Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Which Movie Ticket Subscription Service Is Best?

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Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Which Movie Ticket Subscription Service Is Best?

Going to the movies got even better with the introduction of MoviePass. First released way back in 2011 but not truly booming until 2017, MoviePass allowed subscribers to get free movie tickets to a massive number of theaters for a monthly price. Its success resulted in a number of theater chain-specific movie ticket subscription services. These chain subscriptions have remained in operation, even after MoviePass’s eventual failure. However, which subscription is best? Take Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass, for instance. Does Regal or Alamo Drafthouse have the better plan? Let’s compare.

Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Side-By-Side Comparison

Regal UnlimitedAlamo Season Pass
First IntroducedJuly 2019February 2020
Price Per Month$18.99-$23.99 plus tax$16.99-$29.99 plus tax
Convenience Fee$0.50 per ticketVaries by location
Showings With Additional FeesScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, RPX, 3D, VIP, Premium Seating3D, 70mm, Dolby Atmos, Big Show, Movie Parties, Feasts
Concessions Discount10%None
Free Birthday GiftLarge Popcorn and Drink ComboNone
Early Access ScreeningsYesYes
Ticket LimitsUnlimited1 ticket a day
Reservation Limits3 with no blackout dates2 reservations up to 7 days in advance
Plans for Couples?No, separate plans requiredYes, $18.99/month for Extra Seats
Number of TheatersMore than 500More than 40

5 Must-Know Facts About Movie Ticket Subscription Services

  1. MoviePass is credited with initiating the movie ticket subscription service industry all the way back in 2011. However, MoviePass didn’t see massive success until it was redeveloped and relaunched in 2017 with a price of under $10 a month for unlimited movies with very few restrictions. It boomed so quickly and so massively, it effectively tanked the company by 2019.
  2. AMC Stubs A-List is currently the nation’s largest movie ticket subscription service, boasting over 800,000 subscribers throughout the United States. This might have something to do with the fact that AMC happens to be the nation’s biggest theater chain overall, with more than 900 locations throughout all 50 states.
  3. After MoviePass’s failure in 2019, many were left wondering if or when the massively popular service would ever return. In due time, those questions were answered: MoviePass announced it was coming back from the dead in 2022. However, it looks quite different now than it did back then. Terms and conditions are a lot pricier and a lot more restrictive (and, as a result, a lot less appealing than it once was).
  4. Both Regal Unlimited and Alamo Season Pass charge a surcharge to reserve tickets through their respective apps. While Regal’s fees tend to be cheaper than Alamo’s, neither one has the advantage that AMC Stubs A-List has. They offer no surcharges when making reservations through their app.
  5. A number of MoviePass competitors have come and gone in recent years. Most notable of the bunch is Sinemia, which was a very alluring MoviePass alternative for a moment before it was eventually boarded up in 2019. Alas, these companies went out somewhat notably: the Covid-19 pandemic surely would have done them in any way.

Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Key Differences

Looking at this above comparison of specs, it can be difficult to discern what the truly important distinctions are between Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass. How do they actually compare when it comes to their key differences? Which movie ticket subscription service has the better prices? What about the superior perks? Or the greater number of locations nationwide? Let’s take each and every one of these factors into account below. It’s time to dive deeper into these key differences to determine which service ultimately reigns supreme.

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Regal Unlimited offers concession discounts, birthday gifts, no blackouts, unlimited films, and early access screenings.



Firstly, we should mull over the difference in pricing between Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass. As with any other subscription service, pricing is a very nuanced thing in relation to these two movie ticket subscription services. Regal Unlimited offers three different price points for three different regions of the nation. These prices start at $18.99 a month (or $227.88 annually) plus tax for third-tier regions, then increase to $21.99 a month (or $263.88 annually) plus tax for second-tier locations, and top out at $23.99 a month (or $287.88 annually) plus tax for first-tier locations.

Alternatively, Alamo Drafthouse pricing begins at $16.99 plus tax for its base tier locations, increases to $19.99 plus tax for its mid-tier locations, and stretches up to $29.99 plus tax for its top tier locations. Of these three, most Alamo locations fall under the mid-tier. Only subscribers in the most populous cities — such as Los Angeles, New York City, and so on — will be paying $29.99 a month. Additionally, both of these movie ticket subscription services charge convenience fees. However, Regal Unlimited’s service fees are less than that of the Alamo Season Pass.


Secondly, let’s consider the kind of perks offered by Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass. In terms of the sheer number of perks, Regal Unlimited takes the cake. They offer concession discounts, birthday gifts, no blackout dates, unlimited films regardless of how many you see a day, not to mention early access screenings for Regal Unlimited subscribers. Alamo Season Pass has some early access screenings, but they have no birthday gifts or concession discounts available to subscribers. They do, however, offer a discounted Extra Seats add-on — one thing that Regal Unlimited doesn’t offer.


Thirdly, it’s worth touching on the number of locations available to Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass subscribers. There are more than 500 Regal locations throughout the United States, while there are only around 40 Alamo Drafthouse locations in the country by comparison. This gives Regal yet another major advantage over Alamo. It should be said, however, that Regal’s numbers may drop as its parent company wrestles with Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (This is a problem Alamo has already happened to face and successfully overcame.)

The History of Regal Unlimited

As of this writing, Regal Cinemas is the second-largest theater chain in the United States. As such, it’s a pretty big deal that they even have a movie ticket subscription service in the first place. (Let alone one that is so jam-packed with benefits and advantages over its competitors.) Currently operating more than 500 theaters throughout the nation, Regal is also a division of Cineworld. This parent company operates an additional 800 theaters throughout the world. After AMC, they’re the second-biggest movie chain on the planet.

Because of Regal’s massive hold on the movie-going experience in America, it was quite significant when they announced their Regal Unlimited plan in July of 2019. Arriving one year after AMC debuted their ticket subscription, Stubs A-List, Regal Unlimited quickly proved to be as a worthy adversary — not only for MoviePass, but also for AMC’s rival offering. Sure, AMC has more locations in the United States than Regal — nearly 450 more, to be exact — but Regal Unlimited has plenty of advantages over practically all other movie ticket subscription services.

The sheer number of perks that come with a Regal Unlimited subscription play a huge part in why this particular plan is advantageous. Concession discounts, no blackout dates, relatively low subscription costs, and discounted convenience fees… all great draws to an already great subscription service. There’s just one issue here: Cineworld, Regal’s parent company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September of 2022. It remains to be seen how this might ultimately impact Regal’s day-to-day operations. In the end, these financial woes could prove to be detrimental.

How Alamo Season Pass Differs

When comparing Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass, it’s worth making one thing particularly clear. If you haven’t noticed already, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are an entirely different beast compared to Regal Cinemas. Not only does the chain put an increased emphasis on arthouse and repertory screenings, Alamo also has far fewer locations than Regal by comparison. (The exact number is less than 10%.) Nevertheless, the Alamo Season Pass does have some advantages that deserve to be mentioned over the Regal Season Pass.

First introduced in February of 2020 — mere weeks before the theater chain would be forced to close its doors as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic — the Alamo Season Pass was immediately appealing for its price alone. Costing less than $20 a month in a majority of Alamo’s nationwide locations, the plan came right out of the gates at a cheaper price than some of Regal’s pricier location-based plans. After the Alamo Season Pass updated its terms and conditions to lower prices even lower in some regions — with some priced at less than $17 a month — this advantage became even greater.

Another big plus for Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas that Regal and Cineworld can’t compare to? The fact that they successfully avoided bankruptcy back in 2021. After making an announcement in March of 2021 that the company faced imminent financial woes — that is, to be specific, Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, thanks to some strategic closings and canceled plans for expensive new locations, the company escaped bankruptcy relatively unscathed. They have once again continued to construct and open new locations, with theaters in Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, and others coming soon.

Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo
The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema shows new and classic films and serves cocktails and snacks seat-side.

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Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Pros and Cons

Pros of Regal UnlimitedCons of Regal Unlimited
More locationsNo subscription add-ons for couples
Better perksAdditional charges for IMAX or 3D films
No blackout datesMust pay a convenience fee
Less restrictionsSome regions in the U.S. may not have a Regal
Pros of Alamo Season PassCons of Alamo Season Pass
Lower subscription prices in certain locationsVery few Alamo locations
Extra seats add-on for couplesHigher convenience fees
Alamo shows more retro films than RegalAdditional charges for 3D or big-screen films
No longer facing bankruptcyCan only make reservations 7 days ahead

Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Which Is Best?

So: Which of these two movie ticket subscription services is best? When debating Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season pass, who comes out on top? Based solely on the number of perks available to subscribers and the number of locations nationwide, Regal Unlimited has to be named the winner. However, in certain regions where Alamo Drafthouses are available, it’s very possible that it might be the more affordable option overall. It really depends on where you’re at in the country and what kind of movies you’d like to see more of. On average, though, it’s Regal Unlimited who comes out ahead.

Regal Unlimited vs. Alamo Season Pass: Which Movie Ticket Subscription Service Is Best? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is MoviePass still around?

MoviePass — at least, MoviePass as it was known during its heyday from 2017 to 2019 — is no longer in existence. The company has since been restructured and redesigned to be more commercially viable, but what once made it great (unlimited movies for less than $10 a month) is no longer a part of its business model.

How much does Regal Unlimited cost?

Regal Unlimited will cost anywhere from $18.99 to $23.99 a month plus tax, depending on where in the United States the subscriber is based. This does not include added convenience fees, which come standard with every ticket reservation made through the Regal app.

How much is an Alamo Season Pass?

Depending on the subscriber’s region in the United States, an Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass will cost anywhere between $16.99 and $29.99 a month plus tax. Ticket reservations will also require an additional fee for convenience charges, Any additional ticket reserved in addition to the subscriber’s will come with a fee, as well. You can add an Extra Seats option to your account for an additional $18.99 a month, which gives you the ability to reserve two seats instead of one.

How much is AMC Stubs A-List?

AMC Stubs A-List, like most other movie ticket subscription services, charges different monthly fees for different locations throughout the U.S. Subscription prices start at $20 a month and go up to $24 a month depending on where you’re at in the country. But, at a major advantage to subscribers, there’s no convenience fees or service charges to pay when making reservations.

How many movies do you need to see to make a movie ticket subscription service worth it?

The number of movies you need to see in order to make your pass worth it will depend on what you’re paying a month and how much a regularly priced ticket would cost without a subscription. However, in most instances, a movie ticket subscription service pays for itself after two or three tickets a month.

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