Reddit’s 12 Best iPhone Cases Are Incredible

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Reddit’s 12 Best iPhone Cases Are Incredible

Key Points

  • The Apple Leather Case is Reddit’s recommended best overall iPhone case, praised for its premium feel, snug fit, and aging gracefully with a unique patina over time.
  • The Spigen Liquid Air is favored for its minimalistic design and superior protection, featuring a sleek geometric pattern and air cushion technology for shock absorption.
  • Casetify is the top choice for users seeking quirky designs, with a focus on durability and functionality, including eco-friendly materials in some case designs.
  • The Nomad Rugged Case is highly regarded for its durability and tactile feel, offering a blend of function and fashion with a charming patina over time.
  • The Spigen Tough Armor is ideal for active users, providing ultimate protection with reinforced corners, dual-layer design, and an anti-slip grip.

In an age where our smartphones are almost an extension of ourselves, the importance of a reliable protective case cannot be overstated. Reddit, the sprawling online community where countless discussions thrive, frequently hosts debates over the best iPhone cases. Through perusing these threads, a pattern emerges, showcasing which cases have indeed won the heart of the community. So, let’s dive into the intricacies of Reddit’s best iPhone cases.

hand holding iPhone 14 case on display
There are a multitude of options when selecting a protective cover for your iPhone.


Before we venture into the list, remember that the iPhone model and personal needs can influence a user’s preference for a particular case. Redditors favor and recommend these cases for their design, durability, and user feedback. Always make sure to check the compatibility with your specific iPhone model.

Now, let’s check out Reddit’s best iPhone cases:

Best Overall: Apple Leather Case

Best Overall
Apple Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max, Black
  • Made of European Leather
  • Will naturally develop a patina as time passes
  • Features aluminum buttons and a microfiber lining
  • Thoroughly tested
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12/02/2023 02:11 pm GMT

Apple’s very own Leather Case has garnered a devoted fanbase. Touted for its premium feel and snug fit, users have lauded its ability to age gracefully, acquiring a unique patina over time. Its buttons are tactile, and it provides a smooth grip, ensuring the phone doesn’t slide off surfaces quickly. Additionally, the case has precise cutouts, ensuring easy access to ports. The inner microfiber lining adds an extra layer of protection, guarding the iPhone against potential scratches and keeping it pristine.

Check out Apple’s Leather Case on Amazon.

Best for Minimalistic Design: Spigen Liquid Air

Minimalist Design
Spigen Liquid Air Armor for iPhone 14 Pro Case
  • Features Military grade protection from drops
  • Includes a matte surface for better grip
  • Has a slim, pocket-friendly profile
  • Includes anti-shock feature with Air Cushion tech
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12/02/2023 02:11 pm GMT

The Spigen Liquid Air, with its sleek design, has won admirers for its minimalistic appeal combined with superior protection. Its geometric pattern not only adds style but also enhances grip. Additionally, the case features air cushion technology for added shock absorption. This ensures that the iPhone remains safeguarded against accidental drops, making it a favorite among users seeking both aesthetics and functionality.

Check out the Spigen Liquid Air on Amazon.

Best for Quirky Designs: Casetify

Interestingly Quirky
CASETiFY Impact iPhone 14 Pro Case
  • Features drop protection up to 8.2 feet
  • Includes EcoShock technology to protect from shocks
  • Has been drop tested to the military standard
  • Includes a screen protecting raised bezel
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12/02/2023 02:11 pm GMT

Celebrated for its quirky designs and customizable options, Casetify has managed to carve a niche in the crowded world of phone accessories. Beyond aesthetics, the brand commits itself to durability and functionality. It’s not just the looks; users have noted its dependable protective features, with some citing that it saved their iPhones from daunting falls. Many also appreciate its eco-friendly approach, using recycled materials in some of its case designs.

Check out Casetify cases on Amazon.

Best Rugged Option: Nomad Rugged Case

Rugged Protection
Nomad Rugged Case - iPhone 14 Pro | Ash Green
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a polycarbonate frame
  • Features corner bumpers with extra reinforcement
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If rustic and rugged is your style, Nomad Goods is where your search ends. Their leather cases are well-regarded for their durability, and like the Apple Leather Case, they, too, develop a charming patina over time. Beyond aesthetics, many users appreciate the case’s tactile feel, which offers an additional sense of luxury. The case’s internal microfiber lining ensures the iPhone remains scratch-free, making it a blend of function and fashion.

Check out Nomad Goods on Amazon.

Best for Active Users: Spigen Tough Armor

Active Lifestyle
Spigen Tough Armor (MagFit) iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) - Black
  • Supports MagSafe
  • Includes a shock absorption feature
  • Features tactile buttons
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12/02/2023 02:11 pm GMT

Another gem from Spigen discussed in the iPhone thread, the Tough Armor MagSafe case, is designed specifically for those who lead an active lifestyle, from athletes to adventurers. With its reinforced corners, dual-layer design, and tactile button covers, it promises ultimate protection without adding excessive bulk. Its matte finish also provides an anti-slip grip, ensuring safety during vigorous activities.

Check out the Spigen Tough Armor MagSafe case on Amazon.

Best for Natural Materials: Mous Limitless

Natural Option
Mous - Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Features AiroShock technology that cushions impacts
  • Supports MagSafe
  • Warranty: limited lifetime
  • Believes in sustainability and is shipped in recyclable packaging
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12/02/2023 02:11 pm GMT

The Mous Limitless case strikes a balance between style and ruggedness. Its range, featuring natural materials like wood and leather, not only looks good but also provides excellent drop protection. Beyond its aesthetics, the case has been precision-engineered to ensure a snug fit, preserving the tactile sensation of the phone’s buttons. Users also appreciate the raised lip around the screen that provides an added layer of defense against front-facing drops. The blend of natural materials with innovative design has certainly made this case a crowd-favorite.

Check out the Mous Limitless case on Amazon.

Best for Drop Protection: OtterBox Defender

OtterBox iPhone 14 & iPhone 13 Defender Series Case
  • Includes a kickstand and holster clip
  • Features multi-layer construction for increased durability
  • Tested to military grade drop protection
  • Warranty: limited lifetime
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12/02/2023 02:12 pm GMT

A household name in phone protection, Reddit recognizes the OtterBox Defender series for its sturdiness. It boasts a multi-layered design, ensuring your iPhone remains shielded from both drops and sharp objects. The case also has port covers to keep out dust and debris, preventing potential damage. Its tactile buttons ensure responsiveness and the raised beveled edge helps safeguard your screen. Moreover, its easy-to-grip material ensures that your phone stays comfortably in your hand during usage.

Check out the OtterBox Defender series on Amazon.

Best for Durability: Pitaka MagEZ Pro

Extremely Durable
PITAKA MagEZ Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Made with Aramid fibre for extra durability
  • Features a textured surface for a comfortable, secure grip
  • Precisely cut for the optimum case profile
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Pitaka’s MagEZ Pro series is crafted from aramid fiber, a material synonymous with aerospace and military applications, ensuring unparalleled strength and durability. The case is discussed in this thread and features a slim profile, making it a favorite among those who dislike bulky cases, yet it doesn’t skimp on offering top-notch protection. The magnetic design isn’t just a gimmick; it provides seamless integration with a range of magnetic accessories, from car mounts to desk stands. This ensures that your iPhone remains secure and accessible, whether you’re on the go or at your workspace.

Check out the Pitaka’s MagEZ Pro on Amazon.

Best for Apple Fans: Apple Silicon Case

Fan Favorite
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Silicone Case - Midnight
  • Supports MagSafe
  • Features a silky feel due to the silicone material the case is made of
  • Includes a microfiber lining to protect your phone
  • Supports wireless charging
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12/02/2023 02:12 pm GMT

Soft to the touch and snug in fit, as discussed in this thread by Axillia, Apple’s Silicon Case offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Available in a plethora of colors, it’s perfect for those who prefer a clean and sleek look. The case has precision cut-outs ensuring easy access to ports and buttons. Its microfiber interior lining further safeguards the phone from scratches, while the outer surface provides a comfortable grip, reducing the chances of accidental drops. Moreover, the case seamlessly works with wireless chargers, ensuring uninterrupted charging experiences.

Check out the Apple Silicon Case on Amazon.

Best for Slim Design: Caudabe Sheath

The Caudabe Sheath is for minimalists who don’t want to sacrifice protection for style. It’s ultra-thin, ensuring that the iPhone retains its sleek profile. The case’s micro-etched texture provides a comfortable grip, preventing accidental slippages. Its design intricacies ensure enhanced tactile feedback, and its shock-absorbing qualities guarantee robust protection against everyday mishaps, making it a blend of both elegance and durability.

Check out the Caudabe Sheath on the manufacturer’s website.

Best for Precision Engineering: Rhinoshield Solidsuit

Precisely Engineered
RhinoShield Case Compatible with [iPhone 13] | SolidSuit
  • Features drop protection up to 11 feet
  • Includes a honeycomb structure inside the case for added shock absorption
  • A matte finish allows for better grip
  • Durable materials were used to make the case so that it will last longer
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12/02/2023 02:16 pm GMT

Rhinoshield’s Solidsuit series stands out for its precision engineering and thoughtful design. Beyond its notable robustness, it boasts a matte finish that ensures a non-slip grip, preventing accidental drops. Additionally, the case offers precise cutouts, ensuring easy access to ports and speakers. The case’s raised bezels further protect the screen and camera, making it a holistic guardian for your iPhone. The blend of style and function makes it a favorite among discerning users.

Check out the Rhinoshield Solidsuit series on Amazon.

Best Clear Design: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Clear Case
Spigen for iPhone 14 Pro Case
  • Includes technology to keep the clear cover from yellowing
  • Features military grade protection from drops
  • Features a bumper made of TPU for better drop protection
  • Wireless charging supported
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12/02/2023 02:16 pm GMT

Simplicity at its best, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case flaunts your iPhone’s design while offering a bumper to shield against unexpected falls. The case also features a crystal-clear back that allows the beauty of the iPhone to shine through. With raised edges to protect the camera and screen and precise cutouts for easy access to ports and buttons, it provides both style and functionality. Its durable material blend ensures longevity, making it a top choice for many iPhone enthusiasts.

Check out the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case on Amazon.


In a digital age dominated by smartphones, the quest for the ideal iPhone case has become a matter of both aesthetic preference and practical protection. Reddit, often seen as the pulse of online opinion, has illuminated a list of cases that satisfy both these requirements. Whether you’re drawn to the elegant patina of leather, the military-grade strength of aramid fiber, or the minimalist allure of a transparent back, there’s a case that aligns with your lifestyle and design preferences.

But remember, beyond the aesthetics, the primary function of these cases is to shield our prized devices from the inevitable hazards of daily life. These 12 cases, picked as Reddit’s best iPhone cases by Reddit’s discerning community, underscore the harmonious blend of design and durability. As smartphones continue to evolve, so too will our need for cases that protect without compromising on style. In this ever-evolving tech landscape, it’s comforting to know that the perfect protective companion for your iPhone might just be a click away.

Summary Table

RankiPhone CaseCategory
#1Apple Leather CaseBest Overall
#2Spigen Liquid AirBest for Minimalistic Design
#3CasetifyBest for Quirky Designs
#4Nomad Rugged CaseBest Rugged Option
#5Spigen Tough ArmorBest for Active Users
#6Mous LimitlessBest for Natural Materials
#7OtterBox DefenderBest for Drop Protection
#8Pitaka MagEZ ProBest for Durability
#9Apple Silicon CaseBest for Apple Fans
#10Caudabe SheathBest for Slim Design
#11Rhinoshield SolidsuitBest for Precision Engineering
#12Spigen Ultra HybridBest Clear Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPhone case provides the best drop protection?

While many cases offer excellent drop protection, brands like Otterbox Adventurer and Spigen Tough Armor are especially renowned for their robust designs that can withstand significant impact. However, always refer to the specific drop-test ratings and user reviews to determine the best fit for your needs.

Are there eco-friendly iPhone case options available?

Yes, some brands prioritize eco-friendly materials in their designs. Casetify, for example, uses recycled materials in some of its case designs. Always check the product details to determine the environmental impact of your chosen case.

Can I use wireless charging with these cases on?

Most modern iPhone cases, such as the Apple Silicon Case, are designed to be compatible with wireless charging. However, it’s essential to read the product specifications or consult user reviews to ensure wireless charging capability for a specific case.

How important is it to have raised edges or bezels on an iPhone case?

Raised edges or bezels can provide added protection against front-facing drops, ensuring the screen doesn’t come in direct contact with the surface when dropped flat. While it’s an added layer of security, the necessity might vary based on user preference and phone usage habits.

Are there iPhone cases that don't conceal the phone's original design?

Yes, many users prefer cases that showcase the iPhone’s design. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid, for instance, features a crystal-clear back, allowing the iPhone’s aesthetics to shine through. Look for “clear” or “transparent” cases if you prefer this style.

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