RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT: Full Comparison and Specs

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT: Full Comparison and Specs

Budget GPUs have been a cornerstone of desktop builds. Users get the ability to play PC games at stable framerates while also not breaking the bank. Recent years have seen the price of budget GPUs skyrocket, but there are still options for the budget-conscious PC gamer.

NVIDIA’s budget Ampere GPU, the RTX 3050 is still a solid buy, but how does it square up against the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT? Both GPUs offer stellar performance for their respective prices, but which one is worth your investment? Let’s take a closer look at the specs and features of these GPUs and see which comes out on top.

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT: Side-by-Side Comparison

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT comparison infographic visually depicting information from table
RTX 3050RX 6700 XT
Base Clock1550 MHz1941 MHz
Boost Clock1780 MHz2450 MHz
Manufacture Process8 nm7 nm
TDP130 watts230 watts
Memory Bus128-bit192-bit
Memory Bandwidth224 GB/s384 GB/s

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT: What’s the Difference?

While this isn’t an entirely fair comparison, given that the RTX 3050 and RX 6700 XT fit different price niches, there are still some valid comparisons to be had in regard to performance and features present. These are both stellar GPUs that aren’t quite ready for 4K gaming at Ultra settings. What is there is great performance for 1080p gamers, as well as some support for those running 1440p.


AMD’s RX 6700 XT is ahead of the RTX 3050 in most worthwhile metrics. It does draw more power and requires an external power connection, but the boost in performance is worth digging around in your case.

There is more VRAM on offer, with 12 GB coming in as standard versus the extended 8 GB of the RTX 3050. Where other departures arise is in the memory bus, with the 192-bit of the RX 6700 XT offering up noticeable performance increases in most commercial game releases over the 128-bit bus of the NVIDIA card.

Ray Tracing Capabilities
MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3050
  • Supports HDMI 2.1
  • 8GB of VRAM
  • Clock speed 1.81GHz
  • No power supply connections
  • Great for prebuilts
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02/24/2024 11:13 pm GMT

Real-world benchmarks utilizing the same setup aside from the GPU revealed a pronounced difference in performance. Despite the newer age of the RTX 3050, it lags behind the RX 6700 XT. Games like Valorant, GTAV, and Apex Legends saw the RX 6700 XT excelling.

Frame rates ranged from a 60% to 62% increase across these three games. While these aren’t the most demanding titles, it does give a good glimpse into how the cards perform.

Where the RX 6700 XT falls down is in its implementation of ray tracing. It doesn’t do quite as well as it could, but that might just come down to a lack of support via AMD in regard to ray tracing.

The RTX 3050 fares a bit better, given that there are dedicated cores on the GPU for ray tracing, but this is still very much a budget GPU. The RTX 3050 simply doesn’t have the horsepower behind it to effectively use ray tracing without severe drops in performance.


Where the RTX 3050 truly excels is in the pricing. It may not be as affordable as previous NVIDIA 50 series GPUs, but it still is far less expensive than its more powerful siblings. The RX 6700 XT is comparable to the RTX 3060 in terms of pricing, but there is quite a bit to offer for the jump in price.

Fast Clock Speeds
PowerColor Fighter AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
  • 16Gbps memory clock speed
  • 7680 × 4320 resolution
  • 12GB GDDR6 memory
  • 2581MHz boost clock speed
  • 192-bit memory interface
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02/25/2024 08:52 am GMT

If budget or power supplies are a concern, the RTX 3050 performs just fine in that regard. It’ll do better than your CPU’s integrated GPU, but you won’t be maxing out the latest and greatest games, like the recent Dead Space remake.

For those playing games at 1440p, the 6700 XT is a far better choice. The extra power and VRAM affords better framerates when playing at higher resolutions. It can stretch to do 4K, but it isn’t an ideal solution for resolutions higher than 1440p.

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. RTX 3050 doesn’t require an external connection to the power supply.
  2. RTX 3050 comes in 4GB and 8GB models.
  3. RTX 3050 can use PCI-E 4.0.
  4. RX 6700 XT is not ideal for AI processing.
  5. RX 6700 XT has no native support for DLSS.
  6. RX 6700 XT is directly comparable to the RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070.

RTX 3050 vs RX 6700 XT: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Out of the two, if you can find a sale, the RX 6700 XT is a great GPU choice for the price. It isn’t the newest or flashiest GPU out of AMD, but it thoroughly outclasses the RTX 3050. The suggested retail price for the RX 6700 XT is substantially higher than for the RTX 3050, but when on sale, they are well within range of each other.

The RTX 3050 is also a great budget card and worth considering if you aren’t able to use a stronger power supply. For those running prebuilt computers, it makes an ideal install since it doesn’t require any external power sources, instead just drawing power directly from the PCI-E slot.

If budget isn’t a concern and you’ve got the extra power to spare, then the RX 6700 XT is a stellar card with a lot of longevity left in it despite its age. It offers up a great amount of power for the price, and the extra VRAM allows it to handle higher resolutions with more ease than the RTX 3050.

It isn’t the best at ray tracing, but there are very few GPUs outside of flagship GPUs that can handle ray tracing while keeping steady frame rates at higher settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RX 6700 XT good for AI work?

AMD doesn’t have an equivalent to CUDA cores, and as such their entire lineup of GPUs isn’t an ideal solution for AI work. Most libraries and data sets for AI are leveraging NVIDIA’s CUDA Cores, which are a proprietary processor developed by NVIDIA for aiding in parallel processing.

AMD provides a great line of GPUs, but they aren’t leading the vanguard for AI or machine learning work. Their particular niche is more focused on gaming and 3D acceleration, tasks which the RX 6700 XT does well.

Are GPUs easier to get a hold of now?

There seems to be a lot less demand for GPUs for mining cryptocurrency, so supply has come back for the most part. Prices still need to adjust to the recent liquidity in the supply, but that might take some time. It is easy to get a hold of a GPU now though, which couldn’t be said for a year or two back.

Retailers have also taken some measures to make sure buyers can get a hold of a GPU. Previously, scalpers and the like had taken retailers to the cleaners, but now more stringent purchasing and return policies have led to an onslaught of available GPUs as scalpers and retailers are flush with inventory to sell.

Can the RTX 3050 handle newer games?

The RTX 3050 can certainly handle games released this year, but where users might find issues is trying to run them at maximum graphical detail. Most games will run provided you have the accompanying hardware in CPU and RAM to power it, but the RTX 3050 is no powerhouse.

It does provide solid performance for its price bracket, but it is hard to recommend with older GPUs like the RTX 2060 and 2070 still readily available and other alternatives like the RX 6700 XT providing a much better product at a comparable price. For those who are looking for a GPU which can play newer games, this will certainly do the trick.

Which of these GPUs offers the best price-per-performance ratio?

The RX 6700 XT hands down. While it is more expensive than the RTX 3050, it provides a much more impressive feature set and level of performance than NVIDIA’s budget offering. It presents a great mid-range alternative to the pricier NVIDIA 60 and 70 series GPUs.

It is hampered slightly by a slower memory bus than some of the higher-end NVIDIA cards, but for those looking for a solid 1080p or 1440p GPU, it smokes the competition.

Which GPU is more energy efficient?

The RTX 3050 is the more efficient GPU overall. It requires no external power sources to fully take advantage of its power. Instead like its predecessors, it relies solely on the PCI-Express lane to fully power it. This has some distinct advantages over higher-end cards, as you don’t need a powerful PSU to power every component of your PC.

For younger gamers who might have a family computer they’re using, it’ll allow for gaming at more stable framerates than integrated GPUs. It also makes a great choice for stealth builds and the like.

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