8 Reasons I Can Recommend the Dell Inspiron 7710 All-in-One Computer

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8 Reasons I Can Recommend the Dell Inspiron 7710 All-in-One Computer

Key Points

  • Great Pricing: The Dell Inspiron 7710 is a hidden gem with a price tag of around $1,300, making it a bargain compared to separate desktop and monitor combinations.
  • Sleek Design: The Dell Inspiron 7710 has a sleek and minimal design with clean lines and a borderless monitor, giving it an Apple-like vibe.
  • Bundled Soundbar: One of the best features of the Dell Inspiron 7710 is the included soundbar, which provides better audio quality than traditional built-in speakers.
  • Great Connectivity: The Dell Inspiron 7710 offers Wi-Fi 6E and multiple ports, including USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, and an Ethernet port, providing excellent connectivity options.
  • Solid Performance: With an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage, the Dell Inspiron 7710 delivers solid performance for everyday tasks and even some light gaming.

When it comes to buying a new computer, going with an all-in-one can be a great decision. Having everything you need in one piece of hardware can simplify your desk setup, which is a big bonus. When you can put together a package that includes the power of a desktop PC without worrying about a separate monitor, you have the best of both worlds. This is exactly what you get with the Dell Inspiron 7710.

In the case of the Dell, you have a truly capable computer with plenty of benefits. Between a touchscreen display, strong CPU and GPU performance plus Wi-Fi 6E, you really can’t go wrong. Add in a price tag that won’t break the bank and you see why this all-in-one is so popular.

Great Pricing

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When it comes to pricing, the Dell Inspiron 7710 feels like it’s a really great value.

Available for right around $1,300, the Dell Inspiron 7710 is a hidden gem as far as pricing goes. When I consider all of the features for the price, I wouldn’t hesitate to say this all-in-one is a bargain. If you can find the Inspiron 7710 when it matches Amazon’s all-time low price of $1,160, it’s fair to say this Dell is a bargain. 

Think about what you might pay for a separate desktop and monitor combination and the price benefit becomes even clearer. A 27-inch monitor on its own could cost approximately $200 and that’s only if you want 1080p resolution. 

If you want to upgrade to a 4K monitor like I would, you are looking at double the price. Now factor in the desktop itself which is likely to cost around $1,000 on its own to get the same amount of RAM and storage.

Sleek Design

All In One Computer in An Office Environment
The overall sleek design of all-in-one computers is a definite bonus reason when purchasing.

When it comes to design, the Dell Inspiron 7710 is an absolute looker. Its clean lines with an almost borderless monitor help make it very minimal, which I think adds to the design argument. Add in the television-like legs that prop the monitor up and also look modern and sleek. Even Dell’s included keyboard and mouse look super minimal, which complements the look of the computer. 

At its deepest point with the legs, the Dell is only 7.9 inches in total depth with the monitor only being a small portion of that. At 24.20 inches wide, I’m confident you can easily put the Dell on any size desk and get right to work. More importantly, most people will love the understated look of the Dell as it gives off something of an Apple vibe.

Bundled Soundbar

desktop pc computer speakers
Instead of separate computer speakers taking up room, the Dell comes equipped with a bundled soundbar.

Arguably one of the best reasons to pick up the Dell Inspiron 7710 is the bundled soundbar. Packaged right beneath the 27-inch monitor, the fabric-covered sound bar is just fantastic. For a soundbar to be included with a computer, at this price, it’s just awesome. I’m so impressed that Dell has done something like this and it’s something other PC manufacturers should copy. 

I’ll backtrack a little here and say the soundbar isn’t going to replace dedicated speakers, but for YouTube or streaming movies, it’s an incredible addition. I have no doubt you are going to get more bass than you would from more traditional built-in speakers, which is a big reason to buy this computer. Plus, you get a soundbar included with a computer that’s less than $1,300. There is just something so great about that.

Great Connectivity 

Modern wi-fi router on light commode near brick wall
Adding Wi-Fi 6E to the Dell Inspiron 7710 ensures you will have a reliable and fast internet connection.

When you’re looking to buy any computer these days, desktop or laptop, connectivity matters. The biggest highlight of the Dell Inspiron 7710 is the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6E. This advanced Wi-Fi feature ensures you will have a reliable internet connection for both downloads and uploads. If you look beyond Wi-Fi, the Dell still impresses as there are many different ports to choose from. 

Included with the Dell are three USB-A 3.1 ports, one USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port, an SD card reader, audio input, two HDMI inputs, and an Ethernet port.  Adding up all of these ports you have a total of 9 inputs available, which is a much larger number than you can find on any laptop. The same can be said for most desktops too.

Solid Performance

Intel i7 vs i5 vs i3
Dell included a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 inside the Inspiron 7710 to help boost performance.

Looking at the different Dell Inspiron 7710 builds available, I would recommend this one from Amazon. The 12th generation Intel Core i7 pairs well with 32GB of RAM and 1TB (SSD) of storage. To find similar performance at this price on any desktop and monitor combo is again one of the biggest considerations to think through.

Whether it’s office work, web browsing, or even a little photo editing, Dell can handle it all. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the Intel Core i7 processor, which easily outpaces AMD’s Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 CPUs. While many people buying this computer are likely spending more time in Google Docs than video editing, knowing that you can do both is welcomed.

Gaming Opportunities 

Gaming at Home: Portrait of a Happy Gamer Winning a Round in Online Video Game on Personal Computer. Professional Stylish Male Player Enjoying Online Multiplayer PvP Championship.
The Dell Inspiron 7710 comes equipped with an NVIDIA GPU that can handle casual gaming.

Packed inside the Dell Inspiron 7710 is an NVIDIA GeForce MX550, which is better than Intel’s UHD GPU. I don’t think anyone will consider the MX5550 a gaming powerhouse, as it was released in 2021, but it’s nice to have it included all the same. When paired with the rest of the overall performance of the Dell, you’re likely looking at similar gaming speeds as the GTX 1050

By all accounts, this means you should be okay running games at 1080p resolution with 60 FPS and medium settings. This might push some games to the limit, but if you can get this performance out of the MX550, I’d consider that a win. I wouldn’t say that anyone looking for strong gaming performance should buy the Dell, but it’s nice to know you can casually game.

1080p Display

Dell Monitor
The included 1080p with the Dell is great for the money and includes 99% sRGB coverage.

Circling back to the monitor takes us right to the 1080p display that’s included as part of the all-in-one build. Overall, I think most people will find the screen looks pretty vivid with strong color representation and 99% sRGB coverage. Dell has also considered eye fatigue and so it included blue light technology in the form of ComfortView Plus. While this tech isn’t exclusive to Dell, it’s well-regarded for reducing overall eye fatigue. 

It would be great if Dell included a 2K or 4K display, but doing so would drive up the cost. Even without the increased resolution, having a touchscreen on the Inspiron 7710 is just fun. It’s great to be able to touch such a large display and mark up documents as often as you want. Best of all, the Dell display does a solid job of fighting off reflections with a 450-nit brightness measurement.

1080p Webcam

External webcam with high definition resolution for a desktop monitor
The built-in 1080p webcam on the Dell computer is really fantastic.

It’s all too frequent that all-in-one desktops come with some great features and a subpar camera. As an all-in-one computer, there is a chance the Dell Inspiron 7710 will be standing in for office work or as a family machine

In either case, having a solid camera is going to be valuable for video calls with colleagues or family members. I’m really glad Dell decided to include a 1080p camera, which is a much-improved resolution over the paltry 720p resolution most all-in-ones continue to stick inside. 

The overall benefits of jumping to 1080p are important. Everything about your video quality will appear less grainy, with improved colors and fewer dark areas. In other words, it’s less likely you will find yourself on a video chat looking like you are sitting in the dark.

Reasons to Buy a Dell Inspiron 7710 Summary

#1Great PricingFor right around $1,300, the Dell is an absolute bargain. 
#2Sleek DesignOne of the best features of the Inspiron 7710 is its sleek design. 
#3Bundled SoundbarAdding a built-in soundbar helps make the Dell a very attractive all-in-one option. 
#4Great Connectivity Wi-Fi 6E and multiple inputs give the Dell a big bonus for connectivity. 
#5Solid PerformanceThe included CPU, RAM, and SSD ensure the Dell can handle everyday tasks with ease. 
#6Gaming Opportunities While gaming performance won’t be fantastic, it’s good enough for casual gamers. 
#71080p The 1080p display on the Dell offers great colors with strong brightness. 
#81080p WebcamAdding a 1080p webcam was an brilliant move by Dell, it’s that good. 
27" Touchscreen Display
Dell Inspiron 7710
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Features a TV-inspired design, with a triangle stand and a built-in speaker
  • 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1255U
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SSD
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to buy the Dell Inspiron 7710?

The Dell Inspiron 7710 offers great value for its price, which is easily the number one reason to purchase. 

Do you get a keyboard and mouse with the Dell?

Yes, Dell includes a mouse and keyboard with every purchase. 

Can you upgrade the Dell Inspiron 7710 after purchase?

Unfortunately, it would not be recommended to make any upgrades after purchasing. 

Will Dell allow you to add an additional monitor?

Dell will allow the addition of another monitor so long as you have free HDMI input available. 

How many different variants of the Dell Inspiron 7710 exist?

Dell has made it so you can customize the Inspiron 7710 on its website and various configurations exist on Amazon. 

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