7 Reasons to Buy Tower Speakers Today (and Which Are Best)

Tower speakers

7 Reasons to Buy Tower Speakers Today (and Which Are Best)

Key Points

  • Tower speakers are large, vertical speaker systems that can conveniently stand on a table, shelf, or floor and greatly enhance your audio experience.
  • They have a wide range of drivers that deliver impeccable sound clarity and outstanding bass for a complete audio experience.
  • Tower speakers are perfect for creating immersive music and movie experiences with their surround sound systems.
  • Tower speakers are available in a variety of designs and can work in various speaker combinations to create a formidable sound system within your home.

Tower speakers are a must-have because they can conveniently stand on a table, shelf, or floor. You can get these speakers as single units or as part of your home theater system, usually consisting of tweeters and mid-bass drivers.

Regardless of design and size, tower speakers can fit in even the smallest rooms. Whether you want to use them with a music system, TV, or laptop, these speakers greatly enhance your audio experience.

Let’s break down the 7 biggest reasons to buy tower speakers today, including the best ones right now for a great deal. Jump in with us!

What Are Tower Speakers?

Tower speakers are large, vertical speaker systems that typically stand on the floor (and that’s why they’re also called floor-standing speakers). Their large sizes make them suitable for housing a variety of speaker drivers, making them capable of creating the widest possible range of sound. Besides an immersive base, they also produce clear middle-range instruments and song vocals.

Floor-standing speakers often include front and rear ports for high- and low-frequency output, providing full-spectrum sound from any given song. Still, some of these speakers have powered subwoofers, boosting low-frequency sounds.

7 Best Reasons to Purchase Tower Speakers

Stylish Addition to Your Space

There was a time when tower speakers featured a boxy design of black PVC material, but not anymore. Many manufacturers have begun to create minimalist showpieces out of them. You can use these speakers to enhance your home’s décor with their sleek, modern designs while being fully functional. How great is that?

Impeccable Sound Clarity

Since these speakers have a wide range of drivers, they deliver impeccable sound. They have bold, rich, nuanced clarity that will make you experience music like never before.

Outstanding Bass

Besides clear sound, you need a deep, reverberating base for a complete audio experience — and it’s not just about what you hear. Your bass isn’t good enough if you aren’t experiencing hair-raising, seat-vibrating notes. Tower speakers have high-quality woofers, which produce a deep bass for a unique musical experience.

Immersive Music and Movies

High-quality tower speakers put you at the center of the action by creating realistic nuances of every movie scene. Listening to high-pitched police sirens, you’ll feel like you’re in the movie. But how do the speakers manage to do that? They have standout surround sound systems that create three-dimensional environments in even the largest living rooms.

Boosting Your Home Theater System

Some home theater systems might not provide a complete range of sound. Instead of putting up with poor-quality sound, add one or two tower speakers. With the right product, you can improve the sound quality in your home and get more immersive music and movies. The good thing with these speakers is that they can connect to your home theater either wirelessly or via cables.

Available in a Variety of Designs

There are many speaker designs as there are many manufacturers. Whether you like the classic towering box-like design or something fresher, you’ll get what you need. Plus, you can buy ready-made speakers or order custom-made pieces. Most speaker manufacturers know how to make the designs fit for purpose, like speakers with gaming designs for long gaming sessions.

Works in Various Speaker Combinations

Most manufacturers of home theater systems combine several tower speakers with bookshelf and bipolar speakers. In these configurations, floor-standing speakers work as the main speakers to the left and right. However, you must angle them towards the listeners. Bookshelf speakers provide surround sound, so you do not have to install tower speakers exclusively, but you can include them in several configurations. Starting with a 2.1 channel, you can use them to create a formidable sound system within your home.

Tower speakers speaker
Tower speakers are a fantastic addition to your home’s audio setup, bringing unparalleled, powerful sound.

The Absolute Best Tower Speakers Available Today

#1 Best Overall Tower Speaker: Focal Chora

#1 Best Overall
Focal Chora 826 3-Way Bass Reflex Floor-Standing Speakers
  • 3-way bass
  • Dark wood finish
  • New speaker drivers with Slatefiber cone developed and manufactured in France by Focal
  • Sleek, modern design
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 07:20 pm GMT

The Flora Chora claims the top spot for high-quality sound and stunning looks.

It features a three-way speaker system for dynamic, full-spectrum sound with outstanding rigidity, lightness, and damping. Its two woofers provide a deep bass while the 25mm inverted-dome tweeter lengthens the sound range. Ultimately, you get a uniquely dynamic sound, regardless of whether you’re playing HD music files, compact discs, or vintage vinyl.

Flora Chora speakers sit on floor stands. You can place them on either side of the room for a total musical immersion. Depending on your home décor preferences, you can choose from any of the three colors – light, dark, or black.

Feature a Slate Fiber fabric that’s riding, light, and provides the best dampingWhile the magnetic grilles provide extra protection, the speakers might look better without them.
Its inverted cone tweeter works with the two woofers to provide a wide sound range.The $1,398 base price could be out-of-range for most buyers.

Best for Versatility: triangle Borea BR09

Best for Versatility
triangle Borea BR09 Hi-Fi Floor Standing Single Speaker
  • Black Ash finish
  • Its three 16cm bass drivers operate in a large bass-reflex enclosure, thus enabling the speaker to go down to 35Hz
  • Perfect for large rooms
  • Magnetic protective grill, showing no visible inserts or screws.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 07:25 pm GMT

The triangle Borea is a great all-rounder pair of speakers that work wonders with music, movies, TV programs, and anything else you need for great sound.

It’s a great inclusion in medium- to large-sized rooms of at least 30 square meters. Each speaker provides a three-way sound system with a 25mm silk dome tweeter, a midrange driver, and three 16 cm bass drivers. Consequently, they provide a smooth, refined treble, a detailed, clear midrange, and a powerful bass.

Be sure to always remove the protective grills whenever you’re using the speakers as it can impact the sound quality.

Features a three-way design that provides a wide sound spectrum suitable for movies, music, and TV programsListening to music with the protective grill on can impede the sound quality.
It stands at a height of 1.1 meters, making it perfect for medium and large rooms.The Triangle Borea BR09 tower speakers are suitable for rooms measuring at least 30 square meters, so it isn’t best for small rooms.

Best Features: Wharfedale Evo 4.4

Best Features
Wharfedale - EVO 4.4
  • 3-way floor-standing speaker
  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M): 90dB
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 30-200W
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 38Hz ~ 24kHz
  • Dimensions (HWD): 41.7" x 10.1" x 14.0"
  • Walnut finish
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/17/2024 07:25 pm GMT

Regarding uniquely standout features, no other tower speaker in the same price range beats the Wharfedale Evo 4.4.

A surprising feature is the Air Motion Transformer tweeter that delivers consistent, precise, high-end sound. The three-way tower speakers also have a soft-dome midrange driver that works with the SLPP bass-reflex system for clean vocals and ultra-powerful bass. You can use these speakers in a medium- to large-sized room.

The Wharfedale Evo 4.4 features the standout Air Motion Transformer tweeter technology, which provides consistently top-end sound.Placing these tower speakers in a small room is off-putting since they’ll look out of place and not sound super great.
Due to their fine design and build, these speakers are a great inclusion in any medium- or large-sized room where you wish to enhance décor.Starting at $1,999, the Wharfedale Evo 4.4 could be out of range for average buyers.

Best for Larger Rooms: Dali Oberon

Best for Larger Rooms
Dali Oberon 5
  • Features a wood fiber cone with a blend of fine-grain paper pulp
  • Low-loss surround and spider suspension
  • Floorstanding
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/16/2024 04:22 pm GMT

The Dali Oberon is a pair of mid-range tower speakers both in size and sound that are perfect for larger rooms.

They stand at 37.01 inches, but that doesn’t mean they are less powerful than their larger counterparts. Whether placed in a small or large room, these speakers can unleash an enviable blast of sound for movies, music, and TV. The speakers feature a Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) system that reduces distortion while improving accuracy. There are also ultra-light tweeter and reference-grade woofer drivers that release a uniquely realistic sound.

Depending on your interior décor needs, you can purchase these speakers in white, light oak, black ash, and dark walnut. However, you must be careful when choosing an amplifier because no product will work with these speakers.

The small-sized Dali Oberon tower speakers create high-quality sound in small, medium, and large rooms.The Dali Oberon has to contend with extremely great speakers in its price range.
The speakers have minimal distortion and extremely accurate sound thanks to the SMC system.Pairing these speakers with the wrong amplifier could result in poor-quality sound.

How to Pick the Best Tower Speakers: Step-by-Step

When picking tower speakers, you must consider various factors. Let’s break them down below.

Size of the Speaker

If you’re looking for a speaker with clear sound quality, buy one with larger drivers. Larger cones are the best when it comes to maximizing the performance of tower speakers. Also, consider a bigger speaker cabinet, which can increase airflow and improve the bass response. A speaker with a larger cabinet and drivers produces a wider range of sounds. Plus, the size of the tower is also critical in complementing your room.

Bass Response

A speaker’s bass response may have nothing to do with the driver’s or cabinet’s size. Rather, it depends on the type of bass drivers, the ports, and their placement. You won’t need to purchase a separate subwoofer if your tower speaker has good bass. Also, speakers with ports in the front require placement close to the wall to output better bass. On the other hand, back-ported speakers should stand further away from the walls.

Build Quality

A well-built speaker typically doesn’t produce a hollow sound when knocked slightly. That’s because the manufacturers have taken great care to reduce excessive reverberations. A hollow-sounding speaker cabinet is a no-no. A good speaker cabinet should resist the movements caused by the drivers moving back and forth.

Finish and Aesthetics

Since tower speakers are an integral part of your interior décor, they should have a great finish and aesthetics to complement your home. The good thing is that many speaker brands offer a variety of finishes for any particular model. For example, the Dali Oberon tower speakers come in white, light oak, black ash, and dark walnut finishes, so you can choose which best fits your space.

What to Know Before Buying Tower Speakers

Not every tower speaker is worth purchasing. Always pay attention to the drivers it contains before purchasing. Each driver makes sound through vibrations to create a wide-ranging soundstage, so a speaker’s sound quality depends on the type of driver inside.

Speaker drivers produce sound between 20Hz and 20MHz, depending on their sizes. Smaller drivers produce shorter sound waves and higher sound ranges. On the other hand, larger drivers have lower frequencies and longer sound waves.

Let’s talk about the different types of drivers in tower speakers.


Tweeters are the smallest drivers. They have high-pitch sounds tantamount to chirping birds. Tower speakers have tweeters at the top. Tweeters have sound ranges between 2MHz and 30MHz. They can be cone, hone, or dome-shaped.

Midrange Drivers

The purpose of midrange speakers is to bring out sound from instruments and the human voice, so they’re crucial to have in any speaker system. Their sounds range from 0.5MHz to 2MHz. The sound quality of these speakers depends on the materials from which they’re made. Instead of dedicated mid-range speakers, it’s enough to have a horn speaker with a 1MHz to 2MHz range.


Woofers produce low-pitch sounds with frequency ranges between 40Hz and 1MHz. This kind of system produces a high-quality base, which gives your music a good sound. It’s because of the woofers that tower speakers are better than other speaker systems.

Using Tower Speakers: What It’s Like

If your tower speakers have a built-in amp, you connect to the sound source and start listening. Otherwise, you must get a suitable amplifier for the speakers to work. Tower speakers can connect through auxiliary or HDMI cables, but the latest models are wireless and connect to your music player, computer, phone, or TV via Bluetooth.

Since these speakers are designed for placement on either side of the room, they often serve as the primary sound source when used with bookshelf speakers. You’ll get the best sound by angling the speakers toward the listener. You can add them to an existing home theater system or use them separately. In most cases, you would need a 2.1 subwoofer to get the best out of your speakers.

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