The 3 Reasons to Use a Wireless Charging Phone Case Today (and Which are Best)

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The 3 Reasons to Use a Wireless Charging Phone Case Today (and Which are Best)

Key Points

  • Wireless cases provide convenience and practicality, protecting your phone from damage, while keeping your phone charged up.
  • These cases offer dual benefits of wireless charging and phone protection, with a slim design that allows for easy charging.
  • There are a variety of styles and customization options available for wireless cases, including clear cases and personalized designs.

Wireless cases are super convenient and practical for your everyday life, protecting your phone from dents, scratches, shock, and falls. There is a selection of add-ons like rings, wallets, and kickstands that you can mount on MagSafe phone cases. Plus, there’s room for creativity by customizing your cases to suit your personal style with different colors, patterns, and materials like leather, clear, and silicone cases. 

Let’s talk about the top reasons to get a wireless charging case for your phone and look at some of the best wireless cases today!

They’re Convenient

The wireless phone cases are super convenient. You’ll notice soft side buttons that work seamlessly at the first press. Inbuilt NFC chips, especially in the official iPhone cases, allow you to automatically share information with other devices near you.

Ultra-thin iPhone MagSafe cases come with an inbuilt magnetic ring that helps the MagSafe chargers to snap firmly to the phone. You can pick up your phone while charging without worrying that the charger might snap off. You can also tilt the phone to portrait or landscape mode and enjoy a safe charging experience from any angle.

Stay Charged Up and Stay Protected

These cases offer dual benefits — protection and wireless charging. With a 3mm to 5mm thickness, these cases are designed to fully charge your phone and protect your phone from dents and scratches from falls. 

Conversely, thick and bulky cases are incompatible with wireless charging. They might take longer or block the transmission of wireless charging. 

Slim, Sleek Designs

Wireless cases come in just about every style imaginable. Clear phone cases are trendy to show off your phone’s color or logo. If you want a design on the case, you can pick from a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

There are numerous ways to customize the cases, from stickers to rings. You can also fit as many add-ons as you wish, especially for MagSafe cases.

Wireless charging pad with phone and lamp in bedroom
Wireless charging cases are the perfect companion for your phone’s wireless charging needs.


The 4 Best Wireless Charging Phone Cases

We understand the hustle of shopping for the perfect wireless case that ticks all of your boxes. 

Let’s check out some of the best cases for different needs.

INI Natural Leather Protective Case

Bold, Beautiful Colors
Natural Leather Proctective Case for iPhone 14
  • MagSafe strong magnets
  • Top-grain natural leather
  • For iPhone 14
  • 6.1 inches
  • Red
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12/02/2023 12:50 pm GMT

With the INI Natural Leather Protective Case, you’ll get a combination of luxury high-grade leather and bold colors that stand out. 

It’s the perfect pick for class, elegance, and phone protection for your iPhone 14. You are spoiled for choices between red, black, yellow, navy, and brown, depending on your style and preference. The hard-to-miss magnetic ring at the center increases the magnetic field for easy MagSafe-compatible wireless charging. You can rest easy and expect a seamless wireless charging process with strong magnets channeled to the right places. 

Another exciting perk is the anti-scratch feature, thanks to the top-grain quality leather. Plus, it’s waterproof, so the case will protect your phone from sweaty palms or splashes of rain. Further, the case gives your phone a perfect fit without added bulkiness. The natural leather is well-detailed to bring out a luxurious feel. Besides the metal slide buttons on the side, the precisely cut camera space is laced with metal for the utmost protection of the lens. 

Top-grain leather makes it strong, durable, and protectiveIf leather isn’t your style, it’s not ideal
The high magnetic field allows seamless wireless charging
Comes in various colors like red, black, yellow, navy, and brown
Extension of metal around the camera window for further protection

JETech Magnetic Case

Show off Your iPhone
JETech Magnetic Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • For iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7-inch
  • Compatible with MagSafe wireless charging
  • Shockproof
  • Anti-scratch
  • Clear
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2023 12:55 pm GMT

The JETech Magnetic Case perfectly showcases your iPhone’s logo thanks to its clear material. 

The JETech Case is a perfect fit for your iPhone 14 Pro Max. With 38 pieces of magnet, the case is precisely aligned to boost its compatibility with MagSafe accessories. Its performance is equal to the mark with Qi-certified chargers, delivering seamless charging.

Owing to the combined power of polycarbonate and TPU materials, the JETech Case is guaranteed to remain durable while braving falls, shocks, and scratches. All this without compromising on thinness and light weight since it’s just 1.23 ounces (34.87 grams) heavy.

The 0.5mm camera lip extends outward to shield the lens. An additional 1.4mm lip extends to the screen for further protection. Even more, the corners have a special edge thick enough to soak up shock from a fall. On the downside, the case is likely to turn yellow due to ultra-violent sunrays.

ProsIt does not protect your phone from strong impacts
Fits snugly on your phoneMay start yellowing
The clear case displays your phone’s logoDoes not protect your phone from strong impacts
Made of polycarbonate and TPU for durability and protection from light falls, shocks, and scratches
Thick edges absorb shock
Clear case displays your phone’s logo

Ghostek EXEC Galaxy Fold4 Wallet Case

Store Your Credit Cards!
Ghostek EXEC Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
  • For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • 7.6 inches
  • Detachable card holder
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Gray
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12/02/2023 12:55 pm GMT

Doubling as a protector and wallet case, the Ghostek EXEC Galaxy Fold4 Wallet Case is your go-to heavy-duty case.

There is a lot to love about Ghostek Case, especially its complete protection of your phone. Plus, the anti-slip material makes the phone unlikely to slip off your hands.

With the combination of thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate, and metal, your phone will remain intact after a 12 feet fall. Its edges pop outward for added protection over the camera and the screen, and the edges absorb the impact. 

Another benefit of the Ghostek Case is that it comes in black, pink, and gray to match your style. Plus, the case allows you to unlock your phone via fingerprints and charge other devices using reverse power share. With a detachable card holder, there’s no need to carry an extra wallet for your cards. 

Heavy-duty and military-grade caseCardholder blocks the mobile wallets, so you must detach it before use
Phone gets overall protection, including the hingesRelatively heavy at 3 ounces (0.09 kgs)
Comes in gray, black, and pink
Provides maximum shock absorption for high fall impacts of up to 12 feet
Allows fingerprint and reverse charging 
Comes with an easily detachable cardholder

Caka Kickstand Case

Prop Up Your Phone with Ease
Caka Compatible for Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Kickstand Case
  • Kickstand case
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • For Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Camera protector
  • Carbon Fiber Black color
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2023 01:00 pm GMT

Fitted with a magnetic kickstand and hinge protection, the Caka Kickstand Case holds the top spot for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. 

With a snug fit, this wireless charging case encloses your phone’s curves and folds to ensure overall protection. In addition, the cutouts are precise to accommodate ports and buttons. Made of rubber and silicone, the case is foldable to protect your phone when flipped. 

Featuring a built-in, high-grade camera protector, it protects your camera from scratches and bumps. With a range of colors to choose from like Purple, Rose Gold, Red, Green, Carbon Black, and Black, the case allows you to add style to your sleek phone.

The best part is you can get a Black or Carbon Black case fitted with a 360° rotating holster to attach to your belt conveniently. Plus, with the in-built kickstand, you can enjoy a hands-free watching experience when using the phone in landscape mode.

Made of silicone and rubber for easier foldability when flippedKickstand is not useful when the phone is in a portrait position
Available in 6 different colors, including Purple, Rose Gold, Red, Green, Carbon Black, and BlackKickstand is also not adjustable, so your phone cannot lean to the farthest angles
A detachable holster is available for the charcoal black and black phone cases
A detachable holster is available for the Carbon Black and Black phone cases

Wrapping Up

Wireless charging cases are a great way to keep your phone protected and charged up. Besides, there are a variety of colors, materials, and room to customize the cases for a more personalized feel. From sleek, clear cases to bold leather ones, you are guaranteed protection, convenience, and style for your phone.

Summary Table

Wireless Charging Phone CaseDescription
INI Natural Leather Protective CaseTop-grain leather, high magnetic field, various colors, metal protection around camera.
JETech Magnetic CaseSnug fit, clear case, durable materials, thick edges for shock absorption.
Ghostek EXEC Galaxy Fold4 Wallet CaseHeavy-duty, overall protection, various colors, shock absorption, fingerprint and reverse charging, detachable cardholder.
Caka Kickstand CaseEasy foldability, various colors, detachable holster, built-in kickstand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add accessories to my wireless charging phone cases?

You can accessorize your case with detachable add-ons to match your style and preferences. However, since most accessories are bulky, they might interfere with your phone’s wireless charging.

How thick is too thick for a wireless charging phone case?

Your phone case should be about 3 to 5 mm thick. Anything thicker than that is likely to hinder wireless charging.

Will my phone case affect its wireless charging speed?

Your phone’s ability to detect wireless charging signals depends on the magnetic field between the charger and the phone. Depending on factors like the material and thickness of the case, the charging speed might increase or decrease.

Can I wirelessly charge my phone without taking it off the case?

You don’t have to take off the phone case whenever you use a wireless charger. Wireless charging cases are designed for utmost compatibility, enabling wireless charging.

Does phone case material affect its wireless charging compatibility?

Phone case material significantly affects wireless charging compatibility. Bulky and thick cases block the wireless charging from reaching your phone.

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