Reddit’s 5 Best NFL Streams Are Amazing

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Reddit’s 5 Best NFL Streams Are Amazing

Key Points

  • Reddit is a popular platform for finding NFL streams, despite the banning of stream links.
  • Watching NFL streams from unofficial sites can have legal and security risks.
  • Sunday Ticket and RedZone via the NFL App are official options for watching NFL games.
  • DAZN is a UK-based streaming service for watching NFL games, but it requires a VPN for access in the US.
  • SportSurge is a website created by Reddit users as an alternative to Reddit’s banned NFL streams.
  • NFL Bite is a free option for watching NFL games, although stream links can be unreliable.

It’s hard to deny the impact of the NFL, both in the U.S. and worldwide. Whether you’re supporting your home team or checking out the competition, there’s a lot of excitement to be had. Between the strategic plays, engaging storylines, and sense of community that the NFL fosters, there are many ways to enjoy the latest games. And if cramming yourself into the stadium is out of your budget and your comfort zone, that’s where NFL streams come in. Being able to watch your favorite playoffs live from your own home might have once seemed like a pipe dream. But now there are a variety of options available to make this a reality. Today, we’re going to explore the best NFL streams as recommended by Reddit. Rest assured you’ll leave with some good options for hosting your next watch party.

Why Go to Reddit for NFL Streams?

Reddit is renowned for its forums, or subreddits, where passionate fans of pretty much any topic congregate to share opinions and resources. While you may think Reddit is filled with fans of video games, movies, or anime, sports fanatics can also be found in abundance. In the past, NFL lovers commonly posted stream links that they had access to. But Reddit has recently banned pretty much all streams from being posted. As such, users have turned to alternative options, ranging from official subscriptions to shadier alternatives. These other options are naturally more legally ambiguous, however.

More often than not, the NFL can have trouble taking down these sites and streams. This is mostly due to the limitations of U.S. copyright. However, this doesn’t mean these activities are legal, and users can and have faced legal action as a result of using these sites, even if unlikely. Aside from this, you can run into security issues or malware. These streams also tend to have more quality and buffering issues compared to official streams. As with anything online, proceed at your own risk. Most sites suggested in this article are from the r/nfl, r/fantasyfootball, and r/nflstreamlinks subreddits.

RedZone via the NFL App

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The official NFL app is available on both iOS and Android.

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While you won’t have access to all the action, subscribing just to the RedZone service through the official NFL app is a great way to catch the best bits without having to commit to a full subscription. You’ll need a smart TV to take advantage of this service, but it can be a lot more cost-effective than the alternatives. This won’t be suitable for everybody, but the RedZone channel is amazing for continuous, ad-free watching of key plays from several matches taking place at the same time. As such, this can be a good choice for fantasy footballers, as touchdowns and other special moments have a great effect on the performance of fantasy teams.

Since RedZone is available in a lot of countries, you can potentially use a VPN to proceed as if you’re accessing the service from outside the U.S. This may help you find a region with a cheaper price, i.e., South America, or with a more reliable connection, i.e., the UK or the Netherlands, as some Reddit users have suggested. Alternatively, you can simply use the NFL app for free to watch local games. But obviously, this severely restricts your viewing capabilities.


DAZN is a live, on-demand sports streaming service that originates from the UK. While DAZN shows a huge number of sports, it’s widely used for watching NFL games. The drawback is that, while DAZN streams the entire NFL season, this service isn’t available to U.S. residents. Therefore, to make use of this, you’d have to use a VPN as if you’re accessing from another region, such as Canada or the UK. You can purchase the NFL Game Pass as part of an overall package or as a standalone subscription itself. We can’t exactly say this is preferable to the official and intended options. But we hear good things from those who’ve tried it.


Funnily enough, this website was actually set up by Reddit users as an alternative to Reddit’s NFL streams. This is mostly because Reddit has cracked down massively on unauthorized sports streams being listed on its site. While SportSurge is commonly used for watching NFL streams, you can stream a huge number of events here, from the NBA and MLB to the NHL, MMA, and Boxing. Since it’s been formed by Reddit users for Reddit users, the quality is essentially the best you can get for an unofficial site. There are no blackouts, no paywalls, and no restrictions on access. As such, you can watch NFL games on any device you wish. You don’t even need to create an account to start streaming. Sports news, analyses, and schedules are also provided. All in all, you’re getting a lot of bang for not much buck with SportSurge.

Sunday Ticket

hulu live vs youtube tv
YouTube TV is a great way to watch NFL games via RedZone or the Sunday Ticket subscription.


This is one of the simplest ways to enjoy NFL games, courtesy of the NFL and DirecTV. By subscribing to Sunday Ticket, you can watch out-of-market games. This is especially useful if you want to follow non-local teams or games that aren’t shown locally. The service is great for fantasy football fans too, as you have access to real-time statistics and the RedZone Channel. This lets you keep your finger on the pulse whenever a team is entering the red zone, making sure you don’t miss the highlights of the action. Currently, Sunday Ticket is provided exclusively by YouTube. Prices do vary, depending on whether you’re already a YouTube TV subscriber or not, and if you opt for the RedZone membership as well. This gives you a few options for watching NFL streams the official way.

NFL Bite

NFL Bite isn’t always the most reliable option, as the stream links can go down from time to time. Despite that, it remains a decent choice for watching NFL games. This is particularly true if you’re trying to hunt down a game not shown on local television. It displays the games that are currently happening on the homepage. Links to the streams are generally displayed around an hour before the games begin. You can also search for your favorite teams to see when their games are coming up, as well as read NFL news while waiting for your game to start. For a free service, NFL Bite does what it says on the tin. It’s a good option to keep in your back pocket.

Summary Table

Sunday TicketSubscription service provided by the NFL and DirecTV, allowing you to watch out-of-market games. Great for fantasy football fans with access to real-time statistics and the RedZone Channel.
RedZone via the NFL AppSubscription to the RedZone service through the official NFL app. Requires a smart TV and is a cost-effective alternative to a full subscription.
DAZNA live, on-demand sports streaming service from the UK. Streams the entire NFL season but isn’t available to U.S. residents without a VPN.
SportSurgeA website set up by Reddit users as an alternative to Reddit’s NFL streams. Streams a variety of sports events and doesn’t require an account to start streaming.
NFL BiteA free service that provides links to NFL games. Not always reliable but a good option for games not shown on local television.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Reddit NFL streams?

In the past, Reddit had many subreddits dedicated to users that share NFL stream links with other users to watch. These included “r/nflstreams”, “r/nflstreamlinks”, “r/nflstreams365”, among others. However, Reddit has cracked down on these, so many users have turned to alternative methods. Aside from the official paid subscriptions, there are websites such as NFL Bite and SportSurge where NFL fans share links to watch NFL games free of charge.

Are NFL streams legal?

If you’re watching via an official service such as the NFL app, RedZone, or Sunday Ticket, yes. Otherwise, unofficial streams tend to be illegal and considered piracy. It’s hard for the NFL to shut all of these down, mostly due to U.S. copyright laws, but there have been cases of users being legally penalized for using these services. As such, you proceed at your own risk by using unofficial sites to watch NFL games.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and creates a secure connection between your device and the internet. These are often used to provide security, but also access to region-locked content by re-routing your internet traffic. As such, VPNs are often used to access subscription services that may be unavailable or more expensive in your region, such as DAZN, or RedZone. While VPNs are legal, using them to access regional content may violate copyright laws, depending on the laws in your country. It’s best to verify this before using any unofficial method.

Is Sunday Ticket still part of DirecTV?

No, as of 2023, Sunday Ticket is exclusively provided by YouTube. You can subscribe to Sunday Ticket as part of your YouTube TV subscription or standalone, as well as add a RedZone subscription if you wish to.

Are NFL streams reliable?

Generally, official streams are more reliable, but even these can encounter issues from time to time. SportSurge, and other unofficial streams can provide a good service, but it’s not uncommon to experience delays or buffering issues when streaming. It’s a sensible idea to have a backup plan if your chosen method is giving you problems or to use an official channel to watch your favorite NFL games.

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