Reddit’s 10 Best Chrome Extensions Are Essential

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Reddit’s 10 Best Chrome Extensions Are Essential

Key Points

  • Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that enhance functionality and customize the user experience of the browser.
  • The most popular types of Chrome extensions include ad blockers, password managers, productivity tools, social media managers, privacy tools, tab managers, and streaming enhancers.
  • Reddit’s top 10 Chrome extensions include Shut Up, Tab Snooze, The Great Suspender, I Don’t Care About Cookies, PayPal Honey, uBlock Origin, Buster, Grammarly, SponsorBlock for YouTube, and Privacy Badger.

Google Chrome extensions are a modern marvel of web browsing. At least, that’s what Chrome-devoted Reddit threads argue. In the big, wide world of Google Chrome add-ons, a selection of hidden gems has captured the hearts of Redditors. These best Chrome extensions have been hailed for their ability to revolutionize the browsing experience, unleashing a wave of productivity, convenience, and personalization in the process. Let’s take a look at Reddit’s most cherished Chrome extensions available today.

What Is a Chrome Extension?

Laptop tab opened to Google.
Google Chrome extensions help simplify your browsing experience and boost productivity.


Never heard of a Chrome extension before? Prepare to have your life (or, at the very least, your web browsing experience) changed forever. Simply put, Chrome extensions are small software programs users can install on their Google Chrome web browser to enhance functionality and customize the user experience. Think of them like mini-apps that add new features, tools, or modifications to Chrome without altering the browser’s core structure. In short, Chrome extensions are designed to make tasks easier, improve productivity, and provide personalized options for Chrome users.

Chrome extensions exist to provide users with additional tools or modifications that are not part of the browser’s default settings. They can be created by developers or companies, allowing anyone to contribute to the Chrome ecosystem and cater to diverse user needs. Subsequently, you can find Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store. Just type “Chrome Web Store” into a Chrome tab to find it. Then, once an extension is installed, you can access its menu or settings by clicking the icon in the Chrome toolbar next to the search bar at the top of the page.

The most popular types of Chrome extensions include ad blockers, password managers, productivity tools, social media managers, privacy tools, tab managers, and streaming enhancers. While most Chrome extensions can be incredibly useful, it’s essential to be cautious and only install extensions from reputable sources. Additionally, some extensions may request access to your data, so be sure to read reviews and check permissions before adding them to your browser. You don’t inadvertently want to get into trouble with a shady app. However, rest assured that you can trust those listed below.

Reddit’s Best Chrome Extensions

No matter how you use the browser, Reddit insists these 10 best Chrome extensions can improve your web experience. Brace yourself for a collection of innovative tools that have earned the admiration of countless users and continue to redefine the way we navigate the online world. Did Reddit highlight your most-used Chrome extension? Did they forget any of your favorites? Read on to see the full list.

10. Shut Up

User settings for Shut Up Chrome extension.
The Shut Up Chrome extension automatically hides comment sections.


The Shut Up extension is a lifesaver for those annoyed by putrid comment sections on the Internet. With this extension, you’ll never see any comment section again. That is, unless you choose to enable it on a certain website in the extension’s settings. Shut Up hides the comment section by default, protecting your eyes and your brain from the worst the Internet has to offer. It’s clear to see why Reddit would name this one of the best Chrome extensions. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a peaceful, comment-section-free experience?

9. Tab Snooze

Tab Snooze pop-up notification on Chrome.
Tab Snooze lets users save tabs for a later time.


Reddit users often name Tab Snooze as one of the best Chrome extensions ever. This tool helps keep your browser tabs tidy and your mind focused by “sleeping” certain tabs. This simply means the tab will close and re-open at a set time of your choice. Tab Snooze helps you keep your Chrome tabs to a minimum without having to bookmark them or keep them open all day. This helps your browser stay fast, your computer stay efficient, and your mind stay focused until you have the time to give the tab the attention it deserves.

8. The Great Suspender

User settings for The Great Suspender Chrome extension.
Sleep inactive tabs with The Great Suspender extension.


Looking for a faster Chrome experience? Reddit users suggest you try The Great Suspender. This useful extension automatically puts inactive Chrome tabs to sleep. As a result, you reduce your browser’s memory usage and boost your browser’s performance at once. Looking at all the advanced options offered by the tool, it’s no wonder Redditors name it one of the best Chrome extensions available. Set The Great Suspender to sleep tabs after a certain time, list specific tabs to never sleep, and so on. Your computer will thank you for all this newfound speed.

7. I Don’t Care About Cookies

I Don't Care About Cookies extension in Chrome Web Store.
Download the I Don’t Care About Cookies extension to stop cookie pop-ups.


Will the endless cookie pop-ups ever stop? With the I Don’t Care About Cookies extension, you can finally get rid of the pesky things from your Chrome browser. This nifty extension quietly removes those annoying cookie warnings, streamlining your browsing experience and saving you time and frustration in the process. Reddit names this one of the best Chrome extensions for its ease of use and limitless implementations. It’s one of the few extensions you know is going to come in handy on practically every site you visit.

6. PayPal Honey

Honey extension on Target's website.
Use the Honey Chrome extension to save money shopping online.


One of the most glaring differences between in-person and online shopping is a lack of coupons for the latter. They hardly ever show up, and when they do, they don’t even work half the time. Thankfully, Reddit has high praise for the Chrome extension PayPal Honey. You see, PayPal Honey finds and applies the best coupon codes for your online shopping trips across the Internet. This saves you both time and money. No need to search for buggy expired codes — Honey has a list ready for you to use.

5. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin on New York Times website.
uBlock Origin goes beyond mere ad blocking to clean up your web pages.


These days, an ad blocker alone struggles to keep your web browsing experience free from annoying interruptions. Ads are getting smarter, and only the best Chrome extensions understand this. A prime example of this is uBlock Origin, a powerful blocker that transcends mere advertisements. This tool eliminates ads, trackers, overlays, cookies, malicious URL block lists, and more. It’s the most powerful Chrome extension of its kind, doing lots of heavy lifting to keep your browsing clean, fast, and safe from unwanted content.

4. Buster

Buster Chrome extension page on Chrome Web Store.
Use Buster to automatically solve CAPTCHAs on Chrome.


What does it say about CAPTCHAs that people seem to get more tripped up by them than the bots they exist to stop? They’re annoying and unreliable and nobody likes having to solve them. It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming CAPTCHAs with the Chrome extension Buster. Reddit loves Buster because it solves those pesky CAPTCHA puzzles for you, making sign-ups and logins more hassle-free than ever. It’s consistently named as one of Reddit’s best Chrome extensions because of the sheer number of uses it has daily.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome extension on Google Docs.
Use the Grammarly Chrome extension to improve your writing across the web.


Odds are, you’ve probably used Grammarly’s site at least once before. For some, however, Grammarly gets used every single day. (Sometimes multiple times a day, even.) This is where the Grammarly Chrome extension comes into play. None of the other best Chrome extensions can improve your writing like Grammarly. It checks your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, making sure your messages, emails, and posts are error-free and well-written. Reddit users swear by Grammarly’s ability to improve their writing across the web.

2. SponsorBlock for YouTube

SponsorBlock active on YouTube video.
SponsorBlock lets you skip right over sponsored content on YouTube.


Take control of your YouTube experience with SponsorBlock. This Chrome extension skips all sponsored segments, intros, and outros in YouTube videos so that you can enjoy your videos without interruptions or sales pitches. With more and more YouTubers hiding sponsored content discreetly within otherwise normal videos, SponsorBlock helps you avoid those irritating commercial breaks and stick to what matters: Sponsor-free YouTube videos. Plus, if you see sponsored content in a video SponsorBlock somehow missed, you can flag it manually to skip for future viewers.

1. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger enabled on Amazon's site.
The Privacy Badger Chrome extension blocks ads, trackers, and more.


Topping the list of Reddit’s best Chrome extensions? Privacy Badger: a tool that helps users guard your online privacy like a pro. Privacy Badger blocks all trackers and ads that monitor your online behavior, ensuring you can browse the web without sacrificing your privacy — something that grows more rare with each passing day. Redditors across the site agree that Privacy Badger is the most essential Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store today. It’s more than just an ad blocker. It’s an everything blocker that finally gives you some much-needed peace.

Summary Table

RankChrome Extension
#1Privacy Badger
#2SponsorBlock for YouTube
#5uBlock Origin
#6PayPal Honey
#7I Don’t Care About Cookies
#8The Great Suspender
#9Tab Snooze
#10Shut Up

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Chrome extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are small software programs that you can install on the Chrome browser to add extra features, tools, or modifications. They help enhance browsing by customizing the browser’s functionality according to your needs.

How do you install Google Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store. Just search for the extension you want, click on “Add to Chrome,” and then confirm the installation. The extension’s icon will appear in the toolbar, indicating that it’s ready to use.

Is it safe to download Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store are generally quite safe. Google reviews and verifies the extensions before they are available for installation. However, it’s crucial to be cautious and check permissions before installing. Stick to well-known extensions with positive reviews to reduce any potential risks.

Can you use Chrome extensions on other browsers?

Chrome extensions are developed and released specifically for Google Chrome web browsers. As such, they will not work on any other browser. However, some browsers — such as Opera and Microsoft Edge — have their own extension support. You can check their extension stores to see what they have to offer.

Will Chrome extensions slow down your browser?

Browsing speeds and any interruptions you may face depend entirely on the extension in question. Some extensions may impact browser performance by using extra resources. Others may keep things running as normal. To ensure a smooth experience, avoid installing too many extensions and stick to reputable ones. You should also periodically review and remove extensions you no longer need.

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