Snag an Early Black Friday Deal With 65% Off Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show

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Snag an Early Black Friday Deal With 65% Off Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show

Many of us are quick to upgrade our gadgets and gizmos. This is only natural as we’re edging closer to the ever-exciting Black Friday deals. But often, home security falls to the bottom of the list. We’re usually busy focusing on smart TVs, phones, speakers, and filling our stockings. If you’ve been on the fence about getting a video doorbell system, now might be the time to make a decision. We’ve found an insane limited-time bundle deal on Amazon that’ll help you secure your home in style. [Related: The 5 Best Cameras for Car Security Today]

Ring Video Doorbell bundle with Echo Show 5
  • 65% off when bought together
  • Battery operated or plugs into existing doorbell wires
  • Hands-free and voice-controlled monitoring
  • Night vision and motion sensors improved for reduced false alarms
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11/29/2023 04:40 am GMT

Why Should You Buy the Ring Doorbell and Echo Show 5 Bundle?

Aside from the huge discount, there’s lots to love about this deal:

  • Convenient to use: Firstly, you don’t strictly need an Alexa-enabled device to use a Ring doorbell. But it makes things a lot easier than having to check your phone every time someone comes to the door. The Echo Show 5 gives you hands-free monitoring and two-way talk functionality. This means you don’t have to drop everything right away. And let’s face it, we don’t always have our smartphones to hand (or charged up). Therefore, having a separate display screen makes monitoring that much simpler.
  • Updated features: While the original Ring doorbell was good, the updated version is a lot more refined. Night vision is improved, the video is more detailed, and adjustable motion zones help you customize the sensors to your space (and cut down on annoying false alarms).
  • Versatile setup: Finally, the great thing about the Ring doorbell is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. Alternatively, you can simply connect the wires to your old doorbell’s pre-existing ones for a wired solution. Just mount the doorbell to the wall and never run out of charge.

Is the Ring Doorbell and Echo Show 5 Bundle Worth It?

Ultimately, whether this bundle is worthwhile for you comes down to your individual preferences and needs. But we can say the deal itself is a great saving. Practically, you’re getting the Echo Show 5 for 10 extra dollars, where usually it’d set you back $89.99. If a video doorbell system is on your wishlist and it’ll give you peace of mind, this bundle could be a no-brainer. Likewise, if you have an older Ring doorbell set up but some of its features are starting to bug you (thinking your pet is a person and sending you a notification comes to mind), then you’ll likely be thrilled with this new and improved version.

While you can opt for the doorbell by itself, the voice control capabilities offered by the Echo Show make the experience not only more convenient but more elegant as well.

Treat yourself to the Ring Video Doorbell bundle with Echo Show 5 from Amazon and never wonder who’s at the door again.

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