The 8 Reasons to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Today

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The 8 Reasons to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Today

Key Points

  • Alexa voice commands make it easy to lose the remote and not worry as you can use the entire TV with voice commands. 
  • All of your favorite streaming services are available as part of FireOS including Prime Video, Netflix, Paramount Plus, and Disney+. 
  • Along with a great price tag, you get a number of solid options in different price ranges to choose from.
  • When not in use, some larger Omni and QLED Fire TV models can be transformed into an art piece.

In the world of televisions, there are so many options available to consumers at so many different price points that it’s easy to understand how confusion and uncertainty can quickly set in.

Between Samsung, LG, Hisense, Vizio, Sony, TCL, Westinghouse, Insignia, and others, there are too many choices for consumers to look at and make any kind of quick decision. 

For its part, Amazon has a number of different approaches available as part of its entrance into the TV market. Between the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire Television, Amazon is looking at various approaches to try and carve out a portion of this huge market. With its television sets, Amazon has set its eyes on affordability without compromising on features and, so far, they are hitting home run after home run. 

Let’s take a look at 8 reasons why you should consider buying an Amazon Fire TV right now. 

What is an Amazon Fire TV? 

Best Overall
Amazon Fire TV 65-Inch Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV
  • 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus
  • Access to over 1.5 million movies and TV episodes
  • Alexa built-in for hands-free control
  • 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, 1 HDMI 2.1 port with eARC, Ethernet, and USB
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02/28/2024 04:42 pm GMT

This is actually a really important question as it’s easy to get confused with the name “Fire TV” as it applies to a number of different products.

In this case, what you are really looking for is the product name “Fire TV Edition” as this applies directly to the smart television sets Amazon began releasing in the middle of 2016. Working with manufacturing partners like Xiaomi, Insignia, and TCL, Amazon has created a television lineup that applies to both value and budget-friendly shoppers. 

History aside, if you’re looking at the Amazon Fire TV as an option that fits your needs and budget, here are 8 reasons why it’s okay to make the purchase today. 

The 8 Reasons to Buy an Amazon Fire TV 

#1: Alexa Voice Commands

In the world of televisions, voice commands have become more and more popular as smart home features have gained prominence. For the Omni and Omni QLED TVs in the Fire TV lineup, in particular, the inclusion of built-in far-field microphones makes it very easy to sit on the sofa and provide Alexa with your instructions. 

There is just something magical about being able to do something like “Alexa, play Loki on Disney+.” and have Loki pop right up on your screen. Not only does this allow you to lose a remote and not spend an entire afternoon looking for it, but you can also set timers, check out sports scores, set up reminders, ask Alexa to play any type of programming, or just open up one of the downloaded applications you have installed on your Fire TV. 

Basic commands for Alexa work regardless of whether you have an Amazon account, but to make the most out of your Alexa-enabled remote, you will need to sign up for an Alexa account through an Echo product or the smartphone application. 

#2: All of Your Favorite Applications

It’s easy to think that because a Fire TV is Amazon-branded it would be solely focused on Amazon Prime, but that isn’t the case. While the interface certainly does promote Prime programming, you still have access to what Amazon is now saying is over 1.5 million movies and TV episodes across your favorite subscription services. This means access to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Paramount+, MGM+, Apple TV+, and so many more. 

The good news is that with over 1.5 million different shows and movies available, you should never have an issue finding something to watch. Yes, it’s true that you can spend more time searching for something new than actually watching something, but it’s good to know you have options. 

Rest assured these televisions were built with streaming in mind, so you can make sure they are going to be front and center as part of the Fire TV interface. With or without Alexa, you should have no issue finding the app you want to start watching within seconds.

#3: Strong Value Pricing

As Amazon has a tendency to do with its many branded products, the cost of an Amazon Fire TV is one of the most attractive reasons to pick one up today. Across its lineup, whether it’s the smallest size within the lineup or the top-of-the-line QLED series, Amazon has made it a sticking point to keep pricing low. 

The reasoning behind this is fairly obvious to many people as Amazon is hoping to get you into its ecosystem and make up any money it might be losing on TV margins by having you subscribe to Prime, buy additional Alexa-enabled products like Echo Show, or even buy a Fire tablet to take on the go. 

The best part of Amazon’s Fire TV lineup pricing consideration is that Amazon regularly puts these models on sale. This is true across the board for all of its available TV options. For example, the Amazon Fire TV 50-inch 4-Series, which retails at $449, has been on sale for $309 for almost 10 out of the last 12 months. 

#4: Many Different Options

Piggybacking on the price conversation, anyone looking to pick up an Amazon Fire TV should feel good knowing they have many different options from which to choose. Starting at the bottom, you have the Amazon Fire TV 2-Series, which offers excellent introductory features with 1080p picture quality. You still get the benefits of Alexa and smart TV functionality while it is also great for those with limited space, as this model is available in either 32 or 40-inch configurations. 

Dolby Audio and HDR10
Amazon Fire TV 40″ 2-Series HD Smart TV
  • 40" HD 1080p display
  • Support for HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Audio
  • Quick access to live TV, video games, and music, and lets you stream over 1 million movies and TV episodes with subscriptions to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and more
  • Alexa Voice remote
  • Stream live TV without cable
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Solid Features
Amazon Fire TV 50″ 4-Series 4K UHD Smart TV
  • 4K UHD display
  • Stream live TV without cable
  • 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, and HLG deliver a clearer and more vibrant picture with brighter colors compared to 1080p Full HD
  • Adds new Alexa skills, features, smart home capabilities, and voice functionality all the time
  • 4 HDMI inputs
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02/29/2024 04:42 am GMT

Jump into the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series and you have 43, 50, and 65-inch options all in 4K quality. You also receive Alexa-enabled voice remotes and you get the benefit of a great amount of channels along with 4 HDMI inputs for gaming, cable, and audio equipment. 

Check out the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series on Amazon.

Omni Series

Best Smart Features
Amazon Fire TV 75″ Omni QLED Series 4K UHD Smart TV
  • Stream over 1 million movies and TV episodes across Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and more favorite streaming services.
  • Hands-free TV support with Alexa built-in so you can turn on the TV and find something to watch all through voice control.
  • Adaptive brightness helps the Fire TV automatically adjust to different ambient lighting.
  • All-in-one smart home hub for apps, TV and more.
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Things get even more interesting when you jump into the high end with Amazon’s Fire TV Omni Series, which firmly sits in the middle of the Fire TV lineup. At this size, you get even more features with hands-free Alexa support, Dolby Vision technology (65 and 75-inch sizes), and sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches in size. 

You can find Amazon’s Fire TV Omni Series on Amazon.

QLED Series

Sitting at the top end of the Amazon Fire TV lineup is the QLED series, which offers Amazon’s best features across all of its branded models. With this series, you get 4K UHD picture quality including Dolby Vision IQ (65 and 75-inch models), 1,700 different art pieces for showcasing the screen while the TV isn’t in use, and hands-free Alexa support. 

The QLED quantum-dot display along with HDR10+ ensures that you are getting a picture quality that rivals other televisions at this price point. This lineup is also available in models ranging from 43-75 inches in size. 

amazon fire tv
The Amazon Fire TV lineup is a great option for budget-friendly buyers who want great value with a strong range of features.

#5: Transform Into Art

Both Samsung and LG have made a big deal about having the option of showing off artwork on their TV models when they are not in use. Well, Amazon is getting in the same game with its Omni QLED lineup by enabling the ability to transform the Amazon Fire TV screen into an art gallery while not in use. 

Whether it’s hanging on a wall or in an entertainment center, you have the option of using one of 1,700 different free artwork pieces that will not only show off picture quality but also create a zen-like atmosphere within your home. For the QLED model, in particular, Amazon has enabled what it calls the “Ambient Experience,” which automatically turns your television into this always-on display. 

Amazon might have some room to grow in order to compete with the Samsung Frame as far as overall features and image quality, but showing off artwork is still fairly rare in the TV space, so this is a solid point for Amazon against similarly priced competition. 

Incredible Display
Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni QLED Series 4K UHD Smart TV
  • 55" QLED 4K UHD
  • Dolby Vision IQ
  • Local dimming
  • Hands-free with Alexa
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#6: Dedicated Game Mode

What might come as a surprise is that not only does part of the Amazon Fire TV offer a game mode, but it performs surprisingly well for the price. As soon as a console is plugged into an HDMI port, gaming mode is automatically enabled, which is good news for regular console owners who don’t want to have to worry about switching settings. 

As soon as Game Mode is activated, contrast is boosted while colors are altered to provide a much cleaner image overall. The result is that everything looks better as blacks look deeper, background landscapes pop a little more than usual, and characters just look better overall. 

Unfortunately, the HDMI rate is still limited to 4K/60Hz but the larger sizes of the Omni and QLED models of the Amazon Fire TV lineup include both VRR and ALLM. This is a little disappointing as there are some models that have an HDMI 2.1 port but no support for 120Hz. However, gaming mode is still worth noting as it’s better than similarly-priced TV models that don’t fare as well when it comes to their own gaming modes. 

#7: Smart Home Hub

Whether you are someone who is fully invested in the smart home or just thinking about moving in that direction, the Amazon Fire TV is a great smart home hub. While there are a lot of devices out there that can act as a hub, there is no better place to have as the focal point for all of your connected devices than a large television screen. 

In the case of the Amazon Fire TV lineup, it can act as the perfect smart home hub, though the Omni and Omni QLED series are the best of the bunch. You can choose which widgets will show up in the Ambient Experience mode, so it doesn’t just have to be one of the 1,700 available pieces of art. 

Instead, you can use the Ambient Experience as a hub and show off your calendar, sticky notes, or a variety of other widgets like one about upcoming deliveries from Amazon. Additionally, you can add other widgets that will pull recipes for something to eat or a widget that helps provide you with some recommendations on what to watch based on your previous viewing history.  

#8: Amazon Ecosystem

With the smart home hub top of mind, one of the biggest reasons to pick up an Amazon Fire TV is if you are fully invested in Amazon’s ecosystem. If you are someone who believes you will never stop subscribing to Amazon Prime, or you have a host of Echo Show devices around your home along with a Fire tablet on your nightstand, picking up an Amazon Fire TV makes a ton of sense. 

There is no question the people who will get the most enjoyment out of the Fire TV experience are those who are Prime subscribers. It definitely isn’t a must to be part of the Amazon world to fully enjoy a Fire TV, but being able to take advantage of smart home features, Prime suggestions on your FireOS home screen, and other reasons like being a pre-existing Alexa user make it a great choice. 

Best Voice Control
Amazon Fire TV 43″ Omni Series
  • Supports vivid 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus
  • Delivers a clearer and more vibrant picture with brighter colors
  • Features built-in microphones for hands-free TV with Alexa
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • Built-in privacy protections and controls
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/29/2024 07:42 am GMT

Reasons to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Summary

#1Alexa voice commands make it easy to lose the remote and not worry. 
#2All of your favorite streaming services are available as part of FireOS. 
#3Amazon has a strong pricing system with its TVs for budget-friendly buyers. 
#4Along with a great price tag, you get a number of solid options in different price ranges to choose from. 
#5When not in use, some Omni and QLED models can be transformed into an art piece. 
#6The dedicated Game Mode is great for what it is, although it lacks a 120Hz refresh rate. 
#7The Fire TV system can be used as your primary smart home hub. 
#8If you are fully invested in the Amazon ecosystem, the Fire TV makes a ton of sense. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to the Amazon Fire TV, it can be a great option for many people, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly television.

While it helps to already be invested in the Amazon ecosystem and a user of Alexa as a voice command interface, you certainly don’t need to be in order to enjoy the full depth of features Amazon provides.

The picture quality on the higher-end QLED and Omni models has vastly improved over the last few years as has gaming mode, which makes the Amazon Fire TV one of the best options in the $500-$700 price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to buy an Amazon Fire TV?

If you are someone who loves the Amazon ecosystem, it’s probably the best reason to pick up any Amazon Fire TV. 

Who makes Amazon Fire TVs?

While Amazon Fire TVs unsurprisingly come with Amazon branding, Hisense, Xiaomi, JVC, and TCL have supported manufacturing. 

How many different Amazon Fire TV models are available?

As of October 2023, there are 15 different television models available with the Amazon Fire TV branding, which includes various sizes. 

Who are Amazon’s biggest competitors in the TV market with the Fire TV?

Amazon’s biggest competitors are likely to be TCL, Westinghouse, Insignia, and Hisense. 

Do all Amazon Fire TV models offer a Frame-like interface?

Unfortunately, no, only the 65 and 75-inch sizes of the Omni and QLED models support this experience. 

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