10 Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model X Right Now

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10 Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model X Right Now

Key Points

  • The Tesla Model X offers impressive range, with the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive variant reaching up to 348 miles on a single charge.
  • Falcon-wing doors provide a unique and eye-catching feature, increasing accessibility by raising up instead of out.
  • The Model X offers three different seating configurations, allowing for customization based on individual needs.
  • With over 1,020 horsepower, the Model X boasts a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest SUVs available.
  • Tesla’s Supercharger network provides convenient charging options, with over 45,000 Supercharger stalls worldwide.

While the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 have seemingly received a lot of Tesla’s attention over the last few years, the Model X remains a dedicated part of the company’s lineup.

First announced in 2015, the Model X utilized the full-sized sedan platform of the Tesla Model S but reworked it to create an SUV platform. What helps make the Model X really stand out is its gull-wing doors, which is a fun reminder of the Delorean’s falcon-wing doors famously shown in the Back to the Future movies. 

Unique doors aside, the Tesla Model X remains one of the strongest EV SUV options available for customers to buy today. This is even more true when you consider there is not a lot of competition in the space, at least for now

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why you should pick up the Tesla Model X today. 

Quick Facts: Tesla Model X

PriceStarting at $98,490
Range333-348 miles of range
Charging SpeedUp to 37.1 cubic feet with a third row down
Top Speed149 mph
0-60 Speed2.5s
Cargo VolumeUp to 37.1 cubic feet with the third row down
Towing CapacityUp to 5,000 pounds
Seating5, 6, and 7 seat layouts
FeaturesEnhanced Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Functionality, Yoke steering, 3-year free supercharging

Why You Should Buy a Tesla Model X Today

So Long, Farewell Gas

This reason may not be exclusive to the Tesla Model X, or any Tesla for that matter, but not needing to worry about gas ever again is a huge bonus. From gas shortages to rising prices, gas can be a real money pit, especially if you are a daily commuter to an office that isn’t right around the corner from your house. Tesla even indicates when you go to make your Model X purchase that you could save upwards of $6,600 over the course of six years by not having to fill up with gas. 

These savings can go a long way toward paying down other bills, adding in an extra vacation or three, paying for kids’ activities, or something else entirely. Current estimates put the cost of a 12-gallon sedan filling up with 87/regular gas at between $45-$50 throughout 2022. Spending this much multiple times per month or even per week can quickly add up, so Tesla’s savings may not be all that far off. 

Lots of Range

Not only is the Tesla Model X good with range, but it’s also great at having some of the best ranges in the EV market. The less expensive Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive (starting at $91,890) variant can hit upward of 348 miles on a single charge. The Tri Moto All-Wheel Drive model is slightly more expensive ($101,890) and comes with 333 miles of range on a single charge. Regardless of which model you purchase, these numbers are hands-down some of the best you can find in the EV field, especially for SUVs. 

The Rivian 1RS does come close as far as range but in the SUV space, there is little competition for the Tesla Model X. The maximum range in the Volkswagen ID.4 is only 275 miles while the Kia EV6 can only hit 310 miles but neither vehicle offers as much storage or as much technology as the Tesla. However, what really matters most is the available range on the Tesla Model X. It’s this range that helps make it the ideal EV SUV choice for road trips, family outings, and just not worrying about charging for a few days depending on your needs. 

Falcon-Wing Doors

In all fairness, this may not be a true reason to buy for many people, but the Tesla Model X’s falcon-wing doors are just cool. The double-hinged doors open upwards instead of out like a traditional car door but remain close to the body of the vehicle. Tesla’s assertion is that these doors are modified versions of gull-wing doors but increase accessibility by raising up instead of out. By doing so, Tesla ensures the Model X is easier to park in a parking space without worrying about hitting a vehicle next to you. 

While these doors do pose a consideration around how well the rear passenger falcon-wing doors will open in a garage, it doesn’t take away from their it factor. Whenever you see the Tesla Model X open its doors, you stop and stare because it’s unlike anything else on the market outside of a supercar that can cost many times more than the Tesla Model X. 

Lots of Seating Options

The knowledge the Tesla Model X offers not one or two but three different interior layouts is yet another way the vehicle stands out. Most SUVs on the road today offer one or two seating layouts, which might include a bench passenger seat or captain chairs. 

However, with the Tesla Model X, you have the option of selecting seating for five, six, or seven. By enabling this selection for its customers, you can best determine what configuration will work best for you and then select what you believe is going to be the most comfortable cabin experience for your family. 

If you do not need a third row for passengers, you can exponentially increase the amount of available cargo space. You have 37 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear passenger seats without a third row, or when a third row is folded. However, if you raise up a third row, cargo space is reduced by 15 cubic feet, so you can quickly see how deciding between cargo space and seating can be a big decision. 

Interior Technology

When it comes to interior technology, Tesla has been at the forefront of the EV space thanks to its devotion to large touchscreens and plenty of entertainment options. While the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 both focus on a single 15-inch touchscreen, the Model X takes it to a different level. 

The highlight here is a 17-inch landscape primary infotainment display that is the dominant piece of the vehicle’s dashboard. Running at 2200 x 1300 pixels, there is a ton of color and space to run basically every function of the vehicle while also adding maps, games, and other applications. 

Along with the dashboard, you have a digital display that serves as an instrument cluster for the driver. This includes where the vehicle is in relation to road lines, distance from other vehicles, range, and more. On top of the two primary displays, rear-seat passengers also have their very own eight-inch display that gives access to entertainment (think games), as well as controlling rear-seat temperature settings. 

Tesla Model X tires
The Tesla Model X and its gull-wing doors are certainly going to draw lots of eyes on the road.

Towing Capacity 

There is no argument as to whether the Tesla Model X has the best towing capacity in its class. With 5,000 max pounds of capacity, the Model X has more than enough capacity to tow a trailer, snowboards, bicycles, skis, camping equipment, and so much more. 

Should you decide to use the tow package, which is currently included on both available Model X configurations, you can rest assured it can handle anything you throw at it up to the max capacity. 

The one downside, and this is the case with all-electric vehicles, is that by towing extra weight, you can expect to lose a little bit of range efficiency. As this is a fair tradeoff overall, having the ability to tow remains a critical piece of all SUV purchases, electric or otherwise. 

Incredible Power

Looking at the purchase of any SUV is often done more with the idea of having more cargo space and available passenger space. What most people do not look at when purchasing an SUV is overall power, especially 0-60 speed. However, with the Tesla Model X, if you opt for the Plaid model or the Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive variant, you have more than 1,020 horsepower available. 

The result is a jaw-dropping 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, which is faster than many sports cars that cost twice as much. For comparison, the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, with its launch control system enabled, can do 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, one-tenth of a second slower than the Tesla Model X. 

Also impressive is the Tesla Model X’s quarter-mile drag time, which is another eye-popping number of 9.9 seconds, whereas the Corvette hits the same distance in 10.6 seconds. All of this is to say the Tesla Model X is not just another SUV in the EV space, it’s hands down the fastest around. 

Driving Technology

It will come as no big surprise to see driving technology make any list of reasons why you should buy a Tesla Model X. The release of Tesla’s advanced driving features has helped shift the conversation around what the future of self-driving will look like. The inclusion of Enhanced Autopilot, available for $6,000 introduces Autopilot navigation, automatic lane changes, autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon. These features, especially futuristic tools like Smart Summoning, have helped change the conversation about what should be expected from an EV. 

The most visible tech feature of any Tesla, including the Model X, is its Full Self-Driving Capability. Available for $15,000, the features include everything that is available with Enhanced Autopilot plus traffic light and stop sign control. Tesla is also hoping to introduce autosteering on city streets in the future after its beta testing is complete. While its Self-Driving tests have been met with plenty of skepticism and there is almost universal agreement it’s not quite ready, it’s a strong glimpse into the future. 

Less Maintenance 

In the land of electric vehicles, one of the biggest benefits is absolutely a focus on less overall maintenance costs. You can say goodbye to the days of oil changes and worries over how soon you will need to purchase new brake pads. With regenerative braking on the Tesla Model X, you may never need to worry about brake pads, ever, depending on how long you plan on keeping the vehicle. Along with the brakes, you worry less about additional fluids, belt replacements, filters, and batteries. 

In the case of Tesla, their vehicle batteries have an 8-year warranty but are designed to last more than double that. Gas-powered vehicles have a much smaller battery, but you are unlikely to go 8 years on any battery, never mind 16-20 years. 

While you still need to rotate tires every 6,250 miles, you are still going to see significant savings over time, which is yet another reason to buy a Tesla Model X right now. 

Supercharger Network

When it comes to charging your Tesla Model X, the best and easiest option is always going to be at home. Overnight charging is undoubtedly the most popular way to give power to an EV but it’s not always the easiest or the most convenient. More importantly, Tesla has had to plan out how to help drivers who want to take their Model X vehicles on a road trip. Enter Tesla’s Supercharger network. 

As of April 2023, there are more than 45,000 Supercharger stalls worldwide with more than 17,000 of those being in the United States. Tesla says that these stations account for more than 1.5 million Supercharger charges every week of the year. 

When using any of the 1,700 Supercharger stations in the U.S., it’s hopeful that Tesla Model X owners can quickly recharge an extra 200 miles in just around 15 minutes. The time is flexible based on weather conditions but ideally, you can be in and out of a Supercharger station relatively quickly. Tesla has also introduced plenty of games to occupy yourself on the large infotainment screen so you can stay busy while power is coming to your vehicle. 

Wrapping Up

The Tesla Model X is undoubtedly not the EV SUV for everyone, at least as far as its price tag. However, this list of 10 reasons clearly shows it is the EV SUV to pick up if you want the longest range, best technology, and fastest 0-60 speed. Just in case you read through too fast, here is a reminder of a few more reasons why the Tesla Model X is so great. 

10 Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model X Right Now
1. No need to worry about gas 
2. Plenty of available range
3. The falcon-wing doors are just cool
4. Three different seating configurations
5. The available best-in-class interior technology 
6. You have lots of towing capacity
7. There is plenty of available speed
8. Self-Driving technology has a lot of promise
9. Far less maintenance than a gas-powered vehicle
10. Tesla’s Supercharger network is a big plus 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different models of the Tesla Model X are available?

There are two Tesla Model X trim levels available right now: The Model X Dual Motor and Tri-Motor Plaid edition, both of which are all-wheel drive. 

What is the available range for a Tesla Model X?

The available range is between 333-348 miles on a single charge. 

How long should it take to charge the Tesla Model X?

Ideally, it should take around 10 hours to fully charge on a Level 2 charger at home and 200 miles in 15 minutes on a Supercharger. 

Will Tesla adjust the Model X price in the future?

It’s a virtual certainty that Tesla will adjust pricing at some point in the future. By how much and in which direction is unknown. 

Is the Tesla Model X the best-selling SUV Tesla makes?

Unfortunately, no, this title belongs to the Tesla Model Y, which is not just the best-selling Tesla, but one of the best-selling cars worldwide. 

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