6 Reasons to Buy an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Today

Amazon Fire HD 10

6 Reasons to Buy an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Today

Key Points

  • The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is a popular tablet with a high spec and a variety of useful features.
  • It has an excellent battery life, lasting over 12 hours with heavy usage.
  • With its octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM, the Fire HD 10 delivers snappy performance for everyday tasks and gaming.

There are more than a few reasons the Amazon Fire HD 10 has remained a popular tablet even two years after its initial launch. You just can’t beat the performance and feature set at this price range, even if there are a few flaws here and there.

No matter what you are looking for in a tablet, this one has something for everybody. This review will look at everything the Fire HD 10 has going for it, and how it just might be the best bang for your buck you can get in today’s tablet market.

Great Value
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
  • Octa-core processor plus 3GB RAM
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Up to 64GB internal storage (up to 1TB with a microSD card)
  • 10.1-inch full HD display
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Amazon Fire HD 10: Overview

The Fire HD 10 hit the market on May 26, 2021, and it is surprisingly Amazon’s newest offering in this lineup. The company recently came out with the Fire Max 11, although that sits at a higher price tier at over $200.

You can snag the Fire HD 10 from Amazon, starting at $149.99 for the 32GB model. For an extra $40, you can boost the storage to 64GB.

There’s also a Fire HD 10 Kids Edition for $199, complete with a 2-year warranty, a kickstand case, and a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+ (formerly FreeTime Unlimited).

Different Models

In the Amazon Fire tablet family, there are several models available, including:

  • Fire HD 8
  • Fire HD 8 Plus
  • Fire HD 10 Kids Edition
  • Fire HD 10 Plus
  • Fire HD 10 Plus Productivity Bundle


Weight17.8 ounces/1.1 pounds
Size10.1 inches
CPUOcta-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
GPUMali-G72 MP3
Display10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200-pixel
Storage32GB, 64GB
Ports1x USB-C, headphone jack, microSD
Battery Life13:14 (13:46 with power saving mode enabled)
Dimensions9.7 x 6.5 x 0.4 inches

Amazon Fire HD 10: Reasons to Buy

Excellent Battery Life

One of the most important factors that goes into a quality tablet is the battery life. You want a device that you can use all day without needing to worry about charging it.

The battery life of the Amazon Fire HD 10 is impressive, capable of lasting throughout the day, even with heavy usage. Testing reveals the tablet to last over 12 hours, when streaming video over Wifi, which is an accurate marker of what most users will do with it.

The battery drain is notably low when using less intensive apps, allowing you to extend its usage beyond the estimated battery life. You can easily expect this tablet to last all day under normal conditions.

When it comes time to charge the battery, you might be a little disappointed that you can’t use wireless charging. You’ll need to go with the Fire HD 10 Plus if you want that ability.

At least the charging time is fast enough, reaching a full charge in a little over three hours. Overall, a battery life of this caliber is a good value at this price point.

Easy-to-use Software

Fire OS, the Android-based operating system powering this tablet, offers a unique user experience that provokes a love-it or hate-it reaction from the crowd. 

The big pet peeve is the absence of a dedicated web browser and the lack of an official YouTube app. These limitations can make the app ecosystem feel limited, especially when compared to Google Play.

However, for those deeply immersed in Amazon’s ecosystem, including Kindle e-books and Prime Video, Fire OS provides an excellent integration that really enhances the value of your Prime membership. 

In addition, it shares similarities with Amazon’s Fire TV platform in terms of optimizing the benefits of Amazon’s services. So, if you already have a few devices from Amazon, using the Fire HD 10 will feel very natural and like an extension of your current tech ecosystem.

Types of Kindle Devices
You get access to Amazon’s ecosystem of apps and features, such as Kindle.

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Decent Performance

The performance of the 2021 Fire HD 10 tablet is commendable with its octa-core 2.0 GHz processor and 3GB of RAM. As a result, everyday tasks and activities, such as loading apps, streaming movies, and playing music, are snappy and responsive. 

The additional 1GB of RAM compared to its predecessor contributes smoother navigation and multitasking.

The Fire HD 10 also has some gaming chops, showing average performance in many of the most popular mobile games, such as Call of Duty.

If you want a little better performance for games, you could look at the Fire HD 10 Plus, which retails for just a bit more than the regular Fire HD 10.

Pricer devices like the Apple iPad, will undoubtedly offer better performance than the Fire HD 10. But you can’t argue with Amazon’s low price point. They are clearly targeting the entry-level market with this device. And if that’s all you need, the performance is more than enough.

Good Audio

The audio performance of the Fire HD 10 tablet is decent for its class. The built-in stereo speakers provide adequate sound quality for everyday use, such as watching videos and casual music listening. 

However, when it comes to music playback, the speakers may lack that much-needed depth and bass, which can impact the overall richness of the audio. 

The tablet delivers clear and accurate vocals and mid-range tones. However, percussion instruments can sound slightly sharp and distorted. 

If you want a little more premium experience, you have the option to connect external speakers or headphones to the tablet. This allows for more impressive and personalized sound output. It makes it a perfect device for enjoying movies, music, or gaming with enhanced audio accuracy. 

home surround sound speaker system audio
For the true audiophile, the Fire HD 10 lets you plug in headphones to immerse yourself even more.


Decent Display

When it comes to display, the Fire HD 10 gives you a lot for your money. It’s 1080p resolution isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it is more than enough to get the job done. In addition, it showcases vibrant colors and sharp visuals, making it ideal for multimedia consumption.

With 106.5% of the sRGB spectrum and a maximum brightness of 420 nits, the display surpasses its predecessor, the 2019 Fire HD 10, in color accuracy and intelligence. Although the screen may have some reflectivity, it doesn’t hinder viewing angles. It ensures a clear picture even when tilted at 45 degrees.

The touchscreen responsiveness of the Fire HD 10 has also seen improvements compared to the previous model. Navigating through the Fire OS home screens is snappy. Plus, there is no noticeable lag when zooming in and out of photos using pinch gestures. 

Stylish Design

The Amazon Fire HD 10 design is sleek and minimalist, offering a visually appealing and modern aesthetic. It features a matte plastic shell on one side that adds a touch of elegance and a pleasant tactile feel. 

On the other side, a glossy screen offers a rich viewing experience. This combination of textures creates a visually striking contrast that creates a plain yet detailed look.

It is available in various stylish colors, including black, denim (dark blue), lavender, and olive.

Regarding its physical dimensions, the Fire HD 10 has slightly changed compared to its predecessor. Measuring 9.7 x 6.5 x 0.4 inches, it is shorter and broader than the 2019 model. 

This adjustment results in a slightly reduced footprint, making it more compact and easier to handle. Additionally, the tablet is lightweight, weighing just 16.4 ounces, which further enhances its portability and comfort during use.

The Fire HD 10 construction is solid, providing a sturdy feel when held. However, if you grip it tightly, you may notice a slight flex in its shell, primarily in the center-back area. Despite this minor flexibility, the tablet maintains its durability and reliability.

One Caveat: Cameras

We saved talking about the cameras for last, because it’s not exactly a reason to buy the Fire 10. In fact, this might be one thing to make you reconsider, especially if you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer.

The camera capabilities of the HD 10 leave much to be desired. Despite the upgrade from a 2MP to a 5MP sensor for the rear camera, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the cameras you’ll find on a smartphone. Even with the tap-to-focus feature, the resulting photos lack sharpness and detail. 

While colors appear decent, finer elements often lack clarity. The 2MP front-facing camera is equally disappointing, failing to capture clear, detailed selfies. Compared to modern smartphones and tablets, the camera performance of this device is noticeably inferior.

For users who prioritize photography or rely on their devices for capturing important moments, the limited camera capabilities of the Fire HD 10 may be a significant drawback.

The camera may still be suitable for primary and practical purposes. However, for those seeking higher-quality images or planning to use the tablet for video calls or content creation, you should really look elsewhere.

Amazon Fire HD 10: Pros and Cons


  • Impressive battery life
  • Vibrant and vivid screen display
  • Convenient USB-C charging


  • Limited software and app selection
  • Average audio quality and camera performance
  • Ads on the lock screen

Alternatives to the Amazon Fire HD 10

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, you can snag a better Amazon Fire. The next step up is the Fire HD Plus, which brings a wider array of features like wireless charging, and more memory.

Sitting another level up on the Amazon food chain is the Fire Max 11. This tablet brings even more upgrades to the table, like improved battery, larger display, and better cameras.

If you want to step outside of the Amazon ecosystem altogether, you can consider options like the Samsung Tab A7 Lite or a Lenovo M10 Plus, both of which will give you a little more freedom with Google apps.

Should You Buy an Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet Today?

While there are plenty of reasons to avoid an Amazon Fire HD 10, such as being locked into the Amazon ecosystem, limited software and app selection, and weak hardware, there are also a few reasons to give this tablet a chance.

Excellent battery life
Easy to use software
Decent performance
Good audio
Decent display
Stylish design
Great Value
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
  • Octa-core processor plus 3GB RAM
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Up to 64GB internal storage (up to 1TB with a microSD card)
  • 10.1-inch full HD display
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/29/2023 06:36 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Fire HD 10 without Amazon account?

Unfortunately, you need to have an Amazon account to use a Kindle Fire of any sort.

How long does battery last on Kindle Fire 10?

Testing reveals the Fire HD 10 to last between 12 and 13 hours.

How many books can a Kindle Fire 10 hold?

There is no concrete number. The number of books a Kindle Fire 10 can hold depends on the storage capacity of the device and the size of the books. For example, a 32GB device might hold approximately 6,000 average-sized eBooks.

How often should you charge your Kindle Fire?

You should definitely charge your Kindle Fire when the battery level is low. But there’s no specific frequency. Just avoid letting the battery fully deplete. Due to the nature of the battery’s chemistry, keeping it above 20% will be healthier for it in the longterm.

Does Fire HD 10 have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Fire HD has Bluetooth, so you can pair your wireless keyboards and headphones easily.

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