Reddit’s 15 Best Budget Apps Are Worth Checking Out Today

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Reddit’s 15 Best Budget Apps Are Worth Checking Out Today

Key Points

  • Reddit is a great place to find budget app recommendations, with subreddits like r/frugal, r/personalfinance, and r/budget offering valuable insights and advice.
  • Some of the best budget apps recommended by Reddit users include Monefy, Buddy, NerdWallet, Money Manager Budget Planner, and Spendee.
  • Other popular budget apps on Reddit’s list include Spending Tracker, Debit & Credit, Pennies, Money Manager Expense & Budget, Quicken Simplifi, Copilot, PocketGuard, EveryDollar, Mint, and YNAB.

Desperate for the perfect budget app to get your finances in check but not convinced one actually exists? Reddit has you covered. Across multiple subreddits and throughout thousands of discussions, Redditors have assembled a list of the best budget apps you can trust. Each one of the apps we’ve listed below has been tried, tested, and loved by the Reddit community at large. Whether you’re a budgeting newbie or a financial pro, you’re bound to find the perfect budgeting companion on this Reddit-approved list. Let’s dive in below!

Where to Find Reddit’s Best Budget App Recommendations

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Reddit is always an excellent place to find personalized recommendations from real people.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect budget app to keep your finances in check, look no further. Reddit is like a digital hub for sharing real-life experiences. Each subreddit is home to hundreds — if not thousands — of individuals, each talking about their personal preferences and favorite things. This is why it’s such a good place to find budget app recommendations. From the frugal living enthusiasts of r/frugal to the personal finance gurus at r/personalfinance or the budgeting aficionados over at r/budget, the platform is the perfect place to find your new favorite budget app.


Many of Reddit’s top budget app recommendations live on the r/frugal subreddit. This community is all about being smart with your money, finding ways to save, and — you guessed it — living frugally. Members share their favorite budgeting tools and apps to help others manage their finances efficiently. (Though many prefer a simple spreadsheet, which is the epitome of frugality.) Here, you’ll find advice on which apps are cost-effective and deliver the best bang for your buck. It’s true to its name indeed.


Reddit’s r/personalfinance subreddit is another treasure trove of budgeting app recommendations. This community is dedicated to helping individuals take control of their financial lives, no matter the cost or the sacrifice involved. Members regularly share their experiences with different budgeting apps and offer insights into which ones are most effective for their unique financial goals. You can find recommendations for apps for beginners or those with more complex financial situations. Reddit users on r/personalfinance also honestly discuss the pros and cons of each app.


For more recommendations, r/budget is yet another subreddit to check out. This community is specifically focused on budgeting tips, tools, and discussions. Members of this subreddit often share their personal experiences with budgeting apps — including their favorites and why they recommend them. You can find insights on both free and paid apps here, as well as opinions on which apps offer the best features for tracking income, spending, and savings. They’re a passionate community committed to helping one another achieve their budgeting goals.

Reddit’s Best Budget Apps

Now, let’s take a look at Reddit’s best budget apps. Whether you’re a frugal-minded individual, a personal finance enthusiast, or just someone looking to make sense of your money, each of these 15 apps has earned their place in the spotlight. Let’s review each one at length below, making special note of why the Reddit community prefers each one on the list. Be warned that some may come with additional fees or in-app purchases beyond the cost to download. Let’s count down the best of the best below.

15. Monefy: Money Tracker

Monefy app in App Store.
Track your spending simply with Monefy.

Monefy is a user-friendly budget app that Reddit loves for its simplicity. It’s easy to track expenses and income, and users appreciate its clean design and customization options for spending categories. Plus, it provides support for multiple currency types. This makes it widely adaptable for multiple regions beyond the United States. It does require a premium subscription to unlock all features, but, as you’ll see, this is pretty typical of most budget apps. Monefy Pro has a onetime fee of $2.99, while Monefy Premium costs $59.99 a year.

14. Buddy

Buddy app in App Store.
The Buddy app is ideal for those with multiple people in the household.

While they call it a personal finance app, Buddy is actually intended for multiple budgeters living under one roof. From friends to roommates to partners to spouses, Buddy makes it easy to share a budget with others. Not to mention, it includes quick calculations for splitting bills and other tabs. Reddit users adore Buddy for this collaborative feature. Its real-time syncing and expense tracking make it a hit among those looking for shared financial management. Its Premium plan costs $49.99 a year, or $59.99 for unlimited access.

13. NerdWallet

Nerdwallet app in App Store.
One of the more popular apps on the list is NerdWallet.

You might have heard of NerdWallet before. Its ad campaigns are rampant across the Internet and television. As it turns out, this overexposure is for a good reason. It’s one of the most beloved budget apps out there. Reddit’s trust in NerdWallet stems from its extensive financial advice and library of useful budgeting tools. Users admire its comprehensive financial education and tools for comparing credit cards and loans, making it a valuable resource for even the most inexperienced budgeters.

12. Money Manager Budget Planner

Money Manager app in App Store.
Check out Money Manager Budget Planner for your budgeting needs.

Following up NerdWallet is no easy feat. Still, the online budgeting community might prefer Money Manager Budget Planner a little more over the previous popular app. You see, Reddit appreciates Money Manager for its sleek budgeting and planning capabilities. Users love its advanced features for analyzing spending patterns and forecasting future finances. It uses vibrant colors and snazzy icons to monitor and track your spending. This makes it easier to follow the most essential information on the screen.

11. Spendee

Spendee app in App Store.
Use Spendee for comprehensive budgeting.

No, that’s not a typo. This app is really called Spendee (good luck getting autocorrect to ignore that one). The app’s quick expense input and insightful reports make it a Reddit favorite for convenient expense tracking. Reddit users have flocked to Spendee in droves for its elegant and intuitive design. It has useful tools to help you optimize spending and clever animations to help you get a better understanding of your habits. Plus, it has support for crypto and other financial accounts beyond your checking and savings.

10. Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker app in App Store.
The Spending Tracker app is ideal for old-school budgeters.

Not every Reddit user likes all the bells and whistles that come with other budget apps. Some like a nice, simple interface that presents their budgeting info without frills. This is what Spending Tracker is for. Reddit loves the app for its no-nonsense approach to budgeting. Its straightforward interface and ability to view daily, weekly, or monthly spending summaries are both highly praised. Plus, its pro upgrade is only $2.99. Who wants a budgeting app that costs a fortune to use? Spending Tracker users understand this perfectly well.

9. Debit & Credit

Debit & Credit app in App Store.
Redditors speak very highly of Debit & Credit.

Debit & Credit is another ultra-simple budgeting app that Reddit users can’t speak highly enough of. Its interface resembles the look and feel of Apple’s iOS, which makes it easy to fit right into your existing routines.  It’s as if Apple itself made the app. Reddit users are also drawn to Debit & Credit for its exceptional account management and transaction categorization. The app’s detailed financial insights and secure data storage earn it Reddit’s trust. Best of all, a year of premium access is just $19.99.

8. Pennies

Pennies app in App Store.
Save more than just pennies with the Pennies app.

While most budgeting apps have hidden fees, it’s rare to see one that puts the payment upfront. Pennies does, however. Charging users $4.99 to download, Pennies asks you to fork over the cost of a subscription before you begin. Then, it doesn’t ask a dime of you again. (Or should we say a penny?) Reddit actually appreciates Pennies for this transparency. Its overall simplicity and tight focus on daily budgeting are also big pluses. Not to mention, its visual representations of daily spending and user-friendly experience make it an easy favorite.

7. Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager app in App Store.
For an iOS-esque look, turn to Money Manager Expense & Budget.

Not to be confused with the #12 app on the list of Reddit’s best budget apps, Money Manager Expense & Budget is distinctly different from Money Manager Budget Planner. This app is perfect for those who appreciate a good graph. The app’s customizable chart categories, robust graphing features, and data export options are all highly valued. Reddit users also admire Money Manager for its flexibility in expense tracking and budgeting. You can subscribe to the app for $2.49 a month or $19.99 for the year.

6. Quicken Simplifi

Quicken Simplifi app in App Store.
Ever heard of Quicken? The company’s app Simplifi is a great budget resource.

Like NerdWallet, Quicken Simplifi is another budgeting app with extensive advertising and media coverage. But, also like NerdWallet, this publicity pays off in the app’s favor. Redditors absolutely love Quicken Simplifi. Its desktop and mobile versions sync seamlessly, allowing for in-depth budgeting, investment tracking, and bill management. Reddit users also rely on Quicken Simplifi for its comprehensive financial insights. After all, who doesn’t love a good piece of personalized financial advice?

5. Copilot

Copilot app on App Store.
If security is your concern, Copilot is the budget app for you.

Reddit loves Copilot for its unique feature of syncing with all your financial accounts in one place. There’s even support for Venmo transactions and other unconventional places where your hidden expenses might hide. Users appreciate Copilot’s holistic approach to money management, providing a clear overview of their financial health. Even your investments have a home on Copilot. As a bonus, the app prioritizes safety and security for your financial info. No need to worry about your personal data getting out.

4. PocketGuard

PocketGuard app in App Store.
Many Redditors highly recommend PocketGuard for budget planning.

Want to create a budget but don’t want to do all the math involved? Reddit says PocketGuard may be the budget app for you. Reddit users turn to PocketGuard for its attractive hands-off budgeting features. The app automatically categorizes expenses and tracks bills, making it Reddit’s choice for a low-effort yet effective budgeting tool. Forget about having to enter every single transaction into the app’s database. PocketGuard keeps track of all this for you automatically. That way, there’s no need to stress about missing transactions or making miscalculations.

3. EveryDollar

EveryDollar app in App Store.
Controversial figure Dave Ramsey has a popular budget app called EveryDollar.

This next choice is a little controversial, depending on how you feel about the man behind the app. Nevertheless, the app has an incredible amount of support on Reddit — even in spite of founder Dave Ramsey’s sometimes controversial statements. Redditors praise EveryDollar for its commitment to the zero-based budgeting method. It’s a favorite among those who appreciate Dave Ramsey’s fiscally conservative financial principles, making budgeting and saving as strict and straightforward as humanly possible.

2. Mint

Mint app in App Store.
Mint consistently ranks highly on the App Store’s charts.

Can you really talk about budget apps without talking about Mint? From its subscription cancelation features to its intuitive personalized insights to its custom goal creation and beyond, Mint may be the most feature-heavy budget app on the list. Reddit admires Mint for this all-in-one approach to financial management. Users love its ability to link various financial accounts, categorize transactions, and track investments, making it an ideal choice for a complete financial overview all in one place. Go ad-free for $0.99 a month, or go premium for $4.99 a month.


YNAB app in App Store.
You Need a Budget is more than just an app. It’s a new way of spending.

YNAB — or You Need a Budget — is so much more than an app. It’s a lifestyle coach that will help you become a brand-new, financially savvy version of yourself. The app will hold your hand and guide you down the path to financial enlightenment. Reddit’s love for YNAB stems from this proactive budgeting approach. The app focuses on allocating every dollar and prioritizing financial goals, leading to better financial control and savings. It’s the top choice for Redditors looking to begin smart spending and financial planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Reddit's top budget apps?

Reddit’s favorite budget apps include Mint, YNAB, and EveryDollar. These apps are praised for their budgeting features and user-friendly interfaces. Mint and EveryDollar offer free versions, while YNAB has a subscription fee. Reddit users often suggest starting with free options and then deciding if a paid app is worth it.

Which budgeting app is best for beginners?

Mint is highly recommended for beginners due to its simplicity. Its automatic expense tracking and budgeting tools make it easy to get started. YNAB is another great pick for beginners. It stands out for its “zero-based budgeting” approach, encouraging users to allocate every dollar to a purpose — promoting better financial discipline in the process.

Is EveryDollar free?

EveryDollar offers both free and paid versions. The free version is quite functional, but some users opt for the paid version for additional features. Both rely on EveryDollar’s zero-based budgeting, which means you assign every dollar to an expense category. This makes sure that no money is left unaccounted for. It’s considered the most proactive way to manage your finances.

Why do Reddit users love Mint?

Reddit users appreciate Mint for its comprehensive financial overviews. It syncs with multiple accounts, categorizes transactions, and provides valuable insights into spending habits. Reddit users also love other apps like Pennies, PocketGuard, and Copilot. These alternatives provide different budgeting experiences, catering to various preferences and needs.

Does Reddit recommend YNAB?

Yes, Reddit speaks incredibly highly of YNAB. Reddit says YNAB’s strengths include goal-setting features, a supportive community, and regular budget check-ins. They believe this app is specifically designed to help users achieve their financial aspirations more effectively than any other app on the market.

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