7 Reasons I Would Buy a Definitive Technology XTR-40 Ultra Thin Speaker Today

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7 Reasons I Would Buy a Definitive Technology XTR-40 Ultra Thin Speaker Today

Why should you buy a Definitive Technology XTR-40? The world of surround sound speakers is filled with a variety of options. Often, users with a specific set of needs are likely to tailor their custom setup rather than purchasing a kit. Now, if you’ve already got a subwoofer and receiver picked out, it is a matter of finding the best sort of positional speakers for your viewing area.

The Definitive Technology XTR-40 is a versatile choice for any home audio needs. Thanks to their compact size and superb audio output, they make a fairly compelling case. Today’s review will take a deeper dive into what makes the XTR-40 such a strong choice for your surround sound setup.

What Is the Definitive Technology XTR-40?

Great Frequency Response
Definitive Technology XTR-40 Ultra Thin Speaker
  • 2x 3.5-inch aluminum dome drivers
  • 4x 3.5-inch aluminum bass radiators
  • 1x 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter
  • 100Hz to 30kHz frequency response
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • Wall-mountable
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03/11/2024 07:11 am GMT

The Definitive Technology XTR-40 is a compact loudspeaker with versatile placement options. While bookshelf speakers are nothing new in the world of home audio, these are something special. The XTR-40 speakers are a fine choice for general stereo setups, provided they’re paired with some additional equipment.

However, where they shine is in a room composition with additional speakers for surround sound. This helps take advantage of the stellar performance to deliver positional audio that is jaw-dropping in overall quality. Thankfully, the pricing means you aren’t breaking the bank when looking at these speakers for your viewing area.

SpecsDefinitive Technology XTR-40 Ultra Thin Speaker
Frequency Response100Hz to 30kHz
Drivers1 tweeter, 2 mid woofers, 1 oval tweeter, 2 bass radiators
Height23.35 inches
Width6 inches
Depth1.5 inches
Impedance8 Ohms
Mounting OptionsBookshelf or direct wall mounting
Maximum Volume92dB

Reasons to Buy a Definitive Technology XTR-40

Here are the strongest reasons I would consider buying a Definitive Technology XTR-40 speaker for any surround sound setup. I will admit that the world of surround sound is far different from my usual arena of pro audio equipment. However, when it gets down to it, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to stellar speaker choices these days.

Interestingly, despite the wealth of choices on the market these days, the XTR-40 is still a sterling example of what goes right with a surround sound speaker.

The Compact Size

Definitive Technology XTR-40
The XTR-40’s compact size will fit any home theater setup.

What stands out the most about the Definitive Technology XTR-40 is the overall form factor. These are seriously small speakers, even for a surround sound setup. This compact size translates to versatility, however. You’re looking at a speaker with 1.5 inches of overall depth and a total weight of 5.1 pounds per individual speaker.

When paired with the right sort of wall mounts, you’ve got plenty of options as to where these speakers can go. Now, overall placement isn’t going to be as flush as something like an in-wall speaker. Thankfully, the compact size of these speakers gives similar flexibility with the bonus of rewiring being a fair simpler task if needed.

Stellar Performance

I’m generally of the line of thought that smaller speakers lack the performance needed to shine in an audio setup. There are a multitude of factors that go into how speakers perform, like the composition and size of drivers, as well as the materials used in the enclosure. I will say that I was gobsmacked when listening to the Definitive Technology XTR-40.

These speakers fill up a room with sound. When used with the proper receiver or amplifier, you’re easily looking at 92dB of gain per speaker, which works wonders for filling up a small to medium-sized viewing area. The small stature of the XTR-40 betrays its overall power, and they have more than enough volume to edge up against being too loud during playback.

Affordable Pricing

One of the strongest selling points for the Definitive Technology XTR-40 comes down to the overall pricing. With a suggested retail price of $249.99, these are a good value when it gets down to it. Sure, you could potentially tuck yourself into a cheaper Atmos soundbar. However, the sound quality isn’t going to be on par with the XTR-40 and an appropriate subwoofer.

Surround sound setups can get extremely expensive in short order, especially for a high-quality one. However, what marks the Definitive Technology XTR-40 speakers apart from their contemporaries is you’re getting stellar performance for the price.

Easy Mounting Options

Definitive Technology XTR-40
You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to speaker placement with the Definitive Technology XTR-40.

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to surround sound options. If you’ve hired a tech to measure the hotspots in a room, the only trouble is finding an ideal solution for mounting the speakers. Now, floor-standing speakers have fewer options when it comes to overall placement.

This isn’t a consideration for the Definitive Technology XTR-40. These compact speakers can easily be placed on a shelf or just mounted directly to the wall. You’ll have to get a bit creative with the wiring at any rate, but overall placement allows for a variety of different configurations.

Plenty of Drivers

You would likely not think a compact speaker would have multiple drivers of superb quality. However, this is where the Definitive Technology XTR-40 sets itself apart from the pack. You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to mid and treble frequencies.

If I had to pinpoint a weak point, it’s the bass radiators. You’ve got a pair in each enclosure, but they lack overall power to get down and low. As such, you’ll probably want to supplement your audio performance with some central channel speakers and a subwoofer.

Great Frequency Response

I don’t expect the moon when looking at compact speakers. That said, I was fairly taken aback at the overall performance of the XTR-40 when it comes to frequency response. Sure, the weak point is bass response, with a possible floor of 100Hz. However, everything past 100Hz is handled quite well.

Mid frequencies and airier treble shine with these speakers, which is honestly the biggest selling point. I’m certainly used to the frequency response you’ll experience with a pair of studio monitors, but these do the job when it comes to watching films and shows alike.

They Pair Well with a Subwoofer

You’re going to need a subwoofer when running surround sound of any configuration. That’s just a fact of life. Now, you’ll typically want speakers that complement your subwoofer, rather than overpower it. Thankfully, the Definitive Technology XTR-40 is a great fit for any subwoofer you might have.

There is plenty of power and performance to talk about when looking at these speakers. The best thing about them is they aren’t so powerful to overwhelm the output of a higher impedance subwoofer completely. You should have a comfortable volume for all the speakers in your setup, which the XTR-40 handles easily.

Closing Thoughts

So, is the Definitive Technology XTR-40 worth a purchase? I think it is one of the strongest bookshelf speakers you’ll find on the market today. The overall bass response could be better, but given the overall price point, I’m asking for too much at that point. These are fantastic speakers that will bring a shine and luster to your enjoyment of surround sound mixes.

Reasons to Buy a Definitive Technology XTR-40 Summary

1. The speaker is quite compact.
2. The XTR-40 puts out a fair bit of volume compared to its overall size.
3. Each speaker is priced affordably for a high-end setup.
4. You’ve got versatile mounting options either as a wall or bookshelf speaker.
5. The compact speaker comes with a variety of high-powered drivers to deliver sound.
6. The overall frequency response is superb given the size of the drivers and enclosure.
7. Definitive Technology’s XTR-40 pairs well with a subwoofer for the best surround sound setup.
  1. Definitive Technology XTR-40 Ultra Thin Speaker
    • 2x 3.5-inch aluminum dome drivers
    • 4x 3.5-inch aluminum bass radiators
    • 1x 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter
    • 100Hz to 30kHz frequency response
    • 8-ohm impedance
    • Wall-mountable
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a receiver or amplifier for the XTR-40?

Yes, you will need an amplfier or recever to make the best use of the XTR-40.

Is bass response decent on the XTR-40?

Honestly, that’s one of its weakest areas. You aren’t buying these for the overall strength of their performance when listening to low-end heavy material.

Could you use the XTR-40 in a stereo setup?

You certainly could, I would still recommend a good subwoofer to complete the experience.

Is the XTR-40 a good fit for Dolby Atmos?

Sure, provided you have speakers to help fulfill the height channels needed for the setup.

Are the XTR-40s loud?

They don’t get harmfully loud, but with an overall sensitivity of 92dB before compression and distortion start occurring, you’ve got plenty of volume to work with.

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