8 Ridiculous Perks Every Google Employee Receives

8 Ridiculous Perks Every Google Employee Receives

For the longest time, being a Google employee has been among the most treasured jobs in all of tech. Google is famous for its ridiculous perks, including nap pods and free transportation. While Google has cut back on some of its most famous perks over the years as cost-cutting measures, it remains a great place to work. 

In a world where employees are focused on remote-only roles, it takes a special list of benefits to bring employees into the office. Even without some of the wildest perks it has historically offered, Google remains a place you can go for top-notch salaries, health benefits, and a great name on your resume. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best perks every Google employee can still take advantage of today.

20% Time

Google’s use of 20% time helped develop popular platforms like Gmail and Google Maps.

One of the most ridiculous perks Google still offers employees is its 20% time. This program allows Googlers an opportunity to work on their passion projects. While this might seem ridiculous to some employers, Google has been wildly successful with this employee benefit.

When you consider Gmail, Google News, and Google Maps all came to fruition because of the 20% time policy, it’s easy to see why Google still encourages this for all employees.

Lots of Food

Close-up of men in line with food trays in work cafeteria
The cafeterias on Google campuses are famous for outstanding menus and it is all free.

Even if Google cut back on some of its “micro-kitchens” in 2023 to cut costs, Google’s meal benefits are second to none. Every Googler can take advantage of a free meal if you work in a company-owned work area.

Between its numerous cafes and restaurants at its main campus, there’s plenty of free food. Of course, we’re talking about great food too. This is not your stale office food as Google’s menu changes daily to cover a variety of dietary needs.

Fitness Facilities

Modern light gym. Sports equipment in gym. Barbells of different weight on rack.
Most large Google campuses offer full gyms for employees to exercise.

While some companies promise fitness as an employee perk, Google walks the walk. The gyms provided at some of the larger Google campuses are better than your expensive third-party gym. You’ll find the latest equipment that can easily connect to your Android or Apple smartphone.

On top of that, Google encourages employee health so being active is something employees strive for. This fitness perk may even extend to swimming pools and fitness classes depending on the size of the Google office. Anyone who works in a smaller Google office without fitness facilities receives a free gym membership.

Employee Wellness

Happy businesswoman warming up body and muscles at workplace, feeling satisfied with work done, smiling female employee resting from computer screen. Well-being, productivity and happiness at work
When it comes to employee wellness, Google actively encourages mental health awareness.

During a period where many companies are just starting to learn what “employee wellness” means, Google is again walking the walk. Between access to various mental health apps, Google also offers onsite wellness centers. As Google encourages companies to return to the office, it promotes these centers.

By doing so, Google employees know they will have healthcare services available in the same building or campus where they work. This could mean something as easy as getting a flu shot or doing an annual physical. The number of companies that have on-site centers and doctors like this is small and Google is leading the way.

Parental Leave

Close-up. Pregnant adult businesswoman working at her working place in office.
Google is leading the way with parental leave among many large companies in the U.S.

There is no question America is grappling with how to make paid parental leave the standard. For those who work at Google, you’re already seeing how a company should handle paid parental leave. In early 2022, Google increased its paid parental leave to 24 weeks for parents who give birth. All other parents will be able to take advantage of 18 weeks of paid leave.

These increases are notable as Google bumped its benefits from 18 and 12 weeks respectively. Google also increased the ability to look after sick loved ones with paid support for up to eight weeks. It’s hard to find another large company that will get even close to these leave benefits.

Life Insurance

Happy family in the park sunset light. family on weekend running together in the meadow with river Parents hold the child hands.health life insurance plan concept.
In the event of a worst-case scenario, Google provides families with 10 years of employee salary.

This might seem small, but should anything happen to a Google employee, the company will cover life insurance up to 3 times the annual base salary. Whereas most companies limit life insurance to numbers closer to a maximum of $50,000, Google is going all-in for its employees. Depending on salary, families could very well see a one-time life insurance payout up to a maximum of $2.5 million.

This should be very comforting to the families of all Google employees in the event of the worst-case scenario. Plus, spouses and/or partners can receive up to 50% of your salary for up to 10 years. This means a maximum of $12,500 per month and an additional $1,000 for children each month.

Student Loan Repayment

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If you work for Google, it will help pay off your student loans up to $2,500 a month.

Should you land yourself a job at Google and still have student loans, rest assured Google will help. For any eligible employee, Google will provide a 100% match to your student loan contributions up to $2,500 every year. It’s not all that common to find companies that offer any student loan support, so any benefit here is welcomed.

Support Groups

Support with group, therapy and mental health with hands and help, people together talking about problem and crisis. Psychology, healthcare and trust, respect and community in counseling for trauma
One of the best parts of working at Google is the large support base you have available.

With so many employees working around the world, Google has a strong number of “internal communities.” These communities, as Google calls them, provide employees with a great place to connect with other individuals who are experiencing or undergoing something similar.

Whether it’s for medical issues, supporting a career journey in the ERG Buddy Program, or some other group, there are plenty of places for Googlers to take advantage of help from within the company.

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