Reddit’s 5 Best Essay Writing Services Are Awesome

Reddit's Best Essay Writing Services

Reddit’s 5 Best Essay Writing Services Are Awesome

Key Points

  • Essay writing services are teams of professional writers that offer help with essays, including school essays, research papers, and book reports.
  • When looking for an essay writing service, it’s important to consider the quality of work, pricing, customer support, user experience, and testimonials from real users.
  • Reddit provides unbiased recommendations for essay writing services, with PaperHelp, BBQPapers, SpeedyPaper, 99Papers, and GradeMiners being among the top recommendations.
  • These services offer a range of features such as plagiarism reports, loyalty programs, fast turnaround times, unlimited revisions, and money-back guarantees.

Writing essays can be a challenging and daunting task. Whether you’re struggling with a deadline, trying to get your grades up, or feeling overwhelmed by research, using an essay writing service can help.

In this article, you’ll learn what to look for in an essay writing service, along with Reddit’s best recommendations.

What Is an Essay Writing Service?

An essay writing service is a team of professional writers that offer help with essays. If you struggle with writing, then they can be used to help you create unique and original essays.

These can be essays for school, research papers, book reports, and more. A lot of the writers also hold PhDs and master’s degrees to ensure they truly understand the subjects they’re writing about.

What to Look for in an Essay Writing Service

How do you find the essay writing service that’s best for you? Luckily, Reddit can help. The beauty of it is that the advice is often from actual users since promotional posts don’t do well on the platform. With that said, here’s what you should look for in a high-quality essay writing service.

The Quality of Work

The quality of work provided by essay writing services is an essential feature. After all, you want to get a good grade. You need a service that employs professional writers with advanced degrees and in-depth knowledge in their respective fields.

Plus, the final output should be well-structured, plagiarism-free, and thoroughly researched. Make sure to check the service’s reputation for providing high-quality work that’s delivered on time.


Your budget plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. Look for a service that offers affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the work.

Some services may have cheap prices but deliver subpar essays. On the other hand, expensive services may not always guarantee top-notch quality, either. If you can afford it, you may even want to try a few different essay writing services.

Customer Support

University Library: Gifted Black Girl uses Laptop, Writes Notes for the Paper, Essay, Study for Class Assignment. Diverse Multi-Ethnic Group of Students Learning, Studying for Exams, Talk in College
Essay writing services are similar to tutoring and advisor assistance, which means they technically don’t break any laws.


A responsive and helpful customer support team is vital for a smooth experience. The support team should be available 24/7 to answer your questions, assist with any issues, and help you throughout the process.

You can always put in a support request before you make a decision to see how fast their response is first-hand.

User Experience

Look for a platform with a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-navigate website. The writing service you choose should have a platform that lets you efficiently track your assignments, communicate with the writer, and receive updates on your order’s progress.

Additionally, consider the platform’s compatibility with mobile devices, since you may need to check in on your essays when you’re away from your laptop.

Testimonials and Real User Reviews

Always pay attention to customer reviews and testimonials. This is another reason Reddit is so valuable. Real feedback from other students can give you valuable insights into the service’s overall performance.

Look for reviews about the quality of work, deadlines, and how well they handle revisions or concerns. However, be cautious of fake accounts and overly positive reviews.

Reddit’s Best Essay Writing Services

How do you find the essay writing service that’s best for you? Luckily, Reddit can help. The beauty of Reddit is that the advice is often unbiased since promotional posts tend to get downvoted. Below you’ll find a list of Reddit’s best essay writing services that are recommended by users.

1. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a high-quality and reliable essay writing service. The essays range from PhD-level to your standard college essay. You can also get a plagiarism feedback report for your essay upon request.

Prices start at $10 per page. Plus, there are all kinds of discounts available through different promo codes. However, if you need an essay on a tight deadline, then expect to pay more for a fast turnaround.

2. BBQPapers

hand working on paper for proofreading
BBQPapers is considered the best essay writing service for research papers and dissertations.

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Next up is BBQPapers, one of the top essay writing services. They can assist with everything from PhD-level work to standard college essays. With your final essay order, you’ll also receive an originality report and an editorial check.

Now, it is one of the more expensive essay writing services, but you get what you pay for. There’s also a loyalty program, where you can earn points for every essay you purchase, which can then be converted into discounts on future essays.

3. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper is another highly recommended essay writing service. It’s known for its fast turnaround time and reliable service. Plus, every essay you purchase includes a free plagiarism report.

The pricing starts at $9 per page, which is much lower than other services. Plus, there’s a refund policy, so you can get your money back if you’re dissatisfied with the service.

4. 99Papers

99Papers is another top essay writing service that puts a focus on around-the-clock customer support. No matter what time of day you request an essay, you’ll get a response. Your essay orders also come with unlimited revisions.

What’s more, it’s one of the most affordable essay writing services, starting at around $9 for a single page. There are also payment plans available if you place an order for over $600. The only thing that isn’t included is free plagiarism reports, which you have to pay extra for.

5. GradeMiners

GradeMiners is another quality essay writing service. Beyond providing essays for students, they also provide other types of reports, like PowerPoint presentations. Another thing that GradeMiners is known for is its speed.

It’s not the cheapest service out there, starting at around $15 per page, but the price also includes unlimited revisions. Keep in mind, there have been some complaints about papers that cover complex topics. However, no matter what, you’re covered by their money-back guarantee.

Closing Thoughts: Reddit’s Best Essay Writing Services

As you can see, there are a variety of different essay writing services for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the highest quality essay available, or a cheaper one that you can edit and make your own, there are a ton of options to suit your needs.

Keep in mind that using an essay writing service probably goes against your school’s guidelines and policies, so using one is generally frowned upon by teachers and professors.

Also, make sure the essay service you use provides a plagiarism report or allows you to purchase one. That way, you know that the work you’re submitting is unique.

With that said, you can easily find the best essay service for your needs; one that helps you keep up with your demanding course schedule.

Summary Table

RankEssay Writing ServiceNotable Features
#1PaperHelpOffers a plagiarism feedback report upon request, discounts available through promo codes
#2BBQPapersOffers an originality report and an editorial check with final essay order, has a loyalty program
#3SpeedyPaperKnown for fast turnaround time, includes a free plagiarism report with every essay
#499PapersOffers around-the-clock customer support, includes unlimited revisions with essay orders
#5GradeMinersProvides other types of reports like PowerPoint presentations, known for speed, includes unlimited revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people actually use essay writing services?

Yes, essay writing services are very popular. The goal of essay writing companies is to help struggling students complete their academic assignments, or help get caught up if they’re falling behind.

Is it safe to order an essay online?

Yes, as long as you order from a trustworthy provider. Make sure you choose a provider that offers secure payment methods. Also, the service provider should have a website that’s secured by SSL. If you’re using a modern web browser, then you’ll receive a warning if it isn’t.

Is it legal to use essay writing services?

Yes, using essay writing services is legal. However, using essays that other people have written counts as cheating and can have you expelled from your institution. Also, most teachers have a pretty good sense of what a student is capable of and can suspect that you didn’t write your own essay.

Do ghostwritten essays show up on Turnitin?

No, ghostwritten essays are completely unique content, so they won’t show up. Since the tool compares your text to a text that’s already been published, it shouldn’t show up. However, if your essay is plagiarized by the original ghostwriter, then it will.

Do essay writing services check for plagiarism?

Overall, it depends on the essay writing service you choose. Some services provide a free plagiarism report that shows your essay is 100% unique, while others will require you to pay for the report.

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