Roomba 655 vs. 650: 6 Key Differences

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Roomba 655 vs. 650: 6 Key Differences

iRobot’s Roomba 655 and 650 are two of the most popular robot vacuums on the market. Both models use iAdapt responsive navigation technology with cliff sensors to avoid falling off stairs. Unfortunately, neither model has a front camera which may cause them to get stuck under furniture. Additionally, there is no house mapping feature present — meaning they navigate randomly throughout your house.

Both models work efficiently on all types of surfaces and feature a 3-stage cleaning system to pick up dirt and pet hair. The dirt bin of both models has a 400ml capacity and is bagless. However, they lack either a HEPA filter or a washable filter.

Roomba 655 and 650 differ primarily in terms of the attachments included in their box and the type of battery they use. The 655 comes with more attachments and uses an X-Life NiMH battery, while the 650 utilizes an APS NiMH battery. Let’s dive into iRobot’s Roomba world and examine both 655 and 650 models in greater depth.

Roomba 655 vs. 650: Side-By-Side Comparison

FeatureRoomba 655Roomba 650
Dimensions13.4 x 13.4 x 3.613.4 x 3.6 x 13.4
Weight7 lbs7.72 pounds
NavigationWeak navigation, gets stuckWeak navigation, but does not get stuck
Cleaning PerformanceFlat cleaning tool onlyAdditional rubber, bristle, and side brushes included
Pet SeriesYesNo
Scheduled CleaningYes, up to 7 timesYes, up to 7 times
Great Entry-Level Option
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
  • iAdapt Navigation uses a number of sensors to prevent collisions and accidents
  • Virtual Wall utilizes infrared sensors to create a barrier to contain the device
  • Vacuum automatically docks and recharges
  • Automatically adjusts to the different floor types in your home
  • Schedule cleaning up to 7 times a week
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Roomba 655 vs. 650: What’s the Difference?

Roomba 655 and 650 robotic vacuums share many similarities. However, they offer distinct differences that could influence your decision when purchasing one of these models.

Infographic Roomba 655 vs Roomba 650


The Roomba 655 includes additional accessories, such as an extra rubber brush, bristle brush, side brush, and beater brush. This is in addition to what the Roomba 650 already includes. Both models offer flat cleaning tools, rechargeable battery power, a self-charging home base, and virtual wall charging ports for added convenience.

The Roomba 655 Pet Series comes equipped with additional cleaning tools that give it an edge over 650, especially if you have pets at home. The rubber brush is effective at picking up pet fur and easier to clean than bristle brushes which tend to get tangled in hair. These accessories make the 655 Pet Series a wiser choice for pet parents than other vacuums.

Cleaning Performance

Both Roomba 650 and 655 use traditional brushes in place of rubberized extractors. The 655 comes with both flat and round brushes, while the 650 only has one flat brush. The round brush helps the 655 pick up debris more effectively.

Both models employ three-stage cleaning technology, which includes agitation, brushing, and suction to clean floors. When tested on different surfaces, the results were acceptable for an entry-level smart cleaner. Unfortunately, they both tend to miss spots and have weak navigation systems compared to more recent Roomba models. The 650 may run over the same spot repeatedly, draining its battery faster. While the 655 may not get stuck as frequently as the 650 does, neither model seems well-informed about their environment.

On the basis of cleaning performance, it would be unfair to declare one model the winner. However, due to the additional tools included with the 655 model, it may have a slight edge over its rival 650.

Battery Life and Charging

Roomba 650 and 655 offer similar battery life and charging specifications. Both devices feature a rechargeable battery that provides up to 60 minutes of runtime, so they can efficiently clean an average-sized room without recharge.

However, there is one major difference between the two devices when it comes to charging. The Roomba 650 has a self-charging home base, ensuring your device automatically returns to its dock when its battery runs low. On the other hand, the Roomba 655 lacks such a feature.

Though this may appear as a disadvantage, the Roomba 655 has an extra filter and brush that can help extend the device’s battery life. Furthermore, the Roomba 655 is designed for greater efficiency than 650 – meaning it cleans more effectively in less time, thus decreasing strain on its power source.

Virtual Wall Lighthouses

The Roomba 650 and 655 come with a Virtual Wall, which utilizes infrared sensors to create an area-specific barrier preventing the device from leaving. However, the Roomba 655 adds one unique feature that the Roomba 650 lacks: Virtual Wall Lighthouses.

Virtual Wall Lighthouses are devices that create a containment area for your Roomba 655. They emit a signal that the robot uses to determine the boundaries of its cleaning area, helping it clean larger spaces more effectively without getting lost or leaving certain spots untouched.

For instance, if your living room and kitchen are both open concept, Virtual Wall Lighthouses can create a barrier around the kitchen while allowing Roomba 655 to clean throughout it. This method works especially well for homeowners with larger homes or multiple rooms to clean.


Both Roomba 650 and 655 navigate randomly, lacking a systematic plan for covering every inch of the floor. While the 655 may be less likely to get stuck under furniture, both models lack advanced navigation systems compared to more recent Roomba models.

Roombas are equipped with bumper technology to prevent them from colliding with objects, yet they sometimes miss spots while cleaning despite installing dirt detection sensors. As noted previously, the Roomba 650 repeatedly runs over the same spot, draining its battery. Furthermore, it has difficulty detecting when its docking station needs clearing because of obstacles nearby.

The 655 model performs better as it misses fewer spots and gets stuck under furniture less frequently than the 650. Nonetheless, both models need occasional babysitting in order to clear away obstacles in their path and rescue them when stuck.


Roomba 650 and 655 both feature the same bin volume, capable of carrying considerable debris. However, they lack a full bin indicator which can be frustrating as you won’t know when to empty it – leading to sub-optimal cleaning experiences.

To prevent this issue from arising, be sure to check your bin regularly. In messier situations or larger homes, the capacity may not be sufficient, and more frequent emptying may be necessary. Therefore, there is no significant difference in terms of bin size between these models; both require manual attention for proper emptying.

Roomba 655 vs. 650: 8 Must-Know Facts

  • Roomba 655 comes with an extra rubber brush, bristle brush, and side brush that the Roomba 650 does not possess.
  • Both models use traditional brushes for sweeping, unlike more recent models that utilize rubberized extractors.
  • Roomba 655 features a round brush that is not included in Roomba 650 to help pick up debris.
  • Both models utilize three-stage cleaning technology — agitation, brushing, and suction.
  • Both models perform similarly on carpets, tiles, and hardwood surfaces. However, the 655 performs better for pet hair due to its rubberized brush, making it easier to clean than its bristled counterpart.
  • Both Roombas have dirt detection sensors, spinning side brushes, and bumpers but occasionally miss spots.
  • Compared to newer models, Roomba 650 and 655 navigate in random patterns with weak navigation systems.
  • Roomba 650 models may get stuck under furniture, while Roomba 655 do not. Both models feature a full bin indicator to alert users when their bin needs emptying.

Roomba 655 vs. 650: Which One Is Better?

Both Roomba 650 and 655 are reliable entry-level smart cleaners that clean carpets, tiles, and hardwood. While their performance is similar, the 655 offers an advantage with its extra rubber and bristle brushes – making it more suitable for homes with pets. Navigation-wise, both Roombas are weaker than their more recent counterparts. However, the 655 does not get stuck under furniture like its bigger sister.

These two Roombas have identical bin volumes, but neither includes a full bin indicator which can be frustrating. Both models feature regular Aerovac filtration that blocks off allergens but isn’t a HEPA filter. Furthermore, both models come with a self-charging home base and can be programmed.

The 655 model offers more value due to the additional cleaning tools included. However, it’s essential to remember that both models have their drawbacks; users will need to monitor their cleaning and empty their bins manually. With technological advances, newer Roomba models offer enhanced features like entire-level cleaning and multi-room navigation systems.

However, if you’re on a budget and need an entry-level smart cleaner, the Roomba 655 might be more suitable as it has additional cleaning tools. Ultimately, weighing your cleaning requirements and budget is essential before deciding which Roomba to purchase.

  1. iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
    • iAdapt Navigation uses a number of sensors to prevent collisions and accidents
    • Virtual Wall utilizes infrared sensors to create a barrier to contain the device
    • Vacuum automatically docks and recharges
    • Automatically adjusts to the different floor types in your home
    • Schedule cleaning up to 7 times a week
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Roomba 650 and 655?

The Roomba 655 includes additional tools such as an extra rubber brush, bristle brush, side brush, and beater brush. In comparison, the 650 only comes with flat cleaning tools. Furthermore, being part of their Pet Series line, they feature a rubberized brush designed specifically for picking up pet hair. Lastly, Roomba 655 costs slightly more than its rival model 650.

Which Roomba cleans better, the Roomba 650 or Roomba 655?

In terms of performance, Roomba 655 comes out on top due to the additional accessories it comes with — especially for pet owners. Both models use three-stage technology, but 655 adds an additional round brush for debris pickup. Both models also have dirt detection sensors and spinning side brushes to clean along edges efficiently while transitioning from one-floor type to another.

How is the navigation system of Roomba 650 and 655 different?

Both Roomba 650 and 655 navigate in random patterns, showing little awareness of their environment. The two models have bumper technology to prevent collisions and edge sensors to keep them from falling off cliffs. However, Roomba 650 sometimes gets stuck under furniture, repeatedly runs over the same spot, or struggles to detect its docking station when obstacles are nearby. In comparison, Roomba 655 does not experience these issues and rarely gets stuck under furniture.

What is the bin volume of Roomba 650 and Roomba 655?

Roomba 650 and 655 have identical bin volumes, capable of holding a reasonable amount of debris. However, this may not be enough space for messier situations or larger homes.

Do Roomba 650 and Roomba 655 have a full bin indicator?

Unfortunately, neither model has an indicator for when your bin is full. Therefore, you must check it frequently to know when it needs emptying manually.

What filtration system is utilized in Roomba 650 and Roomba 655?

Both models utilize regular Aerovac filtration, which is not a HEPA filter but is effective at blocking off allergens. These filters are washable and must be changed every few months to maintain the suction power of your Roomba.

What cleaning tools come included with Roomba 650?

Roomba 650 only includes flat cleaning tools, such as the flat brush, rechargeable battery, self-charging home base, and an extra filter.

What additional accessories come with Roomba 655?

Roomba 655 includes an extra rubber brush, bristle brush, side brush, and beater brush for pet owners to help pick up pet hair more effectively. These brushes can also be used in conjunction with the main unit to further customize its performance.

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