How Long Does a Ring Doorbell Battery Really Last?

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How Long Does a Ring Doorbell Battery Really Last?

How long a Ring doorbell battery will last depends on the Ring doorbell in question.

Some Ring doorbells even have an option for hard-wiring, which negates the need for the battery altogether. It’s important to keep in mind that numerous features, depending on the doorbell, will drain the battery even faster. Some even offer secondary batteries that you can charge separately.

Ring doorbells have steadily improved in longevity over the years, but the fact that Ring still manufactures and sells the 2nd Generation version speaks volumes about the reliability of the devices. However, the features often outpace the battery life at some point, so the advertised battery life is not set in stone.

With that being said, let’s cover the battery life for all of Amazon’s Ring Doorbell lineup.

How Long Does a Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

Ring Video Doorbell Gen 2

Great Quality Still!
Ring Video Doorbell 1080p HD Video
  • Enhanced features
  • Improved motion detection
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Easy installation
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03/11/2024 09:51 am GMT

Don’t let the age of the 2nd generation Ring Doorbell fool you. It’s still a powerful device.

The 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell‘s battery will last between 6 and 12 months, depending on what features you take advantage of and how many events it records daily. Not only is it capable of lasting up to a year, but its battery recharges rapidly, taking only 5 to 8 hours before it’s ready to go again.

The 2nd Gen version also comes with a hard-wire option. If you decide to wire it in, you will never have to worry about charging the battery.

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Ring Video Doorbell 3

Easy Wired or Wireless Options
Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • 1080p HD resolution video doorbell
  • Playback from your tablet, smartphone, or PC
  • Enhanced motion detection, better privacy zones, increased audio privacy, and 5.0 or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Mobile push notifications when doorbell is pressed or motion sensors are triggered
  • Wireless model features rechargeable battery pack
  • Easy setup with mounting tools included
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Like the 2nd Gen, the Ring Doorbell 3 battery will last between 6 and 12 months.

However, most reviews indicate a much shorter battery life, thanks to the additional features creating more drain. The quick-release battery takes roughly 5 to 10 hours to recharge. The top end is two hours longer than the 2nd Gen due to a beefier battery.

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Doorbell Camera vs. Ring Doorbell
Ring doorbells tend to have batteries that last between 6 and 12 months.

Ring Video Doorbell 4

Awesome Features
Ring Video Doorbell 4 (2021)
  • Features video previews (4s, color)
  • Camera resolution: 1080p
  • Supports both 5.0GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Voice control enabled with Alexa
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Like the Gen 2 and Doorbell 3, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 is supposed to last between 6 and 12 months. However, there’s also the issue of the additional features in the Doorbell 4. It’s enough to be a serious drain on the battery, especially if the Ring picks up more than 5 events per day.

There are reports that the battery will only last about 6 months. Since the battery is removable, you can purchase additional batteries for immediate replacement. Also, regardless of how long the Ring doorbell’s battery lasts, it only takes about 8 hours to fully recharge. With a set of extra batteries serving as backups, you can keep things going as long as you’d like.

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Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Best Video Capturing
Ring Battery Doorbell Plus
  • Head-to-toe video capture in 1536p resolution
  • Two-way intercom system allows you to talk without opening your door
  • Quick release battery enables you to swap out to a new battery
  • Alexa integration allows you to use voice commands to say things like "Alexa, show me the front door"
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The Plus version features head-to-toe views, so you get the most out of your video security. However, one of the biggest drawbacks is the battery drain from all the features, which include 1536p HD video, animal and people recognition, and better angles. According to some users, it comes at a cost, dragging the battery life down to just 6 weeks.

Ring advertises a Ring Doorbell Plus battery that will last 6 to 12 months, but according to users, that’s often not the case. Fortunately, the Doorbell Plus comes with energy-saving features that help make the battery last longer.

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How to Make Your Ring Doorbell’s Battery Last Longer

If you don’t plan on hard-wiring the Ring doorbell, or you don’t have the option to do so, there are ways to maximize the overall battery life between charges. Ring doorbells utilize a companion app (Android or iOS) that lets you access most of the features and change the settings to your liking.

Snapshot capture, the length of video recordings, motion detection features, and the detection frequency all affect the battery life. You can make your battery last longer between charges by tweaking these settings so the camera does less work.

If you need the camera just to pick up activity on your doorstep, you can reduce the detection zone to your doorstep area, remove any non-human detection features (unless you’re worried about a stray dog picking up your Amazon packages), and reduce the recording length of each video capture. This all helps save battery life!

If you want your Ring doorbell to last even longer, play around with the sensitivity settings by using yourself or another person. Within the app, there is a slider bar for motion detection sensitivity. Set it at 50% and step into the camera’s zone. If it triggers without an issue, try it at 40% sensitivity.

Continue reducing sensitivity until the doorbell camera has problems picking up your motion. Then you’ll know where your baseline is and can set the sensitivity accordingly. Live View, HDR, and Pre-Roll are all battery-gobbling features as well. Pre-Roll is considered to consume battery more than any other feature.

Ring cameras constantly record videos in a four-second loop, so when the motion sensor is triggered, you have a four-second pre-motion video recording added to the recorded event. A solid Wi-Fi signal, no HDR, and well-above-freezing temperatures help to conserve battery as well.

Doorbell Camera vs. Ring Doorbell
Ring Doorbells are often hardwired or connected to solar panels to vastly improve battery life and reduce or eliminate charging.

Solar Panel Option

Great for Your Ring Doorbell
Ring Small Solar Panel
  • 1.9W
  • White
  • For Stick Up Cam, Stick Up Cam Pro, Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro
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As a side note, Ring manufactures and sells solar panels as well. Strategic placement of a solar panel will provide the Ring Video Doorbell with a consistent trickle charge. All it needs is roughly three to four hours of direct sunlight each day.

So long as the solar panel is in place, charging your battery will become a very rare event. At the end of the day, it’s still just a trickle charge. But, what was once a 6 to 12-month charging cycle will turn into a year, year and a half necessity.

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Final Thoughts

Though there are multiple Ring doorbell options on the market, the average Ring doorbell battery will last between 6 and 12 months. Some newer, feature-heavy options will probably come up short of this battery life range. However, you can always minimize the drag on the battery by reducing or eliminating features that reduce the battery faster.

If your Ring has the hardwire option, you can always go that route. However, hardwiring is not the easiest job in the world. With the hardwiring option, you will never have to worry about charging the battery again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Ring doorbell's battery last?

In general, across the various Ring doorbell devices, the battery should last between 6 and 12 months. However, certain features of each Ring doorbell are more of a drain on the battery than others.

Why is my Ring doorbell battery dying so fast?

Your Ring doorbell battery is probably dying so fast because leaving some features on drains it faster, such as HDR, Live View, extensive motion settings, and the size of your motion zone(s).

How can I make my Ring doorbell's battery last longer?

You can make your Ring doorbell’s battery last longer by turning off unnecessary features, adding a solar panel for a permanent trickle charge, or hardwiring the Doorbell, if able.

How long does it take to fully charge a Ring doorbell's battery?

Depending on the Ring doorbell version and the charging source, you should be able to fully charge your Ring doorbell in 5 to 10 hours.

Does a Ring doorbell need to be charged if hardwired?

It is possible that you will still have to charge your Ring doorbell if it’s hardwired, but only on rare occasions and if you are maxing out all of its features.

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