5 Reasons to Start Using Threads Today

reasons why threads is better than twitter

5 Reasons to Start Using Threads Today

Key Points

  • Threads is a new social media network launched by Meta, the team behind Instagram, and has gained a user base of 100 million in just five days since its launch.
  • The platform offers a character limit of up to 500 characters per post, allowing for content-rich posts with embedded images and videos.
  • Threads has the advantage of being backed by Meta, one of the largest tech firms, ensuring continuous development and funding for new features.
  • Users can easily migrate their Instagram accounts to Threads, making account setup quick and seamless. In addition to Instagram, there is also integration with Facebook, allowing for cross-posting and reaching a wider audience from Threads.
  • The familiar interface of Threads, similar to Instagram and Twitter/X, makes it easy for users to navigate and start posting.

What are some reasons to start using Threads today? Threads is the latest social media network from the team who maintains Instagram. It has launched in the wake of a series of controversial decisions made by the team over at Twitter, with a rather drastic rebranding occurring in July of 2023.

Threads is a potential Twitter killer, however, and comes with a bevy of features that makes it attractive to any new user. With a massive new user base of around 100 million users in the five days since the app went live, it seems Meta is well underway in creating the new social media platform of choice.

So, why should you start using Threads? There are five great reasons why you should download the app and get started today, which will be further explored.

What Is Threads?

Threads is the latest social media network helmed by Meta. It builds upon previous successes and lessons learned from Facebook and Instagram. There is quite a bit to like about Threads, which of course will be explored further.

One notable departure from the likes of Twitter or BlueSky is the greatly increased character limit. Threads users can create posts with up to 500 characters at a time. These can be content-rich posts, with images and videos readily embedded.

There are some drawbacks currently. The platform is less than a month old at the time of this writing. As you can imagine, Meta will likely be capitalizing on its newfound success in a big way.

Mobile or Desktop?

Without workarounds, there’s only one real way to use Threads. You’ll need a mobile device of some sort like an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet running either of those operating systems. That isn’t to say Meta won’t potentially create a web client for users running web browsers on their computers.

However, currently, the only way to get access to the network is to download the app and get started. You can, of course, do some workarounds with mobile phone emulators to run the app on your laptop or desktop, but that isn’t the point of this overview.

Reasons to Start Using Threads

reasons to start using threads
Threads is helmed by one of the biggest tech companies in the world, Meta.

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Threads has a lot of promise as a platform, whether you’re a personal or business user. Meta has been at the forefront of creating robust tools and enjoyable user interfaces for social media addicts for a number of years.

There isn’t really support for things like hashtags or trending sections. That said, it doesn’t need to be an exact copy of Twitter to be an enjoyable experience.

1. Superb Funding

One of the distinct advantages Threads has over its competitors is the backing of one of the largest tech firms on the entire planet. What this means in terms of app development is that features and other amenities are assured. The service should scale with more users.

While Twitter is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, it isn’t directly comparable to Meta. Threads being one of the many networks under Meta’s control means there is a steady pipeline of funding to make sure developer needs are met, which directly benefits you.

This superb funding is just one of many reasons to start using Threads, as the platform will absolutely keep growing.

2. Easy Account Migration

Creating a Threads account is easy. If you have an Instagram account, it’s even easier. Upon installing the app, you can enter your Instagram account credentials.

After that, it’s a simple matter of just migrating settings over to get ready to start posting. It is just one of the many great reasons to start using Threads.

Instagram has been a mature platform with a massive installed base for a number of years. Threads tapping into that user base and allowing for a quick and tidy migration to start posting is a huge boon. You don’t have to do any real external setup if you have an Instagram account.

You’ll get access to the app without having to set up your bio or personal profile pic. In terms of account migration, it takes less than five minutes to get up and rolling if you’ve got a pre-existing account.

3. Great Integration Between Instagram and Facebook

reasons to start using threads
Threads readily integrates with other platforms owned by Meta.


Instagram and Facebook have had tight integration with each other for a number of years. Threads further fulfills this expectation and allows for cross-posting between all apps. You can post from Threads directly to your Instagram story.

You can also post from Threads to your Facebook account. This is great for business users, as it gives a unified platform to reach triple the potential customers. When you compare this to other platforms like Twitter or BlueSky, you’ll have to post on other platforms regardless.

Integrating this directly is a great choice, and is only a net positive for potential business reach for influencers and brands alike. This tight integration makes for many compelling reasons to start using Threads.

4. Familiar Interface

If you’ve used Instagram or Twitter, there is enough design commonality between the two for Threads to seem at home. You can readily get up and running with posts in no time. Meta has always excelled at designing immediately usable interfaces for users of any skill level.

As such, this is a great reason to start using Threads. You can start posting with minimal effort, each design element is deliberate in its implementation. Compared to a platform like Mastodon, which has a steeper learning curve, it is easy to see why Threads is getting traction.

5. Development Is Stable

One of the best reasons to start using Threads is how stable development currently is. Meta has a reputation for sticking with projects until they are mature platforms. This can be seen with Facebook, which has evolved far beyond what its 2006 launch looked like.

Instagram is another great example and has grown and scaled with users. Sure, some ideas implemented don’t work out, but the platforms are rarely shuttered. Meta is first and foremost a business, and creating usable platforms for users and businesses to interact is a top priority.

As an app, Threads currently lacks some key features, but in a year or two this might not even be an issue. The stable development cycle is just another one of the great reasons to start using Threads. It is definitely worth keeping a closer eye on.

Other Twitter Killers

So, what about the other Twitter replacements? Threads has certainly been the one to generate the most immediate lip service, but BlueSky and Mastodon have also had their day in the press.

BlueSky is a fascinating one, simply due to the interface being so evocative of Twitter’s. However, it lacks a native mobile app, relying on a web app that is accessible from any device’s web browser. Now, this is fine — in concept, at least. However, it lacks the immediacy of a native-developed app.

Also, consider that BlueSky is an independently developed app that is relying on funding from external sources. It lacks the financial backing and organizational strength behind Threads. It is currently invite-only, ostensibly to allow the network to scale at a trickle as more users are introduced.

Mastodon has a steep learning curve. It is a mature platform, having been present for a number of years. However, for less tech-savvy individuals it might not be the best fit. It is more tailored towards individuals rather than businesses, which doesn’t bode well for marketing purposes.

Closing Thoughts

So, should you start using Threads? If you’re a Twitter addict that is looking for a daily fix of short-form content, it could be a good fit. It is a little lacking in overall features currently, but that is bound to change as time wears on.

Currently, the platform is in a great place for new users to jump on and start getting noticed. Meta’s algorithms function in a different manner than other social media platforms, so there is great potential for growth if you’re a business user.

At any rate, Threads is likely here to stay.

Summary Table

Superb FundingThreads has the backing of one of the largest tech firms on the planet, Meta, ensuring a steady pipeline of funding for development and scaling.
Easy Account MigrationCreating a Threads account is easy, especially if you have an Instagram account. It allows for a quick and tidy migration to start posting.
Great Integration between Instagram and FacebookThreads allows for cross-posting between Instagram and Facebook, providing a unified platform to reach a larger audience.
Familiar InterfaceThreads has a design commonality with Instagram and Twitter, making it easy for users to get up and running with posts in no time.
Development is StableMeta has a reputation for sticking with projects until they are mature platforms. Threads is expected to follow the same path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Threads new?

It was recently launched, so there is quite a buzz around it. The platform itself was likely in development for a while but has only been made available to the public in July of 2023.

Is Threads better than Twitter?

Threads does have some benefits over Twitter, but you’re also comparing a brand-new product to one that has years and years of development. When comparing user experiences, Threads does have some room for growth.

Do you need an Instagram account to use Threads?

Not at all, you can sign up for a fresh account if you’d like. Using Instagram isn’t a hard requirement to get rolling with Threads, but it does make the sign-up process a little faster.

Can I post images and videos on Threads?

Absolutely, you can also cross-post those from Threads to Instagram on your Stories if you’d like.

Does Threads have a trending section?

It does not. However, you’ll see popular posts on your feed, they just won’t be categorized.

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