Amazon Deal Drops the Roku Streambar with Wireless Bass to $149

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Amazon Deal Drops the Roku Streambar with Wireless Bass to $149

Over the years, we’ve seen the way we consume media shift from paid television to subscription services. However, if you’d rather not watch your favorite shows on a 12-inch laptop screen, you need a way to stream on your television. Roku’s streambar with wireless bass solves this and much more. With 4K video, great audio, and a 40% sale, you don’t want to pass on this device. [Related: How Does Roku Work? Is It Worth It?]

On Sale 40% Off
Roku Streambar & Roku Wireless Bass
  • Speaker and Streaming Box Combo
  • Four 2" Drivers
  • Streams in 4K HDR and HLG
  • Comes With Wireless Subwoofer
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03/12/2024 09:47 am GMT

Why Should You Buy the Roku Streambar with Wireless Bass?

Big Audio in a Small Package: Somehow, Roku was able to fit four 2-inch drivers into a soundbar measuring just 2.4 inches x 14 inches. It’s a tiny audio system that provides a sound field that can fill a room. It’s excellent for small spaces, such as under the stand of your television. However, with the Roku Streambar, you don’t have to sacrifice sound for size.

Sound and Streaming: Not only does this device provide great support audio for your television, but it also manages 4K streaming. It handles video in HDR and HLG, so you can practically watch whatever you want. Streaming services include Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, and a whole lot more.

Bass Amplification: Now, the one drawback of this speaker is the lack of audio depth; it’s just not there. However, with the Roku Streambar with wireless bass, you enhance an already good device. The bass connects via Bluetooth, so you can place it anywhere in your space that makes sense. 

Is the Roku Streambar with Wireless Bass Worth It?

At 40% off the original price, the Roku Streambar with wireless bass is as affordable as it is quality. However, even with over $100 in savings, It’s hard to say that it’s the perfect speaker for everyone.

For example, if you already have a Roku streaming device, this model becomes just a basic speaker. You could spend the same amount as this deal and find a soundbar with serious quality.

Plus, the same goes for those who already have an audio system. The Streambar isn’t going to enhance your listening experience enough to make it worth considering, even with the wireless bass.

However, if you’re interested in updating your streaming capabilities and you don’t have a speaker, there aren’t many options that beat this combo. So if you’re ready to upgrade your living room this holiday season, add the Roku Streambar with wireless bass to your Amazon cart.

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