9 Reasons an Apple Watch Screen Protector Is Worth the Cost

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9 Reasons an Apple Watch Screen Protector Is Worth the Cost

As the Apple Watch approaches its tenth birthday in 2025, there’s no denying the impact it’s had on the smartwatch space since its introduction. Most of us either own an Apple Watch or know someone who does. (Not to mention one of the many alternatives on the ever-growing smartwatch market.) That said, even the longest-running Apple Watch loyalists know very little about the watch’s many possible accessories. This includes screen protectors. Here’s why you should put some serious thought into investing in an Apple Watch screen protector — no matter the cost.

The Apple Watch Is Expensive

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Screen protectors help keep your Apple Watch looking new.

For starters, the Apple Watch is not a cheap product. Given the considerable investment it takes to get yourself an Apple Watch in the first place, proper protection is an absolute must. A screen protector is the best way to ensure that much-needed protection for your high-end investment. You’d do it for your phone or your tablet, so why not for the Apple Watch?

The Screen Is Prone to Scratches

closeup hand using smartwatch on above view
It’s not hard to scratch an Apple Watch screen, but a case can prevent them.

Despite Apple’s supposed commitment to durable materials (not to mention the sheer price of the thing), the Apple Watch screen is nevertheless susceptible to scratches. Even the most gentle daily use can threaten to potentially damage the screen as you encounter various surfaces. A case serves as a shield against the elements, helping you keep the screen of your Apple Watch in tip-top shape.

Screen Protectors Are Worth the Price

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Considering the cost of the Apple Watch (not to mention the iPhone), a case seems cheap.

When you consider the potential cost of repairing (or, goodness forbid, replacing) a damaged screen, there’s really no excuse not to buy an Apple Watch screen protector. The cost to fix a broken screen is going to be substantially higher than that of a measly little screen protector. In this light, investing a small amount in a screen protector rather than a larger amount for a full-fledged screen replacement makes a lot of sense.

It’s Not Hard to Shatter an Apple Watch

how to change an apple watch band
Considering the glass on the front and back of the Apple Watch, it’s easy to shatter one.

Apple markets the Apple Watch as a durable, rugged device that can keep up with even the most intense workouts. Truth be told, far too many of us have accidentally knocked the thing against a sharp edge or a heavy object and cracked the screen in the act. (It’s probably due to the curved screen, which is inherently more fragile than a flat one.) In any regard, an Apple Watch screen protector can help prevent shattering.

Adds an Extra Layer of Customization

apple watch se vs series 3
An Apple Watch case brings a new kind of customization to your device.

The Apple Watch is known for its great number of band customizations. Wearers can change the look, style, and feel of their watch band as they see fit. Looking beyond the practicality of an Apple Watch screen protector, the accessory gives you yet another layer of customization. They come in just as many different styles, colors, and finishes as the bands do.

Screen Protectors Are Easy to Apply

Screen protectors are almost always a pain to apply. Not with the Apple Watch, though.

Anyone who’s ever tried to put on a screen protector for their smartphone or tablet knows how much of a pain they can be to apply. (And don’t even get me started on laptop screen protectors, which are darn near impossible.) Thankfully, putting on an Apple Watch screen protector is so much easier than with these other device types. Some are as simple as snapping the case on over the face of the Apple Watch.

Ensures a Better Resale Value

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The better you care for your Apple Watch, the more you can sell it for later.

If you’re someone who likes to resell their tech whenever they upgrade to a new device, then you’ll definitely want to consider an Apple Watch screen protector. By maintaining the pristine condition of your Apple Watch with an extra protective layer, you’ll be able to ask for (and, hopefully, receive) a higher resale value when it comes time to sell. Not to mention, prospective buyers are also going to be more likely to purchase a device that has been well-maintained over one that’s chipped or scratched.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Apple watch 6
An Apple Watch case lets you enjoy your smartwatch without fear of damage.

All in all, an Apple Watch screen protector simply provides some much-needed peace of mind. Imagine how frustrated and embarrassed you’d feel if you considered a screen protector, decided against one, and ultimately damaged the watch with some preventable tarnishing. Wearing an Apple Watch with a case gets rid of that constant worry, allowing you to enjoy your smartwatch without the persistent fear of wear and tear.

Better to Replace a Screen Protector

Apple Watch Series 7
It’s much easier on the wallet to replace a case than an Apple Watch.

In the end, it’s so much easier to stomach a screen protector replacement than an Apple Watch replacement. Whether it be damage, scratches, or other form of harm, your screen protector takes on the bulk of the wear and tear throughout the day. With luck, you’ll only ever have to replace the case instead of the entire watch itself. We’re talking about a low double-digit price tag, not a mid-triple-digit figure. Isn’t that better?

Reasons to Buy an Apple Watch Screen Protector

The Apple Watch is expensive, so a screen protector is a wise way to secure your investment
An Apple Watch screen protector keeps your smart watch’s screen from scratching
Apple Watch cases are not nearly as expensive as a screen replacement
Apple Watches are very fragile, but screen protectors add some durability
Screen protectors are just another customizable component of the Apple Watch
Apple Watch cases are much easier to apply than smartphone or tablet variants
It’ll be easier to resell an Apple Watch if the screen is still in good condition
You can have more peace of mind with a screen protector on your Apple Watch
Apple Watch cases can easily be replaced at low cost
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a screen protector for an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch screen protectors act as a shield, keeping your Apple Watch from any scratches, cracks, or any other potential damage. It’s a cost-effective way to protect the appearance and longevity of your device.

Are all screen protectors compatible with all Apple Watch models?

No, not all screen protectors are compatible with all Apple Watch types. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to product descriptions as well as your own watch model to pick a screen protector designed specifically for your Apple Watch.

Is it hard to apply a screen protector to an Apple Watch?

It’s actually quite easy to apply an Apple Watch screen protector. Given their small size, not all screen protectors use the peel-and-stick method you may be accustomed to with a smartphone or tablet. Many simply click into place over the watch screen.

Do Apple Watch screen protectors dim the display?

No, it shouldn’t. Any good Apple Watch screen protector will be designed to be virtually invisible. This would ensure that they do not impact the clarity of your Apple Watch display.

How often should I replace an Apple Watch screen protector?

Just like your smartphone’s screen protector, you should replace an Apple Watch screen protector any time there’s been visible damage done. If the screen protector has been damaged, it can’t do its job properly. That’s why it’s important to keep up with it and replace it whenever necessary.

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