Rivian R2: What We Know About Rivian’s Upcoming Vehicle

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Rivian R2: What We Know About Rivian’s Upcoming Vehicle

The electric vehicle market is growing, with about 10.2 million sales in FY 2022, and an expected 17 Million units this year. Subsequently, Rivian is emerging as a formidable rival to Tesla. The company is poised to make a significant impact with the upcoming release of its new vehicle, the Rivian R2. Initially set for release in 2025, the company announced last year that the release date of the R2 has been pushed back to 2026. Despite the delay, Rivian is making significant strides in the EV market. In the first quarter of 2023, the company delivered nearly 8000 units. Further, according to its CFO, Claire Rauh McDonough, the company is expected to become profitable by the second quarter of 2024.

The R2 is set to unlock the global market for Rivian EVs with its impressive features. For instance, the new R2S will probably use a dual electric motor setup, with lower output variants delivering 600hp. For larger models, Rivian may keep the R1’s Quad-Motor setup, which produces an impressive 835 horsepower and 908lb-ft (1,320Nm) of torque, allowing for a 0 to 60mph (0 to 96 km/h) in 3 seconds flat. The R2s will also feature smaller capacity 800V batteries that will still provide competitive range figures for the smaller and lighter vehicles.

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Check out our detailed expert review of the Rivian R2 below to learn everything we know about the EV.

3 Facts About the R2

  • We expect the Rivian R2 to have a lower price point than the R1T and R1S, with an expected starting price of $40,000.
  • The R2 platform will comprise several models, including the R1S, R1T, and the Amazon Electric delivery van.
  • We expect the R2 to be smaller than the R1S and R1T models, making it more compact and maneuverable.
  • We expect the R2S to have a coupe-style roofline shape

Rivian R2 Specs

Expected ModelsR2S, R2X, R2T, R2A, R2R, R2C
Expected Production Start Date2026 at the earliest
Expected Production LocationGeorgia
Expected Annual Production Capacity200,000 units, eventually doubling to 400,000 units
DesignWe expect the Rivian R2 to have a design incorporating carbon fiber sleeves, resulting in a lighter-weight vehicle. Additionally, we expect it to be smaller than the R1T and R1S models.
The platform will combine features from other Rivian models, resulting in a unique design for the R2.
Expected coupe-style roofline shape for R2S.
Cost-cutting MeasuresRivian plans to reduce the costs of its R2 electric vehicle by using cheaper Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, simplifying its design by eliminating certain features.
Global Sales PotentialRivian mid-size & large SUVs (like R1S) may help make the brand more accessible in the US. Smaller SUVs like the R2 could be relevant globally.
PowertrainExpected horsepower and torque not specified
PriceScheduled to start at around USD 40,000, lower than the R1 series

The Future of the Rivian R2: What to Know?

The Rivian R2, the talk of the town since June 2022, has been a topic of immense interest among car enthusiasts. Initially set to launch in 2025, Rivian had set its eyes on a global market opportunity. However, they later pushed the release date for the R2 to 2026. With $13.8 billion in its pocket to carry out its plans until 2025, Rivian is all set to produce 200,000 R2 vehicles throughout 2026, and double that number in the following year.

interior of an Rivian R1T electric pickup truck
As an all-wheel drive, off-road Pickup truck, the Rivian R1T can tow up to 11,000lbs.

©Miro Vrlik Photography/Shutterstock.com

The R2 platform is expected to unlock new price points and form factors to cater to different market segments. While the R1S and R1T have a quad-motor setup, Scaringe confirmed that the R2 wouldn’t have that feature. Instead, the R2 lineup will have dual- and tri-motor drivetrain configurations, offering a fresh experience for Rivian enthusiasts. Rivian plans to manufacture the R2 at its new $5 billion plant in Georgia, where it will widely adopt lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology to ease supply chain constraints. Certainly, this shift to LFP batteries will help decrease the price of Rivian vehicles, making them more affordable for the masses.

As Rivian expands its portfolio globally, the R2 platform’s critical role is undeniable. Though the company has not revealed much about the R2’s shape and size, it will undoubtedly pave the way for Rivian’s long-term success. In addition, with R2’s dual- and tri-motor drivetrain configurations, the R2 will cater to a broader market segment. Thus, this will make it an excellent addition to the existing Rivian lineup. Further, Rivian’s ambitious plans of producing 200,000 R2 vehicles in 2026, and twice that in 2027, show its commitment to establishing itself as a global EV leader.

Rivian R2: What We Know About Rivian’s Upcoming Vehicle FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What are Rivian's plans for the future?

Rivian is working on its R2 platform and plans to introduce a smaller pickup and SUV in 2026. The R2 will be smaller and won’t come with a quad-motor setup like the R1S and R1T.

What makes Rivian special?

Rivian offers a five-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, an eight-year/175,000-mile drivetrain limited warranty, and an eight-year/175,000-mile battery pack warranty.

Is Rivian better than Tesla?

According to a new J.D. Power customer-satisfaction survey, the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck scored higher than Tesla (794 vs. 759 out of 1000). However, it’s subjective to say if Rivian is better than Tesla overall.

How much is the cheapest Rivian?

The cheapest Rivian is the 2023 R1T Adventure version with two motors and an all-wheel drive, which starts at $73,000 MSRP and doesn’t include the $1,800 factory-to-dealer delivery fee. The Quad-Motor variant is available for an additional $8,000.

Is Rivian a luxury car?

The Rivian R1S is an electric luxury SUV that boasts on-road performance, off-road capability, and versatility.

What is the Rivian R2?

The Rivian R2 is an all-electric SUV and pickup truck that features impressive performance, off-road capabilities, and advanced technology. It is designed to be a premium vehicle for adventure seekers who care about sustainability.

Who invented the Rivian R2?

The Rivian R2 will be developed by Rivian, an American automaker that was founded in 2009 by Robert “RJ” Scaringe. Scaringe is an engineer and entrepreneur who has a passion for sustainability and transportation, and he wanted to create a company that could change the world through innovation.

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