this time and no 80V tools.

80V Products and Information

80V-powered mowing products are becoming increasingly because of how much more powerful the battery is in comparison with the 40V older version. They both produce zero emissions and are incredibly quiet, which is an improvement from traditional, gas-powered mowers. However, 80V products are more efficient (and expensive) than 40V versions. Here is a list of other popular 80V mowers and products:

  • Worx WG779E 80V MAX Power: This mower with a 16-inch deck is perfect for small yards, and its compact design makes it easy to maneuver.
  • EGO Power+ 80V Cordless Lawn Mower: Medium-sized lawns are perfect for this mower, as it offers a longer battery life and a wider range of deck sizes compared to the Greenworks version.

Ryobi 40V Mower vs. Greenworks 80V Mower: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Greenworks 80V is more powerful than the Ryobi 40V.
  2. Both manufacturers have large lineups of outdoor power equipment that the batteries are compatible with.
  3. The Greenworks switches automatically to the second battery, while the Ryobi has a manual switch.
  4. The Ryobi is more expensive in a bundle, but you do get two batteries.
  5. Both the Ryobi and Greenworks come with a bag, mulcher, and chute accessory.
electric utvs
Greenworks is said to be the industry leader in battery-powered outdoor power tools.


Ryobi 40V Mower and Greenworks 80V Mower: Recent Updates

Ryobi and Greenworks have made some updates to their mowers since February 2023. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New deck: Both mowers have a new, durable, easier to clean deck. Both decks are rust-resistant and can withstand the elements.
  • New self-propelled system: Both mowers have updated their self-propelled systems. The self-propelled system on the Ryobi 40V Mower is controlled by a dial on the handle, and the self-propelled system on the Greenworks 80V Mower is controlled by a trigger on the handle.
  • New brushless motor: Both mowers have brushless motors that are more powerful and use less energy. These motors offer better performance and longer battery life.
  • New battery: Both mowers have new batteries that last longer making it easier to mow lawns on a single charge.

Ryobi 40V Mower and Greenworks 80V Mower: What’s Next?

Updates have not been announced by Ryobi and Greenworks. Here are some updates we might see for both mowers in the next six to 18 months:

  • Improved battery technology: Technology for batteries is always advancing. We will most likely see newer batteries with longer runtimes and faster charging times.
  • More powerful motors: Motors are getting increasingly more powerful, and this is in part due to the improvements in batteries. We should see more powerful mowers that can mow larger lawns and handle thicker grass with ease.
  • More environmentally friendly: Companies are committed to sustainability. So, we can expect to see mowers that are even more environmentally friendly. Some environmentally friendly improvements could include features such as regenerative braking and energy-efficient motors.

Ryobi 40V Mower vs. Greenworks 80V Mower: Which One Is Better?

To start with, we really like electric lawnmowers. There are plenty of reasons that you should consider getting one, including the fact that they are nearly silent and have very low maintenance. This means you won’t need to worry about gas or changing oil. Similarly, you can cut grass in the middle of the night without disturbing your neighbors.

But we actually found it very challenging to pick between the Greenworks and the Ryobi. Both lawnmowers perform exceptionally well and won’t disappoint. But we’re going to have to go with the Greenworks Pro 80V. The reason for this decision is simply a matter of how much power you get for your money.

The fact that the Ryobi will set you back $800 for the bundle with two batteries is just hard to swallow. This is especially true if it’s your first electric lawnmower and you’re not sure what to expect. The fact that you can get a very comparable unit from an equally reputable brand for a few hundred dollars less makes more sense here.

This means you can purchase an extra battery later if necessary, but you at least get one to start with. In contrast, the Ryobi will be better for people who are already in the product line. People who are not invested in either lineup will likely fair better with the Greenworks. With that in mind, both units come with an exceptional warranty, with Ryobi’s being slightly better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plug a battery-powered lawnmower into an outlet?

No, battery-powered lawnmowers cannot be plugged into a household outlet and must instead use the proper battery packs.

Are the blades on an electric lawnmower replaceable?

Yes, the blades on both Ryobi and Greenworks mowers are replaceable.

Are batteries interchangeable between Greenworks and Ryobi?

No, you can only use a battery pack for the brand it is designed for. Even tools with the same voltage cannot swap batteries between brands.

Are electric lawnmowers safe to use?

Yes, but there is an inherent risk when using any power tool. However, electric lawnmowers are arguably much safer than gas ones.

What size yard is best for an electric lawnmower?

Smaller yards are best for electric lawnmowers, but you can cut larger yards if you use bigger batteries, like the 6-ah one.

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