5 Steps to Request a Refund for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One Games

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5 Steps to Request a Refund for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One Games

As painful as it is to admit, not every video game can hit the mark every time. Every gamer can attest to this fact. No matter how excited you were before, the disappointment can start to set in mere minutes into your gameplay. In these instances, it’s worth trying to request a refund. If you’re an Xbox user, there are five easy steps to request a refund for your digital purchase. We’ll walk you through all five below. (We’ll also go over the digital purchases eligible for a refund in the first place.) Just follow along with the steps listed here.

What Xbox Games Are Eligible for a Refund?

Digital Xbox games on Microsoft website.
Any game with little playtime purchased within the last two weeks may be eligible for a refund.

If you bought a digital game for your Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One and later decided you no longer wanted it, you might still be able to get your money back. Microsoft sets limits on what can and can’t be refunded, though, so it’s important to look at the company’s rules before we tell you how it’s done.

Microsoft will accept refund requests for games that were purchased two weeks ago or less. The company also limits requests to games that have very little playtime logged (if any at all). Even if the game you want to refund falls under these two parameters, you should know that a refund won’t be given automatically. 

While checking all the boxes certainly boosts your chances of earning a refund, Microsoft won’t give you automatic approval. The company puts your request under review before giving the final say on whether or not you’ll be getting your money back. Microsoft goes over each request and decides from there.

So, while the recency of the purchase and a limited amount of playtime can strengthen your case for a refund, it’s important to know that it’s ultimately going to come down to Microsoft’s discretion. Still make sure your request falls under the guidelines, but know that when you request a refund, a refund is not guaranteed.

How to Request a Refund for Digital Xbox Games

Xbox account settings including the option to request a refund.
You can refund an Xbox game from the Xbox support homepage.

Now that that’s understood, let’s walk through the steps to request a refund for digital Xbox games. This process will be the same no matter if it’s a digital game for the Xbox Series X/S or the Xbox One. If it’s a physical copy of the game, these steps will not be relevant to you. You’ll need to follow up with the retailer you purchased the game from instead.

Step One: Log Into Account

First, open up a new window on your desktop or mobile device. (It’s easiest to complete these steps from a web browser instead of your console.) Visit the designated page on Microsoft’s site. (Click here). Then, click “Sign In” and enter your account credentials.

Step Two: Select the Game to Refund

After logging in, you should see a list of games under the “Request Availability” tab. Not all of your digital purchases will be listed here. If it falls outside the parameters we went over above, you might not even be eligible to request the refund (let alone receive it). From the list provided, select the specific game you want to refund.

Step Three: Select “Request a Refund”

Once you’ve found the game you want to refund, click the box next to the title. Then, click the “Request a Refund” button at the top of the list. This will kick off the refund process and open up a new pop-up window on your screen.

Step Four: Give Reason for Request

On the pop-up window, enter the reason for your refund request. Xbox usually offers a list of common reasons, so pick the one that best fits your situation. You might also see a text box where you can add even more details and additional context to back up your request. Then, click submit.

Step Five: Await Response

After you send your refund request, you’ll need to be patient. As we said above, it’s not an instantaneous thing. Xbox support will need to review your request and respond accordingly. This will arrive either via email or within your account dashboard. You can also check the tab marked “Refund Status” on the same page. Feel free to repeat as many times as necessary for as many games as you prefer.

What Happens If You Request a Refund and It’s Rejected?

Refund rejected on Xbox support site.
Not all refund requests are approved by Xbox or Microsoft.

If you request a refund from Xbox and end up getting rejected, it’s probably because your request didn’t fall under one of Microsoft’s list of acceptable terms. The big things are requesting within two weeks of purchase and making sure not to accumulate a ton of playtime before asking for a refund. If it’s a month old and has ten hours logged, it’s probably not getting refunded.

Beyond this, you may not get a refund for single-use in-game purchases. These terms are even more specific, with refund requests only being accepted if the purchase has not been redeemed or used yet. This is especially important for those of us who have kids who play games on the console without supervision.

There are also some limits on the number and type of refunds you can receive each year. If you’ve gotten a few refunds already this year, you might not be able to get another. If you’re unhappy with your response from Microsoft and Xbox, you can always try reaching out to customer service to explain your situation further. It might help your case to give more details to the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a refund for a game on Xbox?

To request a refund for a game on Xbox, first log into your Xbox account online. Go to your purchase history, find the game you want to refund, and select it. Look for the option that says “Request a Refund” and follow the prompts provided to kick off the refund process. Then, wait for Xbox’s response.

Is there a time limit for requesting a refund for Xbox games?

Yes, Xbox’s refund policy generally allows for refunds within 14 days of purchase. (Some games offer a 30-day window, but these are less common and depend on the circumstances.) You also can’t get a refund for any game you’ve played for more than 2 hours.

Can I refund an Xbox game if I bought it from a retail store?

Refunds for physical copies of a game bought from a retail store must be processed through that store. Xbox’s digital refund policy applies exclusively to these digital purchases, not physical ones. If you want your money back on a physical copy, check with the retailer in question for their specific return policies.

Can I get a refund for an Xbox game I bought but didn't download?

As long as the game was purchased less than two weeks ago and has less than two hours of playtime, it can be eligible for a refund. It doesn’t matter if it was downloaded or not. The most important things are how long ago it was purchased and how long it has been played.

Can I get a refund for in-game purchases on Xbox?

Xbox is a lot more particular about in-game purchase refunds than digital game refunds. You cannot get a refund for any in-game purchases that have already been used. This includes in-game currencies. Contact Xbox’s customer service for specifics on these unique types of returns.

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