Tune In to Reddit’s 15 Best Podcasts

Reddit's Best Podcasts

Tune In to Reddit’s 15 Best Podcasts

Key Points

  • Reddit users have compiled a list of the 15 best podcasts, covering a wide range of genres and topics.
  • Popular podcast platforms include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is ranked as the number one podcast, praised for its in-depth exploration of historical events.

There’s nothing like a good podcast. Reddit seems to understand this, perhaps more than any other social media site. Subreddits devoted to podcasts are like a treasure trove of recommendations. Users love to share their top picks for the best podcasts. From scary true crime tales to deep discussions to immersive stories, there’s something for everyone’s taste here. Let’s round up the best podcasts according to Reddit, ranging from the hidden gems to the popular favorites that have captured the hearts and ears of avid podcast listeners.

Where Can You Listen to the Best Podcasts?

A podcast is a digital audio program that you can listen to on demand. It’s kind of like a radio show, but with the ability to tune in at your convenience. The podcast industry offers a wide range of content. There’s a vast library of podcasts covering various topics, such as news, stories, interviews, education, comedy, true crime, technology, and more.

The term “podcast” is a combination of “iPod” and “broadcast.” Believe it or not, the format initially gained popularity through iTunes and was designed to be easily accessible on iPods. However, now you can access and enjoy podcasts through various sources. Here are three of the best places to listen.

Man wearing headphones and looking at phone.
Podcasts are like radio shows you can listen to on the go.


Apple Podcasts

As one of the first platforms for podcasts, Apple Podcasts continues to be a go-to place for podcast listeners. It comes installed on Apple devices and is easily accessible through the Apple Podcasts app on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Users can browse through a vast library of podcasts, subscribe to their favorite shows, download episodes for offline listening, and receive updates when new episodes are released.


Known best as a music streaming service, Spotify has also become a significant player in the podcasting world. With a friendly interface and extensive podcast catalog, Spotify allows listeners to switch between music and podcasts quickly in one app. The platform’s algorithm also helps users discover new podcasts based on their interests and listening history. It’s an easy option for those who already use Spotify for music streaming.

Google Podcasts

For Android users, Google Podcasts is a dedicated app that makes finding and listening to podcasts simple. It integrates with other Google services, letting users sync their subscriptions and listening progress across devices. Google Podcasts also offers personal suggestions and a sleek interface. It’s an attractive choice for Android users who want a simple podcast listening experience.

Reddit’s Best Podcasts

We’ve put together a list of the 15 best podcasts according to Reddit users. These are the shows that have captured the hearts and ears of avid listeners across all the podcast subreddits. No matter your tastes, these podcasts cover a wide range of genres and topics that cater to every possible interest. Let’s dive deep into the best podcasts as chosen by Reddit users like you.

Reddit logo on iPhone screen.
Look for podcast recommendations in subreddits devoted to podcasts.


15. Doughboys

Doughboys is a tasty podcast that serves up funny reviews of chain restaurants. Hosted by comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger, the show takes listeners on a delicious journey through fast food and casual dining experiences. The two share amusing stories while breaking down menu items, restaurant vibes, and overall dining experiences. Redditors love how the hosts’ comedic banter adds flavor to each episode. It’s a joy to listen to, even if you’re not a die-hard foodie.

14. No Stupid Questions

No Stupid Questions dives into big questions through the lenses of science, psychology, and other schools of thought. It’s hosted by Stephen J. Dubner, a journalist, and co-author of Freakonomics, and Angela Duckworth, a psychologist, and author of Grit. Dubner and Duckworth engage in lively discussions, drawing from their areas of expertise and sharing their insights in a friendly and accessible manner. Reddit appreciates how each episode explores big topics, leaving you with new ideas and perspectives to ponder.

13. Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase is a smart podcast that takes a critical look at health and wellness trends and the diet industry. Hosted by journalist Aubrey Gordon and researcher Michael Hobbes, the show looks at popular health fads through a scientific lens. Reddit celebrates this show’s evidence-based research because it allows the hosts to debunk myths, pseudoscience, and harmful practices with hard facts. The podcast empowers Redditors to question negative ideas about body image and health. This promotes a more honest approach to health as a result.

12. If Books Could Kill

If Books Could Kill is a podcast that celebrates the captivating world of mystery novels and crime fiction. Each episode features deep discussions about crime fiction masterpieces, lesser-known gems, and iconic authors who have left a lasting impact on the genre. The hosts share their passion for mystery literature with the listener, offering insightful analysis, plot summaries, and personal thoughts on the books they love. No wonder it’s one of Reddit’s best podcasts: The hosts’ love for the genre is contagious, sparking a similar love for mystery literature in their listeners.

11. Swindled

Stock trends on a chart.
If you like stories of white-collar crime, then


is the podcast for you.


Swindled is an excellent podcast that tells true tales of white-collar crime, corporate greed, and significant scams throughout history. Each episode provides listeners with an immersive and meticulously researched account of these elaborate deceptions. Reddit enjoys how the show sheds light on the dark underbelly of greed and deception. Not to mention the way Swindled’s storytelling prowess keeps listeners on the edge of their seats as it reveals the hidden meanings and consequences of these significant cons.

10. You’re Wrong About

You’re Wrong About is an enlightening and entertaining podcast that looks at past events and public figures, challenging common misconceptions and offering fresh perspectives. It’s hosted by journalists Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes. The show presents thoroughly researched and thought-provoking narratives, altering the myths and misunderstandings that have shaped public perception. It’s the perfect mix of empathy, humor, and investigative journalism. One thing Reddit isn’t wrong about? Naming You’re Wrong About is one of the best podcasts.

9. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is a surreal podcast that unfolds as a community radio show set in the strange town of Night Vale. Narrated by the mysterious Cecil Baldwin, the show takes listeners on a journey through a world of eerie events, supernatural beings, and unexplainable phenomena. Each episode introduces strange characters, bizarre events, and captivating stories, creating an immersive experience that leaves Redditors utterly enchanted. If you haven’t delved into the mysterious and uncanny world of Night Vale, Reddit insists you do soon.

8. Heavyweight

Heavyweight is a poignant and emotionally resonant podcast that revolves around the art of closure and resolution. The show follows a unique format where the host assists guests in revisiting pivotal moments from their past to address unresolved issues and seek closure. Reddit has very high praise for this podcast and the way it gracefully explores feelings of regret, longing, and missed opportunities. Heavyweight‘s ability to tackle universal themes of regret and reconciliation makes it a deeply relatable and compelling listening experience for all.

7. S-Town

S-Town is a captivating and immersive narrative podcast that offers a mesmerizing portrayal of the human condition. It masterfully delves into themes of loneliness, beauty, and the search for meaning in the most unexpected of places — something podcast-loving Redditors can’t speak of highly enough. The podcast’s engrossing narrative unfolds like a novel, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats as they delve deeper into the intricacies and peculiarities of small-town life. Host Brian Reed’s empathetic and respectful storytelling approach makes this one of the very best podcasts.

6. Ologies With Alie Ward

largest biotechnology companies
Alie Ward’s




heady scientific subjects more accessible.


Ologies with Alie Ward is a curious podcast that celebrates the world of science and its many fascinating “-ologies.” The show’s effervescent host introduces the listener to experts across various scientific fields, exploring everything from volcanology to entomology to neuropsychology in terms anyone can understand. Reddit loves going on these delightful journeys through the minds of passionate scientists, unraveling the mysteries and wonders of various scientific fields in the process.

5. WTF With Marc Maron

WTF with Marc Maron has been going on for over a decade now. On this show, comedian Marc Maron interviews big celebs, comedians, and artists that speak to the current moment. With candid and revealing conversations, Marc delves into the personal and professional lives of his guests. Together, Maron and the guest explore their career, life experiences, and the creative process. It’s honest and vulnerable in a way Reddit says few other podcasts are. Plus, episodes run long, so you can spread them out over several hours.

4. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Lovers of WTF with Marc Maron will also want to check out Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Another comedic interview podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend follows the former late-night talk show host as he seeks to build genuine friendships with his high-profile guests. Known for his wit and humor, Conan engages in playful banter and funny discussions with a diverse range of famous guests, comedians, and actors. Reddit ranks it slightly higher than WTF in its roundup of the best podcasts. Imagine that!

3. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible looks at the hidden design and architecture in the world around us. Hosted by Roman Mars, the show takes a deep dive into the unnoticed elements that shape our lives, such as the design of everyday objects, urban planning, and the history of infrastructure. Reddit admires how each episode is a meticulously crafted audio experience. The way it blends storytelling, interviews, and sound design makes it one of the best podcasts by far. Who knew something as visual as architecture could work so well in audio form?

2. Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends is a captivating podcast that delves into the rich history of myths, folklore, and legendary stories from cultures worldwide. Hosted by Jason Weiser, the show brings these timeless tales to life with a modern twist. Each episode takes Redditors on a different mythical journey, exploring the origins and meanings behind the stories of gods, heroes, and monsters. Jason’s engaging storytelling and expressive narration infuse the episodes with vivid imagery, drawing listeners into enchanting worlds of ancient lore.

1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Tablet hidden among library books on shelf.
Set aside the history textbook and give

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

a listen.

©Ermolaev Alexander/Shutterstock.com

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is an epic podcast that presents in-depth explorations of historical events and figures. Host Dan Carlin is a masterful storyteller, according to podcast fans on Reddit. They say the show unfolds like an audio documentary, painting vivid portraits of pivotal moments in history. Each episode is a meticulously researched and passionately narrated journey into the past, offering thought-provoking insights into the human experience. More than any other title, this one tops Reddit’s list of the best podcasts ever made.

Summary Table

#1Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
#2Myths and Legends
#399% Invisible
#4Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend
#5WTF with Marc Maron
#6Ologies with Alie Ward
#9Welcome to Night Vale
#10You’re Wrong About
#12If Books Could Kill
#13Maintenance Phase
#14No Stupid Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show you can listen to anytime, anywhere. It’s an audio program covering various topics, from storytelling to educational content, available for free on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

How do you listen to podcasts?

You can listen to podcasts on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Download a podcast app like Apple Podcasts (for iPhones) or Spotify (for iOS and Android), search for your favorite shows, then start listening.

Are podcasts free?

Yes, podcasts are typically free to listen to. You can find thousands of podcasts without paying, but some may offer bonus content through paid subscriptions on Patreon or another subscription site.

What types of podcasts are most popular?

There are podcasts on almost every topic imaginable, from news and comedy to true crime and self-improvement. Whatever your interests, there’s likely a podcast for you. True crime, comedy, and politics are the most popular types.

How often do podcasts release new episodes?

The frequency of new episodes varies from podcast to podcast. Some release weekly, while others may release monthly or irregularly. You can subscribe to your favorite podcasts for automatic updates when new episodes are available.

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