8 Reasons I Would Buy a Nikon Z5 Mirrorless Camera Today

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8 Reasons I Would Buy a Nikon Z5 Mirrorless Camera Today

In the world of digital cameras, the full-frame mirrorless camera continues to be one of the most popular options. Better than a point-and-shoot but not quite as heavy as a DSLR, the mirrorless camera has carved out a solid foothold in the camera world. One of Nikon’s most affordable full-frame mirrorless options, the Nikon Z5 has made fans all over the world. Regularly discounted to under $1,000 on Amazon, Nikon has created one of the best in-body stabilization systems in the space. 

Add in excellent image quality, a frame that’s protected against the elements, and strong autofocus, and there is plenty for Nikon to brag about. Plus, you have outstanding 4K video recording which just adds to the growing list of reasons why the Nikon Z5 is so great. The good news is that the reasons to buy the Nikon Z5 don’t stop here, so let’s dive into more reasons to pick up this camera today. 

What Is a Mirrorless Camera?

To best understand why you might want to purchase a Nikon Z5, it’s helpful to know how this camera system works. In simple terms, a mirrorless camera is a digital camera that doesn’t have a built-in mirror or a reflex lens. 

With a mirrorless camera, you instead have light passing through the lens directly to a digital sensor. This helps create an image that is then displayed on a camera’s LCD screen. Without a mirror inside, mirrorless (get it!) cameras are much lighter than DSLRs, which is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity. 

Best Mirrorless Camera
Nikon Z 5
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great low-light performance
  • 5-Axis in-body image stabilization
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
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Reasons to Buy a Nikon Z5

Attractive Pricing

When it comes to pricing, a $1,000 plus camera might sound a little outrageous. However, when you consider all of the value you get and the professional shots you can take, it’s a good deal. If you can grab the camera on Amazon when it’s priced near its all-time low of $1,000, the Nikon Z5 immediately becomes a great value. 

It’s worth noting this pricing is body only and you’ll still need to spend more on a lens. However, anyone looking at a mirrorless camera should already have this expectation. 

There is no doubt lenses can substantially drive up the cost and it’s something to consider before a purchase. However, I believe that someone buying a mirrorless camera is doing so with eyes wide open on these extras. 

Image Stabilization 

While GoPro loves to talk about image stabilization as a big selling point, it’s certainly not the only company making big claims. In the case of the Nikon Z5, the in-body 5-axis image stabilization system works well across both photo and video modes. This is great for any activities you are doing where you want to capture shots while moving. Avoiding camera shake ensures the Z5 will continue to shoot at slower shutter speeds. This means very little compromise to the sharpness of any images you have captured. I’m not a professional photographer, but this sounds like something you want. 

As someone who loves shots of my kids playing while I’m chasing, stabilization is a must-have feature for me. Even my iPhone now has this feature and it’s a wonderful addition. Of course, the image stabilization on the Z5 is more impressive than my iPhone, which makes it even more notable. Handheld shooting is my exact use case these days so the Z5’s image stabilization tech is a definite highpoint. 

Nikon Z5 Camera
The Nikon Z5 is widely regarded as a great mirrorless camera for beginners.

Weather Protection 

Except for my iPad, just about every device I own nowadays is protected against poor weather. This means if it starts to rain while you are out shooting, it’s not the end of the world. In the case of the Z5, its magnesium alloy shell is protected against dust and water. I’m not sure I would go as far as saying you should use this during a hurricane outside, but using it during a mild storm seems like an okay scenario in my book. 

What this means is not only can you take the Nikon Z5 with you on the go, but that it should last longer overall. This is welcome news considering the purchase price. The last thing you want is a camera you have to treat like a baby, so more outdoor activity for everyone. Again I emphasize that I live in the South Florida area where rain pops up out of nowhere, so weather protection is a must. 

Dual Card Slots

This is a super intriguing addition to the Nikon Z5 and one I love so much. Having not one but two SD slots gives you even more storage for photos and videos. While this is good for casual shooters, it’s an outstanding addition for pro photographers. I fully admit to being someone who captures far too many photos on a vacation. What makes this a pain is how I have to transfer photos to a laptop to free up room. 

In the case of the Nikon Z5, I could have enough storage to not worry about transferring captured content daily. For me, this is a big timesaver and one less headache to think about while traveling. More importantly, transferring photos is sometimes the only reason I take a laptop while traveling. This dual-card solution could help me discover life with a lighter backpack. 

Lightweight Design

I completely recognize that calling a camera lightweight is completely subjective. Compared to a smartphone, even a big smartphone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a mirrorless camera is much larger. At 590 grams without a lens, I would consider this mirrorless camera on the lighter side of the spectrum. Compare this number against the 612 grams of the Canon R7 or the 599 grams of the Sony A7 II. 

While 9 grams might not sound like much, you will know the difference if you are carrying and using the Nikon all day long. Where the weight of a mirrorless camera gets more impressive is when you compare it to a DSLR. The Nikon D780, considered a popular DSLR model, weighs a hefty 840 grams. This number is all you need to consider when you wonder why mirrorless cameras have become a success. 

Great Touchscreen

As I have become accustomed to seeing all of my photos through a smartphone, I would want something similar for a mirrorless camera. Thankfully, the Nikon Z5 comes with a vari-angle touchscreen. By being able to shift and move in different ways, the touchscreen on the Z5 enables a lot more flexibility with shots than you might find on a competitive camera. 

You also get an electronic viewfinder, which is something pro photographers will undoubtedly use. For me, if the Nikon Z5 is something I would purchase, you can bet I will put the vari-angle touchscreen to use as best as I can. Oh, I almost forgot, the screen is all about touch, which makes navigating features and options as easy as it can get. 

Nikon Z5 touchscreen
The vari-angle touchscreen on the Nikon Z5 enables you to properly frame both photos and videos.

Quiet Mode

Nikon’s inclusion of a quiet mode on the Z5 is something that should be mandatory across all cameras. When you’re in an environment like a wedding or during a performance and you traditionally capture photos, there is a sound being made. 

Well, Nikon considered this and added a Silent Mode that softens the noises coming out of the camera so you don’t disturb yourself or anyone around you. While this won’t be me anytime soon, Nikon also notes this mode is great for capturing pets and wildlife where the slightest noise might disrupt your shot. 

Lens Selection 

Last but by no means least, the Nikon Z5 has a full array of different lenses available for purchase. No matter what your camera use case may be, you can easily find a lens that suits you. I have no doubt you will pay quite a bit for a lens, but maybe the more lenses the merrier. 

One bonus is that Nikon specifically highlights the Z5 is compatible with its lineup of NIKKOR Z lenses. This list includes a prime lens and a highly regarded telephoto option, so plenty of choices. There is also support for F-Mount lenses, which further emphasizes how adaptable the Z5 frame is to different needs. 

Reason to Buy a Nikon Z5 Summary

#1Attractive PricingIn the big picture of mirrorless cameras, the Nikon Z5 is attractively priced. 
#2Image Stabilization Having 5-axis image stabilization allows for great action shots. 
#3Weather Protection The body of the Z5 is protected against dust and water. 
#4Dual Card SlotsDual SD card slots enable twice as much storage for photos and videos. 
#5Lightweight DesignCompared to competitor mirrorless cameras, the Z5 is fairly lightweight. 
#6Great TouchscreenThe vari-angle touchscreen is a joy to use. 
#7Quiet ModeHaving a silent mode option is great for taking pictures when you don’t want to disturb anyone. 
#8Lens Selection As expected, all of Nikon’s NIKKOR lenses fit the Z5. 
Best Mirrorless Camera
Nikon Z 5
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great low-light performance
  • 5-Axis in-body image stabilization
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/11/2024 02:26 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to buy the Nikon Z5 camera?

The number one reason is the attractive pricing in the mirrorless lens category. 

How many different lenses can you use with the Z5?

There is a fairly large number of available lenses you can use with this camera. 

Can you buy a camera without a lens?

Yes, you absolutely can buy just the body of the Z5 without a lens. 

How good are the photos compared to a smartphone?

This is a very subjective answer but the bigger sensor in the Z5 should allow for better photos. 

How long is the battery life on the Z5?

Nikon indicates you should get around 470 photos or 120 minutes of video on a single charge.

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