Rivian R1S Standard Pack vs. Large Pack: What’s the Difference?

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Rivian R1S Standard Pack vs. Large Pack: What’s the Difference?

Battery power has been one of the primary concerns surrounding electric vehicles. Range, in particular, is a sticking point, as recharging an EV isn’t quite as immediate as fueling a combustion car. Thankfully, manufacturers like Rivian do provide extended battery options.

The Standard Pack and Large Pack for the Rivian R1S have different capacities but, overall, adhere to the same charge rate. Let’s take a look at the specs behind both battery packs, and see which one is worth the cost.

Rivian R1S Standard Pack vs Large Pack: Side-by-Side Comparison

Standard PackLarge Pack
Capacity105 kWh135 kWh
Range260 miles316 miles
Charge Time16 hours13 hours
Max charging power AC11 kW11 kW
Max charging power DC160 kW160 kW

Rivian R1S Standard Pack vs Large Pack: What’s the Difference?

The effective charging power rate of the standard pack and large pack are the same. Where differences arise, instead, comes from a few other factors.


The range is the primary consideration with either battery pack, and the Large Pack sees a 56-mile bump in range over the Standard Pack. Considering the price difference between the two, it’s hard to suggest the large pack for the dual-motor AWD option from Rivian.

It is a steep investment for a bit more additional range. As previously mentioned, you’re still anchored to the same charging rate for both battery packs.

Best tires Rivian R1S
Rivian R1S’ Standard Pack offers about 260 miles of driving per charge.

One would have to consider whether having an additional 56 miles of range is worth the substantial bump in price when choosing options for their Rivian R1S package. The base range isn’t awful compared to other contemporary EVs.

Package Options

When choosing your Rivian R1S, there are two individual choices to make, and these dictate which battery pack is required. The standard dual-motor AWD can take advantage of the Standard Pack or the Large Pack. Those choosing the quad-motor AWD have only the large pack as an option when selecting the other features of the vehicle.

Part of this is down to the R1S requiring the additional battery capacity to provide power to all four motors on this particular setup. A greater-range battery, the Max Pack, has yet to enter widespread production to aid in extending the range for the quad-motor AWD. Thankfully, the range of the quad-motor AWD isn’t hampered by the additional power draw necessary.

The Large Pack comes standard with the Adventure Package, which has proven to be the most popular option available for the Rivian R1S. Out of the offerings for the electric SUV, it seems that customers are opting for the more expensive option over the more basic Explore Package. In addition to the Large Pack, there are some additional trim options that make the Adventure Package an attractive choice.

Max Pack

The Max Pack extends the range of the Rivian R1S even further, with Rivian aiming for over 400 miles of driving range. Sadly, there have been several setbacks and delays with the delivery of the Max Pack. Rivian initially offered the Max Pack for those preordering or designing their own package.

Rivian trucks parked outside the companies car factory
Rivian R1S’ Large Pack boosts range to up to 316 miles.

Rivian has stated this is due to prioritizing production of the Large Pack and Adventure Package offerings, as that is where the vast majority of preorders have been. The EV manufacturer has had a few hitches regarding the production of their vehicles. This is just the most recent wrinkle in manufacturing, following issues with supply chains during the height of the pandemic.

Rivian R1S Standard Pack vs Large Pack: 4 Must-Know Facts

Standard Pack

  1. Comes by default with all dual-motor AWD options.
  2. The primary battery pack offered for Explore Package preorders.

Large Pack

  1. The most popular option for battery packs.
  2. The default battery pack in the Adventure Package preorders.
The Large Pack comes standard with the Rivian R1S Adventure Package.

Rivian R1S Standard Pack vs Large Pack: Which One Is Better?

Choosing the battery pack for your EV is one of the most important decisions surrounding it. It does come down to what you value in your EV, however. Budget-wise, the Large Pack is an unnecessary expense for those purchasing the dual-motor AWD option from Rivian.

The additional range isn’t that substantial when considering it. Those choosing the cheaper Explore Package could be well served just choosing the Standard Pack. That said, the Large Pack is the most popular offering from Rivian at the time of writing.

It is also the only option available for those opting for the Adventure Package or choosing the quad-motor AWD to power their vehicle. Rivian has made an incredibly enticing electric vehicle package, and one can only hope they deliver on their promises of offering up a greater operational range as they continue to grow.

The Rivian R1S Standard and Large Pack: Looking Forward

As Rivian continues to make advancements to EV technology, we may see more updates to these battery packs. In the following six to 18 months, we may see the following battery pack improvements:

  • Improved energy density possibly through the use of solid-state batteries.
  • Faster charge times to improve convenience for EV drivers.
  • Lower costs thanks to a rise in EV popularity in the market, and increasing research into battery technology making the packs more affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the range difference so minimal between the Standard Pack or Large Pack?

It boils down to a few potential factors. One must consider that manufacturing such high-capacity batteries is quite a costly endeavor. As such, it could be that Rivian opted to produce the Large Pack as the default model, then pared down capacity slightly to provide a cheaper option in the Standard Pack.


Why has Rivian had so many issues with production?

While some issues like the chip shortage can be attributed to the pandemic, others might be due to internal issues. Rivian is a newcomer to the automotive sector, not an established firm in the same vein as Ford or Tesla when it comes to EVs.

There are constantly growing pains with newly launched ventures, and producing a competitive EV with the modern amenities expected is a somewhat daunting task.

Rivian has done fairly well for itself as a company, and while the setbacks experienced are disappointing, it seems to be a solid introduction to the EV sector.

Is range important for EVs?

Aside from the various trim and upholstery options for EVs, the range is probably the most important consideration to make when choosing your first. Range and supporting infrastructure enable travel across the country, and having a less-than-ideal range could result in more time-consuming charging.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as charging at supported stations can be a speedier endeavor depending on the manufacturer. Extended-range batteries could mean the difference between making it safely to a charging station or needing additional assistance to keep it rolling.

Did Rivian show anything new at CES 2023?

Rivian didn’t have any prominent showings at CES 2023. There were numerous electric vehicles showcased by manufacturers like Ram, Mercedes, Chrysler, and others. It was a great showing for the growing and maturing EV sector.

However, there wasn’t anything from Rivian present on the show floor. The R1T and R1S still haven’t had more widespread production, so it seems Rivian is focusing its efforts on fulfilling preorders before showing additional products.

Why isn't the Max Pack available?

The Max Pack greatly increases the range of the Rivian R1S, but it hasn’t been the most popular option on offer from Rivian. This could come down to cost consideration, as the battery pack by itself is quoted at a retail price of $10,000 directly from Rivian. This is a substantial investment in doubling the range of your EV, so it might just not have the sort of interest necessary to make production a priority endeavor.

The Max Pack certainly does seem to pose a great potential for the Rivian product line, however, and one can hope it is on offer with the more expensive trim packages in the months going forward. Currently, Rivian needs to focus more on fulfilling preorders for their more popular packages before offering other options which haven’t been the primary draw for potential customers.

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