Roomba i7 vs. j7: Which is the Better Robotic Vacuum?

Comparative images of the Roomba i7 vs. j7 robotic vacuums, showing design differences.

Roomba i7 vs. j7: Which is the Better Robotic Vacuum?

Our mission today is to explore and compare two popular robotic vacuum models. We’ll answer the question: Between the models Roomba i7 vs. j7: Which is Better? So, let’s clarify the differences in each’s cleaning capabilities, ease of use, affordability, and more…We’ll do a comprehensive comparison between the Roomba i7 and j7 to find out which robotic helper suits your needs and lifestyle best.

With work-life balance becoming a focal point worldwide, housekeeping is one area that needs less labor-intensive solutions. Revolutionized by the variety of automated cleaning systems now available, housekeeping benefits greatly from tech advancement in this field.

iRobot — manufacturer of the Roomba robotic vacuum systems — has the solution for you. How about reliable housekeeping that suits your pocket and schedule? Or a clean and dust-free home done while you’re out, enjoying the things you’d rather be doing? Far less invasive and much simpler to manage, owning a robotic vacuum has many obvious perks.

With the variety of models available, the big question is: Which model is the better option for you? Keep in mind that each model boasts a combination of features that work better in some environments. Others simply suit certain lifestyles better.

Roomba i7 vs. j7: Side-by-Side Comparison

CategoryRoomba i7 Robotic VacuumRoomba j7 Robotic Vacuum
Release DateSeptember 2018September 2021
Battery Life74-102 minutes
(rated for 75 minutes)
74-102 minutes
(rated for 75 minutes)
Recharge time (averaged)87 minutes137 minutes
Wi-Fi and Voice ControlYesYes
Compatible DevicesSmartphones, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Vera, AlexaSmartphones, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Vera, Alexa
Camera-aided Obstacle/Hazard AvoidanceNoYes
Automatic Dirt Disposal Unit CompatibilityYesYes
User Rating (listed on Amazon’s Website)4.3 stars out of 5
(based on 4872 reviews)
4.1 stars out of 5
(based on 1817 reviews)
Best Top-Mounted
iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) Robot Vacuum
  • Comes with Smart Mapping
  • Set cleaning schedule remotely
  • Control with voice or the app
  • Very good for cleaning low-pile carpets
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/29/2023 02:55 pm GMT

Roomba i7 vs. j7: What’s the Difference? 

On the surface, these models are similar in appearance. Robust and aesthetically appealing, sporting features that allow for hassle-free cleaning to suit your schedule. Both models also offer multiple automation options, great functionality, and good user ratings.

That said, there are several key differences to consider between the two. Let’s compare the Roomba i7 and j7 standard models but bear in mind that each also has a “+” model available. The key difference between the standard and “+” models is that the latter includes the automatic dirt disposal station.

These nifty house helpers boast smart technology and integrate with your world seamlessly. Perhaps the next important question to ask is: How much technology am I willing to onboard with my Roomba vacuum?

Product Advancement

Since the 2018 Roomba i7 launch, iRobot has added significant features to newer models, such as the Roomba j7 range (2021). These include:

  • Obstacle and hazard avoidance technology
  • Camera-aided navigation, with a front-mounted camera and LED light
  • Additional programming options for better interaction with your Roomba
  • The ability of the j7 to send you photos of unfamiliar objects for identification
  • Storage of multiple home layout maps for easier navigation
  • Automatic dirt disposing station *Roomba j7+ model only

These features make for smarter and more efficient cleaning. Also, less interrupted cycles due to the Roomba being disorientated by obstacles in its path.

A close-up view of the modern robotic vacuum cleaner isolated on a white background. Comparing the differences between the Roomba i7 vs. j7 models, which vary from design to features.
Showcasing the Roomba’s robust and beautiful design.

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Camera Functionality

The most decisive difference between the i7 and the j7 models is its on-board camera positioning. The i7 has a top-mounted camera, making it more likely to run into obstacles and potential hazards on its path.

The j7’s design includes a forward-facing camera and LED light combination. This means better obstacle detection and hazard avoidance. Its overall navigation is thus much improved, as is cleaning efficiency. Another winning feature of the j7 is the detection and avoidance of pet waste. As a pet owner would this not rank high on your list of notable benefits?

Programming and Connectivity

You can pre-schedule Clean Zone cycles and program the Roomba to vacuum certain areas only. Its Keep Out Zone option ensures certain areas of your home remain off-limits to the Roomba. This is particularly helpful for potential hazard zones, such as a laundry floor.

Your Roomba’s cleaning schedule can be set remotely, via a Wi-Fi connection and a selection of software integrations. The Roomba j7 will also transmit feedback to you once it has completed its task.

Software Integration and Compatibility

Both the i7 and j7 are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Echo (smart speakers), and the iRobot app. Voice control options work well via Alexa or Google Assistant. Accidental dry spills are no longer a hassle — simply use voice commands to activate your Roomba vacuum.

If the Roomba j7 encounters an object it cannot identify, it shares photos to the iRobot app and awaits your feedback. You then mark the obstacle as either safe or hazardous. Once a response is received the j7 will resume its cleaning cycle accordingly.

Cleaning Efficiency

According to consumer reviews, the Roomba i7 takes the honors for cleaning low-pile carpets. On the other hand, the j7 excels in debris removal from long-haired (your typical “shaggy-styled”) carpets. Both rate well in terms of suction power, good surface coverage, and hard surface cleaning. These robotic vacuums also offer an extensive selection of features aimed at cleaning efficiency.

A close-up top view of a grey and black robotic vacuum isolated against a white background. A crisp image showing clear detail and the low-profile design, ideal for comparing the Roomba i7 vs. j7 models.
The popular Roomba range of robotic vacuum cleaners is designed for efficiency.


Hygienically Clean

Roomba vacuum cleaners use allergy-friendly HEPA filters for high-level air filtration. What does this mean? Simply put, less dust and allergens circulating in your environment. This keeps your home’s climate comfortable for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Its dual multi-surface rubber brushes don’t easily trap hair or jam up with tangled fibers. This maintains the Roomba’s powerful suction action for thorough cleaning. What’s great is that both the i7 and the j7 models are compatible with the Braava jet m6 robot mop, too. The combination means perfectly coordinated vacuuming and mopping cycles completed on demand.

Battery Performance

Both models are rated for 75 minutes of use before a recharge is required. Conveniently, both the i7 and j7 will automatically return to their charging base when their battery level runs too low. Once sufficiently charged to complete the cleaning cycle, they continue where they left off. The i7, however, has a shorter battery life despite its faster charging rate.


The Roomba product range is competitive with the other brands available on the global market. It sits firmly in the mid to upper pricing range, yet still offers great value for money. Roomba robotic cleaners are in high demand, and you’ll often find popular models available at discounted pricing. iRobot products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or via a global network of approved retailers.

Important to Note

Recent reports confirm the manufacturer has ceased the manufacture of the Roomba i7, in favor of the j7 model range. However, product support and replacement parts for the i7 model remain freely available.

With several new models still to launch in 2023, the iRobot Roomba range should see many more exciting innovations.

Below are a few mentionable points, as flagged in customer reviews:

  • The Roomba’s automatic dirt disposal process is deemed to be quite noisy (“+” models only)
  • The inability of the Roomba vacuum to operate in the dark
  • Relatively pricey replacement parts, including batteries, filters, and dirtbags
  • Multiple parts were identified that require regular cleaning, including sensors, brushes, and filters.
Comparing the Roomba i7 vs j7 and its lifestyle benefits. Man and woman couple sitting on sofa with dogs cleaning floor using vacuum robot at home.
i-Robot’s range of robotic vacuum cleaners makes your life easier.


Roomba i7 vs. j7: 5 Must-know Facts

  • Roomba i7 is best for low-pile carpets, while the j7 comes out tops for high-pile carpets.
  • The front-facing camera on the Roomba j7 adds considerable benefits to its functionality.
  • The i7 offers faster recharging but needs more regular charging.
  • Roomba robotic vacuums require sufficient ambient light to navigate by and for effective cleaning.
  • Both models will return to their charging dock when battery levels run low, and automatically resume their cleaning cycle thereafter.
Best Smart Vacuum
iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum
  • PrecisionVision navigation technology
  • Self-emptying bin
  • Recharge and resume
  • Pet poop guarantee

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Roomba i7 vs. j7: Which One Should You Choose?

Matching your cleaning requirements and habits to each of the two Roomba models will guide your choice. Below are a few quick reference points to consider:

The Roomba j7 certainly has the technological advantage. Indeed, its well-positioned camera aids navigation and obstacle detection. In turn, this helps it to identify and avoid potential hazards within its surroundings.

This automated vacuum offers floor layout mapping for better and quicker cleaning. In addition, the Roomba j7 can upload images onto the iRobot app for you to confirm cleaning and no-go zones. It also excels at cleaning debris and dirt from high-pile carpets.

The Roomba i7 wins out if:

  • you require regular cleaning of low-pile carpets and hard floor surfaces
  • your home is generally tidy, with fewer obstacles for the i7 to navigate
  • you prefer to use only limited software integration and communications with your i7 model
  • your pets are fully house-trained.

The Roomba j7 is your top choice if:

  • you have high-pile carpets that need the j7’s powerful cleaning abilities and mobility
  • pet accidents are a consideration, which the j7 will easily circumnavigate
  • your living areas have many obstacles or potential hazards it will have to detect, identify, and avoid
  • you’re tech-savvy and keen to use the multiple functions offered.

Ultimately, the i7 will do well in an environment that is fitted with short-fiber carpets and is relatively obstacle-free. For the additional bells and whistles provided by the j7, your budget and willingness to set up the supporting technology will be key factors in your decision.

My final advice is two-fold:

1. look at these core areas to determine which model becomes your ideal helper.

2. read this informative article about the top robotic vacuums to help you decide.

Then, enjoy the extra downtime!

  1. iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) Robot Vacuum
    • Comes with Smart Mapping
    • Set cleaning schedule remotely
    • Control with voice or the app
    • Very good for cleaning low-pile carpets
    Buy on Amazon

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    11/29/2023 02:55 pm GMT
  2. iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum
    • PrecisionVision navigation technology
    • Self-emptying bin
    • Recharge and resume
    • Pet poop guarantee

    Buy on Amazon

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    11/29/2023 03:05 pm GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roomba product range only compatible with US-based plug outlets?

No, the Roomba range may be used outside of the US but you are advised to check compatibility before purchase. You may only require an adaptor or converter for usage outside of the US.

What warranty is offered by the manufacturer on Roomba products?

These products carry a standard 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Terms and Conditions apply.

How often do the i7 and j7 have to be charged?

Charging requirements will vary depending on its scheduled cleaning programme and the size of the areas to be vacuumed.

Are these Roomba models portable?

Yes, the i7 and j7 are small and easily picked up and carried, weighing in at well under 7.5 lbs/3.5kg each.

Are these iRobot Roomba models readily available?

iRobot Roomba models are widely available through multiple global distributors, such as Amazon and Costco.

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