ReMarkable 1 vs 2: 6 Key Differences, Features, Full Comparison

remarkable 2 vs 2

ReMarkable 1 vs 2: 6 Key Differences, Features, Full Comparison

E Ink slates have lurked on the outskirts of the tablet world for a decade, but newer models like the reMarkable 2 have helped bring these tablets back into the spotlight. If you’re considering the original reMarkable 1 vs. reMarkable 2, you might be surprised at the differences between these Linux-based slates.

ReMarkable 1 vs. 2: Side-by-Side Comparison

reMarkable 1reMarkable 2
Resolution1,872 x 1,4041,872 x 1,404
Processor1GHz ARM A91.2Ghz dual-core ARM
Size177 x 256 x 6.7mm188 x 246 x 4.7mm
Weight350 grams403.5 grams
Infographic Remarkable 1 vs Remarkable 2

ReMarkable 1 vs. 2:  What’s the Difference?

The reMarkable 1 and reMarkable 2 were released around 3 years apart by a startup of the same name. The reMarkable 2 is the company’s second E Ink hybrid tablet, and we found it was a vast improvement over the original in a number of key areas.


Paper-like Writing
reMarkable – The Paper Tablet
  • The reMarkable paper tablet - a digital device for writing, reading & sketching that feels like paper.
  • No other tablet in the world gives you an experience so close to paper as reMarkable.
  • Here to replace your notebooks, printouts and documents. A groundbreaking device that changes how people work.
  • Super low latency, 226 DPI CANVAS display. You've never experienced anything like the CANVAS display.
  • In the box: reMarkable, Marker, 8 extra Marker tips and charging cable. Original reMarkable Folio (sleeve) NOT included.
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11/26/2023 10:06 pm GMT

The original reMarkable tablet didn’t exactly live up to its namesake from a design standpoint. While attractive, it has thick bezels at the top and bottom and three physical buttons on the front. You won’t find either of those features on the ReMarkable 2, as the company took the design in a more modern direction.

While the new model is over an inch longer than the reMarkable 1, it’s narrower and has a much thinner profile. It’s only 4.7mm thick compared to the original at 6.7mm. By comparison, the iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm. The company bills it as the “world’s thinnest tablet,” although it’s heavier than the reMarkable 1 by 50 grams.

The slight redesign makes a big difference in our opinion, and we think the reMarkable 2 is the better-looking tablet. If you’re wondering why it’s heavier, that has something to do with the display.


Both versions of the reMarkable tablet have 10.3-inch e-ink displays. The company’s monochrome CANVAS displays use E-Ink Carta technology and are multipoint captive touchscreen panels. The resolution and size didn’t change from the original to the ReMarkable 2, however.

These displays have a resolution of 1,872 x 1,404, although there is a significant difference in how they function. The original reMarkable tablet has a composite display which is designed to produce a paper-like feel. It’s one of the things consumers loved when the tablet first arrived, but the company switched things up on the ReMarkable 2.

A thin sheet of glass protects the E Ink display on the reMarkable 2, which also adds to the weight. While it doesn’t feel the same and you will notice a difference, the latency on the newer model has decreased to 21ms compared to more than 50ms on the reMarkable 1.


If you want to purchase an all-around tablet that allows you to watch Netflix or check on Twitter, you’ll be disappointed with these tablets. They are designed for a distraction-free experience, so you’re not going to find high-end specifications like you would with the iPad or even the A8 Samsung tablet.

Under the hood of the reMarkable one is an ARM A9 processor clocked at 1 GHz. The reMarkable 2 has a dual-core 1.2GHz ARM chip, which gives it an edge in speed. That increases with memory, which is 1GB on the new model compared to only 512MB on the reMarkable 1. Storage capacity remains the same on both tablets at 8GB.

You’ll find tablets with more pop from Samsung, Apple, and Lenovo but you don’t need much power to read an e-book or take notes. With that in mind, the reMarkable 2 is an obvious upgrade to the ReMarkable 1 when it comes to performance.

Battery Life

Battery life on the reMarkable 1 is respectable as most users could go 3-4 days before needing to put it on charge. That’s more than enough time to read a good book, although some consumers found the number disappointing.

The reMarkable 2 has the same 3,000mAh battery found in the original. The battery life has increased on the new model with the company promising up to 2 weeks of power per charge. That’s a bold claim, but one that’s proved true based on tests and reMarkable 2 tablet reviews.

If you’re considering the reMarkable 1 vs. reMarkable 2 based on battery life, your decision should be easy. The reMarkable 2 is the clear winner with double the battery life.


You can get the same type of accessories for the reMarkable 1 and reMarkable 2 tablets. That includes Folio covers to keep your tablet safe, extra tips, and a stylus. As you might suspect, the newer ReMarkable 2 has a better array of extras.

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For the reMarkable 1, you can purchase a replaced marker or stylus, which comes with additional tips and a marker tip removal tool. You can buy a new pen or a pack of market tip replacements online. The tips come in two colors. Meanwhile, the Folio cases are available in four colors and three finishes with wool felt, leather, or a polymer weave.

The color selection is slimmer for the Folio covers on the reMarkable 2 with brown, black, or grey. There are two styles and two finishes with leather or polymer weave. There’s also the Marker Plus, a new version of their stylus with a built-in eraser.

Pricing and Availability

You could say the reMarkable 1 vs. reMarkable 2 have a comparable design or accessories, but you can’t say the same for pricing and availability. In 2017, the reMarkable 1 had an original retail price of $599.

Five years later, you can buy the new reMarkable 2 for only $299. That’s a considerable difference from the initial price tag and the original hasn’t exactly gotten cheaper with time.

If you happen to find one new, you’ll likely pay over $600, while used models are around the price of the new version. The reMarkable 1 was discontinued in place of the reMarkable 2 as well, so you can’t purchase it online through the company’s official site.  

ReMarkable 1 vs. 2: What’s the Same?

While reMarkable used a new display and glass for the reMarkable 2, the tablets still have the same resolution. They also don’t have a backlight or allow you to download applications from Google Play or the App Store, unfortunately.

Palm detection is present on both versions of the reMarkable and they can transcribe your handwritten notes with ease. You can use the cloud-based service with either device or send articles with the reMarkable extension for Google Chrome.

ReMarkable 1 vs. 2: 4 Must-Know Facts

  1. ReMarkable was developed by a Norwegian startup in early 2013.
  2. The original reMarkable tablet was a crowd-funded project.
  3. ReMarkable 2 has the same size battery as reMarkable 1, but almost 3 times the battery life.
  4. The name of the reMarkable operating system is Codex.

ReMarkable 1 vs. 2: Which One Is Better?

The reMarkable 2 is a little more stylish and snappier, and has double the battery life of the reMarkable 1. It’s also easier to find than a new version of the original, and much more affordable.

The biggest downside will be the feel of the glass display, although we feel it’s minor compared to all the advantages of the new slate. Is there any reason to pick up the reMarkable 1 over the reMarkable 2?

No, unless you happen to catch one on sale at half-price. While the reMarkable 2 may not be the best way to read an eBook, it’s hard to argue with the value it brings to the table for the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reMarkable 1 or reMarkable 2 water-resistant?

No, you’ll want to keep them away from water and moisture or you risk damaging the tablet and voiding your warranty.

Are the Folios interchangeable with the reMarkable 1 and 2?

The tablets have different dimensions, so the cases for the new tablets won’t work with the old ones and vice versa.

Can you expand the storage on reMarkable tablets?

Both the reMarkable 1 and reMarkable 2 come with 8GB of internal storage which cannot be expanded.

Does the reMarkable 2 market work with reMarkable 1?

While the market may work, it won’t perform as it would on the newer tablet and CANVAS 2 display, which it was specifically designed for.

Can you use the reMarkable tablets in sunlight?

Yes, the E Ink technology and monochrome displays are readable in sunlight.

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