5 Reasons I Would Never Buy a Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC

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5 Reasons I Would Never Buy a Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC

The Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC looks like a PC gaming newcomer’s dream. The product advertises itself as an all-in-one for anyone looking to enter the PC gaming sphere. All for one convenient price, too! No more building your own gaming PC with this product on the market, right? Well… You may want to reconsider. As someone who pores over reviews and feedback for these sorts of tech products all day, I’d never buy a Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC. Here are my five biggest hindrances.

GPU Can’t Handle Contemporary Demands

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A gaming PC needs to be ready for even the most demanding graphics. This one isn’t.

Simply put, the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC isn’t equipped to handle the demands of contemporary AAA games. Many former owners complained that the PC couldn’t even run Minecraft without lagging and glitching — let alone the larger, more demanding games listed in the miniature gaming PC’s product description. This simply won’t do.

This has a lot to do with the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC’s graphics processing unit (GPU). For a computer advertised toward gamers, it really should be able to support the high-quality visuals and seamless gameplay most have come to expect from their consoles and PCs. Instead, this PC only provides frame rate drops and compromised performance.

Processor Falls Short

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Modern video games require a lot of devices. The Skytech Chronos Mini can’t handle them.

On a similar note to this previous point, the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC also has a subpar processor. Equipped with only an Intel Core i3, you can see why it fails to meet the benchmarks set by most current gaming and computing standards. It should have at least an i5, if not an i7.

The repercussions of this underpowered processor ripple throughout the entire system. The weak processor has a direct impact on the PC’s multitasking capabilities, ultimately depriving its users of the responsive, dynamic computer gaming experience they deserve. Surely the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC could have done better than this.

Limited Number of Ports

A gamer playing games on a gaming monitor.
Today’s PC gamers use a ton of accessories and peripherals, but this PC can’t handle it.

When it comes to gaming PCs, connectivity matters more than you might realize. The Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC is proof of this. (Just not in a good way.) This PC has some serious connectivity constraints, lacking a sufficient number of ports to really be practical. There’s just one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port.

In an era where so many users rely on an array of peripherals, external storage, and additional wired devices, there’s really no excuse for such scarcity of ports here. It’s a considerable problem with the Skytech Chronos Mini. It not only keeps you from connecting essential devices but also suppresses your ability to expand and customize the PC itself.

Frequently Defective

windows 0x0 0x0 error code
The Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC is notorious for defective or faulty components.

Throughout reviews and reports alike, the Skytech Chronos Mini seems to have a seriously troubling trend of frequent defects and malfunctions. From hardware failures to recurrent system crashes, users have encountered a shocking number of unreliable gaming PCs. You may not want to take the gamble here.

Seeing the trouble others have encountered, it seems like a real lottery here. You might get a functioning gaming PC, or you might end up with a very heavy, very expensive paperweight. There is no in-between. These issues are found in such huge numbers online that I can’t in good faith recommend you risk it.

Lack of Customer Service

Skytech customer service screen with contact information.
Skytech isn’t exactly known for offering the best customer service.

Hypothetically, you could forgive a good number of these problems if Skytech had a good customer service department to back you up and help you out. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Over the years, owners of the Skytech Chronos Mini have been burdened by an overwhelmingly lackluster customer service experience. 

From trying to resolve defects to seeking assistance with a technical difficulty, Skytech owners have continually been met with unresponsive support channels and prolonged resolution times. Without effective customer service, Skytech effectively exacerbates the number of challenges its users are facing. That’s never a good thing.

Alternatives to a Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC

If you’ve fallen out of love with the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC, consider these two alternatives instead. They’re both mini PCs built for gaming, but they far exceed the limitations of this troublesome Skytech product above.

Best Overall
MINISFORUM Venus Series UM773 Lite Mini PC
  • AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS processor
  • Dual channel DDR5 32GB RAM
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Great for productivity
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/25/2024 07:57 pm GMT

The MINISFORUM Venus Series UM773 Lite Mini PC far outshines the Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC. With its more powerful processor, its superior graphics, and its greater number of ports, the UM773 Lite blows the Chronos Mini out of the water. It’s the much better option for users seeking a mini PC that won’t let them down mid-game. Plus, its price is pretty comparable to the Skytech Chronos Mini. We’re a lot more confident in this mini gaming PC than the one we’ve been discussing at length above.

Best Premium Option
Intel Gaming PC
  • Powerful discrete graphics
  • Intel 12th Gen Core i7-12700H processor
  • 32GB(2x16GB) dual-channel DDR4-3200MHz RAM
  • Multiple ports
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/26/2024 04:58 am GMT

Don’t be scared by the price tag. The Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast Mini PC is a superior alternative to the Skytech Chronos Mini. Its total cost is simply a reflection of this superiority. Powered by an i7 processor and equipped with more ports and better graphics than the Chronos Mini, you’re much less likely to run into lag or stuttering here. Combining this with the support for 8K and the 1 TB SSD that comes built-in, it’s obvious how superior the NUC 12 Enthusiast truly is. From its increased processing capabilities to its more advanced connectivity features, this mini PC is the real deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is the GPU in the Skytech Chronos Mini?

The Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC’s GPU has been a serious cause for concern among its users. For those seeking top-notch graphics performance (something that most contemporary games require), the Skytech Chronos probably won’t satisfy. Its GPU simply can’t handle the more graphically intensive, more highly demanding titles of today.

Does the Skytech Chronos have a good processor?

The Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC’s processor leaves much to be desired. The processor’s power is simply not sufficient to meet the benchmarks set by current gaming and computing standards. This has a wide-ranging impact on the entire computer as a whole, harming its ability to run as seamlessly as it should.

How many ports does the Skytech Chronos have?

The Skytech Chronos Mini has just one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port, one HDMI port, and one DisplayPort. Four ports might sound like a lot, but it’s nowhere near what a modern PC should offer. Connectivity is a key consideration for many PC users, and the Skytech Chronos Mini’s lack of connectivity options is a significant drawback.

Why is my Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC detective?

Many instances of user feedback across the Internet show that the Skytech Chronos Mini has some serious issues with defective parts and software. From hardware failures to frustrating system crashes, the gaming PC has left many high and dry since its launch in 2021. Skytech is directly to blame for these defects. If your PC is defective, you may need to reach out about a return or exchange.

Is the Skytech Chronos Mini good for AAA gaming?

Despite what its product description says, the Skytech Chronos Mini is not equipped to handle the demands of AAA games. The limitations of both the GPU and the processor make it unsuitable for the system requirements that contemporary gaming titles need. Gamers who want a true AAA gaming PC may want to look elsewhere.

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