9 Reasons to Buy a Sonos Beam Today

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9 Reasons to Buy a Sonos Beam Today

Key Points

  • The Sonos Beam is known for outstanding sound quality and is considered one of the top performers in the soundbar industry.
  • Setting up the Sonos Beam is incredibly easy with the downloadable app, making it a user-friendly option for all.
  • With the compact size of the Sonos Beam, you can easily fit it underneath just about any size television, which makes it versatile for any entertainment setup.  
  • The Sonos Beam can be easily connected to other Sonos products, creating a surround sound system, and enhancing the audio experience.

When it comes to soundbar names that just make you think of quality and strong performance, the Sonos Beam is undoubtedly at the top of many lists. Sonos has built a fantastic reputation as an industry leader in quality speakers and the Sonos Beam is no exception. 

With the release of the first Sonos Beam in 2018, Sonos helped move the soundbar industry forward. With its compact design and room-filling sound, the Sonos also excelled with a simple setup. Unfortunately, the price tag of the Sonos Beam takes it out of impulse territory. Price notwithstanding, both Sonos Beam models offer the best soundbar experience available today. 

Let’s take a look at why you should get on board the Sonos Beam soundbar train right now. 

What Is a Sonos Beam? 

For the most part, it is easy to lump Beam into the same category of soundbars as any models from LG, Bose, Samsung, Vizio, and others. What helps set the Beam apart is just how smart it is and how good it sounds. As part of the larger Sonos ecosystem, you can easily connect the Beam to other Sonos products in your home. When doing so, you can quickly create a whole-home audio experience. 

According to Sonos, you can use the Beam to “turn a medium or large room into a smart home theater.” This feels like a great description of what the Beam is going to be for most buyers. Whether it’s music or movies, having the Beam inside your home will make everything sound better, period.

With that in mind, here are the best reasons you need to know to pick up a Sonos Beam today. 

Best Performance
Sonos Beam Gen 2
  • 3D surround sound with Dolby Atmos
  • Compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Smart Trueplay tuning
  • Easily expandable system
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Reasons to Buy a Sonos Beam

#1: Outstanding Sound

If you know nothing else about the Sonos Beam, it’s that you will have terrific audio quality. Everything about the audio quality starts with the Sonos Beam 2 having a 40% smaller processor than its predecessor. With the Sonos Beam 2 hardware, the company has pushed the limits of what is possible for soundbars. 

Creating a virtual surround sound experience isn’t easy, but Sonos has absolutely cracked the code. Amazingly, they have created room-filling sound with the Beam all while keeping smaller than 25.63 inches in length. The audio experience is a result of one center tweeter, four elliptical mid-woofers, and three passive radiators.

In addition, add five class-D digital amplifiers and Sonos is reminding customers why it can command a premium price tag. Best of all, the Beam’s hardware design has been perfectly tuned by Sonos engineers to create a unique “acoustic architecture.” Whether it’s movies, music, or television, you can fully expect to receive outstanding sound with the Sonos Beam. 

#2: Very Easy Setup

Even though most soundbars these days are easy to set up, the Sonos Beam just takes it to another level. The entire setup process is just completely painless. This is good news for anyone who might avoid new technology hardware out of fear of setting it up properly. 

To get started, just plug in the Beam’s included power supply and connect the HDMI cable to your television. As soon as you have these two connections made, voila, you have power.

As soon as all of the plugs are connected to the correct places, the rest of the setup process takes place on the downloadable Android or iOS application. If you have a smartphone that has NFC compatibility, just wave your phone over the Sonos Beam to start the setup process.

If your phone doesn’t have NFC connectivity, the Beam will play a series of tones the smartphone app recognizes and instantly connects with to get you started on activation. Should the other two setup methods fail, a PIN is found on a sticker on the rear of the soundbar that you can enter manually in the app. 

Regardless of how you set it up, you should be up and running in under 5 minutes and that helps make the Sonos Beam an easy recommendation for both beginners and experts. 

#3: Compact Size

As indicated above, one of the best reasons to look at the Sonos Beam (both models) is its small size. At 2.68 x 3.94 x 25.63 inches (H x W x L), this soundbar fits under any size television. Whereas some soundbars can hit upward of 40 inches in length, it becomes more of a question of whether they could fit under a TV in an entertainment center. 

There is no such question with the Beam as its small dimensions make it easy to place anywhere you want or just as easily mount it on a wall with the included threaded mounting socket. 

#4: Sonos Ecosystem

One of the best aspects of purchasing any Sonos product, the Beam included, is the ability to connect or sync it up to other Sonos products. Sonos makes it very easy to mix and match products from across their speaker lineup so you can create a stereo sound that fills one room or every room in your home. 

You can even use the Beam as the centerpiece of creating an entire Sonos home theater so you feel as immersed as you can in whatever you are watching. Everything you own in the Sonos world will connect over Wi-Fi so setup is just as easy as syncing up multiple devices as it is to set up just one device. 

Soundbar in a modern home. Listening to music and watching movies
Adding a soundbar to your home will make watching every movie and TV show sound better.

#5: Smart Connectivity

Unsurprisingly, the Sonos Beam is as smart as it is easy to set up. One of the best reasons to explore the Beam world is its connectivity features like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Alternatively, use Sonos’ own Voice Control feature, which enables you to say “Hey Sonos” and then issue a command. The connectivity feature through Sonos’ Voice Control supports Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora. Just say “Hey Sonos, play Apple Music 1 radio in the family room” and the channel starts playing.

With Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can use the Sonos Beam as a centerpiece for controlling other smart home devices, managing your calendar, making a purchase on Amazon, and a whole lot more. 

Between these 3 different voice services, you have plenty of smart connectivity at your fingertips with the Sonos Beam. 

#6: Dolby Atmos Support 

Piggybacking on the above ideas around the excellent sound quality of the Sonos Beam, there’s still one more notable inclusion. Enter Dolby Atmos support. With Dolby Atmos on board, the Beam helps to create a more dynamic audio experience by evaluating how much height and space is available in a room and then automatically adjusting sound quality to create the best possible sound. 

The good news is that you don’t need any other equipment to support Dolby Atmos, including a subwoofer. Everything you need to support this improved audio experience is built right into the Sonos Beam hardware. 

#7: Good Looks

While it won’t be the primary reason most people look to pick up the Sonos Beam, its good looks certainly don’t hurt. Soundbars have gone through a few different designs over the years and the typical black bar has certainly stuck around. Sonos hasn’t gone too far from that idea with both generations of the Beam, but it doesn’t hurt that it also comes in white to help shake things up a little. 

Of course, it’s all personal preference, but with the availability of two colors, you have an opportunity to personalize your entertainment center setup. There is no difference in the hardware itself when it comes to choosing a color. It’s simply a choice between black and white. 

Regardless of which color you choose, the sharp design of the Beam looks great in all setups. Its clean lines and minimal approach to design will easily blend into your home decor.  

#8: Low Volume Mode

The inclusion of Night Sound mode on the Sonos Beam is something that every parent around the world should pay close attention to. Enabling this feature on 2nd-gen Beam hardware allows the speaker to deliver a balanced sound. In addition, this feature reduces the intensity of any loud effects while increasing the quieter effects. 

On top of this, the Beam works to help ensure that dialog isn’t impacted by a reduction in volume. This will let you still hear what is being said by characters on screen without waking anyone up. Adjusting this feature is easily done on the smartphone app allowing it to easily turn on and off.

#9: Software Updates

One of the major reasons you might be willing to pay the premium price tag of the Sonos Beam is the understanding that the company has supported its products for years. Sonos has a long-standing history of delivering updates that can just as often fix any bugs to help improve overall quality as well as deliver software updates to add new features. This knowledge that Sonos will support the Beam for years to come helps justify the slightly higher price tag over soundbar rivals like LG and Samsung. 

Best High Definition Sound
Sonos Beam
  • You can control the Beam with your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and more.
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback
  • 25.6 inches
  • Connects to other Sonos speakers 
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Reasons to Buy a Sonos Beam Summary

#1When it comes to sound quality in a soundbar, the Beam is a top performer. 
#2Setting up the Beam is incredibly easy with the downloadable app. 
#3The compact size of the Beam helps it fit underneath any size television. 
#4Connecting the Beam to other Sonos products is very easy and can create a surround sound system. 
#5The smart connectivity of the Sonos Beam makes it easy to use voice commands. 
#6Including Dolby Atmos support gives the Sonos Beam room-filling dynamic sound. 
#7The sharp looks of the Sonos Beam help it stand out from the typical black bar look of its rivals. 
#8Night Sound on the Sonos Beam is great for parents or anyone who wants to watch at night. 
#9Regular software updates help ensure the Sonos Beam will be supported for years to come. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to the best soundbars available today, the Sonos Beam is undoubtedly an important part of the conversation. Whether it’s the first or second-generation Beam hardware, Sonos has long established a reputation for best-in-class audio support. Add to that the easy setup, outstanding voice command support, and Night Audio mode. With these three features, the Beam becomes the complete soundbar package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to pick up a Sonos Beam?

The number one reason to pick up a Sonos Beam is the overall excellent audio quality, which is arguably best-in-class. 

How do the first and second-generation Sonos Beams differ?

Along with the improved processor, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 supports Dolby Atmos and a five-channel array compared to the original Beam’s three-channel array. 

Is the price tag of the Sonos Beam really high given its feature set?

While Sonos has always commanded a slightly higher price tag, it’s well worth the price given its feature set and audio quality. 

What is the price difference between the first and second-generation Sonos Beam?

In October 2023, according to Amazon, the price difference was only around $25-$50 difference.

How important is Dolby Atmos support?

There is no question that support for Dolby Atmos is vital to provide a best-in-class audio experience. 

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