Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ EV: Which One Wins?

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Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ EV: Which One Wins?

Key Points

  • The Rivian R1S boasts a distinctive, rugged design and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with an expected electric range of 390 miles.
  • The Cadillac Escalade IQ showcases elegance and luxury, with a refined driving experience and anticipated cutting-edge features.
  • The Rivian R1S has a starting price of $79,800, while the Escalade IQ is expected to start at around $99,000 for the Standard model.

The Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ are two luxury electric SUVs currently vying for dominance in a highly competitive market. The Rivian R1S represents a bold and innovative approach to sustainable transportation, while the Escalade IQ embraces Cadillac’s legacy of elegance and sophistication.

Given the accessibility of these two incredible vehicles, many people would be curious to see how the Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ compare. With its striking look and outstanding performance capabilities, the Rivian R1S stands out.

Its effective electric drivetrain offers thrilling acceleration and a comfortable driving experience. On the other hand, the Cadillac Escalade IQ wants to offer Cadillac lovers a smooth transition into electric transportation.

These car models provide a seductive blend of state-of-the-art technology, elegant design, and eco-friendly features. You can’t go wrong with either choice if you’re looking for a luxurious electric SUV.

Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ: Side-by-Side Comparison

FeaturesRivian R1SEscalade IQ
DesignDistinctive, rugged, and modernRefined, elegant, and luxurious
Performance3.5 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mphPowerful and refined
Manufacturing year2022Underway
RangeExpected electric range of 390 milesRange not yet announced
ChargingIts large pack battery delivers 321 miles of rangeUnknown
InteriorSpacious, premium materialsLuxurious and refined
FeaturesRivian mobile appwe expect cutting-edge features
Price$79,800Expected price $84,190

Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ: What’s the Difference?

Witness the battle of the Titans between the Rivian R1S and Escalade IQ by entering the realm of high-end electric SUVs. Competing for supremacy in the cutthroat market, these exceptional cars reveal their unique traits and attractiveness.

So, let’s go on an exciting adventure to uncover the unique characteristics that distinguish these electric powerhouses from one another, from eye-catching designs to explosive performance, cutting-edge technology, outstanding range, and engaging brand appeal.

We’ll cover these elements to establish the distinctive differences between the Rivian R1S and Escalade IQ, including the following:

  • Design and exterior
  • Performance and powertrain
  • Technology and features
  • Range and charging
  • Brand identity and appeal
  • Interior design and comfort
  • Cargo space and practicality
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Price

Design and Exterior

The Rivian R1S boasts an eye-catching design that stands out in every aspect. It has a commanding presence on the road because of its angular shape, bulky proportions, and athletic posture.

Moreover, the R1S embraces a tough and strong look to appeal to people who demand an active lifestyle and a vehicle that can handle any terrain. The Rivian R1S is distinctive as a representation of strength and audacity thanks to its robust and athletic exterior.

Rivian R1S Side Profile
The R1S is designed to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds.


On the other hand, the Escalade IQ personifies the luxury and style that the Cadillac brand is known for. The Escalade IQ outshines the Rivian R1S thanks to its chic stylistic cues, sleek lines, and lavish embellishments that exude elegance and luxury.

Equally, it serves people who value a more expensive and sophisticated look and are looking for a car that perfectly combines luxury with green electric power. With its captivating design, the Escalade IQ stands out on the road and showcases Cadillac’s commitment to high-quality craft and attention to detail.

Performance and Powertrain

With its exceptional performance capabilities, the Rivian R1S stands out. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds thanks to its powerful electric drivetrain, which offers thrilling acceleration. The R1S additionally provides a range of power options, including a high-performance model that appeals to off-road enthusiasts.

In contrast, the Escalade IQ seeks to seamlessly transition to electric transportation while keeping Cadillac’s famed luxury and refinement. However, specific information on the Escalade IQ’s powertrain has yet to be released.

This comparison of  R1S vs Escalade IQ reveals that the Escalade IQ is anticipated to provide a refined and comfortable driving experience consistent with the Cadillac brand. It also aims to give discriminating consumers a premium electric SUV choice by fusing exquisite design and cutting-edge technology.

Technology and Features

The technologies and features of the Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ stand out as they have improved the driving experience. The R1S has advanced driving aids that guarantee ease and safety while driving. Its user-friendly infotainment system offers easy connectivity and entertainment possibilities.

On the other hand, we expect the Escalade IQ to offer state-of-the-art technology and first-rate amenities in line with Cadillac’s famous luxury. However, precise specifications still need to be made public.

Overall, both cars highlight cutting-edge technology to improve the driving experience and meet the demands of contemporary drivers.

White Rivian R1S Charging
A 240V outlet delivers up to 16 miles of charge each hour for the R1T and R1S.


The Rivian R1S presents a cutting-edge blend of entertainment and connectivity features, primarily facilitated through the Rivian mobile app, which acts as a virtual co-pilot for vehicle owners.

This dynamic tool allows users to transform their phones into keys and share them with others. It also manages charging sessions, plans trips, access support services, and more, enriching their driving experience.

Moreover, with each app update introducing fresh features and improvements, the app continually evolves to enhance the convenience of R1S ownership. At the same time, the standard Driver+ system ensures driving assistance and comprehensive safety for all Rivian vehicles.

Ideally, both cars aim to flawlessly combine luxury and technology to fulfill the needs of today’s drivers, whether it’s the well-established features of the R1S or the anticipated advancements of the Escalade IQ.

Range and Charging

Their range and recharge capacities greatly influence electric car usage. The Rivian R1S impresses with its allegedly extensive range, which enables drivers to set out on lengthy excursions without worrying about frequently stopping for recharging.

Its cutting-edge battery technology and effective power management technologies help maximize the driving time per charge. Given its additional luxury, extra space, and potential power, the Escalade IQ should have a driving range of at least 300 miles.

This car can charge up to 350 KW, making it one of the best electric car options. With such qualities, you can charge your vehicle’s range by about 100 miles in less than 20 minutes, offering quick and effective charging alternatives for your trips.

Brand Identity and Appeal

The Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ cater to different consumer tastes with distinctive brand identities. Rivian, a relatively new company, portrays itself as a pioneer in sustainable mobility, aiming to appeal to adventure seekers who value luxury and environmental awareness.

Those looking for a cutting-edge electric SUV experience are drawn to its striking design and cutting-edge technologies. The Escalade IQ exemplifies Cadillac’s long-standing legacy of sophistication and refinement.

As a renowned luxury brand, Cadillac aims to seamlessly transition into the era of electric vehicles without compromising its iconic charm. Customers who appreciate Cadillac’s rich tradition and seek a top-tier electric SUV will be irresistibly attracted to the Escalade IQ.

Interior Design and Comfort

The Rivian R1S has a roomy, lavish interior that combines functionality and high-quality materials. All passengers can enjoy comfortable seats in its smartly built cabin, which provides lots of head and legroom.

Additionally, the R1S offers opportunities for customization, enabling owners to design the interior to their preferences and guaranteeing a unique and pleasurable driving experience.

volvo ex90 vs escalade iq
The electric Escalade will be Cadillac’s third “IQ” model.

©Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock.com

In contrast, the Escalade IQ offers a sumptuous and luxurious interior, highlighting Cadillac’s famous craftsmanship. The Escalade IQ offers an elegant, sumptuous driving experience that combines luxury and cutting-edge comfort technologies.

Premium materials, meticulous attention to detail, and cutting-edge technologies decorate its cabin, elevating the driving experience.

Cargo Space and Practicality

The Rivian R1S excels in cargo space because of its exceptional storage capacity. It has front and back trunk sections, giving you plenty of space for your luggage, outdoor gear, etc. The R1S also has foldable seats, adding functionality and adaptability to various cargo requirements. 

Cadillac cars boast a popular reputation for their roomy cabins and useful storage options. However, we still don’t know the load capacity of the Escalade IQ.

We anticipate the Escalade IQ to have plenty of space for your belongings. This capacity will enable you to transport your stuff comfortably and in style. Luxury won’t be compromised. The IQ will be functional and practical, matching the premium driving experience it offers.

Off-Road Capabilities

With cutting-edge all-wheel-drive systems, adjustable suspension, and strong underbody protection, the Rivian R1S excels in off-road performance. These features give the R1S the ability to traverse rugged terrain and deliver an exhilarating off-road ride.

Adventure-seeking drivers who enjoy traveling through rough terrain will value the R1S’s capacity to overcome various obstacles and retain stability under challenging circumstances. However, in comparing the Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ, it’s important to note that detailed information regarding the Escalade IQ’s off-road prowess needs to be improved.

Nonetheless, considering Cadillac’s track record of building robust and adaptable vehicles, it is reasonable to expect the IQ to perform admirably better during occasional off-road excursions.

While specific off-road capabilities are yet to be confirmed, Cadillac’s expertise in creating resilient and versatile automobiles suggests that the Escalade IQ will likely offer a satisfactory off-road experience.


The Rivian R1S and Escalade IQ serve the premium market in terms of cost and availability, albeit with differing pricing philosophies.

The Rivian R1S is positioned as an appealing choice for people looking for a high-end electric SUV due to its competitive starting price of $79,800. It’s crucial to remember that adding features and customizing an item can raise the final cost.

On the other hand, the Escalade IQ’s price has yet to be made public, although predictions indicate that it will start at roughly $99,000 for the Standard model and go up to $130,000 for the First Edition.

The starting price of the present gas-powered Escalade is roughly $83,000, so the switch to an all-electric drivetrain is expected to bring technology and features that raise the price range.

Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. Cadillac Escalade IQ is the electric variant of the legendary Cadillac Escalade luxury SUV, while Rivian R1S is an all-electric SUV made by Rivian.
  2. Both cars have state-of-the-art electric powertrains with remarkable performance and minimal environmental impact.
  3. The Escalade IQ concentrates on luxury and comfort, whereas the Rivian R1S focuses on off-road capabilities, making it suited for adventure fans.
  4. The Escalade IQ is anticipated to be released soon, whereas Rivian has already begun producing and delivering the R1S.
  5. The Rivian R1S starts at roughly $79,800, while the Escalade IQ’s price has yet to be disclosed.
  6. Both vehicles offer a variety of luxuries, connectivity options, and driver-assistance systems thanks to their superior technology and features.

Rivian R1S vs. Escalade IQ: Which One Should You Choose?

The choice between the Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ ultimately rests upon individual priorities. For adventure enthusiasts seeking off-road capability and versatility, the Rivian R1S is a suitable option. With its exceptional off-road performance and customizable interior, it caters to those who value rugged exploration and adaptability. 

Conversely, the Cadillac Escalade IQ will appeal to individuals who prioritize comfort and elegance. Boasting a distinguished appearance and offering top-notch amenities, it promises a luxurious driving experience that exudes refinement.

Ultimately, the decision between these two vehicles hinges upon personal preferences and desired driving experiences. Crucial considerations include performance, range, and power. We anticipate that both cars will have powerful electric drivetrains.

However, we do not know the specifics of the Escalade IQ’s performance and range. Customers can tailor their desired performance with the Rivian R1S’s range of engine choices.

Remember that availability and brand reputation influence the decision-making process. The Escalade IQ is coming soon, but the Rivian R1S is already hitting the roads. So, it’s critical to compare the brand identities of Rivian and Cadillac. This lets you determine which model reflects your values and style more closely.

Rivian R1S vs Escalade IQ EV: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the driving range of the Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ?

Depending on the configuration and driving circumstances, the Rivian R1S has an estimated driving range of up to 300+ miles. The Escalade IQ’s driving range has yet to be discovered in detail, although it is anticipated to be competitive in the luxury electric SUV market.

Can the Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ be charged at home?

With a compatible Level 2 charger, the Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ can be conveniently charged at home. This lets owners replenish their vehicles overnight, offering a convenient charging solution.

Are federal or state incentives available for purchasing the Rivian R1S or the Escalade IQ Ev?

Both vehicles qualify for federal tax credits and state incentives, depending on where you live. These incentives can lower the price of an electric car and promote environmentally friendly mobility.

Can the Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ tow trailers or boats?

The Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ are both capable of towing. Although the specific details regarding the Escalade IQ’s towing capacity have not been disclosed, the R1S can tow loads of up to 7,700 pounds.

How long does charging the Rivian R1S and the Escalade IQ take?

Charging times can vary depending on the charging device being used. The Rivian R1S supports fast charging, allowing for quick battery recharging. While the exact details have not been disclosed, the Escalade IQ is expected to offer comparable charging times.

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