6 Reasons I’m Buying an OMOTON Laptop Stand

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6 Reasons I’m Buying an OMOTON Laptop Stand

Why should you buy an OMOTON laptop stand? Purchasing a laptop stand is quite a saturated field these days. There are options from a wide variety of manufacturers when you’re in the market for something to elevate your laptop. The OMOTON laptop stand has made a splash since its initial release, and for good reason.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the OMOTON laptop stand and see what makes this such a compelling purchase. After all, you’re likely wanting to get something that works with your laptop, no questions asked.

What Is the OMOTON Laptop Stand?

Wide Compatibility
OMOTON Laptop Stand
  • Compatible with all laptops from 10 to 16 inches
  • Made of sturdy aluminum alloy
  • Can support up to 11 pounds
  • Soft rubber pads to protect your laptop from scratches
  • Relieve neck and shoulder strain by elevating laptop to eye level
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OMOTON makes a variety of laptop stands, each coming in different colors and models depending on the capabilities you’re after. The one featured in this article is the tower stand, which can accommodate a wide variety of laptops. The tower laptop stand is designed with ergonomics in mind. This means that it should reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries due to poor posture and positioning.

The construction of the laptop stand itself is equally sturdy. It is made of the same sort of material as the outer chassis of a MacBook laptop. The brushed aluminum gives it a fair bit of strength. It is one of the major selling points as we’ll cover a little further over the course of this review.

Reasons to Buy an OMOTON Laptop Stand

Here are the strongest reasons you should consider buying an OMOTON laptop stand. These are no-frills devices through and through. They make for a good home companion to your work laptop as you’ll see.

It Is Lightweight

With a net weight of just under two pounds, the OMOTON laptop stand is one of the lightest available for purchase. The construction materials are mostly metal, using the same brushed aluminum seen across a wide range of Apple laptops. What makes this laptop stand such a compelling purchase is that you can easily position it in just about any room in your home or office.

It takes mere moments to transport it, even fully assembled. As such, it makes for a good companion piece to any laptop. The lightweight construction of the device doesn’t necessarily mean it is weaker than its competition either, as you’ll see.

Wide Range of Compatibility

omoton laptop stand
MacBook Airs and Pros will work readily with the OMOTON laptop stand.

One of the most noteworthy things about the OMOTON laptop stand is its wide range of compatibility with laptop models. The one chosen for review in this guide is built explicitly for the MacBook Pro line of laptops from Apple. However, when it gets down to it, you could use it with just about any laptop on the market within reason.

The OMOTON laptop stand supports up to 11 pounds of weight and a laptop that has a screen size of 16 inches or lower. As such, this opens it up to a wide range of consumer laptops from the likes of Dell, Microsoft, Apple, and HP among others. It might not match the chassis or coloration of your chosen laptop, but it’ll do the job quite well.

It Is Reliable

The solid body construction of the OMOTON laptop stand lends itself to reliability. When your laptop is installed at the top of the stand, it isn’t going to go anywhere. Now, sure you could make it so the laptop stand itself reaches a failure point by placing too much weight or straining it. As a general rule of thumb, this is a highly reliable laptop stand that should function for years and years to come.

The overall design of the laptop stand itself is simple, relying on an easy installation and placement to get things rolling. OMOTON products don’t feel cheap either. You’re getting a robust and reliable laptop stand out of the box after assembly.

Easy to Disassemble

The easy assembly means it’s just as easy to dismantle when you need to transport it in a bag. Now, I wouldn’t rely on the OMOTON laptop stand when on public transport like a train or plane, for example. However, if you need the stand to be more readily portable that is easily handled. You simply need to firmly pull at the junction points to disassemble the entire stand.

It isn’t the most portable from the perspective of actually transporting it in a backpack or bag. But you don’t have to keep the stand in its default somewhat cumbersome state if you need to go on a business trip. Your laptop could very readily be a crucial part of your workflow. This is one accessory that is ready to make the trip no matter the occasion.

The Stand Isn’t Going to Move Around Once in Place

The OMOTON laptop stand comes with non-slip feet in place once fully assembled. As such, once you have it placed on your desk, it isn’t going to slide around. I personally love this. Especially when you consider how much movement might be associated with typing or working on a laptop. You can bang on the keyboard and select things with the trackpad without much concern over its placement.

Most users aren’t going to be captivated by a laptop stand that just moves around freely when in use. That negates the very reason to purchase a laptop stand, after all. The OMOTON laptop stand gives you a steady and stable platform to do your work. There aren’t any concerns about it shifting or sliding around under heavy use.

Allows for Easy Cable Management

One of the best reasons you should consider an OMOTON laptop stand is cable management. Now, laptops aren’t really known for their intense cabling arrangements. However, when I go traveling, I usually have an additional keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive to keep track of. It takes mere seconds to rip the cable away when shifting my laptop around.

The OMOTON laptop stand makes this a far simpler task as a whole. You’ll have a fair amount of flexibility in positioning and working with your laptop, regardless of the accessories connected. This makes for a simpler and easier arrangement, which can be crucial when using your laptop in any setting.

Reasons to Buy an OMOTON Laptop Stand Summary

Closing Thoughts

So, is the OMOTON laptop stand worth purchasing? I certainly think it is worth a deeper look. If you’re in the market for a laptop stand, it is one of those options that just makes a lot of sense. It is a robust and lightweight system for giving better ergonomics and cooling to your laptop. As such, I certainly think this laptop stand is worth a purchase.

1. The stand is lightweight.
2. It can be used with a wide range of laptops.
3. The strength of its materials makes it quite reliable.
4. It is easy to disassemble the stand for transport.
5. When installed it won’t slide around on your desk.
6. You’ve got easier ways to manage your cables when using it.
  1. OMOTON Laptop Stand
    • Compatible with all laptops from 10 to 16 inches
    • Made of sturdy aluminum alloy
    • Can support up to 11 pounds
    • Soft rubber pads to protect your laptop from scratches
    • Relieve neck and shoulder strain by elevating laptop to eye level
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    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    02/24/2024 11:33 pm GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Surface with the OMOTON laptop stand?

Yes, you can. If your laptop is smaller than 17 inches on the screen diagonal, you can easily use it with the stand.

Can you adjust the angle of the laptop stand?

No, you cannot. The OMOTON laptop stand operates at a fixed angle designed for good ergonomics.

Is the laptop stand sturdy under use?

Yes, you can clack away on your keyboard without much harm coming to it. The stand features non-slip rubber feet that keep things stable when in use.

Is the laptop stand avaialble in different finishes?

Yes, you’ll find models available in different colors.

Is OMOTON a reliable brand?

When it comes to laptop stands, OMOTON is among the best you’ll find.

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