Reddit’s Best E-Bikes Are Awesome

Reddit's best e-bikes

Reddit’s Best E-Bikes Are Awesome

In today’s guide, we’re turning to the experts of the internet for advice, and breaking down Reddit’s best e-bikes. Electric bikes are one of the most desirable forms of transportation for those looking for a little exercise and a breath of fresh air on their commute.

However, picking the right one for you can prove quite difficult if you’re new to the industry. We went directly to the source to hear what real people from all walks of life recommend as the best to buy. 

Some of these brands you may have heard of before, and some might be new. Either way, we’re seeing what all the fuss is about and offering some helpful tips and tricks for beginners looking to get their first e-bike. Let’s dive in!

Is an E-Bike Right for Me?

If you’ve never owned an e-bike before and are brand new to the market, you may find yourself wondering if you even need it. There are pros and cons to having an e-bike.

On the one hand, it really helps on your daily commute or to make that weekend, leisurely bike ride more enjoyable thanks to the extra help. E-bikes are quite versatile and can help you get up those big hills.

They also know when to back off and let you peddle on your own, which makes them a great asset to have for an average bike rider.

On the other hand, even the cheapest e-bike will be much harder on the wallet than a traditional peddle bike. The maintenance upkeep can eat away at your wallet even more sometimes.

Not to mention the fact that if you forget to charge it, it’ll be like riding a normal bike with the added weight of a battery and motor. So, there’s certainly more to think about. 

There are plenty of reasons to buy an e-bike. But the hard part is often deciding which one to get. If you’re a first-timer, this is an even more important decision.

Specialized Globe Haul vs. Aventon Soltera
An e-bike can give you that extra push when you need it, allowing you to cycle further and faster than a regular bike.


Aspects to Consider

Since you’ve decided to get an e-bike, there’s quite a bit to consider regarding your purchase. Certain qualities to keep in mind are how much extra weight you will be adding to the bike through groceries or work supplies.

Do you want to be able to transport other people with you on the bike? Do you care about how fast it can go, or how long the battery can last?

Considering what type of e-bike is ideal for your particular situation is a task in itself. Plus, there are plenty of reasons to avoid a new e-bike altogether. So, let’s look at a few different factors you should keep in mind if you’re thinking about joining the e-bike community.


Arguably one of the most important things to consider when deciding which e-bike is right for you is how much you are willing to spend. E-bikes can start around $500-$600 for a basic bike that will likely not last you more than a few years.

Some e-bikes come with more accessories and specs than you could imagine, but they will cost you several thousand dollars to get.

If you want to get backup batteries, chargers, accessories like racks, or necessities like helmets, all of that will be a pretty penny, too. So, first, decide how much you’re willing to spend.


The specs of an e-bike are the next best thing to consider for your purchase. You don’t need to know all the ins and outs of the technology if you don’t want to, but it’s important to pay attention to what you’re buying.

You may like the frame of one e-bike and decide to purchase it only to discover that it has an expected range of 50 miles, and you were looking for 100. It may be non-negotiable to you for the battery to be removable.

aventon soltera
Pay attention to the various components of your e-bike, such as the type of brakes, and how many gears it has.


But not all e-bikes are capable of this. Consider what’s important to you for your e-bike, and look for those options within your budget.


What will you be using your bike for? Does it need to be compact for frequent travel or just dependable for your daily commute? Would you prefer a foldable bike or the lightest e-bike on the market that’s compatible with you?

While e-bikes are obviously a mode of transportation, they aren’t all capable of the same things. One bike might have a weight capacity of 300 pounds but won’t handle any sort of rough terrain.

Another bike may have an 80-mile range but weigh 70 pounds, which would not be fun carrying up to your third-floor apartment and back down again. Keep in mind what you want to use the bike for, and pay attention to what it’s designed to do. 

Battery and Range

If you’re new to the e-bike world, you may not be familiar with the general battery and range expectations of an e-bike. A typical e-bike range is somewhere between 40-60 miles on a full battery charge, and a full charge usually takes at least a few hours.

There can, of course, be variations to this. But, keep in mind that increases in power and range typically come with increases in price or sacrifices in other ways.

e-bike battery
Battery life is super important, so pay close attention to the battery capacity and range of your e-bike.


Reddit’s Best Electric Bikes

Now that you know what to consider, let’s take a look at Reddit’s best recommendations for e-bikes to help you narrow down your selection.

1. Gazelle C380

Sure, it might not be from one of the big-name e-bike companies, but the Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB is what’s hot on the market right now. This was one of the top recommendations from an avid e-bike enthusiast.

They stated their favorite aspects of the bike included the step-through frame for easy mounting, the belt drive, and how silent it was. They also stated that it was an excellent choice for commuters. 

There are quite a few great things about this bike, though. For starters, it comes with a Bosch Performance Line engine and has a top speed of 20 mph, making it a class 1 e-bike.

This bike has a variety of warranties to cover various aspects of the build, including a 2-year warranty for the motor and battery and a 10-year warranty for the frame. It has a maximum range of 65 miles on a single charge, and the battery is removable for easy recharge when needed.

This e-bike comes in two shades of blue and was designed with the average commuter in mind. So, while it’s not necessarily a mountain bike, it will easily get you where you need to go in the city or the suburbs.

There are actually seven different models of the Gazelle C380 with various specs to consider, but the lowest price is about $3,599, so this will not be the cheapest option on this list. 

2. Fiido M21

The Fiido M21 was another enthusiastic response on this Reddit thread. It was recommended because of its incredible torque sensor that kicks in right when you need it, no more no less. This would be a great choice for those looking for a bike with a little help when facing hills, or just when you get tired. 

The Fiido comes with fat tires for the best grip. It’s optimal for rougher terrains, including excess gravel, sand, like on a beach, and puddles — even a jungle would be accessible to this bike.

It comes with a max speed of 24.8 mph and an expected range of 62 miles on a single charge. It’s capable of getting to a full charge in just 7 hours and even folds in half for ease of transportation.

In addition to the fat tires, it’s got an incredible shock-absorbing suspension. So, even the roughest terrains feel like the pavement. At a price of $1,499, this isn’t the cheapest e-bike out there, but it’s certainly not one of the most expensive. Frankly, what you get with this bike is well worth the price. 

3. Building Your Own E-Bike

This was a surprisingly common recommendation, though certainly not the easiest option to choose. Many e-bike enthusiasts, even those brand new to the craft, highly recommend building your own e-bike to easily meet all of your preferences and specifications. 

It does sound somewhat simple if you can follow instructions. And, if you aren’t into all the bells and whistles, it can be one of the cheapest options. If you have the right setup, you can even convert your current traditional bike into an e-bike with the right parts and equipment.

With that said, there are going to be several local laws and regulations in your area regarding e-bikes, so be sure to do your research on the safety and legal aspects of this option before pursuing it. 

If you’re already good with machinery, this may be a great option to pursue. These days, building your own e-bike will likely cost you a similar amount of money to some of the cheaper e-bikes you can find on the market today — an average of $700 for the right kit to build your bike. 

4. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike
ANCHEER Electric Bike
  • 21 speeds
  • 26-inch wheels
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Great for commuting and mountain biking
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2023 11:30 pm GMT

For those looking for an e-bike that won’t break the bank, Ancheer is one of the best options. Not only can you find this bike on Amazon, but it’s one of the cheapest options. It also has 4.3 /5 stars and over 1,700 reviews. 

This is not going to be the top-of-the-line e-bike option, but it comes with everything you need it to. This includes an expected range of 40 miles before a recharge, an LCD display showing you everything you need to know, a removable battery for ease of charge, and even a convenient parts replacement design.

This means that if one aspect breaks down, you can easily replace it without needing a whole new bike. While there are a few Ancheer options on Amazon right now, this one, in particular, is going for just $389.99.

This is nearly unheard of in the e-bike world, and for what you get out of it, it’s one of our top recommendations. 

5. Electric Bike Company: Model E

The Electric Bike Company was recommended for anyone on the taller side or anyone looking for a bike capable of a high weight capacity. Virtually any Electric Bike Company e-bike will suffice for these needs. But we’re going to focus on the Model E.

The Model E has an expected range of 70 miles on a full charge and can go up to 28 mph. It also has a weight capacity of 420 pounds, so you’ll have no problem transporting heavy groceries or anything else you need to bring with you.

What’s more, it has a classic bike-style look to it, and you even have choices when it comes to the seat and grip options. It even comes fully assembled and ready to be used, so there’s no hassle in trying to put it together.

Not only is this bike an exceptional machine, but it’s also extremely personalizable. The Electric Bike Company has dozens of colors to choose from for nearly every component of the bike.

You also get to select your fork type, wheel size, type of wheel, battery size, handlebar style, seat style, and much more. With a starting price of $1,499, this might just be one of the best choices on the market for optimal personalization and efficiency in an e-bike. 

6. Ancheer Electric Folding E-Bike

Best Value
ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike
  • Shimano 7-speed gears
  • 20-inch wheels
  • Front suspension
  • 350W motor
  • High-strength aluminum fork
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/03/2023 08:40 am GMT

If you’re brand new to the e-bike world and aren’t even sure what you want or if you’ll like it, then Ancheer is just a great place to start. They can be found on Amazon so they’re easy to get ahold of, and they’re a great starter choice for anyone looking to test out having an e-bike without breaking the bank. 

In addition to the other Ancheer model mentioned above, the Ancheer Electric Folding E-Bike is a great option for any e-bike enthusiasts on the go. As the name suggests, this bike folds in half, so it can be tucked in nicely in the office or in your home.

It has a weight capacity of 265 pounds and even comes with a cargo rack for easy transportation. This foldable e-bike has all the necessary features of a great e-bike, including an LCD display, a removable battery, 7 speeds, and much more. 

The Ancheer Electric Foldable Bike comes in two different colors and has a one-year limited warranty. At a price of just $399.99, this is one of the best, most accessible budget options on the market today.

Summary Table

RankE-BikeKey FeaturesPrice
#1Gazelle C380Step-through frame, silent, Bosch Performance Line engine, top speed of 20 mph, maximum range of 65 miles, removable battery$3,599
#2Fiido M21Torque sensor, fat tires, max speed of 24.8 mph, expected range of 62 miles, foldable, shock-absorbing suspension$1,499
#3Building Your Own E-BikeCustomizable to personal preferences and specifications, potential cost savingsAverage $700 for a kit
#4Ancheer Electric Mountain BikeExpected range of 40 miles, LCD display, removable battery, parts replacement design$389.99
#5Electric Bike Company: Model EExpected range of 70 miles, top speed of 28 mph, weight capacity of 420 pounds, fully assembled, highly customizable$1,499
#6Ancheer Electric Folding E-BikeFoldable, weight capacity of 265 pounds, cargo rack, LCD display, removable battery, 7 speeds$399.99

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right electric bike?

Compare the cost, class, and type of bike to figure out the best option for your riding needs. Some are designed for top speeds on roads while others have off-road capabilities and rugged suspension systems.

What is a Class 3 e-bike?

A class 3 bike is one that is capable of up to 28 miles per hour while using pedal assistance. These bikes are generally the most regulated class and may not be allowed on the same trails and roads as class 1 and class 2 electric models.

What are the different types of electric bike motors?

It all comes down to where the motor is mounted. Some models have motors mounted on the front hub, rear hub, or in a mid-drive position. The position of the motor can affect the cost, lifetime, and overall convenience of the e-bike.

Are e-bikes considered motor vehicles?

This definitely depends on where you live and the type of bike you have, but in general, no. You don’t need to register an e-bike or get a license to ride it, but they do have a cap on speed and are not permitted to go where motor vehicles are allowed. It’s best to look into the local laws for your area in order to understand the e-bike regulations that will apply to you.

Are e-bikes good for exercise?

Yes! E-bikes are still a great form of exercise, even with the added motor, since you still have to pedal some to get the motor to kick in. It also takes some effort just to keep yourself on the bike, so it’s still a great way to exercise outdoors.

Do e-bikes need insurance?

For the most part, e-bikes will come with some kind of warranty and will likely cover anything going amiss with the bike during that period. Insurance is not required to ride the bike lawfully, but it is worth looking into accident insurance just in case if your warranty doesn’t cover it.

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