Reddit’s 8 Best Mechanical Keyboards Are Awesome

Best Mechanical Keyboards

Reddit’s 8 Best Mechanical Keyboards Are Awesome

Key Points

  • Mechanical keyboards are more comfortable than many other keyboards on the market and offer better ergonomics and even RGB lighting.
  • The Keychron Q1 is recommended for its sturdy build quality, programmable keyboard layout, and hot-swappable keys.
  • The Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma is a gaming keyboard with an ergonomic design, 16.8 million colors for RGB lighting, and a detachable USB cable.
  • The HyperX Alloy Origins offers adjustable keyboard angles, 100% anti-ghosting technology, and onboard memory profiles for custom lighting effects.
  • The Ducky One 3 is praised for its solid overall quality, Cherry MX switches, and USB-C cable with a 1,000Hz polling rate for zero lag.

While many computer users are more than content to stick with whatever keyboard came with their machine, there is a whole other group that loves to try something different.

For a lot of computer users, making the swap to a mechanical keyboard is the absolute best way to go since mechanical switches are more comfortable than many other keyboards on the market. No matter what your intended use case is, go with a wired, low profile, gaming, or wireless mechanical keyboard if you want better ergonomics and maybe even RGB lighting as a bonus.

The challenge is finding which mechanical keyboard is right for you and this is where Reddit comes in, with hundreds and hundreds of real-world user reviews to help cut through the noise and find the best options available. 

Let’s look at the eight best mechanical keyboards Reddit recommends today. 

Mechanical Keyboard Terms Worth Knowing

Before jumping into the keyboard recommendations, it’s important to have some familiarity with some useful mechanical keyboard terms. 

  • Switches: On a mechanical keyboard, switches are the components that help register when a key is pressed and they come in three different categories.
    • The first category is called a Clicky Switch, which makes a “click” sound as soon as they are pressed. Some people may find the noise more distracting than with the other two switch types. 
    • A Linear Switch, also known as a Red Switch, does not have any discernible click noise and is smoother than any other switch type, which is why it’s popular for gaming.
    • A Tactile Switch is somewhere in the middle of Linear and Clicky, with a small bump feeling as they are pressed. As a key is pressed, you know it has been actuated because of the bump which pushes back against your fingers. 
  • Keycap Profile: This is how to best describe the keycap shape.
    • Cherry is the most common form factor and is the most traditional looking. There are a host of other profiles including MDA, MT3, and DCX, all of which come with their own pros and cons. 
  • Form Factor: Mechanical keyboards come in 60-100% sizes, which can impact the availability of certain keys.
    • For example, a 100% layout has all of the traditional keyboard keys plus a number pad and function row. A 75% keyboard will not have a number pad, Pause, Insert, or Scroll Lock keys while an 80% keyboard will have everything except the number pad. 

With these basic terms in mind, you’re ready to dive into Reddit’s mechanical keyboard recommendations. 

#1 Best Overall: Keychron Q1

#1 Best Overall
Keychron Q1 Wired Custom Mechanical Keyboard Knob Version
  • 75% layout QMK/VIA programmable
  • With hot-swappable Gateron G Pro red switch double gaskets
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Black
  • Version 2
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12/02/2023 08:56 pm GMT

In a poll on this Reddit thread on r/MechanicalKeyboards, over 50% of respondents indicated that the Keychron Q1 is the best mechanical keyboard available. 

As an 82-key keyboard, you receive a 75% sizing layout, which means you lose the number pad but still have a full row of function keys. Even with that layout, the aluminum frame of the Q1 is one of the biggest reasons that it is so well recommended. The sturdy form factor can convince you that this keyboard will last you for years to come. 

Where the Keychron shines outside of its build quality is in its easily programmable and remappable keyboard layout. With open-source firmware installed, you can pretty much map any key on the keyboard for any function or shortcut you could ever want. 

Best of all, the keys on the Q1 are hot-swappable, so even if you somehow surpass the 50 million keystroke lifespan, you can always swap keys to keep the Q1 in tip-top shape. The Q1 also enables support for both 3-pin and 5-pin MX mechanical switches, so you can add your personal favorite switches without any required soldering to hold them in place. 

Check out the Keychron Q1 on Amazon.

Best Overall Runner-Up: Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma

Best Overall Runner-Up
Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Green key switches
  • Tactile and clicky
  • Chroma RGB lighting
  • Magnetic wrist rest
  • Programmable macros
  • Classic Black
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12/02/2023 08:56 pm GMT

Razer accessories need little introduction, which is why it’s no surprise the Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma made a list of the best mechanical keyboards courtesy of this r/best_keyboard thread. 

Designed with gaming in mind, the Razer Green switch technology provides users with a clicky sound that comes out with around 50G of actuation force. This level of force is ideal not only for gaming but also for typing in general, which helps the BlackWidow double as an everyday keyboard as well. 

With support for up to 80 million clicks, Razer also provides a 2-year warranty, which is very much welcomed by Razer users. More importantly, though, the Razer offers an ergonomic design that includes a wrist rest made of plush leatherette for comfortable gaming sessions over long periods of time. 

Even with strong ergonomics, the highlight of the BlackWidow is its 16.8 million colors for RGB lighting across its individual keys. The rest of the keyboard’s design is made for gaming tournaments with a detachable USB cable for on-the-go functionality. 

Check out the Razer BlackWidow TE on Amazon.

Best for Keyboard Angles: HyperX Alloy Origins

Best for Keyboard Angles
HyperX Alloy Origins
  • 104 keys
  • RGB lighting with dynamic effects
  • 3 adjustable angles
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Game Mode, 100% anti-ghosting, and N-key rollover functionalities
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12/03/2023 06:50 am GMT

Like Razer, HyperX is another computer accessory staple and it manufactures some of the best mechanical keyboards around, as is the case with the HyperX Alloy Origins

According to this Reddit thread on r/best_keyboard, the HyperX Alloy Origins is one of the top 5 mechanical keyboards available today. It’s likely the HyperX has earned a spot on this list thanks to its offering of 3 different adjustable keyboard angles. With angles of 3, 7, and 11 degrees, you can choose whichever position makes your wrists and hands feel the most comfortable for solid ergonomics. 

Of course, there’s far more to the HyperX than ergonomics as it offers a Game Mode, which ensures all of your keypresses are registered thanks to 100% anti-ghosting technology. Additionally, you have HyperX mechanical switches, which offer a short travel time with low actuation force all while being reliable for up to 80 million keypresses. 

The Alloy Origins also stands out with its onboard memory profiles so you can create your own custom-themed light show thanks to RGB backlit keys. Plus, you can make use of HyperX’s NGENUITY software to create your own lighting effects. 

Check out the HyperX Alloy Origins on Amazon.

Best Compatibility: Ducky One 3

Best Compatibility
Ducky One 3 TKL Pure White Hotswap RGB Mechanical Keyboard
  • Per-key programmable RGB
  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Featuring Ducky's all-new QUACK Mechanics design philosophy
  • Dual layer Hot-swap PCB w/ exclusive Kailh yellow hotswap sockets
  • Low profile One 3 case design in a wide array of exclusive color options
  • Dual-layer high-grade silicone and EVA foam sound dampeners
  • Improved PCB design, V2 stabilizers, and remapped Macro Layout
  • 3 level adjustable feet and Detachable Braided USB Type-C cable
  • White
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With support for every major computer operating system, the Ducky One 3 is a highly recommended mechanical keyboard option according to Reddit. 

As discussed in this thread on r/buildapc, the Ducky One 3 is a “very solid” option as indicated by multiple users with solid overall quality. Redditors especially called out their happiness with the Cherry MX switches. 

Fortunately, there is more to the Ducky One 3 than its switches as Ducky’s QUACK mechanics have created a stain-resistant keycap that is designed for fast movements and non-stop typing. Even with these solid keys, Ducky has still ensured the keys on the One 3 are hot-swappable so you can mount new switches in place quickly without any need or concern for soldering. 

Where the Ducky also shines is with its USB-C cable, which has a 1,000Hz polling rate, which means it’s talking to your computer 1,000 times per second, so there is zero lag. This type of great performance demands great looks, and the sleek design of the Ducky One 3 is an extra bonus that deserves a desk setup picture post on social media. 

Check out the Ducky One 3 on Amazon.

mechanical keyboard switch springs
A mechanical keyboard often has RGB lighting to help provide a personalized experience.


Best Value: Keychron K4

Best Value
Keychron K4 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • 96% layout
  • 100 keys
  • Bluetooth 5.1/Wired USB
  • Gateron G Pro
  • LED backlight
  • For Mac, Windows
  • Version 2
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12/02/2023 08:56 pm GMT

There is almost universal agreement on Reddit that there is no better mechanical keyboard than the Keychron K4 for under $100. 

With a 96% layout, you can get over 100 keys on the Keychron 4, which only serves to amplify why this Reddit thread on r/buildapc is doting over the keyboard. As a nicety, having such a large layout provides Keychron 4 buyers with not just a full-size keyboard, but also includes a number pad and a full row of function keys. Plus, you have a keyboard layout available for both Windows and Mac courtesy of hot-swappable extra keycaps. 

With a wireless option, the Keychron 4 can last up to 240 hours on a single charge if the backlit keys are disabled. Should you want to never worry about battery life, you can switch to a USB-C connection and plug right into your computer. 

When used as a wireless keyboard, Bluetooth 5.1 enables a connection for up to 3 devices at a single time. Regardless of which device you are connected to, the K4 makes use of Gateron G Pro mechanical brown switches for a tactile response that can last up to 50 million keystrokes. 

Check out the Keychron K4 on Amazon.

Best Budget-Friendly: Keychron C2

Best Budget-Friendly Keyboard
Keychron C2 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Full-sized 104 keys
  • Wired
  • For Mac, Windows
  • Layout with Gateron G Pro Brown switch
  • White LED backlight
  • Double shot ABS keycaps
  • USB-C
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12/02/2023 08:56 pm GMT

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard that delivers great quality overall, the Keychron C2 is the best way to go. 

Redditors on this thread in r/MechanicalKeyboards praise the feel of the keys and the sounds of the Keychron 2 as a favorite at a budget-friendly price point. Thankfully, being budget-friendly on the C2 doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features. 

A full-size keyboard with a number pad, the C2 shows off with an LED backlight that works on both Mac and Windows layouts. Optimized for Mac, you have all of the necessary functions right on the keyboard including buttons for “Option” and “Command.” You can toggle between Windows and macOS on the rear of the keyboard, making it easy to hot-swap between both operating systems. 

No matter which operating system you use with the C2, you have double-shot ABS keycaps that enable the LED light to shine through for a cool effect. Keeping the lights going on the C2 is a USB-C connection with a strong braided cable that connects directly to the backside of the keyboard without any concerns over battery life. 

Check out the Keychron C2 on Amazon.

Best Customization: Keychron V3

Best Customization
Keychron V3 Wired Custom Mechanical Keyboard
  • Wired
  • Knob version
  • TKL QMK/VIA programmable macro
  • Hot-swappable keychron K Pro red switch
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Frosted Black-Translucent
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12/02/2023 09:00 pm GMT

Even as many of the best mechanical keyboards offer some level of customization, the Keychron V3 just feels like it’s something special.

Over on this thread in r/buildapc, you have a number of Redditors who praise how “VERY customizable” the Keychron V3 is over the similarly priced competition. With an 80% keyboard layout, you have 87 different keys that can be customized, all of which include QMK and VIA support. Both of these features ensure that you can keymap all of your keys without needing to reflash any firmware, so even if you unplug the keyboard once in a while, your settings are not forgotten. 

The V3 was designed specially by Keychron to allow all keycaps, switches, gaskets, plates, and knobs to be updated however you might like. All of these customizable options are available through hot-swapping, including changing 3-pin and 5-pin MX mechanical switches. This means you can choose whether you want to use Cherry, Panda, Kailh, or Gateron switches without worrying about soldering. 

Even with all of these options, the Keychron V3 supports both Windows and macOS, with special design elements to help enable full support for Mac users. 

Check out the Keychron V3 on Amazon.

Best Mini Keyboard: RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61

Best Mini Keyboard
RK Royal Kludge RK61
  • 8 monochrome backlight modes and 1 full-color backlight
  • 61 keys
  • Ergonomically curved
  • Precision engineered keycaps
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12/02/2023 08:15 am GMT

What the RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 lacks in size, it more than makes up for in look and feel. 

Considered by this thread in r/best_keyboard as one of the best mechanical keyboards of 2023, the RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 is a great choice for many different types of keyboard users. Where it shines brightest is that Reddit considers it a “high-quality” mechanical keyboard for anyone who wants to game without breaking the bank. 

As a 60% size keyboard, the focus with the RK61 is on the main keyboard itself as it lacks a function row and number pad. Instead, the 61 keys provide more of a minimalist feel while still being an ideal solution for game genres like FPS, RPG, and strategy titles. 

Along with its gaming strengths, the RK61 also includes 18 RGB backlight modes for a little bit of personalization. Beyond lighting, the RK61 also excels with comfort as its raised design ensures more of a natural typing state without putting pressure on your wrists. 

Last but not least, the RK61 supports Windows, macOS, and Android while also skipping out on battery concerns thanks to the USB-C plug directly into the computer. 

Check out the RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

There is little question about the popularity of mechanical keyboards as they have become one of the most beloved computer accessories around.

Thankfully, instead of trying to read through hundreds of online reviews, you can turn to Reddit and discover the best keyboard models you should be considering today. Between r/MechanicalKeyboards and r/buildapc, there is undoubtedly a recommendation for you.

Summary Table

#1 Best OverallKeychron Q175% sizing layout, aluminum frame, programmable and remappable keyboard layout, hot-swappable keys, support for both 3-pin and 5-pin MX mechanical switches.
Best Overall Runner-UpRazer BlackWidow TE ChromaDesigned for gaming, Razer Green switch technology, 2-year warranty, ergonomic design with wrist rest, 16.8 million colors for RGB lighting.
Best for Keyboard AnglesHyperX Alloy Origins3 different adjustable keyboard angles, Game Mode, 100% anti-ghosting technology, HyperX mechanical switches, onboard memory profiles for custom-themed light show.
Best CompatibilityDucky One 3Cherry MX switches, stain-resistant keycap, hot-swappable keys, USB-C cable with 1,000Hz polling rate.
Best ValueKeychron K496% layout, full-size keyboard with number pad and function keys, wireless option, Bluetooth 5.1, Gateron G Pro mechanical brown switches.
Best Budget-FriendlyKeychron C2Full-size keyboard with number pad, LED backlight, optimized for Mac and Windows, double-shot ABS keycaps, USB-C connection.
Best CustomizationKeychron V380% keyboard layout, QMK and VIA support, customizable keycaps, switches, gaskets, plates, and knobs, supports both Windows and macOS.
Best Mini KeyboardRK ROYAL KLUDGE RK6160% size keyboard, 18 RGB backlight modes, raised design for comfort, supports Windows, macOS, and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mechanical keyboard according to Reddit?

Redditors are very much in love with the Keychron Q1 as their mechanical keyboard of choice. 

How much should you spend on a mechanical keyboard?

Ideally, you are likely to spend between $100 and $150 on a recommended model. 

Are mechanical keyboards compatible with both Windows and Mac?

While not every model is compatible with both, there are plenty of options for both operating systems. 

Can you change the keys on a mechanical keyboard?

The days of needing to solder new keys to a mechanical are looking more and more outdated as many keyboard manufacturers allow you to hot-swap. 

Should you choose a wired or wireless mechanical keyboard?

This is a personal preference as a corded model has less lag, but also limits your mobility whereas the opposite is true for a wireless model. 

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