Reddit’s 7 Best Wingstop Flavors Are Worth Checking Out Today

best wingstop flavors

Reddit’s 7 Best Wingstop Flavors Are Worth Checking Out Today

Key Points

  • Wingstop is a popular chain restaurant known for its delicious chicken wings and consistent quality.
  • Ordering 10 wings at Wingstop will get you an extra wing for free.
  • Taking the survey on your receipt can earn you a free order of fries at Wingstop.
  • Wingstop offers the option to order wings well-done for a crispier bite.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Wingstop does not have a secret menu.
  • Wingstop’s customer service has received mixed reviews, with some complaints about DoorDash delivery.
  • Reddit users recommend Original Hot, Hot Honey Rub, Lemon Pepper, Louisiana Dry Rub, Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero, and Spicy Korean Q as the best Wingstop flavors.

Picking the best Wingstop flavors is a nearly impossible task — they’re all delicious in their own way! Wingstop is a fan favorite chain restaurant that is known for its famous chicken wings. You’d be surprised at the great lengths that people go to to take a savory bite of their juicy wings.

They are arguably so popular because of their consistency. Even if you aren’t the biggest Wingstop fan on the planet, you cannot deny that they consistently deliver quality food to their customers.

If it’s your first time at Wingstop, or you’re a diehard fan looking to try something new, the people of Reddit have spoken! Their breakdown of the best 7 Wingstop flavors so you know what to try next time you go.

What Is Wingstop?

Wingstop is an American chain restaurant with locations in most major cities across the country. Their history begins in 1994 in Garland, Texas. They were relatively popular in the mid-2000s, but they got a major boost in 2014 when they became the third-fastest-growing restaurant in the US.

To save on costs, Wingstop opened an online restaurant called Thighstop in 2021. Thankfully, they still sell their world-famous wings at their chain franchises.

What Should You Look for When You Get Wingstop?

Newcomers and long-time Wingstop fans alike should keep a few things in mind when they satisfy their chicken cravings at the food chain.

Order 10 Wings

This little-known fun fact should be discussed more! If you order 10 wings at Wingstop, they are supposed to give you an extra.

Who doesn’t want 11 wings instead of 10, especially if the last one (or the first, depending on how you look at it) is free? This small act of kindness is one of Wingstop’s many ways to give back to their loyal customer base.

Free Fries

You can get an order of free fries from Wingstop if you take the survey at the bottom of your receipt. These days, it’s tempting to get a digital receipt sent to your email, only to linger there for the rest of the time.

However, there are perks to getting an old-fashioned paper receipt. All you need is a quick 5 minutes out of your day to score some savory free fries the next time you go to Wingstop.


Wingstop orders are more customizable than you may think. Of course, they have their standardized flavors that are to die for.

However, you can also order your wings well-done if you’re into a crispier, crunchier bite. Many food chains offer this option on the down-low. They don’t really advertise it, but it’s not quite a “secret menu,” either. It’s a wonderful in-between.

Secret Menu

Many food chains in America have a secret menu that gets discovered by fans and circulates every few years. In-n-Out’s secret menu is legit, with their “Animal Style” options being famous open secrets. Wingstop, however, does not have a secret menu.

If you see anything on TikTok claiming to be a part of the Wingstop secret menu, they’re lying to you —and you should keep scrolling. Any Wingstop employee will tell you that you were watching a fake video or saw a fake post, unfortunately.

reddit's wingstop flavors
If you like chicken, Wingstop has got the goods you’re looking for.


Customer Service

While they have amazing world-famous chicken wings, Wingstop’s customer service has received staggering reviews. The main complaint tends to be with the DoorDash delivery service, which is hit-or-miss in any circumstance — even when you aren’t ordering Wingstop specifically.

They are a franchise-based restaurant chain, so your experience will vary at each location. Try to read reviews for your specific Wingstop location before you go!

Reddit’s 7 Best Wingstop Flavors That Are Worth Checking Out Today

Wingstop has many wonderful options, but a few are worth writing home about. These 7 flavors were picked by Reddit as Wingstop’s best!

best wingstop flavors
We paid a visit to our local Wingstop to try out some of these flavors.


1. Original Hot

It may seem like an “obvious” pick, but Original Hot wings are anything but boring. This flavor is part of what put Wingstop on the map. Their consistently good spicy sauce causes cravings, leaving you wanting more from the very first time you try it.

It features a contrasting palate of spicy and tangy, engaging your senses with the experience without being completely consumed by the spice, which is pretty intense — so tread carefully if your spice tolerance is on the lower end.

The three main ingredients in their sauce are chili peppers, vinegar, and butter. Its acidity creates a nice, satisfying burn that you’ll want to have again and again.

You’ll start to daydream about it at work, rushing to your nearest Wingstop during break time. Don’t avoid this one because it’s “basic.” Instead, give it a try because popular things are popular for a reason! 

2. Hot Honey Rub

Unfortunately, Hot Honey Rub is a limited option. It was a long-time fan favorite that was removed from the permanent menu a few years ago.

For some reason, popular chains are fantastic at taking away things their fans love the most. It was a Taco Bell move on Wingstop’s part because the people of Reddit continue to rave about Hot Honey Rub, claiming it as one of the best flavors they’ve ever made.

This intense flavor combination begins with the sweetness of the honey. Most people suggest that it’s the most potent flavor, with the heat acting as a bit of a phantom spice, kicking in after a few bites.

People who enjoy a solid medium-heat would love Hot Honey Rub. It’s not quite as intense as Original Hot because it has the honey to counteract the potency of the kick. Still, the kick is there, creating a true spicy chicken wing.

3. Lemon Pepper

Try the Lemon Pepper wings if you’re into a decadent, rich experience. Lemon Pepper is a popular option across many establishments that serve chicken wings.

The flavor combinations just make sense; lemon’s acidity and pepper’s kick offer just enough contrast for it to feel right. Wingstop’s take on this classic combo provides a bit of freshness, as they have created a unique dry rub to make their wings memorable.

It has a larger emphasis on the lemon flavors, while the black pepper lingers in the background. It’s a bit saltier than many of the other Wingstop fan favorites, but it isn’t enough to make you want to avoid it entirely.

This flavor has appeared on every Reddit thread we explored, so it’s safe to suggest it’s worth a try at least once!

best wingstop flavors
Wingstop’s delicious sauce is what makes their flavors so undeniably delectable.

©Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock.com

4. Louisiana Dry Rub

These wings are every fried chicken lover’s dream. They are coated in decadent buttermilk with even hints of garlic and Cajun seasoning. The wings’ flavor is true to its name.

They do a wonderful job of honoring the integrity of classic Louisiana-style fried chicken. Of course, it’s still a wing, so it’ll be a little bit different, but it’s as if a chicken wing and traditional fried chicken fused into one. 

Wingstop is an expert at offering wings across the heat scale. Their options range from mild to medium to extreme, showcasing different flavors for anyone who tries them out.

The Louisiana Dry Rub flavor is right in the middle range. If you’re trying to expand your heat tolerance, this is a nice place to start. It’s just adventurous enough, like dipping your toes in an unfamiliar pool, but not so extreme you’d be chugging your soda in a minute.

Dry rub wingstop flavor
As the name implies, this sauce gives the wings a “dry” appearance. But we can attest that the flavor is much stronger than it looks.


5. Garlic Parmesan 

Wingstop has a lot of iterations on classic chicken wing flavors that they do really well, and garlic parmesan is one of those instances. The twist that Wingstop provides to this one is curating a unique dry rub, whereas other garlic parmesan wings tend to be a bit more buttery.

This choice was smart, though; the flakiness of the dry rub brings out a fresh texture from the parmesan that tends to be missed in other similar wings.

They have mastered the art of contrast, with the parmesan cheese and mouth-watering chicken coming together seamlessly. Be warned, though: this flavor is truly for the garlic fiends of the world, and it would scare off any self-respecting vampire instantly.

It has the most potent aroma out of the Wingstop flavors on this list. It certainly lingers, too. Be sure to have gum or Altoids in your pocket before speaking to anyone too closely or kissing a crush. If you’re on a date, try something else.

6. Mango Habanero 

There is something magical about the combination of mango and pepper. The mango cools down the pepper, but it also brings the flavor out, at the same time. This was another flavor that was on nearly every Reddit thread that we checked out.

People really love this one, and it’s been known to sell out at busier locations due to its overwhelming popularity. Recently, a few well-known food critics on TikTok have shouted it out, perhaps giving it a deserved boost in orders.

Some people refuse to try any other Wingstop flavor because they are so emotionally attached to their beloved Mango Habanero. In fact, people have expressed frustration because now everyone has caught onto the hype.

They are very sugary and sweet, countering what would otherwise be overwhelming spice. We’d give this a 5/10 on the spice level, making it a great middle-range for everyone who tries it.

mango habanero wingstop flavor
The Mango Habañero is, without a doubt, your author’s personal favorite!


7. Spicy Korean Q

Korean BBQ (often shortened to ‘KBBQ’) is having its moment in the United States. It reached virality on social media, earning it a place in this year’s food trends. This isn’t a new Wingstop flavor, but it’s another example of a flavor gaining popularity because of social media’s intense real-world impact.

They’re all right, though; this flavor combines garlic and ginger, creating an experience that feels more like a journey than a meal.

You begin to feel the kick right in the back of your throat, telling you that you made the right choice. Sweet and savory lovers will rejoice because this flavor really checks all the boxes for that kind of expectation. Plus, you do get that nice bit of spice without it being completely overbearing.

Regardless of whether or not the KBBQ trend lasts in the US’ social media sphere, it will certainly last at restaurants — even at Wingstop. Their take on this cultural staple is certainly worth trying out. Redditors suggest it’s the best flavor that Wingstop has ever released.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our breakdown makes your next (or first) trip to Wingstop easier! Reddit’s opinions tend to be legit, especially for food chains like Wingstop. There are communities out there ready to help customers get the most out of their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Wingstop change its name?

This is a famous misconception — Wingstop did not change its name! Due to a chicken shortage in 2021, Wingstop opened an online-only chicken thigh restaurant called Thighstop. Now, Wingstop continues to serve its popular chicken wing flavors to diehard fans across the country.

Are Wingstop fries fried or baked?

Wingstop fries are baked! They use the same oil that they fry the chicken with to get their delicious french fries to a perfect golden brown color.

These fries go amazingly well with all of their chicken wing flavors, so it’s worth it to check them out next time you go to Wingstop. You can order your fries “well-done” if you like them a bit crispier.

Why did Wingstop get so expensive?

Nearly every industry has been hit with the cost of inflation, unfortunately. If your beloved Wingstop flavors have increased in price —it’s not just you.

The franchise owners are trying to make ends meet to keep their business afloat, like everyone else! Hopefully, this increase plateaus, but you can expect a general 1%-2% price increase per year.

What is Wingstop chicken fried in?

Wingstop chicken is fried in oil that contains soy. If you’re allergic to soy, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere to satisfy your cravings for chicken wings since all of their flavors are fried in the same oil. Dips like ranch and blue cheese also contain soy.

Wingstop is transparent about its cooking process, listing ingredients and possible dietary restrictions on its website, including information about the oil they use to fry its world-famous chicken.

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