What Channel Is Reelz on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

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What Channel Is Reelz on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

Key Points

  • Reelz is a television network focused on all things celebrity, including film, movie stardom, and the entertainment industry.
  • Reelz was launched in 2006 by Hubbard Broadcasting and has remained under their control for over 15 years.
  • Reelz offers a variety of original programming beyond Hollywood, including police procedural and true crime series.
  • In addition to TV shows, Reelz also airs feature films, although they prioritize their original and acquired programs over movies as of late.

Are you a DirecTV subscriber trying to find the Reelz channel? You’re definitely in the right place. Who has the time to flip through hundreds of channels in search of one specific station? You deserve to know exactly where to tune in on your DirecTV guide so you can start watching Reelz right away. We’re here to guide you through the simple steps. Consult the table below to make sure you never miss another movie or TV show on Reelz again.

Reelz Channel Guide

Channel NameChannel Number on DirecTV

The History of Reelz

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Reelz is home to movies and shows about pop culture stardom and true crime investigations.


Reelz first hit the airwaves in 2006. It’s a unique television network focused entirely on all things celebrity. This includes anything having to do with film, movie stardom, the entertainment industry, and beyond. It was launched by Hubbard Broadcasting, an American broadcasting corporation based in Minnesota. Interestingly, Hubbard still retains control of the network today. Despite its success, no larger network or corporation has come along and taken ownership in the more than 15 years since its inception.

At its outset, the channel aimed to provide a platform for viewers interested in behind-the-scenes insights into the vast world of movies, television, and pop culture. In the early years, Reelz aired a mix of documentaries and original programs that explored the life and times of the rich and famous and the behind-the-scenes of iconic movies and television shows. These productions cover both the good and the bad aspects of the industry, giving Reelz programs an edge over fluffier productions found on other rival networks.

Over the years, Reelz has continued to expand its original programming lineup, moving from documentaries to scripted originals and even exclusive films. This expansion continues to this day. Just last summer, Reelz acquired the rights to long-running police docuseries Cops as well as the spiritual continuation of A&E’s popular Live PD program, now dubbed On Patrol: Live. Reelz also airs dozens of other original docuseries focusing on true crime and the dark side of pop culture. And, of course, a reliably steady stream of acquired films.

Reelz Sister Stations

Ovation (2006-present)
All News Channel (1989-2002)
Prime Sports Upper Midwest (1989-1995)

Reelz Programming

Still from On Patrol: Live on Reelz.
On Patrol: Live is a spiritual successor to Live PD that airs on Reelz.

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Tune into Reelz on an average day, you’re bound to encounter a wide array of different shows and movies. What’s more, these shows and movies will range from Reelz originals and acquisitions alike. From celebrity docs to true crime investigations to hit movies from past and present, Reelz always has something entertaining on the schedule. Let’s take a closer look at Reelz programming so you know exactly what to expect from DirecTV channel 238.

Original Programs

Practically since its beginning, the Reelz network has created its own series. Many of these originals take the form of documentaries — True crime and true Hollywood stories, to be specific. These original programs are exclusive to Reelz, meaning you won’t find them on any other channel.

Two popular examples include On Patrol: Live and a revival of former FOX series Cops, but the list extends far beyond this pair of police procedural documentaries. Celebrity Page is another big one on the channel.

Acquired Programs

Reelz also has a fair share of acquisitions in its lineup. These are shows that the network didn’t make in-house. Rather, they purchased the rights to broadcast or syndicate them from other companies and networks. Like its originals, these acquired programs fit the network’s house style.

These acquired programs focus on Hollywood, celebrity, entertainment, and crime. Jail, Mobsters, and Most Shocking are three popular examples of successful acquisitions, but the list goes on much longer than just these few titles.

Movie Library

Of course, Reelz doesn’t just air TV shows about movies — it actually shows feature films, as well. Its movie library includes a variety of classic movies, big blockbusters, and other significant films that left a mark on the pop culture pantheon.

Sadly, Reelz plays far fewer movies now than it ever did in the past. Its many original and acquired programs seem to take precedence these days. Nevertheless, you can still watch the occasional film. Recent examples are Elvis: Are You Lonesome Tonight? and Johnny Cash: The Man in Black.

What Channel Is Reelz on DirecTV? (2023 Update) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is Reelz?

Reelz is a television network devoted to all things entertainment and celebrity culture. The station shows a range of original programs, documentaries, and movies that all give you a closer look at the dark underbelly of Hollywood and the larger world of American crime and the justice system at large.

What kind of shows does Reelz play?

Reelz has a mix of its own original shows and acquisitions from other networks. These shows explore celebrity lives and their struggles, true crime investigations, live police procedurals, and more. It’s also the new home for On Patrol: Live, the follow-up to A&E’s hit show Live PD.

Does Reelz still play movies?

Yes, Reelz does still play the occasional film among all its documentaries and true crime shows. However, its film lineup is a lot less expansive than it once was. Reelz has put a much greater focus on its true crime shows than even its Hollywood documentaries. In other words, the channel is a long way off from its original focus.

Is Reelz the same as Starz?

No, Reelz is not the same as Starz. Despite their use of a “Z,” these are two completely different TV networks. Reelz focuses on celebrity and entertainment stories as well as true crime, while Starz offers a greater mix of movies, original dramas, and other premium offerings.

Who owns the Reelz network?

The Reelz network is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, a company that runs various TV and radio stations across the nation. Hubbard also supervises Reelz’s sister station Ovation, which can be found on channel 274 in your DirecTV guide. Like Reelz, this station has a similar focus on the arts and entertainment.

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